國立台南高商 98學年度第1學期 高三 第二次段考 Class: Name: No


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國立台南高商 98學年度第1學期 高三 第二次段考 Class: _________ Name:__________ No. ______


  1. 字彙與片語 (1~15題)

1. ( ) Peter is often mistaken for his brother because they closely _______ each other.

(A) ample (B) sample (C) assemble (D) resemble

2. ( ) If you are not satisfied with the current policy, you can file a(n) _______ through proper channels.

(A) complaint (B) argument (C) guidance (D) confession

3. ( ) Gina _______ her teacher about which topic to choose for her final report.

(A) involved (B) consulted (C) advised (D) depressed

4. ( ) Not having a college degree proved to be a(n) ________ to David’s career. It’s hard for him to be promoted.

(A) challenge (B) priority (C) struggle (D) obstacle

5. ( ) The farmers had taken action to protect the crops from the typhoon. ______, the loss was not so serious.

(A) Nevertheless (B) Furthermore (C) Consequently (D) Otherwise

6. ( ) The company not only sells books but also ______ many books on English learning.

(A) punishes (B) polishes (C) publishes (D) positions

7. ( ) This winter, I had an unusual ______ with the snowy weather in the tropics.

(A) threat (B) account (C) encounter (D) geography

8. ( ) Everything in the world changes over time, and human languages are no ________.

(A) exception (B) conception (C) reception (D) deception

9. ( ) For those people whose work requires a lot of sitting, brisk walking is ________.

(A) commenced (B) commanded (C) recommended (D) recommitted

10. ( ) Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the _______ article.

(A) genuine (B) general (C) generous (D) genetic

11. ( ) The problem is still under discussion. As yet, nothing has been finalized.

(A) At last (B) So far (C) In addition (D) Above all

12. ( ) Thanks to the new treatment, the patient’s condition has improved a lot.

(A) On account of (B) In spite of (C) But for (D) As for

13. ( ) Her son’s sudden death was a great blow to her, and it took her a long time to ______.

(A) get off (B) get along (C) get over (D) get down

14. ( ) The bomb went off and killed all the people in the restaurant on the spot.

(A) exposed (B) exploded (C) expanded (D) explored

15. ( ) Andy feels ________ because he has kept four jobs to raise his family.

(A) out of place (B) out of order (C) burned out (D) came out

  1. 文法 (16~25題)

16. ( ) George has heard _____ Mary married his best friend, John, last week.

(A) it (B) that (C) which (D) who

17. ( ) Tommy failed his math test. He wishes he ______ online games all last night.

(A) didn’t play (B) hasn’t played (C) wasn’t playing (D) hadn’t played

18. ( ) Jack, I’m upset that you revealed my secret to Mike. You ______ your promise.

(A) should keep (B) shouldn’t break (C) should have kept (D) shouldn’t be broken

19. ( ) Working part-time at night makes Tim often ______ and ends up _____ in class.

(A) feels asleep ; fall sleepy

(B) falls asleep ; feel sleepy

(C) fall sleepy ; feeling asleep

(D) feel sleepy ; falling asleep

20. ( ) 選出句子代換錯誤者:

He is not honest at all. = _______________.

(A) He is far from honest. (B) He is not honest at the least.

(C) He is anything but honest. (D) He is by no means honest.

P. 1

21. ( ) 選出文法正確者: P.2

(A) The rich is not always happy. (B) Inside the envelope was several stamps.

(C) A woman as she is, she is very brave. (D) I know few people but are concerned about air pollution.

22. ( ) 選出文法正確者:

(A) It’s already noon. It’s time to lunch.

(B) My teacher caught me drawing on the wall.

(C) The movie is worth to watch. You can’t miss it.

(D) Nancy is the friend whom I can talk when I feel sad.

23. ( ) 選出文法正確者:

(A) The bus is gone. All we can do is wait for the next one.

(B) I want to make friends with Patty, but I don’t know what should I do to make it.

(C) Generally speaking, we will have more wrinkles on our faces with we grow older.

(D) Nick has never been to Paris. However, he knows Paris very well as if he has lived there.

24. ( ) 選出文法正確者:

(A) My hometown is Taitung, which I lived until the age of twenty.

(B) Eric has decided to stop to smoke since his daughter was born.

(C) After several months’ hard work, my uncle’s business is getting far better.

(D) Wendy wants to know if her families will attend her graduation ceremony or not.

25. ( ) 選出句子代換正確者:

(A) He is willing to ask questions. = He is not above asking questions.

(B) Your work is perfect. = Your work leaves nothing but to be desired.

(C) She doesn’t follow my advice. = She never fails to follow my advice.

(D) As soon as he left, I arrived. = No sooner he had left than I arrived.

  1. 綜合測驗 (26~40題)

Dear Annie,
I worked hard in school and believed it would pay off in the job market. The only place willing to hire me, however, was the _26_ store where I worked when I was in high school.

I live in an expensive area and my wages are low. I often resort to eating _27_ food at work and forgoing expenses like fixing my car. When I developed health problems last year, it cost me my entire savings. Asking my parents for help is not an option.

To make ends meet, I have had to make some _28_ compromises. Namely, I’ve started shoplifting. At first, I took food from the store once in a while, but lately it’s become a daily _29_. But I can’t seem to stop. I feel I deserve to have these things. What can I do?
Confused in California

Dear California,
We understand the economic difficulties, but you have crossed an ethical and legal line and must find a way to _30_ yourself from this mess before you end up in jail. Contact Shoplifters Anonymous (shopliftersanonymous.com) at C.A.S.A., P.O. Box 12345, Franklin, MI 67890 for information and support. In the meantime, please move to a less expensive area and get a roommate before you are assigned one in your prison cell.

26. ( ) (A) gasoline (B) garage (C) grocery (D) greasy

27. ( ) (A) exercised (B) expired (C) explained (D) exported

28. ( ) (A) moral (B) metal (C) medal (D) model

29. ( ) (A) occasion (B) opportunity (C) operation (D) occurrence

30. ( ) (A) suffer (B) escape (C) derive (D) distinguish

P. 2

I remember the days when I was in high school. I _31_ with a gang of boys who didn’t like to study at all. We acted _32_ like bullies _32_ like students. What we did was known _33_ my classmates. The more they tried to stay away from us, the more we wanted to _34_ them. One day, _35_ there came a new student in my class changed my life. She was not scared of me and told me to behave well and study hard. I was so glad she was willing to be my friend at that time.

31. ( ) (A) used to hang around (B) used to hanging around (C) am used to hang around (D) am used to hanging around

32. ( ) (A) as…as (B) less…than (C) more…than (D) not so much…as

33. ( ) (A) to (B) as (C) for (D) with

34. ( ) (A) pick up (B) pick on (C) pick off (D) pick out

35. ( ) (A) what (B) where (C) since (D) that
Taiwanese children are becoming heavier and heavier. Childhood obesity is now a problem among the youth of Taiwan. A diet _36_ of sweets, rich desserts, and fast food is no doubt _37_ to the problem. Everyone knows that exercise is one of the best ways to _38_ one’s weight. So do the children, as suggested by a recent survey _39_ by National Taiwan Normal University. The health of the youth is an important social _39_. The Government should find ways to make PE classes more interesting.

36. ( ) (A) consists (B) consisting (C) consisted (D) is consisted

37. ( ) (A) due (B) owing (C) contributing (D) according

38. ( ) (A) damage (B) reduce (C) terminate (D) destroy

39. ( ) (A) conducts (B) conducting (C) to conduct (D) conducted

40. ( ) (A) concept (B) conceit (C) concert (D) concern

  1. 閱讀測驗 (41~50題)

Hollywood is rolling out some great movies that are sure to draw audiences in. A Christmas Carol is author Charles Dickens’ famous tale of a miser who has a change of heart. In the film, funnyman Jim Carry plays several roles: Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet-to-Come.

In Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. portrays the world’s most famous detective. This new film is based on characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his novels and short stories. Downey, as Holmes, plays the brilliant detective who also has good fighting skills. When a deadly plot threatens England, Holmes and his partner, Dr Watson (Jude Law), race to save the day.

The Blind Side tells the true story of Michael Oher. An African-American teenager without a home, Oher is taken in by a white family who see potential in him. Oher faces many challenges as he adjusts to a new home and high school. But with support from others, he does well academically. He also becomes a terrific football player for his high school and later a university. Finally, he is selected to play for a top professional team. Sandra Bullock heads an excellent cast for this inspiring movie.

Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne star in Armored. A guard for a security company is forced to steal one of the company’s trucks, containing $42 million. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the plot, problems arise that could lead to terrible consequences. Rising star Columbus Short also plays a leading role in this exciting film.

41. ( ) What does this article imply about the character that Robert Downey Jr. portrays?

(A) He cheats everyone he meets. (B) He gets rich in business deals.

(C) He achieves success in politics. (D) He’s great at catching criminals.

42. ( ) Based on this article, what does the story of Armored involve?

(A) A daring robbery (B) A world war (C) An international spy (D) A love affair

43. ( ) Which actor is starring in a movie that has a holiday theme?

(A) Matt Dillon (B) Jim Carrey (C) Sandra Bullock (D) Robert Downey Jr.

44. ( ) Which film should be particularly popular with sports fans?

(A) A Christmas Carol (B) Sherlock Holmes (C) The Blind Side (D) Armored

45. ( ) Which films feature famous people from literature?

(A) Armored and The Blind Side

(B) A Christmas Carol and Armored

(C) The Blind Side and Sherlock Holmes

(D) Sherlock Holmes and A Christmas Carol

P. 3

Pet popularity is at an all-time high. Americans spend billions each year on boarding, breeding, grooming, pet sitting and retail accessories. Industry experts say this trend is on the rise. Here are just a few statistics:

.40 million US households own at least one dog.

.Americans spend $34 billion on their pets each year.

.47% of all US households own more than one pet.

In Taiwan, the pet business is also booming. Taiwan pet owners spend plenty of money on their pet companions—more than NT$20 billion a year!

Lots of new pet-related businesses have opened in Taiwan. Beauty salons wash, cut and style pets’ fur. Some even feature spas. In pet restaurants, patrons dine with their animals. People and pets order from special menus.

Photo studios for pets also do very good business. At Dog Photo Studios in Taipei, pets can have their pictures taken in a variety of costumes. The studio makes up to NT$1 million in busy months.

46. ( ) The passage is mainly about _________.

(A) Asia’s pampered pets (B) the pet business in Taiwan

(C) how to raise pets successfully (D) pet popularity and pet-related businesses

47. ( ) What is the percentage of the US households that do not have pets?

(A) 34% (B) 47% (C) 53% (D) The passage does not say.

48. ( ) Patron in the last but one paragraph refers to ______.

(A) someone who eats at a restaurant (B) someone who sells pets

(C) someone who loves his own country (D) someone who supports the activities of an organization

49. ( ) Suppose one-third of the year is the busy months at Dog Photo Studios in Taipei. How much money can the studio earn at most during these busy months of the year?

(A) NT$ 1million. (B) NT$ 3 million. (C) NT$ 4 million. (D) NT$ 6million.

50. ( ) The writer develops the paragraphs NOT by _______.

(A) using statistics (B) comparing the differences between Taiwan and American pet businesses

(C) giving examples (D) citing experts’ viewpoints

P. 4


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