1. The Fox and the Crow

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1.The Fox and the Crow

One day, a fox saw a crow sitting in a tree. The crow had a piece of cheese in her beak, and she sat in the tree to eat it. The fox thought, “I want that cheese,” and then he thought of a way to get it.

The fox walked to the foot of the tree and said, “Hello, Miss Crow. You look beautiful today.”

“Really?” thought the crow while she looked down at the fox.

The fox said, “Your feathers are so colorful and your eyes are so bright. But birds are not only beautiful to look at. They are also beautiful to listen to.”

“Miss Crow, your voice is more beautiful than any other bird’s,” the fox said. “Please sing for me, and I will call you the Queen of Birds.”

The crow smiled and lifted her head. She began to sing, but when she opened her beak, the cheese dropped to the ground.

The fox quickly ate it. “Your voice is wonderful, ” he said, “but you are not very smart. You gave me your cheese, so I will give some advice: never trust anyone who flatters you.”

2.The Donkey and the Shopkeeper

A hardworking shopkeeper drove his donkey to the market to buy salt. On their way home, they had to cross a stream. The donkey was very tired, and he slipped on a rock and fell into the water.

To the donkey’s surprise, his load was now much lighter. The water had washed away almost all of the salt. The shopkeeper took the donkey back to the market and bought even more slat than before. This time when they reached the stream, the donkey fell into the water on purpose.

The shopkeeper saw through the donkey’s trick. He returned to the market and sponges instead of salt.

When they reached the stream, the donkey used his trick again and fell into the water. But this time the trick was on him. The sponges became heavy with water and the weight of his load greatly increased.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” the shopkeeper said to the donkey. ”If you use a trick to avoid work, you will just end up with more work in the end.”

3.The Eagle and the Farmer

One beautiful summer morning, a farmer went to check his animal traps. In one trap, he found a beautiful eagle. At first, he thought that he would kill the eagle and eat it.

But then he thought to himself, “This is a beautiful and special bird. It often catches rabbits and mice that eat my crops. I’ll let it go.”

He opened the trap, and the eagle spread its wings and flew up into the blue sky.

The eagle was very grateful to be free again. It continued to live on the farmer’s land and catch mice and rabbits.

Later that summer, the farmer was building a wall. It was high and made of large stones. Suddenly, the wall start to fall, but the farmer did not notice.

The eagle, flying above, saw that the farmer was in danger. It flew down and grabbed the farmer’s hat off his head. The farmer shouted, “Hey! Bring that back!”

The eagle flew a short distance and then dropped the hat. The angry farmer picked up his hat and walked back. He saw that the stone wall had fallen. The farmer smiled and thought, “The eagle repaid me when I most need help.”

4.The Farmer and the Donkey

There once was a farmer who wanted to buy a donkey. He wanted a hardworking one that could help him on his farm. he went to a market and saw one that looked perfect.

“May I try out this donkey for a day or two?” asked the farmer. “If he is hardworking, I will pay you a good price.”

“Of course you may,” said the seller. “I’m sure that he will please you.” The farmer thanked the seller and took the donkey back to his farm.

When he arrived, the new donkey joined the other animals on the farm. He placed himself beside the fattest, laziest donkeys there. The farmer shook his head and took him back to the seller.

“Show me another donkey,” said the farmer. “i don’t want this one.” He told the seller about what the donkey had done.

“I don’t understand,” said the seller. “What’s wrong with standing beside lazy donkeys?”

“Well,” said the farmer, “you can understand a lot about someone if you look at the friends he chooses.”

5.The Proud Heron

There once was a proud heron. She thought she was the wisest and most beautiful heron in the world.

One morning, she stood beside a stream and looked into the water. She wanted to have a big, fat fish for breakfast. “There are a lot of fish here,” she said, “but they’re too small for me. I deserve only the biggest and best!”

Just then, a bigger fish swam near the shore, but the heron still wasn’t interested. “I wouldn’t bother to open my mouth for such a small fish!” she said.

The heron was sure that a big, fat fish would come soon. She waited beside the stream, but only small fish appeared.

As she waited, the sun rose into the sky. The water became warm and all the small fish swam away. The heron was hungry, but she could only find a tiny snail.

“I had so many choices before,” said the heron, “but I was too proud and hard to please. Now I have nothing to eat at all.”

6.The Fox and the Goat

One day, a fox fell into a deep well and could not get out. A thirsty goat looked down into the well. He saw the fox. “How is the water?” asked the goat.

“The water is cool and delicious,” said the clever fox. “Come in and have a drink!” The goat was terribly thirsty. He jumped into the well without giving it a second thought. “But how will I get out?” asked the goat.

“We’ll help each other,” said the fox. “Put your front feet on the wall. I will climb up your back. Then I will help you get out.”

The goat agreed. He placed his feet on the wall. The fox quickly climbed out and start to run away. “Come back!” cried the goat. “I can’t get out of the well by myself!”

The fox turned back and said, “You silly old goat! Jumping into the well was a foolish decision. You should always thick twice before you act.”

7.The Bundle of Sticks

An old farmer had two sons who fought with each other all the time. The farmer often told them to stop fighting, but they never listened to him.

So one day, he asked his sons to bring him a bundle of sticks. “Can you break these sticks in half?” he asked his youngest son.

“Of course,” said his youngest son. “Those sticks are thin. I can break them like straw!” He took the sticks from his father, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break them.

The oldest son then took the sticks, but he couldn’t break them, either.

Then the father took out two sticks from the bundle and handed one to each son. “Can you break them now?” he asked. And of course they could.

“You can learn an important lesson from these sticks,” the farmer said to his sons. “Together, you are strong, but when you are alone, you can be broken easily.”

8.The Mosquito and the Lion

A mosquito went up to a lion and said, “Everyone says you are the strongest animal in the world.”

“That’s right,” said the lion. “I am big and strong, and I have sharp teeth.”

“Well, I’m not afraid of you,” said the mosquito. “I am going to fight you, and I am going to win!”

“You could never win,” laughed the lion. “I am a thousand times stronger than you.”

“Here i come!” cried the mosquito, and he flew toward the lion’s face.

The mosquito landed on the lion’s nose and bit him again and again. The lion tried to sink his teeth into the mosquito, but the mosquito was too small.

“I give up!” said the lion. “Please don’t bite me anymore.”

“I won!” shouted the mosquito as he flew away. But he didn’t look where he was going, and he became trapped in a spider’s web.

“How strange,” thought the mosquito. “I defeated a lion, but a tiny spider can defeat me.”

9.The Fisherman and the Little Fish

There once was a fisherman who lived in a little house by the ocean. He fished every day to feed his family. One day, he caught nothing except one small fish. “This isn’t much,” thought the fisherman, “but it’s better than nothing.”

The little fish hopped around in the net and cried out to the fisherman. “Please return me to the water!” he said. “I’m too small to be a good dinner. Someday, I’ll be big and fat. You could catch me then and feed your family for a week!”

The fisherman listened as the fish spoke. He knew his family would love a big, fat fish, but he also knew that the ocean was very big. If he threw the fish back, he would never find it again.

“Little fish,” he said, “I would be a fool to put you back. You’ll only be a small meal for my family, but at least they will have food. I cannot feed them with silly dreams!”

Appreciate the small things that you have. Don’t give them up to chase impossible things.

10.The Lioness

One day, some animals were talking about which animal was the best. The pig said, “Pigs are the greatest because we have many babies. I have twelve healthy little pigs.” She asked the rabbit, “How many babies do you have?”

The rabbit felt embarrassed. She only had seven. Then she pointed at the sheep and said, “She only has three!” Everyone laughed.

A snake passed by and said, “Snakes are truly the greatest. I have fifty!”

“So what?” said a new voice. Everyone turned around and saw a lioness.

The snake lifted up her head and looked at the lioness. “Why do you speak? I have fifty babies. You only have one. That’s nothing.” The other animals said that the snake was right.

The lioness laughed. “I only have one, but it is a lion. Only a lion can be the king of the forest.”

The other animals could think of nothing to say. They had many babies, but none of them would ever as strong as a lion. “One valuable thing,” said the lioness “is worth more than a hundred common ones.”

11.The Wind and the Sun

One day, the wind and the sun were arguing about who was the strongest. “It’s clear that I am the strongest,” said the wind. “When I blow, branches break off the trees, and the waves beat on the shore.”

“That’s nothing,” said the sun. “I am much stronger than that.” Just then, they saw a man wearing a heavy coat. “We will both try to make this man take off his coat,” said the sun. “Whoever succeeds will be the strongest.”

The wind agreed to go first. He blew hard at the man, but it was no use. The man became cold and held onto his coat with both hands.

Then it was the sun’s turn. He came out from behind a cloud and shone gently down on the man. The man smiled and took off his coat to enjoy the warm sunshine.

“You see?” asked the sun. “Kindness and gentleness are stronger than anything in the world.”

12.The Old Dog

There once lived an old dog. When he was young, he was a great hunter and his master loved him very much. Now, though, he was becoming slow and weak.

One day, the old dog and his master were walking in the forest. The dog saw a pig and chased it. He caught the pig by its ear, but his teeth were weak, and the pig got away.

“My teeth were much stronger when I was young,” thought the dog. “I hope my master isn’t mad.”

When the master saw the pig run away, he was angry. “You useless dog!” he shouted. “What will my family eat tonight?”

The dog was sad. “Master,” he said, “it is not my fault that I ‘m old. For many years, I’ve helped you to feed your family. Am I worth nothing to you now?”

The master realized that he was wrong. “You’re right,” he said. “I shouldn’t blame you for being old. I should praise you for all your years of service.”

13.Danger Signs

Once upon a time, there was an old lion. He was very slow, and it was difficult for him to catch any animals. When he did catch one, it always got away. He was too weak to hold onto them.

Then he had an idea! He told all the other animals that he was sick. Then he lay down in a cave and waited. When the other animals came to visit him, he leaped up and ate them.

One day, an old and wise fox walked past the entrance to the cave. He called out to the lion and asked him how he was. “Bad,” answered the hungry lion. “Why don’t you come in and visit me?”

But the wise fox sensed danger. He had noticed that there were many tracks going into the cave and none at all coming back out. “No, thanks,” said the fox. “I have lived to be very old because I always see the signs of danger before it is too late.”

14.The Man Who loved Money

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved money. He loved it so much that he wouldn’t spend any of the money he earned. He wouldn’t part with even a tiny bit.

This stingy man didn’t buy new clothes. Instead, he wore old clothes that he found in the garbage. He didn’t buy food, either, and he became skinner and skinner.

He put all the money that he saved in a box and hid it under his bed. Every night, he opened the box and looked at all his money.

One night, the man looked in the box and money was gone! Someone had stolen it! “I have been robbed!” he shouted. “My precious money is gone!” He lay down on the bed and cried and cried.

The neighbors heard him and came over to see what was wrong. When they heard the story, one neighbor said, “Don’t cry over your money. You never used it anyway. Fill the box with paper and image it is money. It will do you just as much good.”

15.The Old Woman and the Doctor

An old woman lost her sight and called a doctor for help. She said, “If you heal me, I will give you a large sum of money.” And she said this in front of many people.

The doctor agreed, and he came every day to put medicine in her eyes. But each time he came, he stole something from her house.

Finally, he stole all of her valuable things. Then he gave her new medicine and healed her. When he was done, he demanded that she give him the money.

But the woman saw that her things were gone, and said no.

The doctor brought a judge to the woman’s house. He thought, “I will certainly win such a simple case.”

The judge asked the woman, “Did you promise to give him money?” The doctor said, “She did. Many people heard.”

The woman said sadly, “It is true,” and the doctor smiled.

But then she said, “Before I lost my sight, though, I saw valuable things in my house. Many people also saw them, but now I don’t see them. So the doctor has not really healed my eyes.”

The judge decided that the woman was right.

16.The Deer at the Pond

There once lived a deer who had large, strong antlers. The antlers protected the deer from attacks, so enemies left him alone.

One day, the deer went to a pond to drink. The water was like a mirror. When the deer looked at his big antlers in the water, he was proud. “I look like a king,” he said, “and this forest is my kingdom.”

Then he noticed something else. “My legs are slender and my feet are small,” he said. “They look so weak. I hate them.”

While the deer was complaining, a wolf appeared at the pond. When the deer saw him, he ran toward the trees. The wolf quickly ran after him.

The deer was a fast runner and reached the tree first, but then his large antlers got stuck in some branches. When the wolf caught up to him, the deer cried out with regret.

“I admire my antlers, but they are the cause of my troubles. My legs and feet could have saved me, but I hate them. I didn’t appreciate what was truly valuable!”

17.The Travelers and the Bear

Once upon a time, two friends were traveling together in a forest. Suddenly, a bear jumped out onto the path.

One friend saw the bear first. He quickly climbed up a tree and hid. He did not stop to help his friend.

The other friend was left alone with the bear. He had to think fast. The bear moved closer to the man.

The man fell down to the ground and did not move. The bear came up to the man and began to smell him.

The man held his breath and lay perfectly still. Soon, the bear lost interest in the man and left. When it was clear that the bear was gone, the man in the tree came down to the ground.

He was very happy to see that his friend was safe. “That bear was so close that it looked like it was talking to you!” he joked. “What did it say?”

“The bear gave me this advice,” said the man. “Never travel with a friend who deserts you when there is trouble.”

18.The Donkey and the Horse

A farmer wanted to bring ten bags of rice to the market and sell them. He put five bags of rice on his horse and five bags of rice on his donkey.

The bags were very heavy, and soon the donkey became tired. “Please,” he said to the horse, “could you carry one of my bags for me? They’re so heavy, and you are stronger than I am.”

“No,” said the horse. “I serve the farmer, not you. He gave me five bags to carry, not six! You must do your job, and I must do mine.”

The farmer, the horse, and the donkey continued walking under the hot sun. The poor donkey became more and more tired. Suddenly, he fell over at the side of the road.

The farmer tried to pull the donkey to its feet, but the donkey was too tired to move. Then the farmer took the donkey’s five bags of rice and put them on the horse.

The horse realized he had made a big mistake. “If I had agreed to help the donkey,” he cried, “I’d only have to carry one extra bag. Now I must carry all ten!”

19.The Farmer’s Treasure

There once was an old farmer. He was a hardworking man, so every year his harvest was very great.

One day, he became sick. He knew he would die soon. he wanted his two sons to look after the farm. “Long ago,” he told them, “I put a great treasure in one of the vineyards.”

After the farmer died, the sons began to dig carefully around the vines. Every day, they woke up early and worked until night. “We have to dig everywhere and find the treasure!” they said.

The two sons dug all summer, but they didn’t find the treasure. They were tired and sad. They sat down near the fields and talked one day.

“Maybe our father was only dreaming,” said the older son. he younger son was looking at the vineyards. The vines were full of big, juicy grapes. Suddenly, he understood. “Brother, this great harvest is our treasure!”

The older brother looked at the vines. “You’re right! Our father has taught us a wonderful lesson: Hard work brings great rewards.”

20.The Thirsty Crow

There once lived a young crow in the countryside. One summer, there was no rain, and it was very hot. The crow was very thirsty, but he couldn’t find any water.

“How can I survive?” he thought. “I must have water or I’ll die!”

Just then he saw a farmhouse. Outside the house, there was a vase with some water at the bottom. He tried to drink, but he couldn’t reach the water inside.

The young crow didn’t know what to do. He leaned against the vase and cried.

“Will somebody please help me?” sobbed the crow. He cried and cried, but nobody heard him. Finally, he dried his eyes and stood up.

He tried knocking over the vase, but it was too heavy. Then he tried breaking it, but he wasn’t strong enough. Finally, he had a good idea. He began dropping stones into the vase. The water slowly rose to the top. At last, the crow could drink.

“What wonderful water!” said the crow. “I’m glad that I didn’t waste all my time by crying. Thinking is much better than crying!”

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