1. In this movie, an attempt to perform the play The Crimes of Love


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1. In this movie, an attempt to perform the play The Crimes of Love goes awry when Bouchon gropes a key female character, who bashes Bouchon's face with an iron. Near the end of this film, the protagonist has his tongue cut out and kills himself by swallowing a crucifix, causing Joaquin Phoenix's character to go insane. Kate Winslet plays the laundress whose murder leads to the film’s climax, and who earlier smuggled out the writings of the central character, played by Geoffrey Rush. For 10 points, name this Philip Kauffman-directed film about the last days of the Marquis de Sade, who writes his novels using the title instruments.

ANSWER: Quills

2. In addition to the featured song, this video also features instrumental music by Elmber Bernstein. Playboy model Ola Ray is told “I’m not like other guys” by the protagonist of this video, which ends with the singer’s yellow eyes aimed at the camera, contradicting his earlier query of “what’s the problem?” The video begins with a disclaimer, rooted in the singer’s membership in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, that says the video “in no way endorses a belief in the occult.” Later, Rick Baker’s makeup shows the singer as both a cat-like humanoid and a zombie, and guest performer Vincent Price delivers a monologue. For 10 points, name this music video that accompanied the title track of a 1982 album by Michael Jackson.

ANSWER: “Thriller

3. Three very tough variants of these enemies appear when the player answers a question incorrectly in the Bowser Gate quiz in Paper Mario, while the first Mario Party game included a mini-game where players had to match the button raised by one of this character's flags.  Racers playing the game through Download Play were forced to race as one of these characters in Mario Kart DS, and, with Donkey Kong Jr., this character is an unlockable character in Mario Tennis 64.  Frequently popping out of pipes in Yoshi's Island, for 10 points, name these enemies first appearing in Super Mario Brothers 2, notable for wearing a hood.


4. Nashville DJ Coyote McCloud recorded a novelty song based on this catchphrase, which was variously shown being telephoned in to a yacht and being shouted through closing windows. This line was written by Cliff Freeman, who had previously penned the candy jingle "Sometimes you feel like a nut" and went on to give Little Caesars its "Pizza Pizza" slogan. The performer who first popularized this saying later did an ad for Prego saying that she had found her answer. Originally uttered by Clara Peller at the fictitious “Fluffy Bun, Home of the Big Bun,” this line was used to great effect in a primary debate by Walter Mondale against Gary Hart. For 10 points, what is this mid-80s catchphrase, derived from a Wendy’s commercial mocking competitors for their skimpy burgers?

ANSWER: “Where's the Beef?

5. This man has twice escaped jail time for driving his car at a hundred miles per hour, thanks to his defense by infamous driving-law specialist Nick Freeman. In 1994, his poor packing decision left him wearing a dark tartan during the extraordinarily hot weather at Oakmont, perhaps contributing to his loss in a three-golfer playoff round that saw Ernie Els take that tournament. Second behind Nick Faldo in all-time Ryder Cup points, he was named captain of Europe’s 2010 team. Despite his thirty-one wins on the European Tour, this golfer may be best known for five particular runner-up finishes. For 10 points, name this Scottish golfer, currently the consensus “best golfer who has never won a major.”

ANSWER: Colin Montgomerie

6. The most recent version of this sees the devil standing on a mountain shaking his fist at a face-less God, a character building a sandcastle on a gravestone and a monkey being pushed in a cart next to Jessica, once played by Meryl Streep.  The first incarnation of this featured a character eating a sandwich with a pair of tongs and three nameless characters chasing a bus after another character swaps the direction of a sign.  It began to have a changing billboard with "Take My Life, Please", while "He Loves to Fly" changes it by adding characters like the Medicine Woman, Russ Cargill and President Schwarzenegger.  Recently changed due to its show's move to HD, the pan near the end of it now includes characters like Legs and Louie and Chef Luigi, and maintains Lewis, Janey and Martin.  Also featuring a sequence where a cash register rings up "$847.63" and not "NRA4EVR", for 10 points, name this iconic piece of animation featuring variations like the chalk board gag and the couch gag, as well as Homer running to escape Marge's incoming car.

ANSWER: The Simpsons Opening Sequence (accept equivalents indicating it's the thing that starts at the beginning of Simpsons episode)

7. In 2008, this team hired Damon Stoudamire as an assistant coach and spent three days being coached by former Magic helmsman Johnny Davis. Their roster includes the 2008 Olympic leader in per-game blocks and rebounds, who is also the only Iranian in NBA history, Hamed Haddadi. Also the current squad of Hakim Warrick and Darko Milicic, their starting lineup includes a collegiate Greg Oden teammate who was also a top 4 pick in 2007, Mike Conley, and Pau Gasol’s brother Marc. Despite finishing 24-58 this year, their future may be bright thanks to the UConn and USC products they are developing. For 10 points, name this team of Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo, which moved from Vancouver in 2001.

ANSWER: Memphis Grizzlies [either or both]

8. Beatallica combined this song with both a Metallica song and “Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.” At various times, the writers have claimed this song is about STD-free prostitutes in Hamburg or about a town on the Isle of Wight. It originally followed "You're Going to Lose That Girl" as the last track on Side A of Help! After saying "I think I'm gonna be sad" about "the girl that's driving me mad," this song ends by repeating "my baby don't care" five times. For 10 points, name this Beatles tune about a document granting train passage.

ANSWER: “Ticket to Ride

9. The writer-director of this movie hasn't made another film since it came out, but will be resurfacing in August 2009 with A Perfect Getaway. Near the end of this film, the “Ascension Protocol” is begun and two characters observe “you keep what you kill” to explain their actions. Kyra, who was known as Jack in the previous film, is killed during the final confrontation with Colm Feore’s character, who is attempting to avoid overthrow by the Furyans. It opens with the title character fleeing from the bounty hunter Toombs on an ice planet; surprising parts of this movie include Judi Dench’s appearance as an “Elemental” and a scene on the prison world of Crematoria where the protagonist promises to kill someone with a teacup. For 10 points, name this film where the “Quasi-Deads” and “Necromongers” are opposed by the goggles-wearing Vin Diesel, the much more ambitious sequel to Pitch Black.

ANSWER: The Chronicles of Riddick

10. One group of these, known as the Silentium, fought a devastating war with the Abominor, with refugees from both sides turning up in strange places; an Abominor one became known as The Great Heep and took over Biitu, while a Silentium one, Vuffi Raa, accompanied a notorious adventurer who was then opposing Rokur Gepta. On film, some of them are the subject of the declaration “we don’t serve their kind,” while later, one of them is seen supervising the treatment of a wampa injury. A particular one is fond of declaring that he is “fluent in over six million forms of communication.” For 10 points, identify these inhabitants of the Star Wars universe, including HK-47, R2-D2, and C-3PO.

ANSWER: droids

11. This man’s radio characters include a woman named Peanut who works the phones at a radio station and a father who names all his children after birth control hormones. In another series, he played gay film reviewer Antoine Merriweather, untalented bluesman Calhoun Tubbs, loud woodshop instructor Mr. MacAfee, and henpecked Mr. Brooks. A specialist in making vomiting noises on Crank Yankers, he played the title character’s producer Bellows on Life With Bonnie and launched a failed Wednesday night lead-in to The Daily Show in 2008. For 10 points, name this In Living Color alum and host of the short-lived Chocolate News.

ANSWER: David Alan Grier

12. One character played by this man must work alongside Darcy McGuire to develop ads for women's hygiene products. He starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. in a movie about Vietnam War pilots who are taken advantage of by heroin dealers, Air America, and played a retired FBI agent who is framed for murder alongside Goldie Hawn in Bird on a Wire. In his directorial debut, he portrays a disfigured painter who mentors the young Chuck in The Man Without a Face. He went on to direct a movie about Jaguar Paw, who attempts to save his family from raids by a rival group, only to see Spanish ships arrive on the beach at the end. For 10 points, name this director of Apocalypto, perhaps more known presently for his theory that “Jews are responsible for every war in the world” and his explicitly violent religious movie The Passion of the Christ.

ANSWER: Mel Gibson

13. In one storyline from this comic strip, a main character schemed to win an SUV by entering a contest to name every song played on a radio station for the previous week, and easily won the contest because no one else entered. A family in this comic includes an eight-foot, 460-pound kindergarten teacher named Otis, and twins who work as a weatherman and sports desk anchor, Raymond and Roland. One character's classmates include the loyal Benny and a boy whose parents attempted to set him on a career path by naming him Doctor Appleby. In addition to NFL player Marcus Glover and his eleven brothers, this strip includes the twins Teddy and Tommi and older siblings Jojo and Sunny. For 10 points, name this Robb Armstrong comic strip about Joe and Marcy Cobb, a police officer and nurse in Philadelphia with four young kids.

ANSWER: Jump Start

14. According to a website about one type of these things, the industry term "greyfields" refers to those which are less than one-third as successful as the industry standard and is a sign that one might become "dead" and thus featured on the site. In April 2009, the largest American real estate bankruptcy ever occurred when General Growth Properties, an operator of these, filed; only Simon Property is a larger owner of these institutions. By square feet, the largest one in the U.S. is in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, though by number of components, the one in Bloomington, Minnesota is still the closest American one in size to the “West Edmonton” one. For 10 points, identify this type of places where a JC Penney store might serve as an “anchor” near the food court.

ANSWER: malls

15. The former lead singer of this band now plays with his groups Down and Superjoint Ritual. Wikipedia accuses this group's album Cowboys From Hell of stealing its sound from the band Exhorder and notes that they wrote the Dallas Stars fight song. Towards the end of their existence, this band saw its only radio success with the songs "Revolution is My Name" and "Planet Caravan,” though they had previously released several platinum records, including Far Beyond Driven, Vulgar Display of Power, and The Great Southern Trendkill. All of their biggest successes came after Phil Anselmo joined as singer. For 10 points, name this metal band, perhaps most famous for the twenty year stint of its guitar player, future on-stage murder victim Dimebag Darrell.

ANSWER: Pantera

16. Among the Hall of Famers who primarily played this position are a member of the 1960s Packers, Willie Wood, and one who doubled as a punter for the Lions, Yale Lary. Paul Krause, Larry Wilson, and Ken Houston are other Hall members who played this position. The 2009 Pro Bowl squads were weaker for the NFC at this position, boasting the Eagles' Brian Dawkins and Cardinals' Adrian Wilson. The AFC side at this position included fantasy favorite Chris Hope as well as two players in an ACF North divisional rivalry, known respectively for their long hair and propensity for interceptions. For 10 points, identify this defensive position played by the Steelers’ Troy Polamalu and the Ravens’ Ed Reed.

ANSWER: free or strong safety

17. The seven sequels to this film include It's About Time, The Evil Escapes, and A New Generation. The star of this movie agreed to take the part when a pair of his pants fell off a hook, startling him as he read the book this movie was based on. Near the end, the main character is seen sharpening an axe after learning about a secret room where Indians and devil worshippers congregated. Based on a Jay Anson novel that attributed the events depicted to murders committed by Ronald DeFeo, this film included Rod Steiger as one of four priests and Margot Kidder as the protagonist's wife Kathy. For 10 points, name this 1979 horror movie starring James Brolin as George Lutz, whose family is terrified by mysterious goings-on at their new Long Island home.

ANSWER: The Amityville Horror

18. This Major League team has both single-A and double-A affiliates that play at different ballparks named for the FirstEnergy Corporation. In 2007, this parent club of the Clearwater Threshers and Lakewood BlueClaws took over an International League franchise that was formerly with the Expos and Orioles, the Ottawa Lynx, which moved closer to this MLB team’s hometown. Such affiliates as the Williamsport Crosscutters and Lehigh Valley Ironpigs may produce future teammates of Miguel Cairo, Scott Eyre, Raul Ibanez, or Cole Hamels. For 10 points, name this NL East club which also includes Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and many other players who won the 2008 World Series.

ANSWER: Philadelphia Phillies [either or both names]

19. During the McCarthy era, screenwriter Myron Fagan announced that this person's "love for Joe Stalin is no secret." She also courted public disfavor by blowing off interviewers, as when she told reporters she "didn't remember" if she and the man she was with were married and that they had "two white and three colored" children. She played a lawyer who defends a woman for shooting at her cheating husband, with her own husband as the prosecutor, in Adam's Rib, while her role as Christina Drayton, the mother of Sidney Poitier’s fiancee in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, was her last pairing with her longtime romantic partner. Also starring in On Golden Pond late in life, she appeared opposite Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen. For 10 points, name this female lead of such films as The Philadelphia Story, known for her assertive acting roles and longtime affair with Spencer Tracy.

ANSWER: Katherine Hepburn [prompt on Hepburn]

20. The cover to the single release of this song shows a hand controlling a naked man as a puppet while a naked woman, turned away, observes the scene over her shoulder. Supposedly about the singer's heroin-induced relationship problems with Mary Forsberg, this song was the most popular track off an album that also included "Dirty Little Thing" and "Slither," Contraband. The singer states "I keep a journal of memories" and "It's been a long year since you've been gone" and then performes the title action “all alone” “every time I’m falling down.” For 10 points, name this song sung by Scott Weiland and including a prominent guitar part by Slash, the signature tune of Velvet Revolver.

ANSWER: “Fall to Pieces

1. His first movie was a Hong Kong version of Mean Streets called As Tears Go By, which began his collaboration with Maggie Cheung. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this director of stylized romances such as In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express.

ANSWER: Wong Kar-Wai

[10] This sequel to In the Mood for Love is named for the room where Chow Mo-wan narrates the four tales, and also for the last year of planned limited autonomy for Hong Kong.

ANSWER: 2046

[10] Wong’s first English-language movie, My Blueberry Nights, stars this man as a café owner who comforts Norah Jones with pie. His whirlwind 2004 included playing Errol Flynn in The Aviator and the title roles in Alfie and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

ANSWER: Jude Law

2. This program made the final four in five straight years from 1958 to 1962, the first three with Oscar Robertson on the team. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this college of Nick van Exel and Kenyon Martin, which defeated Ohio State in two consecutive NCAA championship games at the end of its Final Four streak.

ANSWER: Cincinnati

[10] After boasting a zero percent graduation rate and a DUI arrest, this controversial Cincinnati coach was let go following the 2005 season. He went on to coach at Kansas State and West Virginia.

ANSWER: Bob Huggins

[10] This self-proclaimed "Kobe Stopper" was part of the late-90s Bearcats teams, pled guilty to attempted rape in 2001, and was last seen with the Clippers in 2008 after a few moderately productive years with Seattle and Portland earlier in the decade.

ANSWER: Ruben Patterson

3. According to this song, the title dance is performed by "moving to the left and going for yourself," "moving to the right if it takes all night" and "taking it kinda slow with a whole lot of soul." For 10 points each:

[10] Name this song, originally performed by Bob & Earl.

ANSWER: “Harlem Shuffle

[10] The instrumental track from "Harlem Shuffle" is sampled on this House of Pain song, which promises "I won't tear the sack up" before exhorting listeners to perform the title action.

ANSWER: “Jump Around

[10] “Harlem Shuffle” was covered on Dirty Work, a 1986 album by this band, that replaced Bill Wyman with Ronnie Wood as their bassist in 1992.

ANSWER: The Rolling Stones

4. Name these Adult Swim series, for 10 points each.

[10] A David Wain-voiced warden oversees the title institution and duels wits with The Twins in this incomprehensible show that has been airing since fall 2008.

ANSWER: Superjail

[10] Adult Swim is providing an American outlet for this BBC parody of classroom science films, which propounds theories like the deadly arrangement of calcium atoms known as the Helvetica Scenario and the fact that germs come from Germany.

ANSWER: Look Around You

[10] John C. Reilly has a recurring role as Dr. Steve Brule on this compilation of sketches and ironically presented cable-access clips starring the creators of Tom Goes to the Mayor.

ANSWER: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job
5. This company joined with Apple to create the multimedia-focused computer called the Pippin. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Japanese toy manufacturer, whose bread and butter is action figure lines such as Sailor Moon, Teen Titans, Power Rangers, and Digimon.

ANSWER: Bandai

[10] In 2005, Bandai merged with this video game company, whose series include Tekken, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Katamari Damacy.


[10] Designed by former Gameboy mogul Gunpei Yokoi, this handheld gaming platform was introduced by Bandai in 1999 and established a foothold in Japan, though few English-language games were ever released for it.

ANSWER: Wonderswan

6. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law were cast in this movie as different incarnations of "Tony" after original actor Heath Ledger's death. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this movie, scheduled for a June 2009 release, about an immortal theater mogul who can draw audiences into his magical mirror thanks to a deal with the Devil.

ANSWER: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

[10] Imaginarium is being directed by this Monty Python member and director of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys.

ANSWER: Terry Gilliam

[10] Another Gilliam film featuring an excuse to travel to different fantastic landscapes was this 1988 feature, starring John Neville as the title character and including a weird scene in which Robin Williams yuks it up as the personification of the moon.

ANSWER: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

7. The two-part finale of this series takes place five years after the rest of the show and involves Jen, now an art gallery manager, falling ill. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this teen-aimed WB drama starring Katie Holmes and James van der Beek.

ANSWER: Dawson's Creek

[10] This actress played Kim on Freaks and Geeks before joining Dawson's Creek as Pacey’s long-term girlfriend Audrey .

ANSWER: Busy Philipps

[10] This character played by Katie Holmes has a platonic relationship with Dawson for most of the show and proclaims Dawson her “soulmate” before finally reuniting with Pacey.

ANSWER: Joey Potter
8. This durable reliever still is the all-time leader in four-, seven-, and nine-out saves. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this large-mustached reliever, finally elected to the Hall of Fame in 2008, and most remembered for his six years with the Yankees in the late 70s and early 80s.

ANSWER: Rich “Goose” Gossage

[10] Also entering the Hall in 2008 was this manager of the 1972 and 1973 Oakland As championship teams. He also led the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox and 1984 Padres to pennants.

ANSWER: Dick Williams

[10] First eligible for the Hall in 2008, but inexplicably receiving only twenty-four percent of the vote, was this longtime Expos and White Sox leadoff hitter with eight hundred stolen bases to his credit.

ANSWER: Tim Raines

9. This character drinks in order to approach women, which often has disastrous effects, such as offending Penny. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this best friend of Howard Wolowitz, portrayed by Kunal Nayyar.

ANSWER: Rajesh Koothrappali [either or both names]

[10] Rajesh and Wolowitz appear on this CBS sitcom about astronomers.

ANSWER: The Big Bang Theory

[10] Rajesh achieved academic fame after naming a trans-Kuiper-Belt object for this entertainment entity.

ANSWER: Bollywood

10. Identify these bands that are prevented from settling on one lead singer by sibling rivalry, for 10 points each.

[10] Named after an incident from the Book of Daniel, this group splits singing duties among siblings Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger. "Mason City" and "Paw Paw Tree" are highlights of their Blueberry Boat album.

ANSWER: The Fiery Furnaces

[10] One of the best duos of Canadian lesbian sisters in recent indie rock memory, this group attracted notice with the songs "Back In Your Head" and "Call It Off."

ANSWER: Tegan and Sara

[10] Don't miss "I'm On My Way" or a cover of "King of the Road" from this Scottish band with both Charlie and Craig Reid in it, even if you think their song about walking 500 miles is their only effort.

ANSWER: The Proclaimers
11. Name these follow-ups to Doom, for 10 points each.

[10] Though gameplay was very similar to Doom and its popularity was likewise dependent on deathmatch mode, this 1996 game introduced fully three-dimensional worlds with exclusively polygonal, rendered visuals. Its storyline incorporates elements of H.P. Lovecraft.


[10] This Raven game used the Doom engine to create a fantasy universe in which the player fights the Serpent Riders by means of shooting stuff.

ANSWER: Heretic

[10] This sequel to Heretic retained the Doom-style gameplay but added more RPG elements such as character classes and hub levels.


12. He played Philip Green, who goes undercover as a Jew to investigate anti-Semitism, in Gentleman’s Agreement. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this actor, perhaps most noted for his portrayal of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

ANSWER: Gregory Peck

[10] One of Peck's few villainous roles was as Lewt, who feuds with his Joseph Cotten-played brother Jesse for the hand of Jennifer Jones's Peal in this 1946 King Vidor western.

ANSWER: Duel in the Sun

[10] Peck also played dark as Dr. Mengele in this 1978 film that asks the burning question: what if high-rankings Nazis are still alive and are inserting clones of Hitler into families around the world? What then?

ANSWER: The Boys from Brazil

13. The original guitar player and bassist of this band, Ron Asheton and Dave Alexander, have both died in the forty-two years since their formation. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this band led by Iggy Pop, which exerted tremendous influence on subsequent music through their song “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and such albums as Raw Power.

ANSWER: The Stooges

[10] A version of “Raw Power” may be found on The Spaghetti Incident, an album of covers released by this band, whose original songs include “November Rain” and “Mr. Brownstone.”

ANSWER: Guns N Roses

[10] Another band that covered the Stooges, doing so via the song “1970,” was this Boston-based artistic outfit that included "New Nails," "Train," and "Einstein's Day" on their album Versus. Their most known song is probably “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.”

ANSWER: Mission of Burma

14. The 2008 Utah football team became the second Utah squad in four years to finish the season undefeated, but at least they received sixteen first-place AP votes this time. For 10 points each:

[10] Utah concluded the season with a 31-17 victory over this Nick Saban-coached SEC squad in the Sugar Bowl.

ANSWER: Alabama

[10] This longtime defensive coordinator under Urban Meyer became Utah's head coach in 2004. He has won a bowl game in every year of his head coaching career.

ANSWER: Kyle Whittingham

[10] Utah's closest game in 2008 was a 13-10 in-conference squaker over this Brian Urlacher alma mater, which is 1-1 all-time in its namesake bowl game.

ANSWER: New Mexico

15. He received his eighth Best Actor nomination in 2006 for his part in Venus. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this actor who was nominated twice for playing the same role in two different movies, Henry II in Becket and The Lion in Winter, and played the title role in Lawrence of Arabia.

ANSWER: Peter O'Toole

[10] One of O’Toole’s nominations came for playing Alan Swann, a very drunk, past-his-prime actor who is inspired to reunite with his estranged daughter Tess after guest-starring on a variety program, in this movie.

ANSWER: My Favorite Year

[10] Writer Benjy Stone, who bonds with Swann in My Favorite Year, was played by this actor, who made two appearances as autistic savant Wally Stevens on Law and Order: Criminal Intent but is likely best-known for co-starring with Bronson Pinchot on Perfect Strangers.

ANSWER: Mark Linn-Baker

16. This song was released alongside "Eenie Meanie Beats" and "Way Out." For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1988 single of girl DJ group J.J. Fad, which begins with the declaration "we're J.J. Fad and we're here to rock/rhymes like ours could never be stopped."

ANSWER: “Supersonic

[10] “Supersonic” was sampled for the main hook of this song from the 2006 The Duchess album, which proclaims the singer is "so delicious" and "can't no other lady put it down like me."

ANSWER: “Fergalicious

[10] This marginal member of NWA, who wrote the music for “Supersonic,” sued over a lack of royalties from “Fergalicious.”

ANSWER: The Arabian Prince

17. Name these Davis Cup teams, for 10 points each.

[10] No final was held in 1974, as India’s team refused to travel to this country to contest the title against Bob Hewitt and Frew McMillan, due to discrimination against Asians here.

ANSWER: South Africa

[10] In both 1995 and 2007, the U.S. won the tournament by defeating this country in the final. Marat Safin is the highest-ranked male player for this country.

ANSWER: Russia

[10] The last repeat champions, in 1997 and 1998, were this country, also home to a women's golf player who won ten majors and ninety total tournaments.

ANSWER: Sweden
18. Name these Alan Moore comics, for 10 points each.

[10] This black-and-white collaboration with Eddie Campbell posits that the Jack the Ripper murders were a mystical anti-woman ritual that also served to cover up the illegitimate birth of a member of the royal family.

ANSWER: From Hell

[10] Moore’s run on Marvelman, which explored the consequences of a lifelong comic book fan becoming a superhero, was retitled as this for its American release since it had nothing to do with Marvel Comics.

ANSWER: Miracleman

[10] Moore took over this book in 1984, explaining that the title character was not actually Alec Holland in a story that pitted him against Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man.

ANSWER: Swamp Thing

19. Name these regional purveyors of cheap hamburgers, for 10 points each.

[10] This Southern-based maker of tiny square hamburgers and breakfast "Scramblers" sponsors a major eating contest, the “square-off.”

ANSWER: Krystal

[10] Wikipedia offers a diagram showing that the distribution of Krystal versus this chain almost exactly mirrors Union and Confederate states. Popular in New York and the Midwest, it was notably sought in New Jersey by Harold and Kumar.

ANSWER: White Castle

[10] This creator of the “Big Buford” burger merged with Rally’s in 1999; the two chains have nearly the same branding and menu, and most locations offer a two-lane drive through with no indoor seating.

ANSWER: Checkers

20. This was one of the first American films to use music by Slumdog Millionaire composer A.R. Rahman. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this film about Yuri Orlov, an international arms smuggler played by Nicholas Cage.

ANSWER: Lord of War

[10] This Tom Brady breeding partner and female lead of I, Robot played the model Ava, who falls in love with Yuri in Lord of War.

ANSWER: Bridget Moynahan

[10] Lord of War director Andrew Niccol previously made this film in which Al Pacino attempts to elevate a CGI model of an attractive actress into a celebrity.

ANSWER: Simone


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