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The Chico Beauty College in its admission, instruction and graduation policies, does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, creed, race, national origin, handicap, creed, religion or life style, financial status, country of origin or residence, in admissions, counseling, training, financial aid, placement, employment or any other school activity. However, Chico Beauty College DOES NOT provide English as a Second Language instruction, as all of our courses are instructed in English.

NOTE: For information about English as a Second Language, contact Butte Community College Counseling Department at 530-895-1352


The Beauty College is equipped to provide training to qualified applicants who are handicapped, yet possess the ability to benefit from the training offered. Through pre-admission and enrollment counseling, the Chico Beauty College will make every effort to design a training program and schedule to insure satisfactory progress towards completion of the program.

The Chico Beauty College is not equipped, however, to offer training to handicapped students whose physical needs require supportive services the beauty colleges cannot provide.
Handicapped applicants are encouraged to schedule an enrollment interview to discuss our ability to meet their particular needs.


Students that had previous training in a licensed school of Cosmetology in California and provides approved by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology withdrawal documents of the previous training will be credit. Tuition is prorated to the amount of credit hours granted by the state.

Students who have had previous training out of the State of California must furnish proof to the California Board of cosmetology the number of clock hours earned. The State Board of Cosmetology will then evaluate and notify the student in writing the required number of hours and operations to be completed in a California School of Cosmetology in order to be eligible to take the State licensing examination.


Adult students, parents of minor students, and parents of tax-dependent students, have the right to inspect, review, and challenge information contained in their educational records or those of their minor or tax-dependent child.*

Education records are defined as files, materials and documents which contain information directly related to a student and are maintained by the institution.
Students are not entitled to inspect the financial records of their parents.
Written consent is required before education records may be disclosed to the parents of adult students or others, with the exception of disclosures allowed by law, such as to the Accrediting Commissions or governmental agencies so authorized by law. Access to files must be requested in writing, in letter form or on a form furnished by the institution.
Access will be allowed within a reasonable period after verification of the right to inspect and arrangements have been made for proper supervision and interpretation of the records by an administrator of the Beauty College. All records will be maintained for each student for a minimum of five years after graduation or termination.


Chico Beauty College is committed to implementing and maintaining a comprehensive information security program, to maintain and safeguard your non-public personal information against damage or loss. The policy covers all student records in whatever form (hard copy or electronic).

The school Director/administrator shall be responsible to coordinate the school’s information security program. The Director shall, at least once every 3 years, assess foreseeable internal and external risks to the security, confidentiality, and integrity of student information that could result in the unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, destruction or other compromise of the information. The risk assessment shall cover every relevant area of school operations, including employment training & management, network & software design, information processing, storage, transmission and disposal, and ways to detect, prevent and respond to attacks, intrusions,

or other system failures. The Director shall design and implement safeguards to control identified risks and shall monitor the effectiveness of them, recommending changes when warranted.

Records for prospective students who are not accepted or who do not enroll in the school will be held for 12 months then destroyed in a secure manner. Records of enrolled students shall be maintained in accordance with federal and state law and accreditation requirements. Students shall receive notice of this policy at the time they enroll.

Chico Beauty College shall only enter into servicing agreements with service providers who also maintain appropriate safeguards for customers’ non-public personal information.
* Access procedure to records: A parent or student may review said student’s records or file by requesting a “Release of Student Information” form available from the office and by scheduling an appointment with the school Administrator for file review.
The school Administrator or Supervising Instructor will be present during the review.

Copies of documents upon written request on the release form.


Chico Beauty College has no responsibility to find housing for our students. Chico Beauty College is a non-residential campus. Our institution does not have any dormitories. There are several rentals located near our campus and range in price according to size of rental and location.


College personnel, both administrative and instructional, have time allotted during normal working hours, for counseling and career sessions with currently enrolled students.

Students who wish to discuss matters related to the program, their schedule, attendance, and/or concerns of a personal nature, are encouraged to arrange a conference with an appropriate staff member.

On a broader scope, students enrolled in our Beauty Colleges as a vocational student of Butte Community College, have available on campus for counseling, career and medical services available to them. Students are encouraged to use all services available to them. Contact Butte Community College at 530-879-4363


In order to graduate from your course of instruction, you must first complete within the hours required by the California Board of Cosmetology all subjects as listed in the Curriculum-Course Outline listed in this catalog.

Students must pass all theory and practical exams with a score of 70% or better, and all students must be deemed to be making satisfactory progress at both mid-point and completion of enrolled course (See: Satisfactory Progress Policy).
All financial obligations to either Chico Beauty college or to Butte Community College are to be paid in full in order to receive your completion papers.
A Diploma or certificate of Completion will be awarded upon successful completion of your training program. The Beauty College will assist you, free of charge, in filling out your application for examination with the California Board of Cosmetology.


Since 1990, several Job Demand Surveys have been commissioned to provide quantitative data on cosmetology careers, earnings potential, and job openings. The most recent survey, completed in May 2007, compiles data from 6,203 salons responding to a national survey. The survey indicates that the demand for well trained professionals in the beauty industry outstrips the supply. The survey conducted by NACCAS, results indicates that salons in California plan to hire 45,967 new employees in the next 12 to 24 months. The average annual salary for a salon professional in California is $44,134. This amount does not reflect tips and gratuities. Nationally, the average salon professional salary is $35,973. As of January 2007, there were 325,021 professionals employed in California’s 48,131 salons. 40% of salons in the state are employer owned, and 29% are booth rental (independent contractors) salons. The other 31% are a combination of the two. 49% of California salons are classified by their owners as full-service salons; 20% are listed as haircutting salons. Barbershops make up 13% of the total. Nationally, 58% of salons are listed full service.

The U.S. Department of labor provides current (2009) job information at

http://www.careerinfonet.org. This website includes information by job position to include state & national wages, occupation profiles/descriptions, state & national trends, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for each position. As reported by the US Department of Labor, state & national median wages for cosmetology related positions are as follows:

Job Position / SOC Code National Median Hourly/ State Median Hourly/


Cosmetologist/Hairdressers $11.21 / $23,300 $10.19 / $21.200


Esthetician/Skin Care $13.74 / $28.600 $15.42 / $32.100


Manicurist / Pedicurists $ 9.48 / $19,700 $ 9.06 / $18,800


Instructors (Voc Ed) $23.05 / $47,900 $28.46 / $59,200


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