2010 Kentucky Lineman Rodeo Top Ten Results Team Overall

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2010 Kentucky Lineman Rodeo Top Ten Results

Team Overall
1st Bluegrass Energy 1, Brad Wigglesworth, Miles Shumaker, Eugene Neeley
2nd Intercounty Energy, Chase Gander, Ricky Lane, Bruce King
3rd Bluegrass Energy 2, Ben Coffey, Shawn Sowder, Jamie Conn
4th Jackson Energy 2, Marty York, Brian Turner, Garry Creech
5th Warren RECC, Lance Moore, Travis Garner, Jeremy Cummings
6th Jackson Purchase 3, Chad Culp, Shane Humphrey, Jeff Bristow
7th Licking Valley RECC, Eric Adkins, Scott Spencer, Travis Nunn
8th Jackson Purchase 1, Eric Todd, Jon Sutton, Jason Story
9th Jackson Energy 1, Shane Vickers, Brandon Long, Jason Isaacs
10th Owen Electric 1, Tony Bach, Josh Hearn, Danny Clemmons

Individual Journeymen
1st Corey Weaver of Warren RECC
2nd Travis Garner of Warren RECC
3rd Barney Toy of Clark Energy
4th Brad Wigglesworth of Bluegrass Energy
5th Scott Spencer of Licking Valley RECC
6th Lance Moore of Warren RECC
7th Sam Adams of Clark Energy
8th Eric Adkins of Licking Valley RECC

9th Thomas Walton of Bluegrass Energy

10th Barney Singleton of South KY RECC

Apprentice Overall
1st Chris Law of Warren RECC
2nd Clark Sorrell of Salt River
3rd Shawn Cardwell of Pennyrile Electric
4th Brian Hurley of Jackson Purchase Energy
5th Trevor Brown of Warren RECC
6th Ben Parrigan of Warren RECC
7th Josh Ross of Clark Energy
8th Colby Grider of Intercounty Energy
9th Micah Joiner of Jackson Purchase Energy

10th Russ Kirby of West KY RECC

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