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to accompany the CD and cassette


for use in elementary grades

following Rick Scott's performance

* Lyrics included *

Please feel free to duplicate this material

for use in classrooms

Copyright Grand PooBah Music 2004

For further information contact:

Email: rick@rickscott.ca

Website: www.rickscott.ca

Mail class letters to:

548 Rosehill Street, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1E6

250-754-6453 phone

250-754-6403 fax

For distribution before the performance

* D E A R T E A C H E R S *

My name is Rick Scott and I am an actor, songwriter, musician, father and grandfather. My concerts are based on my experience as all of these. Over the past 30 years my love of music has taken me into many areas of the arts, including instrument making, theatre, radio, film, television and advertising. I choose to work with children to take music out of the mysterious unreachable realm of rock concerts and television videos to bring it home—live--to your gymnasium.

I want to play music WITH your school. I believe everyone has natural musical ability and that there's no right or wrong way to express it.. Our culture tends to glorify singers and musicians when in fact we all have these talents within us. In other cultures the time when an infant begins to use language is the time when he/she is taught to sing. Each of us has our own voice and our own song. My shows and workshops allow us to explore these abilities together. I encourage participation and welcome the children's involvement and enthusiasm. There will be a question period at the end of the show.

My own experience supports the “you can do it too” method of making music. With no formal training I’ve composed hundreds of songs and performed around the world for almost 3 decades! I am self taught on a four stringed folk instrument called the Appalachian dulcimer which I play upside down and backwards from the traditional technique! I am currently writing a book on my method of dulcimer playing. I have a granddaughter with Down Syndrome and I am Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. My ‘Angels Do’ video celebrating children with special needs is played regularly on Ants In Your Pants on Treehouse TV.
You will receive a Study Guide for teachers accompanied by CDS for your music teacher or school library. I hope you will find these useful to extend my performance into the classroom and that they will encourage you to use music to augment your curriculum. There are a number of projects outlined which I hope you will find enjoyable, including how to make and play a Whimmydiddle, an Appalachian toy which is also a percussion instrument. Please feel free to use my music for any school purpose and to duplicate any of my printed materials for your own use. I will have the following tapes/CDs with me for sale the day of the show for $10 per tape and $15 per CD, taxes included:

The 5 Elements – English & Cantonese with Rick and Harry Wong -

2004 NAPPA Gold Award, 2004 Parents’ Choice Approved

Making Faces – Best Children’s Release, 2001 West Coast Music Awards

Philharmonic Fool – Juno nominee, Children’s Music Web Award Winner

Rick Around The Rock – featuring “Eh Canada” - cassette only

The Electric Snowshoe55,000 sold – Parents’ Choice Approved

Letter writing seems to be a fading art and I encourage children to mail me letters. I If your class writes to me at the postal address below I will write back--sometimes it takes a while as I enjoy correspondence with children all over the world. I welcome your comments and suggestions and would be delighted to hear your ideas and feedback. I also give song writing workshops for children and Music As A Second Language workshops for teachers who think they aren’t musical. Thank you for the opportunity to make music with you and your students.

Dulcimerrily, RICK SCOTT

Classroom activities based on


1. Make a list of all the places named in this song and find them on a map: Northwest Territories, Ontario, Chilliwack 2. Find your town on the map.


1 .What is an ARTICLE in English grammar?

A part of speech used before nouns

2. What are the two other meanings of the word "article"?

An article in a newspaper or an article of clothing

3. What are the three articles? HINT: you'll find them in the title of the song.

“A” “the” and “an”

4. What is ONOMATOPOEIA? Give some examples of onomatopoeic words?

A word which imitates the sound it is describing: whisper, buzz, hum

A Whimmydiddle is a toy which is also a musical instrument that is simple to build. Email rick@rickscott.ca to request instructions for building and playing a whimmydiddle by fax.

1. This song is based on puns - what is a PUN?

ANSWER: Using words where the original meaning is playfully confused

2. See how many examples of puns or "plays on words" you can find in this song.

"Tried to put a cap upon my knee"; "had a lock of hair but had no key"; "grew some corn upon my toes"; "tried to eat it with a fork in the road"; "the crook in my elbow committed a crime"

3. What do you think "how many ways can you play that log" means?

Rick's dulcimers is made out of wood - which of course originally come from a tree cut into logs. Rick is asking "how many ways can you play the Dulcimer?”

4. Name a letter in the alphabet that does not begin with its own letter. “W”.


1. This song is a good example of HYPERBOLE. Look this word up in the dictionary to

find out what it means. ANSWER: Hyperbole is exaggeration.

2. Give some examples of imaginative exaggeration from the song.

Draw a picture of one of these.

ANSWER: “Biggest ears in the world / afraid that he might blow away /wrapped them around us with room to spare/he makes them like wings and we all fly away on our own holiday”.


Page 2

This song was written in a song writing workshop at Carnarvon Elementary in Vancouver. It ‘s a classic tale of an outsider who finds a place in his community through an extraordinary occurrence. It’s one of Rick’s most requested songs.
1. Name three things about Spike McCool that make him an unusual puppy dog.

He was cool, he played video games, he wore a black leather jacket and sunglasses and a rainbow mokawk hairdo. Draw a picture of Spike McCool.

2. Why does Spike go (“mosey”) over to the school? ANSWER: He was lonely for the kids there. What does “mosey” mean? To amble. ANSWER: To walk without hurrying, perhaps with your hands in your pockets. Mosey around your classroom.

3. When Spike gets to school, what happens? ANSWER: He wanders into the middle of a basketball game. What do the kids do when they see Spike on the court? ANSWER: They scream his name. Spike thinks they’re screaming because they’re happy to see him.

4. How do we know the kids are excited about the game? ANSWER: They’re stamping their feet, and chewing on their pencils, on their fingernails and on each other!

5. How does Spike become a hero? Omajar Ramalama DingdongTwistoff, the 7 foot centre from the other team, trips over him and loses the ball. Spike’s tail sends the ball into the hoop to score the winning basket. He becomes team mascot and leads the heer IS THAT A COOL MUTT OR ?


A ballad is a “narrative” song: a song that tells a story.

1. What is this story about? Rick and his musical instrument called a dulcimer.

2. Where do dulcimers originate? Northeast USA, Kentucky, Tennessee, N. Carolina

Find this area on the map.

3. What do you learn about the dulcimer from verses 2 & 3? It’s made of wood, has 4

strings, is easy to play and makes a sweet sound like angels singing. Draw a picture

of Rick’s dulcimer.

4. What instruments do the kids in the song suggest when they try to guess the

dulcimer’s name? A guitar, a mandolin, and a piano. Find a picture of all three and

see how they look compared to the dulcimer. Which one was a “silly” guess? A piano

. Can you tell that by the way Rick says “a piano”?

5. Find the Yukon Territories on the map. It’s way up in the north of Canada, where

there’s lots of snow. Canada has 10 provinces and 2 territories. Can you name them

and find them on the map?

6. What name did a boy in the Yukon make up for the dulcimer? “THE ELECTRIC

SNOWSHOE”. A snowshoe is a flat, paddle-like shoe that lets you walk across the

top of deep snow rather than sinking in. Find a picture of a snowshoe and compare it

to your drawing of the dulcimer and you’ll see what a wonderful and appropriate

name it is. Rick liked the name so much, he wrote this song about it and named the

album after it too!


Page 3

7. Write your own narrative song. Change the nouns and verbs in Rick’s song to create

your own story, starting with: Hi, I’m BLANK and I’d like to BLANK...etc. It can be a\

true story or one you make up. Have fun!

SIMON SAYS is a game that’s popular all around the world. Take turns leading the

class in playing a game of Simon Says. Follow the song’s words for the actions then

make up your own things Simon says to do.


The title of this song comes from the expression OOH LA LA, which is a funny way to say WOW in French that is sometimes used in English as well.

1. What other French words or phrases do you hear in this song? What do they mean?

Parlez-vous francais (do you speak French?) Venez, venez, encore une fois

(Come on, one more time)

chantez avec moi (sing with me). So in English it means COME ON, SING ALONG!

2. What does Rick mean when he says “get out my snowshoe and play a little tune”?

He means he’ll get out his dulcimer and play it.

3. Rick wrote this song specially to end his school shows. What in the first verse tells you that? He says, “pretty soon the (school) bell starts ringing telling me I’ve got to stop singing, so that’s my show, that and this goodbye.”

4. This song talks about the Rick’s appreciation for music. How do we know he loves

music? He says, “music is the best” and that he likes to play it “with a friend”; that

music can “make you happy when you have the blues” or when you’re missing

someone who’s far away from you.

5. Write a hello song and/or a goodbye song making up new words to music from a

song you like.

EXAMPLE: (sing to ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT) Hey, hi, say hello, here I am



All songs by Rick Scott.


1. You might come from the Northwest Territories

you might come from Ontario

you might come from Chilliwack, Jack

well, if you do, I think you should know

you're here and I'm so glad you are

you're here so let's just see how far

oh oh oh you're here, oh oh oh you're here
2. You might have gone to school (cool)

you could have stayed at home

you might be in Tent #3

but then you wouldn't get to hear my poem

you're here and I think that's so fine

you're here so let's just do some time

oh oh oh you're here, oh oh oh you're here
3. You might be the Prime Minister of Canada

you might be a snowflake

you might be the one who invented ice cream

well if you are, I think you should take a big bow

applause, applause, applause

you're here, I guess it's just because

oh oh oh you're here, oh oh oh you're here
4. You might think the world's wonderful

you might think the world stinks

you might think if you so much as blink

you'll sink into the drink and become extinct

no, you're here and we've got a minute or two

you're here, so let's just do the do

oh oh oh you're here, oh oh oh you're here

oh oh oh you're here

1. Stronger than a rocket, faster than a rabbit

funky as an old sardine

when I'm on the land I move so grand

in the water, looky, I'm a submarine

CHORUS: I've got my sneakers on my feet

I've got my sneakers all around the world

I've got my sneakers, they're so complete

I've got my sneakers give them a whirl

2. I've been watching papa when he picks them up

he's got to turn his face away

next thing I know I'm down at the shoe store

going to take my sneakers away

CHORUS: Oh no, I've got my sneakers...

3. Now all of you grownups living in the world

don't you drop that bomb today

cause if you do we're taking off our shoe

and the smell is going to blow you away

CHORUS: I've got my sneakers...
4. You can call them high-tops

you can call them joggers

that's just the runaround

‘cause everywhere you go if you look down low

you'll see everybody's on a common ground
CHORUS: We've got our sneakers...


Good day, children. In today's English lesson we shall be learning about THE ARTICLE. Ah, the article! Those sometimes mischievous yet indispensable words that greatly assist in the creation and completion of our friend, the sentence. There are only three words in the English language which are qualified to be articles and those three words are: A...AN...THE... no more, no less.

Of course, the article of which I speak is not to be confused with an article in the newspaper, or an article of clothing such as the common sock. However, it could become an endless source of amusement to discover...

1. I'm a little article

just a little particle

of an ordinary kind of word

when I go past it's so darn fast

it's almost like I never was heard

no doubt about it, you couldn't do without it

when using any other kind of word

with my A...AN...THE...AN...A

2. I'm so adorable, it really is deplorable

that you could say a thing without me

it really does make sense to use me in a sentence

easy as it can be

I'm smart at the start, I dribble in the middle

and then I've got to onomatopoee

and it's time to change my diaper
A-THE-AN-A (come out and play)

A-THE-AN-A (come out and play)

A-THE-AN-A (come out and play)

won't you come out and play

3. What can I say, I'd love to stay

but I really, really, really got to go

what's that sound, I believe it's a noun

playing on the old banjo

it's my duty, rooty-toot-tooty

to follow it wherever it goes

with my A...AN...THE...AN




1. Tried to put a cap upon my knee

had a lock of hair but I had no key

let me say this clear as fog

how many ways can you play that log?

Whimmydiddle, whimmydiddle

hey diddle the cat's got a fiddle

but you and I got a whimmydiddle to play
2. Grew some corn upon my toe

tried to eat it with a fork in the road

Q-R-S all came to tea

how come W starts with D?

Whimmydiddle, whimmydiddle

come on give me that crazy rhythm

that you know only a whimmydiddle can do
3. Got a bridge across my nose

hammer in my hand and nails on my toes

crook in my elbow committed a crime

stole my watch so I took my time

Whimmydiddle, whimmydiddle

hey diddle diddle the cat's got a fiddle

but you and I got a whimmydiddle to play


1. Did you ever think you'd see a ninja

crawlin' across the floor

did you know that little Pierot

is going to turn around the world once more?

CHORUS: Keep your eyes wide open, your back to the wall

watch out for little things that start to crawl

or you might see such a beautiful sight

it just makes you want to sing all night

Hidee hidee hi, ho do ho de oh de oh de

ooh wah ooh, it's a Halloween Hoodoo

2. Who's that coming? Why it's Charlie Chaplin

out on the town with some clowns

and isn't that funky? They brought along a monkey

to turn it all upside down

CHORUS: Keep your eyes wide open...
3. I just saw a spaceman dancin’ with a bumblebee

a strange old man came right up to them

and said how come you won't dance with me?
CHORUS: Keep your eyes wide open...

4. You might think my song is over

I'm here to tell you it's not

there's a princess who has got a dragon

and when he breathes it gets real hot

so if you want to come you better bring some

cause everybody's got their own

but if you're scared or you think it's too weird

maybe you should stay at home

Hidee hidee hi, ho dee ho dee oh dee oh dee

ooh wah ooh, it's a Halloween Hoodoo

it's a Halloween Hoodoo

by Rick and Jorg Scott

CHORUS: My friend, my friend

has the biggest ears in the world

'til north is south and east is west

my friend and his ears are the best

1. They are so huge

well one day we were playing

we got hit by a terrible storm

he wrapped his ears around us

with room to spare

we were laughing, we were dry

and we were warm
2. They are so awesome

that they flap in the wind

and we're scared that he might blow away

but he makes them like wings

and we all climb on board

fly away on our own holiday

Cause he's my friend, he's my best buddy

and he has the biggest ears in the world

'til north is south and east is west

my friend and his ears are the best

1. Spike McCool didn't go to school

cause he was too young and he was too cool

he spent all day in the video arcade

in his black leather jacket and his pitch black shades

is that a cool mutt, or what? (3 times) ...BUT...

2. Spike McCool is his own master

with his rainbow mohawk and his ghetto blaster

he'll save any kid from any big jerk

who tries to make him do his homework

is that a cool mutt or what? (3 times) ...BUT...

But Spike got lonely when school was in

and there was no one to notice him

staying cool gets kind of hard

when all the kids are playing in the schoolyard

3. So Spike moseyed over to the old brick school

a little bit nervous but still acting cool

when suddenly everyone was shouting his name

cause he was in the middle of a basketball game

Only 3 seconds left and the score was tied. The opponents had the ball.

Kids were chewing on their fingernails, kids were chewing on their pencils,

kids were chewing on other kids! They were screaming and stomping their feet

and hollering and Spike thought, "Hey, I guess they're happy to see me!"

So he just stood there, looking cool, with his mohawk and his leather jacket

and pitch black shades, when suddenly, Omajar Ramalamadingdong Twistoff,

the 7 foot centre from the opposing team, came thundering down the court

with fire in his eyes and steam streaming out of his sneakers,

when he tripped over Spike and lost the ball...
That ball bounced off Spike McCool's tail

which was wagging so hard the ball began to sail

up and over through the hometown hoop

the crowd went wild and started to whoop

as the buzzer rang and the game was won...

Spike McCool was the favourite son!

4. Now Spike's a hero on the kids' sport scene

'cause now he's the mascot of the basketball team

and he's leading the school in a brand new cheer

and at every game here's what you'll hear

is that a cool mutt or what? (6 times) SAY WHAT? SAY WOOF!


1. Hi, this is Rick and I want to say

a few words about the instrument I play

it's a strange looking thing and that's for sure

and what it's called is a dulcimer

2. Now hundred of years before you or me

from the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee

from the southeast part of the U.S.A.

the folks down there needed something to play

like a bagpipe... like a guitar... had to be real easy

3. So they tried to find a thing that they had that was good

what they had was trees, what they had was wood

so they carved it down and put on four strings

yes my friends, it was a beautiful thing

looked like a leaf... sounded like angels singing

made people dance... I had to have one

4. So me and my dulcimer went Canada way

and naturally we just started to play

and we made that sound that a dulcimer does

but folks weren't sure just what it was

I tried to tell 'em... it's a music machine

they thought it was something else

5. Then one day up in the Yukon

the dulcimer and I were putting a show on

I asked the kids if they knew its name

and all the answers were all the same

a mandolin?... Nope. A guitar? Nope.

a piano?... What?!?

6. Then a kid in the back raised up his hand

he stood right up and made a stand

and he yelled out something too good to be true

"I know what it is! IT'S AN ELECTRIC SNOWSHOE!"

Sure!... why not?... I guess that's what it is!
7. So that's the story of the electric snowshoe

and maybe you've learned a thing or two

so next time the story I'll be tellin'

is about my intergalactic watermelon

just kidding... I have to go now... y'all take care!


1. Simon says to look up

Simon says to look down

Simon says put the best smile on

that you got in town

Simon says to look out

Simon says never give up

Simon says keep a good thing

'til you've had enough

that's what Simon told me

and now I'm telling you

2. Simon says snap your fingers

Simon says clap your hand

Simon says that's the best beat

you can be in my band

Simon says to say YEAH, oh say it again...

oh, I believe that someone said YEAH

and old Simon didn't tell you to

3. But Simon says point your finger,

Simon says scratch your head

Simon says now ain't you glad

that you did what Simon said

that's what Simon told me

and now I'm telling you

Simon says close your eyes,

now open them up

ah you see you're looking at me

and you shouldn't be cause

Simon didn't say so, see? (ha hah)
4. Simon says touch your ear,

Simon says touch your nose

Simon says touch your funny bone

everywhere it goes

Simon says to look out

Simon says never give up

Simon says keep a good thing

'til you've had enough

that's what Simon told me

and now I'm telling you

that's what Simon told me to do


1. Pretty soon the bell starts ringing

telling me I've got to stop singing

so that's my show... that and this goodbye

music is the best, say it again

especially when it's with a friend

and if you don't mind that's what you are to me.

So let's just have one more song

it doesn't matter what planet you're on

come on, come on, sing it one time with me
CHORUS: Ooh la la la ooh la la hey-eh, hey-eh

Ooh la la la ooh la la hey-eh, hey-eh

2. So try some music if you've got the blues

or happy, with nothing to do

or thinking 'bout someone who's so far away

it will keep you warm when you're feeling cold

fix a heart or mend a soul

and if you cut your finger you can sing real loud

Oh what a deal, the sale is on

and it doesn't matter what planet you're from

come on, come on, let's sing it one time for free
CHORUS: Ooh la la la ooh la la hey-ay, hey-ay

3. Well, you know, I never had a chance to go to France

but when I do I know it's going to be a radical thing

they will say, parlez-vous francais?

I'll get out my snowshoe and I'll play

a little tune everybody can sing
So let's just try one more song

sing about the love the of the planet we're on

venez, venez, encore une fois chantez avec moi

CHORUS: Ooh la la la ooh la la hey-ay, hey-ay

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