1. Introduction

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Blue’s Clues



You will need a small notebook to color in each clue. Crayons: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, White, Black. (Have the crayons and notebook in the front at all times as you will use them throughout the program.
Print out 2 pages of Blue’s Paw Prints from here:



Hello everyone! How are you doing today? Great! Welcome to “It’s a Clue.” I’m glad you were able to make it. We are going to have lots of fun.

Now, how many of you ever heard of a dog name Blue? Good. That means you will be experts in helping with today’s program. What I need you to do is, every time you see Blue’s blue paw print, you will yell out “It’s a clue!” Ok. Let’s practice (hold out a paw print in your hand facing them). What would you say if you see something that looks like this? (Children say: IT’S A CLUE!). Good job, that’s right. So make sure you keep a look out for Blue’s clues.

Let’s get started. Let’s sing the Hello song.

For this next song, you will have to help me. When I will say “Hello everybody how do you do”, you will respond “I’m fine”. Let’s practice.

Repeat it, and wait for them to respond. Once they are ready, begin the song.

Hello song (tune: If you’re happy and you know)

Hello everybody how do you do? I’m fine

Hello everybody how do you do? I’m fine

It’s a sunny day outside, and it’s great to be alive,

So, hello everybody how do you do? I’m fine!
Good job everyone! Now let’s read some fun books today.


Depending on your audience, you will choose the right book. I recommend for you to familiarize yourself with both books, and have both of them at the program. You will not know which book to read until the day of the program.

When you have chosen the book, stick a blue paw print on the front cover as the “first clue”. The “first clue” will be different colors.
Once the children have pointed out the clue, you will draw in your notebook the first clue, which is different colors, draw 3 squiggly lines in 3 different colors. After that is done, begin your book.
Mouse Paint by: Ellen Stoll Walsh (E WAL)

If you get a crowd younger than 3 years of age, then read this book. It is more simple and easier for them to understand.
A color of his own by: Leo Lionni (E LIO)

If you get a crowd of 3-5 year of age, then read this book.

Flannel board song: Color HATS

Optional: you can print out a few hats, color them with colors mentioned in the song, so that the children have a visual representation of the color.

(Sing to tune of “Mary had a little lamb”)

I can wear a Yellow hat, (yellow hat /3 times/)

I wear it all day

I can wear a White hat, (White hat/3 times/)

I wear it all day

I can wear a Green hat, (Green hat/3 times/)

I can wear it all day

I can wear a Blue hat, (Blue hat/3 times/)

I can wear it all day

I can wear a Red hat, (Red hat/3 times/)

I can wear it all day

Great! Now we are ready for our second book.


Place the paw print on the book before you present the book. It would be nice if the paw prints were on the books before the program begins.

Bring out the book. Act as if the clue is not in the front of the book. If the children are attentive, they will yell out “It’s a clue!” Play with them; act as if you do not see the clue.

After some time, act surprised, you say: oh, it’s a clue, Shapes. What should we do now?

Draw in your notebook 3 different shapes, such as circle, triangle and square.

Encourage the kids: Great job! Thanks for helping out. Begin to read the book.

There’s a Square: A book about shapes by: Mary Serfozo (E SER)



Print out the story below on a sheet of paper. This story will be your last clue. As you read the story off the paper, you should already have a paw print posted on the back of the paper you are reading from so it is facing the crowd. As you read, if the children are attentive, they will call out “it’s a clue!” Again play around with them acting as if you do not know.

When the clue is found and you are aware of it just like the children, you will draw in your notebook, Blue the dog (a simple dog will do), a bouncy ball (in any color), and a block in a different color. The clue will be that Blue likes to play with shapes and nice colors.

Tell a story.

Blue is a really nice and playful dog.

She loves to play with a nice round red ball.

She really likes to build blocks, blocks that are all different colors.

She loves to play with colors and shapes.


After the story, look at your notebook and say. “Look guys, we have all three clues, now all we have to figure out what Blue wants to do today. Let’s use our mind, turn it on (point your finger to your head and twist your finger as if you were turning a knob). Have the children act with you. “Hmm, what does Blue want to do today? Our first clue was different colors, what does she want to do with color? Our second clue was different color shapes. What does Blue want to do with colors and shapes? I know, maybe she wants to bounce the ball on the shapes and flatten them. Right? Okay, let’s see, we have one more clue. Our third clue was Blue playing with a bouncy ball and colorful blocks. What does she possibly want to do with different colors, shapes, a bouncy ball and blocks? Do you know? (Brainstorm with the children.).”

Blue wants to play with colors and shapes!

We just figured out Blue’s clues!

Blues clues song.

We just figured out Blue’s clues

We just figured out Blue’s clues

We just figured out Blue’s clues

Because we are really smart!

Good job guys!!!!


Let move to today’s activity. We will be playing with color play-doh and make fun shapes.

Move the children to the table with play-doh. Allow them to pick out the play-doh they want.


Play-doh Time



Practice Shapes and colors. Place a table with play-doh buckets. Have the children pick out different colors and practice doing different shapes with it.

Magnets strips (optional)

(Optional) You can encourage them to take it home to put on their refrigerator. Have them take a strip of magnet. Explain that when the play-doh dries up they can stick the magnet to the back and put on their refrigerator.
Crafts 1: Shape mobile

  • Crayons

  • Stickers

  • Yarn (different colors)

  • Star

  • Square

  • Circle

  • Triangle

Need to pre-punch holes in each shape and precut strips of yarn.

Order die cuts for each shape from facilities & Operations. Below are the descriptions and item numbers.
Circle- CR200L

Star- S2001

Square- SQ200L

Triangle- TR200L

Craft 2: Blue/ Magenta Finger puppet Craft


  • Crayons

  • Markers

  • Glue Stick

  • Blue cardstock paper. (order from facilities and operations)

Preparation: Precut the pieces of the template, and put one set in a sandwich bag. Each child should receive one bag and one cardstock paper already rolled like a toilet roll.

To prepare the blue cardstock rolls, you will cut the 8x11 paper in half horizontally. When preparing the rolls, use scotch tape to stick it together. Do not use staples.

Blue/Magenta Craft Template: http://www.ocls.info/shortlink/?OJ1SHR13

Movie: Blue’s clues. Shapes and Colors”.

You can play it while doing crafts.

Catalog search: http://iii.ocls.info/record=b1552460

Have Fun!

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