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1. It first aired on NBC on September 20th 1987 and lasted three seasons, going off of the air in 1990. The showed focused on Nicole Bradford and her unusual family situation. Among the characters on the show were the free spirited musician Joey Harris, the conservative yuppie Michael Taylor, the motherly Judge Wilbur, the lovestruck buddy Cory, and oddly enough a soda shop owner played by football legend Dick Butkus. FTP name this 1980’s sitcom starring Greg Evigan and Paul Reiser as the show’s title characters. 

A: My Two Dads

2. When this occurs, a first down is automatically awarded to the offense. It is not merely a violation of the neutral zone, but requires actual contact with a member of the offensive line to be called, assuming a false start did not occur first and draw the defensive player into motion. FTP, what is this variation of offsides that is signaled by an official placing his hands on his hips?

A: encroachment

3. Firefighter, Stuck up, Ghetto, GTA3, Alien, Jay and Silent Bob, Volcano, Meditate, Gold Grill, The Lord of the Rings, Stomach Virus, Snoopy, Shrek, Gangstas, Colorize, Working 9-5, Superpowers. FTP, this is the list of the newest AIM icons on what website, which features the slogan “Just when you realized your buddy icon totally sucks.”

A: BadassBuddy.com

4. Born on Sept. 23, 1949, at the Monmouth Medical Center, he recorded “Baby I” and “That’s What You Get” with Castiles bandmate George Theisis in 1966. He later formed Steel Mills, but his better known band opened for Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis in 1973. FTP, name this man who was on the cover of “Time” and “Newsweek” in Oct. 1975, made his first appearance on the cover of “Rolling Stone” in Aug. 1978, and, along with Clarence Clemons, Vini Lopex, Garry Tallent, and David Sancious, formed the E-Street Band.

A: Bruce Springsteen (prompt on “The Boss”)

5. In a place soon to be known as The Valley of Death, in a small clearing called landing zone X-Ray, Lt. Colonel Hal Moore and 400 young fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons, all troopers from an elite American combat division, were surrounded by 2,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. The ensuing battle was one of the most savage in U.S. history. Based on a book by Hal Moore, this movie is a tribute to the nobility of those men under fire, their common acts of uncommon valor, and their loyalty to and love for one another. FTP, what is this 2002 movie starring Keri Russel, Chris Klein, and Mel Gibson?

A: We Were Soldiers

6. The fact that this man’s name was left off of this year’s all-star ballot was so strange to ESPN.com that they put it in with 5 other odd news items and dared readers to figure out which one was false. Of course, no one predicted that the Flames would be any good this year, so leaving this winger off the list shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. FTP, name this Calgary player who leads the NHL in goals.

A: Jerome Iginla

7. A stroke triggers once buried flashes of memory of his life in Dudley, his film career, and, most influentially, the trenches during the Great War. Haunted and lonely, he recounts many of his experiences to his muscle bound gardener, Clay Boone. Despite the divide that exists between them, their friendship develops. Reliant on his sternly disapproving housemaid, Hannah, the flamboyant director whose time has passed sees himself slipping away, unable to stop the decline, and indulges his fantasies by coaxing Boone to model for him. FTP, this is the plot of what movie, starring Ian McKellan and Brendan Fraser and set in 1957, that describes the story of James Whale, the director of such horror movies as Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein? 

A: Gods and Monsters 

8. He’s short and unshaven and has the general appearance of a dirty old man. This image is perpetuated by the fact he makes it absolutely no secret that he has the hots for one Dana Scully. He even went as far as to loan Mulder a pair of night-vision goggles under the condition he was given Scully’s phone number. Aside from that he’s a photograph and survelliance expert which comes in handy when he comes in the service of the X-Files agents. FTP name this relatively unassuming member of the Lone Gunmen played by Tom Braidwood.

A: Melvin Frohike 

9. The narrator’s seemingly ambivalent lover both begs her to go and makes her stay before she asks why continues to hurt her “so bad.” She apparently wants to know if she blocks her lover’s goals or if she is the best thing he’s had. Sexual innuendoes abound when both lovers lose control and the narrator questions whether her boyfriend will turn her away or “touch [her] deep inside.” FTP, name this song off the 1983 Live from Earth album that debuted on the singles chart on Sept. 24, 1983, stayed on the chart for 22 weeks, and peaked at #5 for Pat Benetar.

A: Love is a Battlefield

10. Born on May 22, 1982, he is the U.S. record holder in the 500, 1000 and 1500 meters. He and teammates Tom O’Hare, Daniel Weinstein and Ron Biondo upset favorites China and Canada in the final of the 2001 world short track championships, en route to qualifying for the Olympics. While qualifying for the Olympics, however, he reportedly told a teammate with whom he’d had disputes not to pass a friend of his, causing a controversy. FTP, who is this American short track speed skater who shares his name with a God? 

A: Apolo Anton Ohno  

11. Cecilia is a waitress in New Jersey during the Depression and is searching for an escape from her dreary life. After losing her job Cecilia goes to see a film in hopes of raising her spirits. Much to her surprise, Tom Baxter, the dashing young archeologist in the film, walks off the screen and into her life. Hollywood is up in arms when they discover that other Tom Baxters are trying to leave the screen in other theatres. FTP, what 1985 Woody Allen movie stars Mia Farrow as Cecilia and Jeff Daniels Tom?  

A: The Purple Rose of Cairo 

12. It lasted from November of 1980 until 1982 on ABC and was eventually picked up by NBC in 1984 for a July till September summer run. It focused on two residents of an apartment for women in New York, Buffy and Hildegard -- or was it Kip and Henry? Because the apartment was so cheap, the two main characters decided it was worth it to get into a slew of crazy antics by dressing in drag. As the second season wore on, more people began to realize the truth about Buffy and Hildy and the main characters were seen in drag less and less and eventually not at all, something that might have led to the show’s early demise. FTP name this campy sitcom which starred Peter Scolari and an up and coming Tom Hanks. 

A: Bosom Buddies

13. It was based out of Nantucket Island and had an extremely small group of employees. Among them were the owner and original pilot Joe Hackett. Eventually his brother Brian, after reconciling with Joe, became its other pilot. There was also Lowell, the bumbling mechanic who made it a wonder this airline actually got its passengers off of the island safely. FTP name the struggling airline, that was featured on the sitcom Wings. 

A: Sandpiper Airlines  

14. Set in a block of flats in Paddington, Sydney, it purported to trace “the lives, loves and emotions of ordinary people”. The first episode alone included a Jewish delicatessen owner arguing with his teenaged daughter over her loose morals; a heavily-pregnant newlywed refusing her husband’s sexual advances; and on the top floor, a bickering immigrant couple from Lancashire had befriending a beautiful tarot reader with a shady past. FTP, what was this Australian prime time soap opera, purported to be the first in the country’s history?

A: Number 96

15. To inaugurate this league, The Fayetteville Patriots selected Chris Andersen from Blinn Community College in Texas. Other teams founded have included the Greenville Groove, the Asheville Attitude and the Huntsville Flight. Some decent college talent, like Illinois’ Sergio McClain and Kenny Gregory of Kansas have slipped into, FTP, what league that is meant as a “minor league” for NBA talent?

A: NBDL or National Basketball Developmental League

16. This classic Southern tale of life, love and family follows a group of lifelong friends as they stage a rather unorthodox intervention to help a young playwright unravel the truth about her eccentric mother, find forgiveness and come to terms with her painful past. Produced by Bette Midler, it was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, and is set for release this July. FTP, name this movie taken from a popular coming-of-age book, about young Siddalee Walker and her mother Vivi. 

A: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 

17. This group, based out of Washington, D.C., creates and distributes 90% of their music in the United States. They have taken closely to working with the FCC after battles with people like Metallica and Hole concerning their affiliation with Napster. This group recently inaugurated special awards for Latin acts, as well as certifying gold and platinum albums in this country. FTP, what is this group that represents the rights of musical artists in the United States?

RIAA (accept Recording Industry Association of America)

18. He’s been named a “Person of the Week” by ABC News, performed at the White House, won 3 Grammies and produced 5 gold albums. He signed with Narada Jazz in 1999, releasing the album Apassionatta, his first acoustic jazz trio recording in 15 years. FTP, who is this man who, by 1965, was one of the nation’s most successful popular jazz pianists, topping charts with The In Crowd, Hang On Sloopy, and Wade In The Water?

A: Ramsey Lewis

19. The first ones of these were sold at Gimble’s department store in 1945. The maker of the toy slipped a friend a dollar to make sure at least one was sold that night, but instead all 400 in stock sold in the first 90 minutes. Betty James still runs this business after more than 50 years, and the toy is still one of the best selling, with over 90% of the US population familiar with it. It helped, of course, that a character in Toy Story, and an appearance in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, gave FTP, what steel toy ‘s sales a boost?

A: Slinky

20. His brain has not only been washed, as they say... It has been dry cleaned.” After Harvey returns from the Korean War as a decorated hero, the other members of his platoon can't really remember what he did to win his medal. Two of the soldiers start having recurring nightmares, and one of them decides to investigate Harvey’s current activities. FTP, what 1962 movie starring Frank Sinatra questions secrets withheld by the Government, and deals with brainwashing using a deck of cards? 

A: The Manchurian Candidate 

21. It hosted its first football game on October 28th, 1922 and was officially dedicated on January 1st, 1923. While known for football, it has since hosted the men’s World Cup in 1994, the women’s World Cup in 1999, and the Galaxy MLS team. It is currently among the largest stadiums in the United States with a seating capacity of 92,542, which comes in handy for the high profile college football games it hosts around New Year’s. FTP name this legendary stadium, that used to host the annual Big Ten versus Pac Ten game, but this year was the site of the National Championship between the Miami Hurricanes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

A: The Rose Bowl  

1. Interrupt Transmission. Do you have enough oxygen, citizens? Tad Ghostal hosts the galaxy’s most popular late night talk show. Hop aboard the Phantom Cruiser and name these characters FTSNOP. 

(5) Tad Ghostal is known Coast to Coast by this name.

A: Space Ghost 

(10) This self-proclaimed Lone Locust of the Apocalypse is actually a mantis and Space Ghost’s band leader.

A: Zorak 

(15) Zorak’s nephew wanted to be the Lone Locust of the Pocalypse when he grew up, but Zorak ate him first.

A: Raymond 


2. Given the college stadium, arena, etc, tell what team plays its home games there, FTPE.

A. Cole Field House, until the end of this season.

A: Maryland

B.  Camp Randall Stadium

A: Wisconsin

C. Hinkle Fieldhouse 

A: Butler

3. On a 30-20-10 basis, identify the band from songs that they have performed.

30- “Borrowed Time,” “AD 1928,” and “Boat on the River”

20- “Don’t Let It End,” “Suite Madam Blue,” and “Show Me the Way”

10- “Lady,” “Mr. Roboto,” and “Come Sail Away” 

A: Styx 

4. Another cult classic, Weird Al’s movie UHF has some great lines. Given those lines, give the name of the character who said it, FTP each.

A. “Oh, Joel Miller. You’re a lucky, lucky boy ‘cause you know why? You get to drink from, the fire hose!”

A: Stanley Spadowski

B. “Hello, my name is BLANK and welcome to Secrets of the Universe. Today we are going to learn how to make plutonium from common household items.”

A: Philo

C. You took the box! Let’s see what in the box! [box is opened] Nothing! Absolutely nothing!! Stupid!! You’re so stupid!!!

A: Kuni (prompt on host of “Wheel of Fish”) 

5. FTPE, name these other shows of the Children’s Television Workshop (besides Sesame Street)

A: This kids’ show features Bing and Bong and lots of other tiny characters who live there. It airs on Noggin.

A: Tiny Planets

B. This show’s characters include Ord, Emmy, Quetzal, and the two-headed Zak and Wheezie who play together in the Mushroom Meadows, at Turtle Rock, and the School in the Sky.

A: Dragon Tales

C. This show is based on Amy Tan’s “Joy Luck Club,” and features a journey to ancient China in hopes of helping kids find their place in today’s world. It’s main character is a Chinese Siamese cat.

A: Sagwa 


6. Identify these things about this day in music history, FTPE.

A. In 1959, this man’s song “Venus” was at the top of the charts.

A: Frankie Avalon

B. This song by Reo Speedwagon topped the charts for the first time on this day in 1985 and stayed there three weeks.

A: Can’t Fight This Feeling

C. In 1991, it was Mariah Carey at the top of the Billboard charts with this tune.

A: Someday

7. 40-30-21-10-1, name the extreme athlete.

(40)- For all the ladies who are interested, he is single.  

(30)- He was born in Syracuse, New York, he currently resides in Greenville, North Carolina. He has been participating since he was 7, and entering competitions since he was 13. 

(20)-He was born on April 4th, 1974. He has won 9 Gold and 3 Silver medals at the X Games, both in vert and park riding. 

(10)-He has two BMX games named after him, and he rides for Nyquist and is known as the Miracle Boy. 

(1) Said video games star one Dave Mirra. 

A: Dave Mirra 

8. While babysitting this week, Sarah watched one too many episodes of Pokemon, and played one too many rounds of the card game. Now, you get to answer questions about the wildly popular children’s craze, FTSNOP.

5 each – Name the two Pokemon that can evolve from Charmander at levels 16 and 36.

A: Charmeleon, Charazard

5 each – Name three of the four major players in Team Rocket.

A: Jesse, James, Butch, Cassidy (yes, that’s for real…)

5 – Perhapes the most famous Pokemon is Pikachu. For your last five points, who does Pikachu evolve into?

A: Raichu

9. Answer the following about the movie American Beauty. P.S. Kevin Spacey, Annette Benning, and Mena Suvari are not answers. 

A. This is director of American Beauty. He is most known as a theatrical director which include a recent adaptation of Cabaret and The Blue Room starring Nicole Kidman.

A: Sam Mendes 

B. He is the Burnham’s latently homosexual, ex-marine, next-door neighbor. After kissing Lester, he decided to shoot the recently self-actualized man to keep his own sexuality a secret.

A: Colonel Fitts 

C. This is the name of the fast food restaurant Lester works at when he’s searching for a job with as little responsibility as possible.

A: Mr. Smiley’s  

10. Despite the name of the show, they DID do that on television. Over a hundred child actors were on the show, but one man played almost every adult male. FTPE, given a description, name the less-than-nurturing adult played by Les Lye. 

A. This was the station owner who took care to not say those not=so=magic words.

A: Ross  

B. ”What do you think’s in the burger?” was this gross chef’s catchphrase.

A: Barth 

C. He made change and snide remarks in his arcade.

A: Blip 

11. You know the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon right? Well, on a 5-10-15 basis, given an actor, you give how many degrees there are between him/her and Kevin. 

(5) Sarah Jessica Parker 

A: 1 (both starred in Footloose

(10) Mae West 

A: 3 (Mae West was in Myra Breckinridge (1970) with Calvin Lockhart, who was in Wild at Heart (1990) with Pruitt Taylor Vince, who was in 24 Hours (2002/I) with Kevin Bacon) 

(15) Desi Arnaz 

A: 2 (Desi Arnaz was in The Escape Artist (1982) with Tom Signorelli was in Sleepers (1996) with Kevin Bacon) 

12. On a 30-20-10 basis, identify the Cyndi Lauper album from song titles.

30 -- “When You Were Mine,” “Yeah Yeah”

20 -- “Time After Time,” “She Bob”

10 -- “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

A: She’s So Unusual

13. Answer these questions about the cult favorite Army of Darkness, FTSNOP.

5 – Who directed it?

A: Sam Raimi

5 – What is the name of the main character, played by Bruce Campbell?

A: Ashley J. ‘Ash’ Williams

10 – What does Ash refer to his shotgun as?

A: Boomstick

10 – Ash is prophesized to retrieve a book that will dispel the Deadites. Name it.

A: Necronomicon 

14. Sure, everyone knows that Paul Hewson (AKA Bono) is the lead singer of U2, but can you name the other 3 band members FTPE based on a short description? (Moderator – accept either first or last name)

A: This bass player was the original manager of the band, but he later gave that job to Paul McGuinness

A: Adam Clayton 

B. This drummer was the only band member who could play correctly when U2 first formed.

 A: Larry Mullen Jr. 

C. This lead guitar wrote the lyrics for “Van Dieman’s Land,” “Seconds,” and “Numb.”

 A: The Edge or Dave Howell Evans 
15. Given a boxing weight class, tell who holds two of the three possible belts in that class, 5-10-15.

5 – Heavyweight

A: Lennox Lewis

10 – Light Heavyweight

A: Roy Jones

15 – Junior Welterweight

A: Kostya Tszyu (ZOO)

16. Given a character in the animated movie The Last Unicorn, FTP, give the actor/actress who provided the voice. If you need other works the actor has been in, you will get 5.

10 -- Schmendrick the Magician

5 – Edward Scissor Hands, Gattaca, America’s Sweethearts

A: Alan Arkin

10 – the Unicorn/ Princess Amalthea

5 – Rosemary’s Baby, The Great Gatsby, Black Irish

A: Mia Farrow

10 – King Haggard

5—Julius Caesar, Rocky Horror Picture Show (as narrator), Lord of the Rings

A: Christopher Lee 

17. Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands. I found one guy who had his collection of generic macaroni and cheese boxes posted on-line. FTPE, answer the following about cheese.

A. This cheese is made from sheep's milk. The curds are kneaded into a ball before being smoked and dipped in wax to preserve the cheese. It is a hard cheese from Afghanistan.

A: Serat

B.This cheese is shaped like orange, and is made from sheep's or goat's milk. It is eaten fresh and lightly salted. This cheese is popular in the Near East and was introduced into North Africa by the Ottomans after the 15th century.

A: Testouri

C. This is the best known French cheese and has a nickname "The Queen of Cheeses". The "real" French variety is unstabilized and the flavor is complex when the surface turns slightly brown. When the cheese is still pure-white, it is not matured. If the cheese is cut before the maturing process is finished, it will never develop properly. One of the great dessert cheeses, it comes as either a 1 or 2 kilogram wheel and is packed in a wooden box.

A: Brie

18. Given a description, name the supporting character from the Simpsons. FTSNOP A. He could easily be considered the Simpson’s Kenny since he appears to die almost every time he appears on screen. This wrinkly old man has switched skin color from yellow to black a few times. He once dated Selma and was once brainwashed to believe he was Bart Simpson. 

A: Hans Moleman  

B. Five points each, one black, one yellow, these are the names of Bart’s two friends he was always seen with, along with Milhouse, in the show’s early episodes. They still appear as background characters at the school on a regular basis. Despite being Bart’s friends early on, he claims not to know their names in the “Das Bus” episode. 

A: Lewis and Richard 

C. This is the director of Springfield Elementary School’s band. He is seen throwing Lisa out of the band room in the show’s opening credits. He has an obsession with only playing John Phillip Sousa songs and doesn’t find anything funny about the word “tromboner.”  

A: Mr. Dewey Largo

19. Answer the following about one of the few sequels to be better than is predecessor, Toy Story 2, FTPE 

A. This is what Rex was doing at the beginning of the movie. He spends the rest of the film obsessing over it. 

A: Playing a Buzz Lightyear video game (except equivalent) 

B. Buzz is imprisoned inside of his original packaging at Al’s Toy Barn by this toy. 

A: another Buzz Lightyear 

C. The imposter Buzz and this toy are seen playing catch after this toy reveals he is in fact Buzz Lightyear’s father. 

A: The Evil Emperor Zurg 

20. Since we all are tired of the same four or five sports being focused on in a general trash question, here is a bonus for all of the Curling fans playing, FTPE. 

A. Curling was first demonstrated as a sport in this Olympic city, site of the 1924 Olympics, which itself became the basis of the 1981 Academy Award Winning “Chariots of Fire” 

A: Chamonix, France (Accept: Paris

B. Curling became a Medal-sport in the Winter Olympics held in this city, which was the 18th of the type. 

A: Karuizawa, Japan (Accept: Nagano)  

C. For 5 for one or 10 for both, name the gold and silver medal-winning countries in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in the sport of Curling. 

Switzerland and Canada (Order not needed)


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