3rd Grade Schedule

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2017 - 2018

3rd Grade Schedule

All classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each class hour costs $500 for the school year. The two-hour Language Arts class is billed as two class hours. The following is a schedule for the 3rd Grade class options:



Monthly Tuition


Yearly Tuition

Misc. Class Fees

9:00 - 11:00 A.M.

English - Language Arts




11:00 – 12:00 P.M.

Lunch & Recess




12:00 - 1:00 P.M.

Math - General (3rd)




1:00 - 2:00 P.M.





2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Social Studies



Please see class descriptions for information about each class offered, and the cost of any required books or materials.

Books ordered through Cross Creek will be available for pick up on Parent Night. We charge a shipping and handling fee, and include it in the total book cost listed in the course descriptions. If you would like to purchase books used or through a different source, please see the attached curriculum list for information. Your student may not begin classes without the required books.
Class names have been coordinated to match names provided at homeschoolreporting.com

3rd Grade Class Descriptions

English - Language Arts (3rd):

From the Publisher (Easy Grammar): The beginning of each class day will begin with devotions and prayer. Language Arts (3rd ) uses a classical approach to reading. This literature class will continue to develop reading comprehension and vocabulary skills through classic children’s literature. A study guide will be used with each literature selection.

Carefully selected third-grade-leveled reading selections will help students improve their reading skills through progressively difficult texts. Part of the BJU Press Reading Grade 3 Curriculum, this is the second of two readers. Divided into two sections - - - "Pets & Predators" and "People and Places" - - - each features multiple stories across genres, including articles, fables, realistic fiction, biographies, and drama. Feature pages include "think and discuss" and "look again" questions that highlight literary skills, comprehension questions, and vocabulary.

Fees: $10 covers copy costs for literature supplements.

Math-General (3rd grade) –

Strengthen your students' math skills as they advance through this challenging curriculum! Using the spiral method to ensure successful retention, the Arithmetic 3 Work text includes 170 illustrated daily lessons that provide extensive practice in multiplication and division tables up to 12; story problems up to four steps; Roman numerals; averaging numbers; standard measures; equations; and adding, subtracting, and reducing fractions. 


Types of animals, matter, energy, and sound, the earth, the solar system, and our own skin, are just some of the topics students will study with BJU Press' Science 3! Simple text with photographs and illustrations make each concept easy to understand, while review questions assess retention and activities provide hands-on learning.

  • Fees: $10 covers lab materials

Social Studies

Heritage Studies Grade 3 teaches children about the spirit of the expanding country of America. Covering the years between the framing of the Constitution through the days of the Wild West, students will discover key moments and traditions in our nation's history through interesting history lessons, tall tales, legends, short biographies, early American songs, and activities. 299 pages, softcover. Grade 3.

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2017-2018 Curriculum Guide: 3rd Grade Classes

Place your initials beside each book you wish to order

English - Language Arts (3rd grade)

Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Workbook *CBD stock #WW981482 $16.00 _____

Easy Grammar Grade 3 Student Test Book *CBD stock #WW981499 $ 7.00 _____

Easy Grammar – Daily Grams Grade 3 *CBD stock #WW981390 $16.00 _____

BJU Reading Student Book Grade 3 Book A  *CBD Stock #WW299172 $38.00 _____

BJU Reading Grade 3 Student Book B *CBD Stock #WW399180 $38.00 _____

BJU Reading Grade 3, Student Worktext * CBD Stock #WW299198 $33.00 _____

BJU Spelling Grade 3 Student Worktext *CBD Stock #WW276048 $25.00 _____

Math- General (3rd grade)

Grade 3 Homeschool Child Arithmetic Kit *CBD Stock #WW163023 $25.00 _____


BJU Science Grade 3 Student Text * CBD Stock #WW257147 $43.00 _____

BJU Science Grade 3 Student Activity Manual *CBD Stock #WW257154 $29.00 _____

Social Studies

BJU Heritage Studies Grade 3 *CBD Stock #WW467872  $24.00 _____

Sub Total 3th Grade Books $________________

Shipping & Handling $ 20.00_______

Grand Total Books & Shipping $________________

*CBD is Christian Book Distributors at www.christianbook.com

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