20 Activities for Families To Do on Family Day


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20 Activities for Families To Do on Family Day

In celebration of BC’s first Family Day on Monday, February 11th we have compiled a list of family-friendly activities to help give you some inspiration on how to enjoy this new statutory holiday with the kids.

  1. Ice Skating at Stuart Park or Rutland Arena - Almost as soon as the kids have learned to walk, they are old enough to start learning how to skate. Stuart Park Arena is open daily from 6AM – 11PM depending on weather conditions. Rutland Arena offers public skating on Family Day from 1-3:30PM.

  2. Snowball fight - Who can resist packing a snowball and surprising the first person who comes within throwing range? Make it a family affair after a fresh snowfall – everyone gets a little exercise and it’s a great excuse to warm up later with hot cocoa and marshmallows while you cozy up and watch an old movie (or a new one.) Just remember to play fair.

  3. Build a fort - Too rainy to camp in your backyard? Turn the dining room into tent city! Use the tables, chairs a few bed sheets and grab a flashlight and hunker down with the kids for stories and snacks.

  4. Visit the EECO - Take the family down to the Environmental Centre for the Okanagan at Mission Creek Park to check out their “Explore Your Regional Parks” or “Something’s Fishy” exhibits.

  5. Family Day at Parkinson Rec Centre – Families will be able to take part in face painting, storytelling circles and learn about BC’s natural riches. Held from 10AM-3PM.  

  6. Play a board game - When was the last time you dusted off a board game? In this day of video games it’s easy to forget how fun the oldies like Monopoly, Life, Dutch Blitz and Go Fish can be.
  7. Make a family storybook- let your kids tell you the story of the family and let them scrapbook pictures, paint and decorate their story. Then enjoy some family time by reading the story to the family.

  8. Tobogganing - Most communities have a favourite toboggan hill – if you don’t know where to find one, ask around. Somehow, climbing a big hill in the snow is a lot of fun when you are anticipating the thrill of sliding to the bottom on your toboggan (inner tubes work great too!)

  9. Bake together - Get in the kitchen and bake something special like cupcakes, cookies or muffins with your kids. The kids will love the time spent together while learning a new skill and not to mention eating the icing!

  10. Make playdough – Making play dough is a fun and affordable way to have some fun and it’s super easy to make. All it takes is some flour, warm water, salt, oil and food coloring – there are a ton of recipes online!

  11. Bowling - Bowling is an awesome activity for rain, summer or winter and most bowling alleys have ramps that the younger kids can use to help them roll the ball.

  12. Go for a walk/Take the dog for a walk - Even though it’s cold outside, there are many beautiful parks and trails you can visit to expose your kids to the wonder of the outdoors.  

  13. Family Day at Big White – Big White Ski Resort is celebrating Family Day in style with fun activities such as snow show races, an outdoor Family Day carnival, fireworks at 8:15PM and more! Visit them online at www.BigWhite.com for more info.

  14. Go for brunch – The BC Restaurant Association has declared February 11-17 the first-ever Restaurant Week to recognize restaurants and the people who own and work in them. Why not head out to a local restaurant and enjoy our province’s vibrant restaurant industry?
  15. Ogoplay – Let the kids burn off some steam at the Okanagan’s newest indoor family entertainment center! OgoPlay is located in West Kelowna on Bering Road (right behind the Superstore) and features an indoor climbing gym, bouncy castle and toddler play area. www.ogoplay.ca

  16. Go to a matinee – Treat the family to a movie at one of the local movie theatres. Matinees are an affordable way to get out and enjoy a flick on the big screen.

  17. Attend Family Day Open House at the YMCA – Take part in fun family activities all day long at the YMCA! All activities and admission are by donation. Some activities include family fitness classes, Drums Alive, face painting, arts & crafts, games, swimming, snacks and more. Take place from 9AM-5PM.

  18. Outdoor scavenger hunt- Make a list of items in your yard or neighbourhood and encourage the kids to explore their surroundings.

  19. Lazer Tag - Role playing fun for everyone! Be the hero or the villain... It’s more challenging than you might imagine, but it’s a great way to escape into a fantasy world for a little while.

  20. Snow Art- Fill water bottles or spray bottles with food coloring and squeeze colorful patterns in the snow!

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