1. Jonas searches for the right word to express the way he is feeling. What does this tell you about him from the very beginning of the novel

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Chapter 1

1. Jonas searches for the right word to express the way he is feeling. What does this tell you about him from the very beginning of the novel?

2. What literary device is used to start the novel? Why is it used?

3. Why had seeing an aircraft flying over his community been a frightening experience for Jonas?

4. What did Asher have to do when he was late for class?

5. What is the ritual that Jonas, Lily and their parents share every night?

6. Both Jonas and Lily describe the group to which they belong with numbers. What do you think is the meaning of these numbers?

7. What do you think being "released" means?

8. When are the two occasions of release from the community which are not punishment?

9. When Jonas suggests the word “animal” to describe someone, why do you think the story says, “Neither child knew what the word meant, exactly, but it was often used to describe someone uneducated or clumsy, someone who didn’t fit in.”?

10. What is Father's job? Why is it important?

11. Why was Jonas’s father worried about the newchild he was nurturing?

12. What is our word for “newchild”?

13. Why wouldn’t Jonas’s family be allowed to keep the troubled newchild that Father wanted to bring home to stay with them at night?

14. What position did Jonas’s mother hold?

15. What happens if someone commits a third transgression?

16. What was the name of the December event Jonas was worried about?

17. What are some questions you have at this point?

18. Make a prediction at this point.

Draw a picture of one scene from the story so far.

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Chapter 2

1. How many new children were in the group presented at the yearly December ceremonies?

2. What rule did Father break? Why?

3. What rule was almost always allowed to be broken?

4. Who was the most important elder?

5. Why was the Ceremony of Twelve the most important of all ceremonies?

6. For Jonas's Father, why was the Ceremony of Twelve not really a surprise?

7. After the Ceremony of Twelve, what becomes important?

8. What is Lily's comfort object, when did she get it, and when must she not have it?

9. Even after he had been reassured by his parents, why was Jonas’s mind still on the December ceremony?

10. Why do you think there are so many rules in Jonas’s community? More importantly, what is the importance of rules to the community?

So far in The Giver we have seen many things that are similar to our own communities, but there are many things that are different from our cultural norms. In the Venn diagram below, write down what you’ve noticed about the similarities and differences we have seen between the two communities so far.

Our community Jonas’s community

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Chapter 3

1. What did Lily notice that Jonas had in common with the newchild?

2. What was “considered rude” to mention?

3. What “look” does Jonas wonder if he also has?

4. What figure of speech is used to describe this look? Write the sentence which contains this figure of speech here. What is being compared?

5. Why does Mother think the Assignment of Birthmother would not be good?
6. When did children in the community begin their volunteer hours?

7. What was the newchild’s name? Why do you think Lowry chose this name for the newchild?

8. Based upon Lily’s reaction to Gabe’s comfort object, what is missing from their world/community?

9. What had happened as Jonas watched the apple?

10. “…..but it was the same apple. Unchanged. The same size and shape: a perfect sphere. The same nondescript shade, about the same shade as his tunic.” Make a guess as to what Jonas saw that “mystified” him.

11. What were evenings usually for?

12. Make a connection between Jonas and Asher and two characters (friends) from another famous story. Who do Jonas and Asher remind you of? Complete the chart below:










played instead of worked

13. How does Lowry use foreshadowing in this chapter to set us up for what might happen, both with the apple and the newchild, in the upcoming chapters? Make two predictions involving the apple and the newchild.

14. Write down any questions or connections that you have at this point (at least two).

15. Sketch a scene from either chapter three or four.

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Chapter 4

1. Why didn’t Jonas do volunteer hours with Asher very often?

2. How many years did children work and learn as volunteers?

3. What Assignment would Benjamin probably be given? Why?

4. Why did Jonas not talk with Benjamin about his success?

5. Whose bicycle was parked beside Asher’s outside the House of the Old?

6. What work were Jonas and his friends doing in the House of the Old?

7. What rule did not apply to the Old and to Newchildren?

8. What happened during the ceremony of Robert’s release?

9. Why does Larissa think Edna's life story was not that interesting?

10. What was Roberto’s mood when he walked through the special door in the Releasing Room?

9. What did Jonas suggest that makes Larissa laugh?

10. What do you think happens to a person when he or she is released? Why do you think so?

11. Why do you think people in Jonas’s community are required to do volunteer work?

12. Mood is a literary device that an author creates to evoke a feeling in the reader. It’s the feeling the reader gets while reading the story. What is the mood of The Giver so far?

13. If you could choose to volunteer for something in the community, what would you like to do? Why?
14. What is an “Assignment”? How would you feel if your assignment was chosen for you?

14. Up to this point in the story, Jonas’s life seems perfect: he has a loving family, both parents are employed, he knows exactly what he is supposed to do and when he is supposed to do it, he knows what is expected of him and he provides it. Do you think his life is perfect? Why or why not?

15. Complete the chart below:


Jonas (the protagonist or main character): a male eleven



plot summary:

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The Giver

Chapter 5
1. What was the morning ritual?

2. What was the vivid dream that Jonas told at that morning ritual?

3. What feeling did Jonas have?

4. What announcement does Jonas remember hearing about "stirrings"?

5. What was the treatment?

6. Why did Jonas’s parents and his friend Asher take a pill each morning?

7. How long will Jonas have to take the pills?

8. What happened when Jonas tried to recall his pleasurable dream?

9. Why do you think people in the community need to be treated for having feelings of desire for other people?

Use this chart to list the Rules you have collected thus far:


found on pg. #

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The Giver

Chapter 6

1. Why did the young children have jackets that buttoned down the back?

2. What job does Jonas say he would not want?

3. Why didn't Father sit with Mother at the Ceremony?

4. What decision had the committee made about Gabriel?

5. What name had Fiona's little brother been given? How did Fiona feel about it?

6. What was special about Caleb?

7. What was special about turning Eight?

8. Why were Jonas and his family not looking forward to Fritz getting a bike?

9. What event happened at the Ceremony of Ten?

10. What story does Asher tell?

11. Why was Jonas so certain the Assignments would be correct?

12. What option did a member of the community have if he or she didn’t fit in?

13. What characteristics made Jonas’s parents a good match?

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The Giver

Chapter 7
1. What number was Jonas? Why was he given the number?

2. When do parents call their children by the child’s number?

3. What joke was made about Asher with the chief Elder?

4. Why did Asher stop talking when he was three?

5. What Assignment did Asher receive?

6. What did the Chief Elder say after every Twelve received their assignment?

7. Why do you think she said that?

8. Why was Pierre being called to the stage a surprise?

9. Why did Jonas not look at his parents?

10. What did Jonas search his mind for?

11. In this community, what do you think it would mean to not get an assignment?

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The Giver

Chapter 8
1. What feelings did Jonas have while he was waiting for his assignment?

2. What has Jonas been selected for?

3. What had happened ten years earlier when the committee had selected an Eleven as the new Receiver of Memory?

4. Why will Jonas need courage?

5. How will Jonas get wisdom?

6. What Capacity does Jonas have?

7. When the audience clapped, how did Jonas feel?

8. How do Jonas’s feelings change throughout the Ceremony of Twelve? Describe at least three of his feelings.

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The Giver

Chapter 9

1. Why did Jonas feel apart?

2. What was in the folders?

3. Why is Lily excited for the next day?

4. What did Jonas learn about the last person selected to be Receiver?

5. What rule changes did Jonas now have?
6. What was the unintentional lie Jonas told when he was a Four?

7. What frightening new thought did Jonas have?

8. What problem would Jonas encounter if he asked someone, such as his father, if he lied?

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The Giver

Chapter 10
1. What was done to the bikes during the night?

2. What did the Attendant do that surprised Jonas?

3. Why were the doors locked?

4. Compared to Jonas’s home, what was the most conspicuous difference in the Receiver’s living area?

5. What was the Receiver’s explanation for appearing older than he really was?

6. Why did the Receiver encourage Jonas to ask questions?

7. Why was Jonas confused when the Receiver said ‘the whole world’ and ‘generations before him’?

8. What is the job of the current Receiver?

9. What did the Receiver do to the speaker?

10. Why didn’t Jonas understand when the Receiver talked about riding a sled through snow?

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The Giver

Chapter 11

1. How did Jonas understand the sledding experience and the new words?

2. Where was Jonas when he finally opened his eyes?

3. Why does the old man feel lighter?

4. Why is there no longer snow?

5. Rather than power, what does the Receiver have?

6. Why didn’t the Receiver tell Jonas beforehand that he was going to transmit a certain memory?

7. What word did Jonas learn without being told? What did Jonas understand about it?

8. What experience gave the Receiver the wisdom to start Jonas’s training with pleasurable memories?

9. What painful memory did the Receiver transmit to Jonas?

10. What will Jonas call the old man?

12. When Jonas said, “And now I understand better, what it meant, that there would be pain”, the text says, “The man didn’t respond.” Why do you think he didn’t respond?

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The Giver

Chapter 12

1. Who did not sleep well during the night?

2. What feelings did Jonas have after his dream?

3. Why couldn't Jonas talk about his experiences in training?

4. Similar to young children, what is used on the Old?
5. What did Fiona seem to expect from Jonas?

6. What strange thing happened as Jonas watched Fiona walk up the steps?

7. The text says, “Jonas paused, frustrated by his inability to grasp and describe exactly what had occurred.” Why was Jonas frustrated?

8. What does The Giver say Jonas is beginning to see?

9. Why was the quality that Jonas saw in the sled unchanging while the quality in the other objects was fleeting?

10. Back in time, what had the people done to color? Why?

8. What memory does The Giver want to give that will help Jonas with the concept of color?

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The Giver

Chapter 13

1. What was Jonas’s reason for saying the absence of color was not fair?

2. What does Jonas decide might be unsafe?

4. Why was Jonas sometimes angry?

5. What disturbing and startling memory did Jonas receive?

6. Where is The Giver's former spouse?

8. What happened when the memories from the failed Receiver were released?

9. The Giver smiled, though his smile was oddly harsh. “That’s right. And next it will be you. A great honor.” “Yes, sir. They told me that at the Ceremony. The very highest honor.” Why does Lowry keep bringing up the idea that to be the Receiver of Memory is an “honor”?

9. Why was Jonas sent away some afternoons without training?

10. What did Jonas wonder as he stood at the foot of the bridge that spanned the river and led to outlying communities?

10. How does Jonas think The Giver might suffer less?

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The Giver

1. What painful memory was given to Jonas?

2. What did Jonas beg for?

3. Why did Jonas feel lonely?

4. Why did The Giver end each session with a colorful memory?

5. Why does The Giver say they must hold painful memories, such as the hunger memory?

6. Explain how The Giver used the memory of overpopulation, starvation, and warfare to advise the Committee of Elders.
7. Why did The Giver tell them not to shoot the plane down?

8. What is the real reason for a Receiver?

9. What is the problem with Gabriel?

10. What does Father hope they won't have to do with Gabriel?

11. What responsibility would Father face when the male twins were born?

12. What idea, concerning Gabriel, does Jonas have?

13. What happened to the sailboat memory? Why?

14. Why did Jonas decide not to tell The Giver that he had given a memory away?

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The Giver

Chapter 15

1. Why did Jonas ask The Giver if he could help?

2. What memory did Jonas receive?

3. What did the boy near Jonas request?

4. After giving the memory, what did The Giver say to Jonas?

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The Giver

Chapter 16
1. What did Jonas want back?

2. What did Jonas learn about animals?

3. What favorite memory did The Giver pass to Jonas?

4. Why didn’t Jonas understand the concept of Grandparents?

5. What was the strong feeling that Jonas sensed in the memory of the family celebration?

6. What do Jonas's parents say about the word "love"?

7. Describe the reaction of Jonas’s parents when he asked them if they loved him.

8. What happened when Gabriel was taken away?

9. What had Jonas been doing in secret?

10. Why didn’t Jonas take his pill the next morning?

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The Giver

Chapter 17

1. What special announcement did the family hear?

2. How did Jonas feel?

3. What game were Jonas's friends playing?

4. Why did the game upset Jonas?

5. What led Jonas to the certainty that he could change nothing?

6. What made Jonas brighten?

7. Why is tomorrow a big day for Father?

8. What assignment did Mother think would be appropriate for Lily?

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The Giver

Chapter 18
1. What question does Jonas have for The Giver?

2. What was the name of the Receiver that didn't make it ten years ago?

3. How does The Giver feel about Jonas and the other Receiver?

4. What happened to the other Receiver?

5. What would happen if Jonas died?

6. What does The Giver say they will talk about again sometime?

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The Giver

Chapter 19

1. What is recorded in the Hall of Closed Records?

2. How was Jonas able to see the release?
3. As the ceremony occurs, Jonas continues to ramble (talk). “ “Be quiet, Jonas,” The Giver commanded in a strange voice. “Watch.”” Later the text says, “”Shhhh,” The Giver said sharply.”” Why do you think the text says, “….commanded in a strange voice” and “….said sharply”?
4. How was Jonas able to understand what his father had done to the newchild?
5. What does Jonas learn about the release of Rosemary?

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The Giver

Chapter 20

1. What must no one hear Jonas do?

2. Why are Father and Fiona able to perform releases so calmly?

3. What does The Giver say they will do after they eat?

4. The text says, “If it failed, he would very likely be killed.” Why doesn’t Lowry use the word “released”?

5. Why will the community be forced to take the memories?

6. What does The Giver no longer have?

7. What does Jonas insist that The Giver keep?

8. What kind of memories would The Giver transfer? Why?

9. What was the purpose of hiding Jonas’s bicycle and clothing near the river?

10. Who is The Giver's daughter? Why does the text say, “The Giver smiled, and nodded. For the first time in their long months together, Jonas saw him look truly happy.” ?

11. There are many significant sentences in Chapter 20. Pick one sentence, write it down, and explain why it is significant.

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The Giver

Chapter 21

1. Why was Jonas forced to flee the community without carrying out the plan that he and The Giver had formulated?

2. How did Jonas say goodbye to The Giver?

3. Name the four rules that Jonas broke.




4. How did Jonas get Gabriel to sleep that night?

5. Why did Jonas make Gabriel sleep in the morning?

6. What schedule did Jonas follow to make the escape safer?

7. What kind of planes did Jonas see?

8. How did Jonas keep from being caught by the planes?

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The Giver

Chapter 22

1. How did the landscape change?

2. How did Jonas hurt his knee?

3. What wildlife did Jonas and Gabriel see?

4. “During his twelve years in the community, he had never felt such simple moments of exquisite happiness.” What was it that caused that “exquisite happiness”?

5. What food did Jonas and Gabriel eat?

6. What was the “most relentless of his new fears”?

7. List the two reasons why had there not really been a choice about leaving for Jonas.

8. What reasons did Jonas have to cry?

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The Giver

Chapter 23

1. What did Jonas feel was not far away?

2. What weather change dashed Jonas’s hope that he and Gabriel would reach their destination?

3. How did Jonas try to keep Gabriel warm?

4. Why did Jonas “suddenly feel happy”?

5. Why does the text say, “But it was not a grasping of a thin and burdensome recollection; this was different. This was something he could keep.”?

6. “Using his final strength, and a special knowledge that was deep inside him, Jonas found the sled that was waiting for them at the top of the hill.” How could the sled be “waiting for them at the top of the hill” if the episode with the sled was a memory?

7. “Suddenly he was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too, for the baby.” Who is “they”? Why was he certain that they were “waiting for him”?
8. What did Jonas hear as he and Gabriel races toward the twinkling lights? How did he know it was that, if he had never experienced it before?

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