1. I have a question concerning a certain commit this does not imply that I suspect a bug

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2007-07-11 11:06:25 UTC

This is a question regarding project communication: What is the preferred way to discuss previous commits? This concerns commits which I think may need clarification or even a change because I only have a limited understanding or a different view on the subject. So the main points are:

1. I have a question concerning a certain commit - this does NOT imply that I suspect a bug.

2. The topic seems to small to be discussed on the developers list, on the other hand not small enough to be neglected.
3. Because of 1. and 2. I'd like to discuss the topic directly with the developer who made the commit.

I could use a tracker for this and assign the item directly to the developer. Does this seem ok? Which tracker to use?

2007-07-11 12:37:56 UTC


if you don't think that it is of interest for others you could just send him a mail via the SF account or try to catch him at our irc channel irc.freenode.net #adempiere.



2007-07-11 13:46:45 UTC

why not use the tracker thread that u saw the bug? Even if its closed, i think it can still be alive for dicussion.

2007-07-11 13:48:00 UTC

sorry ... read wrongly.. it wasnt a bug.. ... u can use a support request tracker and assign to him.

2007-07-11 14:56:07 UTC

OK, thanks for your hints - I think I got it!

I'll use Karsten's (actually my actual commit-related question goes to you) direct mail method when I'm sure that the subject is really minor and nobody else will take an interest in it. In all other cases I'll follow red1's proposal and use a support request tracker.


2007-07-11 18:12:20 UTC

But it be interesting to send a support tracker post anyway, cos i m sure someoe else might be interested... been in a tracker helps to keep it as part of a long tail of bits... until one day someone adds to it. It be fun to see that happen. Also making it public and assigning to someone makes him achieve more visiblity. I mean for others, as in this case Karsten is already very so.

2007-07-11 18:44:19 UTC

Agreed red1! That's what I tried to express in my last post: Commit related questions will usually and primarily go into a tracker item with the committer assigned to make a possibly resulting discussion public as part of the overall adempiere knowledge base - unless the topic is so minor and isolated that the comitter or others might be bothered.

BTW: I did not read Karsten's commit message thoroughly; there already was a tracker item [ 1746366 ] (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1746366&group_id=176962&atid=879332 ) related to the commit; I added my comments there.

2007-07-13 08:17:47 UTC

Hi Matthias,

thank you for your comments - you were totally right. Regarding the workflow engine I think we should discuss the enhancements in your tracker: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1741750&group_id=176962&atid=879334


2007-07-14 17:00:55 UTC

Hi Karsten,

I added another few comments (a little late in the game) to the original issue of some workflow actions not beeing implemented to finally close the issue. Please have look.

Regarding the discussion of the "enhancements" (still to be proven) in my tracker item: I'm not sure how to best discuss the patch set. In the tracker item itself or in a forum thread? Bahman is already assigned to the issue and has opted to review the patches. If you (or Bahman or Johannes or anyone else) have questions: Just ask!



2007-07-14 17:18:49 UTC


As I'll be busy for the few next months, I'd be glad if someone else could help Matthias to -perhaps- shape up his good patch, specially if there's someone from Germany which eases communication. Karsten, Johannes?

Warm regards,


2007-07-14 20:36:15 UTC


I hope that I find time next week to take a look at the patches. I'm interested in the workflow stuff and I think there is much room to improve the current implementation.


2007-07-12 14:03:16 UTC

I am generating new invoice windows for diferent types of charges. 
For documentation purposes for the treasury it is easier to define special doctypes for this charges.
I now want to define a default value in the popup field "Document type", so that, when opening this window in the field "Doctype" appears already the correct type of document (Invoice for charges). It cant´t be that dificult, but I searched in the whole wiki and didn´t find a clue.


2007-07-12 17:16:24 UTC

Did u try to create a new doctype with same basetype as Invoice and see?

2007-07-12 19:32:34 UTC

Hi Susanne, I think what you need is to define a preference in the Document Type.

Right-click on the field Document Type and select Preference.
Preferences can be defined for company, org, user, window, or a combination of those.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-15 20:02:11 UTC

Hi Redhuan y Carlos;
Thanks a lot, it works!


2007-07-13 06:39:35 UTC

Hi all,

Recently I update from trunk but fail to compile. I found there's a lot of movement in some folders lately, like Interface folder is empty now. This is the error:

[echo] =========== Build Server Root


[echo] XDoclet=../tools
[echo] UpToDate=${interfaces.uptodate}


C:\Adempiere\Adempiere-all\utils_dev\build.xml:27: The following error occurred
while executing this line:
C:\Adempiere\Adempiere-all\serverRoot\build.xml:96: Can't create a jboss element
under ejbdoclet. Make sure the jar file containing the corresponding subtask cl
ass is on the classpath specified in the that defined {2}.

What am I missing ? Thank you.


2007-07-16 03:21:13 UTC

Took a second look, it's because of some missing jars.


2007-07-10 12:01:26 UTC

Hi all,

last week i ask you for help, but i got no response:((
So i hope that this time somebody will help me.

Until last week i manage to import Fixed Asset into AD 3.2.0. Now, I can see all table and windows, but i still have some promlems.

when i try to add/setup new Group Account (Fixed Asset Setup -> Asset Group) the folowing error appear:
===========> MLookupFactory.getLookup_TableDir: Key does not end with '_ID': A_Asset_Spread_Type [11]
===========> MLookupFactory.getLookupInfo: No SQL - A_Asset_Spread_Type [11]
===========> GridField.loadLookup: (A_Asset_Spread_Type) - No LookupInfo [11]

===========> CalloutFA.start: start: Table_Period [11]

And if i want to setup the Depreciation Methods the Name and Depreciation Type text box are diseble..

If anyone of you have problems like mine or anyone have any idea how to solve problem, please let me know. It is very importend to me.

Best regards, Bojana

2007-07-10 15:33:47 UTC

Hi Bojana,

I am not a guru developer, but it seems to be a bug in the Java code. You should enter eclipse and go to this very class and method (MLookupFactory.getLookup_TableDir). I have just opened it. Try the SQL statement in SQLDeveloper and see what happens or single step through it.

As nobody answers your thread -because it is maybe a special issue- and it is important to you, you should consider this: Carlos and Trifon have set up a Skype payed service, where you can get best advice. It costs about 1$ something a minute. Somewhere in the Forums you can find their links.

Best regards

Mario Calderon

2007-07-11 03:32:45 UTC

Having never used fixed assets I can only give you my best guess...
It looks like the asset group table has a column "A_Asset_Spread_Type" that is marked as using reference type "TableDir". This reference type looks up key values in the table whose name equals the column name minus "_ID". As the column name doesn't match this pattern it's throwing an error. My suggestion would be to edit the column in the AD and change its reference type to something else. As I don't know what its meant to be referring to I can't help with what that something else should be.

As for the disabled text fields, I would suggest you look at Window,Tab and Field and Table and Column in the AD and look for any misplaced "Read only" logic or selections.



2007-07-11 14:43:35 UTC

Ok we have got Most of Fixed Assets running (A while back).

I will try to help you.

First A_Asset_Spread_Type is defined as type Text on the Tables and Columns window. Check that.



2007-07-16 06:47:35 UTC

Hi Martin and all other,

I apologize because i did not responce erlier, i was not in the office.
Thank you for your offered help.

I check and define an A_Asset_Spread_Type as type Text on the Tables and Columns window, but Name and Depriciation Type on the Depreciation Methods are still disabled.

I hope you still are ready to help me. Do you have any other idea how to solve problem?

Thanks and Regards, 


2007-07-17 06:34:36 UTC

Hi all, 

does anybody know how get account button worked(field name: Account, Reference: Account)?

I've added an account field into my window, but when i press the button nothing happens.

same problem with other windows where such field exists...


2007-07-17 06:47:23 UTC

Hi Assety, just a hunch: can you test with your columnname ending with _Acct suffix?


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-17 07:09:11 UTC

Hello Asset!

Please add Accounting Schema field into your window (C_AcctSchema_ID) with Reference Table Direct.

Sergey Vishniakov

ADempiere.LV Team

2007-07-17 08:18:28 UTC

I did what you told, but... :(

I think I've done something wrong with AD, as I can't get that button worked in any of the windows it appears...

I think, I faced with that problem earlier, but unfortunately I don't remember how to solve it.

2007-07-17 10:19:26 UTC

Hi all

I am using jasper reports for adempiere. i have created a process and parameter and uses class "org.compiere.report.ReportStarter". When i click on my report process then as it showing the report it also popup a dialog box saying "Do you want to start process", How i can avoid this.

Secondly if there is no page for the report then it show "The document has no pages" message three times + "Do you want to start process" dialog box. Is this is a bug.

Thanks & Regards


2007-07-17 10:56:13 UTC

Hi Anu,

I didn't try it but I guess you have to set the 'Show Help' dropdown on the Report & Process Window to 'Run Silently' for your jasper process.



2007-07-17 12:38:06 UTC

Hi Karsten 

It doesn't show the message box as well as my Parameter info dialog box. I have tried all the options for show help list. but it still shows "Do you want to start process".

One more thing, In code when i try to find 

ProcessInfoParameter[] pip = pi.getParameter();

where pi is ProcessInfo, i got null. 

What about my parameter i have passed from dialog box.

Thanks & Regards

2007-07-17 13:56:43 UTC

Hi community, recommended reading today:


Impressive "Key findings of this survey include:

* Trusted insiders remain a significant, and largely unmonitored risk
* A majority of organizations do not have the technology or processes required to effectively manage
against insider threat
* Due to perceived business value, many large organizations assign lower priority to the protection of
customer and employee data versus intellectual property
* The vast majority of data exposed in the past two years has been confidential customer and
employee information
* Over ninety-five percent of respondents would value solutions that enabled them to understand and
prioritize database security needs within their organization.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-17 15:25:51 UTC

I have installed Adempiere into a LAN (with private addresse[])and have enabled users to access to the application via Java Web Start. it works well. But when i try to connect through a WAN with public address [] it doesn't work. Users download adempiere client after 25 mn (in the LAN it takes only 2 mn)and connection to server fails with this log :

CConnection.queryAppsServerInfo: jnp://

- javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: 

java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect]
- {java.naming.provider.url=jnp://, java.naming.factory.initial=org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory, jnp.discoveryTimeout=5000, jnp.timeout=5000, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.jboss.naming.client, jnp.sotimeout=5000} [11]

Note: I use a static NAT (Network Address Translation)to access Adempiere server.

I have modified the Connection Profile from LAN to WAN but connection still fails with this log

CConnection.getInitialContext: http://

- javax.naming.NamingException: Failed to retrieve Naming interface [Root exception is java.lang.ClassCastException: java.rmi.MarshalledObject cannot be cast to org.jboss.invocation.MarshalledValue]
- {java.naming.provider.url=http://, java.naming.factory.initial=org.jboss.naming.HttpNamingContextFactory, jnp.discoveryTimeout=5000, jnp.timeout=5000, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.jboss.naming.client, jnp.sotimeout=5000} [11]

2007-07-17 16:02:42 UTC


Unfortunatly I don't have an actual solution to your concret problem.

It might be worth to take a look at a terminal server solution (e.g. http://www.nomachine.com on Linux) for the use of adempiere on low and very low bandwith connections (25 min for the client sounds quite low). 

It works fine for us (and others afaik)

hope it helps


2007-07-17 16:40:07 UTC

Check your firewall setttings (for example port 1099).

NB: We use OpenVPN for this purpose. Works like a charm on Linux and Windows. And increases security.



2007-07-16 08:41:45 UTC

this is a cross-posting to: Feature Requests item #1754621

Currently when you are not connected to the internet the help system takes VERY long to come up. This is due to it trying to fetch the css-file: http://www.adempiere.com/standard.css

this is done even before the help window pops up.

I suggest to pack the css into the source like so:


in method setUp

instead of
m_head.addElement(new link("http://www.adempiere.com/standard.css", 

do this:

m_head.addElement(new storedStyleSheet("org.compiere.util/standard.css"));

and add inline class:

class storedStyleSheet
implements Printable{

public storedStyleSheet(String styleSheetLocation){

URL url = getClass().getClassLoader().
InputStreamReader ins;
try {
ins = new InputStreamReader(url.openStream());
BufferedReader bufferedReader = new
BufferedReader( ins );
String cssLine;
String result="";
while ((cssLine = bufferedReader.readLine()) != null)
} catch (IOException e1) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block


2007-07-16 16:25:19 UTC

Hi Stefan, can you please upload a patch for this.

I remember Karsten proposed you as committer, maybe now - that committers procedure is accepted and in practice - is time to open the votation between committers to include Stefan.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-18 07:58:44 UTC

done, available as patch 1755932:


i would of course be honored to be a committer for the adempiere project!



2007-07-18 08:42:40 UTC

Hi Stefan,


>i would of course be honored to be a committer for the adempiere project! 

You have my vote:

[+1] Stefan to have commit rights for SVN.

Kind regards,


2007-07-18 08:50:47 UTC

Same (again) from me:
[+1] for Stefan to have commit rights


2007-07-12 05:22:42 UTC

Hi community, there is a proposal to release 3.3.0 (beta status) on next Friday 13th.

To become this possible we need volunteers for the tasks depicted here:

Please sign up in front of the task you want to contribute.

I think if there are enough team work here we could make it possible.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-12 17:13:29 UTC

Hi Carlos,

wow! I am overwhelmed by the complexity of releasing a new version.

I am glad to contribute with my scarce knowledge. Here is what we technically can: we have Eclipse and Adempiere on Windows and Linux, we can make builds, deploy, etc. We can not program and lack the overall knowledge of all the steps necessary for the release. We can redact wiki pages. So, I could help under guidance and control. Please do tell me how.

In my opinion, we face a double chance

1.- we can take some burden from the commiters, so they can devote themselves to developing more functionality and fixing more errors.
2.- when we take up some tasks, we will learn more of how this system is built and we will be able to manage it better

Here I make a call to all of us who ask questions (and get them answered), who are happy that with the next revision many errors have been fixed, more functionality has been added, who thanks Adempiere get value added for their companies. We ALL are the community and should not leave all the burden to the same people (Hengsin, Trifon, Victor, Carlos, Redhuan, Teo, Karsten, etc. the same suspects we see always in SVN. Excuse me if I did not write all suspects).

I would like to remember that we are trying to prove that we can build a community. It is TAKE and GIVE. We have been taking a lot. Let´s give something back. If we only take and do not give, WE ALL will fail. We can contribute with time, money or whatever. 

Best regards

Mario Calderon

2007-07-12 18:06:27 UTC

Thanks Mario for the eagerness to help and specially for the call to the community.

I think is easy to contribute, even for non-technical people.

The easier is related with wiki's:
- Prepare wiki release from svn log
- edit wikipedia pages - version (english, spanish)
- change wiki LASTRELEASE

The first one is the most wasteful. It's needed to review all the log from trunk on subversion since revision 2277 to date, and fill the corresponding wiki page describing briefly (Enhancements, Bug Fixes, Additional, Patches) - normally Redhuan fills the Business part.

The others are really simple, is just about changing one line on the wikipedias.

Other wasteful tasks that can bring us big help are:

- create the new oracle seed (needed 9i exp version)
- create new postgres seed

I think those can be contributed by anyone and then upload the file somewhere to be uploaded by a committer.

- compile the new version to make installer (RUN_build)
I think it can be done by anybody after all the changes and uploads in trunk are completed.
Then he can upload the release to sourceforge to be taken by any of the releasers in the project.

This is the best way to allow contributions, split a task in small parts that can be done by many people.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-12 19:40:51 UTC


Congratulations! An excellent approach.

I can do most of the technical stuff except those related to Oracle. So I will wait for others to pick up the tasks and act as a backup team :-)

Warm regards,


2007-07-12 20:53:55 UTC

Ready Bahman, I already made the oracle seed task, just to put ball rolling.


Carlos Ruiz

2007-07-12 21:42:21 UTC

One of the bigger goals of 3.3.0 was to get libero 2pack package to effortlessly import into adempiere 3.3.0. I don't beleive this goal has been achieved. I have done a great deal of work to assist with this but ran into problems I could not resolve completely without assistance. Would there be any volunteers who would like to assist with this goal of 3.3.0? I believe we are close, just need help with the testing/importing which is a bit time consuming. Any ideas on how to move this forward? I need project guidance/management help with this issue. There are a number of siginificant changes to 2pack that must be done to assist with the import (i.e. XMLImportStructureTest.java) in the extend directory. I know there was talk with Rob Klein and Carlos Ruiz but nothing ever synergized to actual actionable tasks/software artifacts to obtaining this goal. I believe Red1 was heading up this collaboration. My only other suggestion is to make the libero database dump available to people can work with libero easily for now while we continue to enhance 2pack.




Long live adempiere!

2007-07-12 23:50:55 UTC

Hi Carlos!

Queda una sensación de impotencia el observar el plan para la liberación de la versión 3.3.0 y concluir que no se tiene la capacidad tecnica para aportar algo.

No me resta más que decir que el esfuerzo que tu y otros realizan es por demás extremadamente valioso.



2007-07-13 11:42:10 UTC

CR, can i have one small sugestion? Lets call the 3.. series the Mayday series. And so lets have that nice new splash screen done by Ramiro nephew for it.


2007-07-14 03:42:21 UTC

> CR, can i have one small sugestion? Lets call the 3.. 

> series the Mayday series. And so lets have that 

> nice new splash screen done by Ramiro nephew for it. 

Hmmm, not sure Redhuan, 3.2 is intended to be stable release. 3.3 is a beta release.

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