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Your Novel Project is should total 100 Points. How you get those 100 points is up to you. Below you will find different tasks to complete relating to your novel. Each task is assigned a starting point value. If you do the task and do it well you can earn those points. If you do the task, but do not put all your effort into it you may not earn all of the points assigned to that task. The goal is to complete enough tasks to earn 100 points.

20 Point TASKS

  1. If you could change places with one of the characters in the novel which one would it be? Why would you pick this character? Use specific examples and details from the story and write a short explanation.

  2. Move the setting of the story by changing the time and the place. Explain how this would change the novel. Give examples from the story.

  3. Write a poem that tells about a piece of the story: the plot, a character, the setting, or the conflict. Write a brief explanation of the poem and what it means to the novel. (you may complete this task 3 times per project)

  4. Which one of the characters would make a goof friend? Explain why you would pick them as a good friend. Give specific examples from the story.

  5. If you could give any character in the novel a present to help them in the story what would you give them and why? Explain using details from the story how this would help the character.

40 Point TASKS

  1. Write and perform a TV commercial (1 minute long) to sell your novel. Use detail. A written copy must be handed in.

  2. Write a letter to the author explaining your thoughts about the novel. What you liked, what you did not like and how you connected to the characters in the novel.

  3. Create a new character to add to the novel. Describe this character and tell what role they would play in the novel in full detail giving examples from the novel where they would be added or make an impact.
  4. If you had written the book which part would you have written differently? Explain how you would have written it and how it would have made a difference in the story.

60 Point TASKS

  1. Redesign the front and back cover of your novel. Include all the important information about the novel; a story blurb, information about the author, price etc. (look at different book covers for ideas)

  2. Interview a character. Write the interview questions and the answers the character would give in the interview. You must have at least 15 open ended questions and answers.

  3. Write a “Dear Abbey” column for your characters. Write letters from the characters that ask for advice based on the problems they face in the novel. Respond back with advice that you would give them to help with the problem. You must have at least 4 letters (two asking for help and 2 longer ones giving advice). You should make connections to your own life and the events in the book.

  4. Design the front page of a newspaper with headlines and a story about what happened in the book. There must be at least one picture on the front page. Look at other newspapers for creative ideas for the layout and story.

80 Point TASKS

  1. Pretend you are a character from the story and write a diary for the character explaining the events of the story as seen from their point of view. Include what happens as well as how they felt during this time. You must have at least 8 diary entries. These entries must be at least 2 paragraphs long.

  2. Answer the following questions about your chosen novel:
    1. Find a passage from the text that uses imagery – the use of words that make the reader imagine what the characters see, hear, taste, touch or smell. Choose two specific phrases that help you better imagine what the characters are feeling, etc. Explain your answer.

    2. Choose a character from your book. Write a short paragraph that could have appeared in his/her journal.

    3. Examine the values and beliefs of a character in your book. How did his/her beliefs guide his/her actions?

    4. If you wanted to describe how the main character changed, which event/scene would you write about? Explain why using details from the text.

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