4. 23 Reading Book Reports Competition


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4.23 Reading Book Reports Competition

Group: F.1/F.2 Intermediate English Group

Name of School: Cognitio College (Kln)

Name of Student: Lun Tin Mei

Class: 1A

Title of the book: Daddy-Long-Leg

Author: Jean Webster

Book Report:
Poor Judy Abbott, real name Jerushab Abbott, being the oldest orphan, had to bear the brunt of it. Suddenly, a big luck occurs on Judy. One day, a trustee had no sex discrimation and offered to send Judy to a college. He believed that Judy has originality, and he was planning to educate her to become a writer. But the trustee had a simple request, Judy should write a letter at less once a month and she should write something telling of the progress in her studies and the details of her daily life.
She did not know anything about the trustee. She just knew that he was very rich and he had two long legs. So she had decided to call him Daddy-Long-Legs. Judy was happy to leave the asylum. In her school life, she found many things that she had not seen nor learnt. She enjoyed her school life. She was grateful to Daddy-Long-Legs. She wrote many stories. She hoped that she could be a writer and did not make Daddy-Long-Legs disappointed.
She committed her promise. She sent letters to Daddy-Long-Legs throughout the four years of her school life. But she blamed he did not reply any letters to her. She treated him as confidant. She wanted to know more about him. One day she had an opportunity. What was the shape of him? Why didn’t he reply letters to her?

It is a particular book. It has all letters written by Judy to Daddy-Long-Legs. There are many orphans like Judy. But many of them will not be as lucky as Judy. I really like this book. It tells me how lucky I am. I have a happy family and nutritious diet everyday.


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