1 – Welcome: All welcomed by the chair, Dennis Tops 2 – Present

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Partnership Group

Minutes of Meeting

3rd October 2016

1 – Welcome: All welcomed by the chair, Dennis Tops

2 – Present: Mrs McCart (Headteacher); Mrs Cairney; Mrs Tops; Mr Tops; Mrs Kydd; Mr Kydd; Mrs Taggart; Miss Reid; Mrs Davies

3 - Apologies: Miss Livingstone; Miss Sherry; Mrs Wong (Staff Representative)

4 - Head Teacher Report:

  • Staffing remains the same. Mrs Thomson has now returned.

  • The school roll has increased by 1 to 87.

  • Mrs McCart has been in discussions with regards to the lack of space within the school. Next year a portable classroom will be added with a view to getting a permanent extension in the future. Mrs McCart will keep the Partnership up to date with any developments. Children will have an input into the design and look of the portacabin. This is expected to happen around Spring/Aug 2017.
  • Afterschool clubs are ongoing however, it was noted that there was a gap in activities for the P1-3 children. The school have managed to arrange a dance coach from Cherry Dance Studios to come along and host an afterschool Dance Club for the P1-P3 pupils starting on the 26th of October at a cost of £1 per child per lesson.

  • The Second Chance Church have very kindly donated a grant of £500 to the school to help buy netball stands and kit for the school’s netball team.

  • P6 pupils will be given the chance to obtain the Pope Francis Faith Award. This is like the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Caritas Award done by secondary school children. Father Stephen will also be involved and the children will be given the chance to read and help at Church. This is an excellent opportunity for the children and something which can be carried forward onto secondary school.

  • Parents’ evening will take place on the 13th of October.

  • The open afternoon which was due to take place on Wednesday 28th of September had to be cancelled due to staffing issues and has now been replaced by a Curriculum evening taking place on the 27th of October from 6pm-7.15pm.

  • A cinema trip as been arranged for the pupils of P2/3/4 on the 17th of Nov. The children will be going to see Pete’s Dragon.

  • The school have also received a grant of £7000 which will be put towards earphones, audio books, five minute boxes, story sacks, novel studies and the reading resource Rapid Readers.

  • The Halloween Parade will take place on Friday 28th of October in the afternoon and children can bring in their costumes to change at lunch time.

  • The October newsletter will be issued this week.

  • Mrs McCart has been in contact with the Lesmahagow Development Trust to chase up the original grant application made by Mrs Tops back in June.
  • Mrs McCart thanked the Partnership for their donation of £200 for Story World school books.

  • Mrs Taggart suggested that it might be helpful to have a Parent Council Stall at Parent Evenings and Curriculum Evenings to help make parents and carers more aware of the work of the Partnership. Mrs Cairney and Mrs Tops will attend the up and coming Curriculum Evening with some information leaflets should any parent or carer wish to find out more about what we do as a group.

5 – Treasury Update:

  • Mrs Tops reported that our account is currently sitting at £35.96 but that with the up and coming Quiz Night and Halloween Discos, she was confident we would soon have a healthy balance again.

6 – Final Prep Quiz Night

  • Quiz night will take place on Saturday 8th of October in the Blackwood Victoria Bowling Club.

  • Mr Kydd will arrive early to set up DJ equipment.

  • Mrs Taggart will compile the quiz.

  • Mrs Tops to collect donated raffle prizes from school on Friday 7th Oct including wine and champagne from Mrs Davies.

  • A trophy for the winner will be ordered and engraved.

  • Motherwell football top will also be taken to the quiz to try and sell more raffles and this will be advertised in this week’s Partnership Newsletter.

  • Mrs Cairney to buy pens for the quiz.

7 – Halloween Discos

  • The discos will take place on Friday 28th of October. The P1-3 disco will take place from 3pm-4pm and the P4-7 disco from 4pm-5pm.
  • Mrs Tops will make tickets a.s.a.p. and forward to Mrs Spadaro for printing and selling. They will cost £1 each.

  • Mrs Cairney will buy snacks for the children to eat during the party and Mrs Davies has donated lollipops to hand out. Mrs Tops will supply the juice.

  • Mrs Kydd will make up treat bags to be handed out at the end of the discos.

  • Mr Kydd will arrive early to set up his DJ-ing equipment.

8 - AOCB:

  • Mrs McCart asked if anyone knew of someone who could play piano and could come into the school to accompany the children during hymn practices. Mrs Cairney suggested that perhaps Mrs Macneil would be interested as she plays piano. Mrs McCart said she would speak to Mrs Macneil.

  • Mrs Cairney passed on a query from another parent with regards the Christmas cards that the children make every year. Mrs McCart confirmed that once again the children will be making cards and that they will be available for order soon.

Confirmed date for next meeting will be Wednesday 2nd November 2016

St. John’s Primary School, Blackwood

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