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Ch. 1 & 2 Study Guide
Directions: Use complete sentences to answer the following questions.
Vocabulary: Draw a line from each word on the left to its definition on the right. Then use the numbered words to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

1. adherence a. persuade by flattery wheedle

2. aptitude b. make greater, augment enhance

3. enhance c. capable of being felt or touched palpable

4. palpable d. inherent ability, talent aptitude

5. transgression e. faithful attachment, devotion adherence

6. wheedle f. violation of law __transgression

1. Watching the fighter planes streak across the horizon, the civilians felt a moment of _palpable terror.

2. By smiling and offering to help, the little girl hoped to wheedle another cookie from the baker.

3. _Transgression _ against the rules of the community could lead to imprisonment.

4. A quick blood transfusion will _enhance__ the injured soldier’s chance of survival.

5. In most communities, the police are responsible for enforcing _adherence _to the law.

6. It is important to choose a career based upon you own natural aptitude.

For each word below, provide a definition that fits the context and write a sentence using the word. The page in the text where the word is found has been placed in parentheses beside the word. Also write the part of speech please.

  1. inconveniencing (pg. 3) verb

definition: to put to trouble.

sentence: I apologize for inconveniencing my learning community.

  1. distraught (pg. 4) adjective

definition: deeply agitated/ emotional conflicted

sentence: I guess I just got distraught watching them.

3. tunic (pg. 4) noun

definition: a long plain jacket or coat worn as part of a uniform.

sentence: He smoothed his rumpled tunic and sat down.
4. apprehensive (pg. 4) adjective

definition: anxious or fearful about the future, uneasy.

sentence: Apprehensive, Jonas decided, that’s what I am.
5. fret (pg. 14) verb

definition: agitation resulting from active worrying.

sentence: They would simply fret and argue about it themselves for years.

Chapter 1, Pages 1-10

  1. What is the point-of-view in the story? The story is told in 3rd person.

  1. What do you learn about each of Jonas’s family members from his/her sharing of feelings after dinner? We learn about their personalities and jobs. Father is a Nurturer; Mother works for the dept. of justice, Jonas is an eleven; lily is a seven.

3. What kinds of punishments are used in the book’s society? Punishments include “Release” and “forced apology”.

4. What is the setting (time and place) of the book? The setting is in a community near December, possibly in the future.

Chapter 2, Pages 11-19

  1. What are some of the structural guidelines in the book’s society? There are ceremonies for certain ages. People are assigned jobs, spouses and children. The Committee of Elders decide everything.

  1. What does it mean to be “politically correct” in the book’s society?


3. What is especially momentous about the Ceremony of Twelve?

Children get their assignment or job for life/ career. They are separated from their “group” of friends. This is the last ceremony. After this age doesn’t matter.
Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

1. Why might the arrival of a jet be a terrifying experience for the entire community? This might be a terrifying experience because flying over the community is against the rules and they are not used to seeing planes at all.

2. What do you think might happen to someone who is released from the community? They might get sent out of the community , lose their rights/privileges or even get killed.

3. What is unique about the way children are born and infants are cared for in the community? Why do you think they refer to the children by a number, instead of a name, during their first year of life?

It is very unique that the nurturers take care of babies until they are 1 year old and that they are assigned to their families at the ceremony of Ones. Nurturers refer to the babies by a number in order not to get emotionally attached to them.
Literary Devices:

HookIn literature, a hook is a compelling first sentence in a novel or chapter that entices a reader into the story. Reread the first sentences of The Giver. How does this hook draw you into the novel? This hook makes you want to find out why Jonas is afraid and why an airplane flying over the community can be a terrifying experience.

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