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Life Summary: 
8 years old, was horribly burned in a schoolhouse fire. Doctors predicted he would never walk again. 22 months later, took his first steps and through sheer etermination, learned to run despite the pain. In high school, set records for the mile and later attended Kansas University. While at Kansas, refused all scholarship money, preferring to pay his own way. By sophomore year, ran the 1,500 meter race at the 1932 Olympics, but finished fourth due to a severe cold. By senior year, set a world record for the mile of 4:06.8 and held seven of the top 13 fastest recorded times for the mile. In 1936, voted “Most Popular Athlete” by his fellow athletes. He went on to earn a master’s degree from University of Iowa and later a doctorate from New York University. While in New York, won 21 of 31 races at Madison Square Gardens and set an indoor mile record there in 1938.  His fastest mile time was 4:04.4 at a Dartmouth track meet in 1938. When the 1940 Olympics were cancelled, he retired from his running career and taught at Cornell College in Iowa. During World War II, he served two years in the Navy.  Spent the remainder of his life running the Glenn Cunningham Youth Ranch for troubled kids in Kansas, USA.  It is estimated that he and his wife raised around 9,000 kids on their ranch in the years until his death in 1988.

341] This Is Our 21stCentury .... 

Our communication - Wireless 

Our  dress - Topless 
Our  telephone - Cordless 
Our  cooking - Fireless 
Our  youth - Jobless 
Our  food - Fatless 
Our  labour - Effortless 
Our  conduct - Worthless 
Our  relation - Loveless 
Our  attitude - Careless 

Our  feelings - Heartless 
Our  politics - Shameless 
Our education - Valueless 
Our follies -  Countless 
Our  arguments - Baseless     
Our Job  - Thankless


A poor young man was helpless, homeless and hopeless. He lost his job and had no one to help him. Depressed and dejected, he decided to commit suicide. He collected all the coins he had with him and bought from a shop a ripe banana wrapped in an old newspaper. He opened the packet and started to eat his last food when an old beggar approached him. With trembling lips, the beggar told him that he has not had anything to eat for several days and was too weak to walk. The youngman felt pity and gave the banana to the beggar. He ate it with great joy and thanked him. While leaving, the beggar gave him a very old coin, saying, "Thank you very much. You gave me everything you had. Kindly accept this coin as my humble gift."

When the old man departed, he carelessly glanced at the piece of paper used to wrap the fruit. There he saw an advertisement from an agency dealing with old coins. Any one possessing old coins was invited to visit the agency and receive suitable price for their old coins on the spot. Out of simple curiosity, he carried the coin to the agency, which was quite close to him. He showed the coin gifted by the beggar. The person managing the agency stared at it and exclaimed in excitement, "What a surprise! It is very rare and several centuries old. It is worth a fortune!" He was given a hefty sum of money as the price of the rare coin.

Jumping with joy on receiving the unexpected amount of money, he searched everywhere to find the old man who gifted him the coin. He wanted to share his joy and the money with the beggar. But he could not find the beggar anywhere. On the way he saw a church. He had abandoned all religious practices for months. But now he entered the church and thanked God for His generous gifts. He started a new life with renewed hope and enthusiasm.


Kindness cannot be given away. It always comes back!

William Wordsworth wrote, "The best portion of a good life is the little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love."

Guy King said, "The greatest thing a man can do for his heavenly Father is to be kind to some of His other children."

Jesus said, "For I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me.....I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me!" Matthew 25: 35-40

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343] Time to laff !!

A new business was opening and one of the owner's friends wanted to send

him flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the
owner read the card,.... "Rest in Peace."

The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist replied, "Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry, you should imagine this: somewhere, there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying,...

"Congratulations on your new location”

344] A crow lived in the forest and was absolutely satisfied in life. But one day he saw a swan. "This swan is so white," he thought, "and I am so black. This swan must be the happiest bird in the world." He expressed his thoughts to the swan. "Actually," the swan replied, "I was feeling that I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot, which has two colors. I now think the parrot is the happiest bird in creation." 

The crow then approached the parrot. The parrot explained, "I lived a very happy life—until I saw a peacock. I have only two colors, but the peacock has multiple colors." The crow then visited a peacock in the zoo and saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him. After the people had left, the crow approached the peacock. "Dear peacock," the crow said, "you are so beautiful. Every day thousands of people come to see you. When people see me, they immediately shoo me away. I think you are the happiest bird on the planet." The peacock replied, "I always thought that I was the most beautiful and happy bird on the planet. But because of my beauty, I am entrapped in this zoo. I have examined the zoo very carefully, and I have realized that the crow is the only bird not kept in a cage. So for past few days I have been thinking that if I were a crow, I could happily roam everywhere." 

That's our problem too. We make unnecessary comparison with others and become sad. We don't value what God has given us. This all leads to the vicious cycle of unhappiness. Have a life valuing the things god has given us. Learn the secret of being happy and discard the comparison which leads only to unhappinesS.

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345] Johnny and Timothy went fishing. Johnny was an experienced fisherman, Timothy wasn't much experienced. Every time Johnny caught a big fish, he put it in his ice chest to keep it fresh. But whenever Timothy caught a big fish, he threw it back.

Johnny watched this go on all day and finally got tired of seeing this Timothy waste good fish. Johnny asked "Timothy why do you keep small fishes and keep throwing back all the big fish you catch?" Timothy replied, "I only have a small Frying Pan."

Moral: Human brain is too small but you’re the one whose thinking should be wide enough to get the big things done in a small space...

346] One day Chitragupt told Brahma that he should stop this scheme that if ladies keep Karva Chauth they will get the same husband for the next 7 Life’s. 
Brahma asked, “Why” 
Chitragupt,”Prabhu it’s becoming difficult to manage. The ladies want the same husband and the husbands want a new wife. It’s a problem to convince both”. 
Brahma, “But this can’t be stopped. It’s been going on since times immemorial”. 
Just then Narad muni comes and he suggests ,”On earth there is a great person called Santa Singh. Ask him for a solution”. 
Chitragupt meets Santa Singh, In one minute Santa Singh solves the problem, he advised Chitragupt,”Any lady who wants the same husband tell her she will also get the same MOTHER IN LAW". All Women Screamed "Nahiiiiiii!!!!!" 
Problem solved


Once, a group of 500 people were attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and decided to do a group activity. He started giving each person a balloon. Each person was then asked to write their name on it using a marker pen. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room.

The people were then let into that room and asked to find the balloon which had their name written on it within five minutes. Everyone was frantically searching for their name, colliding with each other, pushing around others and there was utter chaos.
At the end of five minutes no one could find their own balloon. Then, the speaker asked each person to randomly collect a balloon and give it to the person whose name was written on it. Within minutes everyone had their own balloon.
The speaker then began: “This is happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness; you will get your own happiness. And this is the purpose of human life...the pursuit of happiness.”

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic-stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach. Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky.
The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but it landed on another lady in the group. Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama. The waiter rushed forward to their rescue. In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter. The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behaviour of the cockroach on his shirt. When he was confident enough, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant.

I began to think: was the cockroach responsible for their histrionic behaviour? If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed? He handled it near to perfection, without any chaos. It is not the cockroach, but the inability of the ladies to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach.

I realized that it is not the shouting of my father or my boss or my wife that disturbs me, but it’s my inability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that disturbs me. It’s not the traffic jam on the road that disturbs me, but my inability to handle the disturbance caused by the traffic jam that disturbs me. More than the problem, it’s my reaction to the problem that creates chaos in my life.
— Author Unknown

349] There lived in a certain town a person named Damian. Damian was very skilled in computers and made a lot of useful software that he used to give to his co-workers for free. His co-workers recognized his skill and used to praise him very highly, but Damian never seemed to be affected by their praise and would continue his simple ways. One day there was a crisis in the IT department. They desperately needed a software for extracting images from their old database and inserting into the new one. All of them suggested Damian to make it and he calmly agreed and set about making it. The finished product was very professional looking and worked wonderfully.

Everyone was pleased with the software and highly praised Damian, but he remained unaffected by their praise and would calmly thank them. Seeing his nonchalance a friend asked him how he could be so calm and unaffected when even the CEO himself was very pleased and excited about the software.

"Don't you feel proud to have created such a fine piece of software?" asked his friend. To his query Damian replied, "I am not the doer, I am simply the medium."


How do you feel when you receive praise for doing something well?......Why?How do you feel when you do not receive praise after doing something well?......Why?Just don't think you are better than anyone else no matter what you do or don't have or what you do or don't do because those things do not truly define who we are. It is how God defines us that make us who we are.

"The tree delivers its fruits, flowers and whatever else it possesses to anyone and everyone. It tolerates scorching heat and torrents of rain, yet it still gives shelter to others. “…and do good and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the children of the Most High…” – Luke 6:35
The most destructive habit....... ........ .....Worry 
The greatest Joy......... ......... ............ ...Giving 
The greatest loss........ Loss of self-respect 
The most satisfying work........ .......Helping others 
The ugliest personality trait....... ... .....Selfishness 
The most endangered species..... ....Dedicated leaders 
Our greatest natural resource.... .......... ...Our youth 
The greatest 'shot in the arm'........ ..Encouragement 
The greatest problem to overcome.... ........ ...Fear 
The most effective sleeping pill....... Peace of mind 
The most crippling failure disease..... ... .......Excuses 
The most powerful force in life........ ............ . Love 
The most dangerous act...... ..A gossip 
The world's most incredible computer.... . ....The brain 
The worst thing to be without..... ............ ..... Hope 
The deadliest weapon...... ........ ..........The tongue 
The two most power-filled words....... ........ 'I Can' 

The greatest asset....... .......... ........ ....Faith 

The most worthless emotion.... ......... ....Self- pity 
The most beautiful attire...... ......... ........SMILE! 
The most prized possession.. ........ .....Integrity 
The most powerful channel of communication. ......Prayer 
The most contagious spirit...... .......... ......Enthusiasm 
Life ends; when you stop Dreaming, 
Hope ends; when you stop Believing, 
Love ends; when you stop Caring, 


351] Before Marriage 

He     Yes. At last! It was so hard to wait.. 
She   Do you want me to leave? 
He     NO! Don't even think of it. 
She   Do you love me? 
He     Of course! Over and over.                                                           
She   Have you ever cheated on me? 
He     No! Why are you even asking? 
She   Will you kiss me? 
He     Every chance I get. 
She   Will you hit me? 
He     Are you crazy! I am not that kind of person. 
She   Can I trust you? 
He     Yes. 
She   Darling…….! 
 After the Marriage  : 
Simply read again from the bottom to the top.

Who are lizards?

Awesome answer by a kid....

They are those poor crocodiles who forgot to have Horlicks when they were young


353] What is a Pizza..?

Awesome answer:

A Pizza.. is just a Paratha/Utthappa that went abroad for higher education !

354] A college professor, an avowed Atheist, was teaching his class. He shocked several of his students when he flatly stated he was going to prove there was no God. Addressing the ceiling he shouted: "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform I'll give you 15 minutes!" The lecture room fell silent. You could have heard a pin fall. Ten minutes went by. Again he taunted God, saying, "Here I am, God. I'm still waiting."

His countdown got down to the last couple of minutes when a Marine – just released from active duty and newly registered in the class – walked up to the professor, hit him full force in the face, and sent him tumbling from his lofty platform. The professor was out cold! At first, the students were shocked and babbled in confusion. The young Marine took a seat in the front row and sat silent. The class fell silent...waiting.

Eventually, the professor came to, shaken. He looked at the young Marine in the front row. When the professor regained his senses and could speak he asked: "What's the matter with you? Why did you do that?" "God was busy. He sent me."


Never, ever, underestimate the power of God.

Today you may be a stutterer but tomorrow you could be Moses.

Today you may be an ordinary shepherd but tomorrow could be King David.

Today you may be Saul but tomorrow you could be Paul.

Today you may be bedridden but tomorrow you could be the fastest sprinter in the Olympics.

Today you may be a pauper but tomorrow you could inherit, out of the blues, a fortune you least expected.

Today you may be someone insignificant but tomorrow you could be a very important person.

Today you may be in a mess but tomorrow you could have a message.
Today you may going through a test but tomorrow you could have a testimony.
Today you may be facing tribulation but tomorrow you could experience jubilation.

For God declares in Isaiah 55:8-9, ““For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways; as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God is never busy for you and me.

Bear in mind: “As long as there is SOMEONE in the sky to protect you, there is no one on earth who could break you.”

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355] A story in a small USA town  

It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit. Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town. He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 Euro note on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to choose one. The hotel proprietor takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the pig grower. The pig grower takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel. The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms he rented. The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 Euro note back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything. At that moment, the tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms, and takes his 100 Euro note, after saying that he did not like any of the rooms, and leaves town.


 No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt, and looks to the future with a lot of optimism. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States is doing business today

356] Important laws that Newton forgot to state:-

LAW OF QUEUE: If you change queues, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you are in now.

LAW OF TELEPHONE: When you dial a wrong number, you never get an engaged one.

LAW OF MECHANICAL REPAIR: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch.

LAW OF THE WORKSHOP: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.

LAW OF THE ALIBI: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the next morning you will have a flat tire.

BATH THEOREM: When the body is immersed in water, the telephone rings.

LAW OF ENCOUNTERS: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.

LAW OF THE RESULT: When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, it will!
357] HEALTH : Tribal Medicine

  • Arabs have no problem of cholesterol as they eat dates daily.

  • Few garlic pods eat daily stabilize high B.P. Also prevents lapse of heart ailments.

  • Lime juice neutralize uric acid cures and prevents gout.

  • Clean copper vessel and boil water and drink it next day cures asthma & leucoderma .

  • Japanese relish the most nutritive diet. It consists of 40% fruits & vegetables .A healthy diet must have minimum of 25% vegetables. Colored vegetables are more nutritive.Seasonal fruits and vegetables are gifts of nature to maintain our health.

  • Acupressure assures good sleep. The person should lie straight in his bed. Rub the entire soles toes and feet for few minutes before going to sleep .If the feet is hard apply some oil and rub.
  • Constipation cause piles, back pain, varicose vein ,and anal fissures. Straining causes hernia. Ultimately colon cancer.

  • *Many die of snake bite due to fear. Very few snakes are venomous .Collect the urine of the victim and drip it into his mouth and save his precious life."Like cures Like" 

358] GRANDFATHER TO GRANDSON: Go hide! Your teacher is coming as you bunked school today!

GRANDSON: YOU go hide.. I told her YOU PASSED AWAY!!
359] Sister to brother: What r u going to gift grandma on her b'day?
Brother: A football
Sister: But grandma does not play!
Brother: On my b'day she gave me bhagvad gita. Uska kya?
360] Save water: Simple ideas to cut water wastage at home 
On World Water Day, mDhil puts together some efficient ways of cutting down water usage. Adopt what suits you best, and play your part in conserving water. 
 Check for leaking taps around the house. Conservation of water is an essential practice today, whether or not you’re having water troubles at the moment. Simple changes can help save gallons of water a day. So make these changes and help conserve water. 

1.        Washing veggies and fruits: Soak fruits and vegetables in a pot of water instead of putting them under running water to wash them. 

2.        Water plants with water used to wash them: When you’re done with soaking your fruits and veggies, don’t throw the water down the drain, instead use it to water indoor plants. 
3.        Don’t leave the tap open while brushing your teeth: Well, you’ve heard this one many times before. While brushing your teeth, wet the brush and turn off the tap. If you keep the tap running, you’re bound to waste litres of water in a week. Try and get your family to practice this too. 

4.        Conserve water while washing dishes: When you wash your dishes put a stopper to the sink drain and fill it with water. When all the dishes have been scrubbed, rinse them of in that water. 
5.        Get your toilet fixed: If you’re toilet is running, get it fixed. It’s most likely a part of the flapper that’s causing the leak, adjust it; if that doesn’t work, get a plumber. 

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