46 Radha and the Bumblebee by Phani Bhusana dasa Scene One Narrator Radha


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46 Radha and the Bumblebee

by Phani Bhusana dasa

Scene One
Narrator Radha: My dear friend bumblebee, I am now bereft of Krishna's loving association and so, under the circumstances, what is the use of my sustaining this useless body? There is no need for such a body by any living entity. Krishna is now in the city and is better known as the friend of Arjuna. He has many new girlfriends, who are no doubt very happy in His association. His wonderfully enchanting smile is so attractive and the movement of His eyebrows are so beautiful that he can call for any woman. I, too, have been enchanted by the sweet words of Krishna. Bumblebee, if only he would show some mercy, for I am neglected by Him. How ungrateful and hardhearted He has been. He wasn't always so neglectful. We engaged in many loving pastimes together. I remember once when I received a very special gift in a box from Mother Yasoda.
Krishna : Mother! What are you doing?
Yasoda: My dear Krishna, I am filling up this box with jewels and clothes for Radharani.
Krishna : Hmmmmm (thinking to Himself, when Yasoda not looking he gets into the box. While Yasoda prepares the box Abhimanyu walks by.)
Yasoda: Oh Abhimanyu! Please take this box to your good wife, Radha.
Abhimanyu: Huh? Oh, yes, Mother Yasoda!

(Abhimanyu struggles to push the box home. Abhimanyu gets off the stage and Radha and Gopis enters)
Jatila: What's in that box Abhimanyu !??!
Abhimanyu: Mother, it's a gift from Yasoda mata to Radharani.
Jatila: Oh! Right! Bring it Radha's bedroom.

(Abhimanyu brings the box in Radhas room and leaves much relieved while Radha and gopis are in the room talking)
Radharani: My dear friends, my nosy mother-in-law is making life very miserable.

Gopi 1: I feel very sorry for you Radha.

Gopi 2: Radha, what's that box that your husband brought?
Radharani : Hmmm I wonder what's in here? (very happily)
Gopi 1: Lets open it!!
Gopi 2: What's inside the box?

(Radha and Gopis open the box and pulls out jeweled ornaments, gemstones and gold necklaces, many different types of cloth, musks and camphor. Then one of the Gopis pulls out Krishna's chaddar.)
Gopi 1: This looks like Krishna's!!!!
Radharani: Indeed, it is Krishna's!!!

(Krishna pops out of the box)
Gopis: Ah!! Ha !! Oh my goodness!! What's this??? Oh!!

(as they clap their hands, joyfully laughing and giggling)

Radharani: Krishna! You are such a rascal.

(Jatila walks on the stage)

Jatila: Radha!! Radharani!! Where are you!!

(Krishna hides back in the box. Gopis giggle.)

Scene Two

Radharani Narrator: Once, in the cold month of Magh, I followed an auspicious vow of bathing daily in the Yamuna River. Thus, every day just before dawn, I rose from my bed and went with my friends to bathe in the Yamuna. Seeing this going on, Kutila began to develop a suspicion within her mind.

Kutila : I wonder what's going with on with Radha leaving every morning? I will check up and see what Krishna is doing.

(Kutila walks to Nandagram where mother Yasoda happens to be.)

Kutila : Yasodaji, where is your dear son Krishna?

Yasoda: My son Krishna has gone to Yamuna for a morning bath.

Kutila: Ah ha! Krishna and Radha must be meeting in secret. (walks to the Yamuna. Gopi keeping watch spies her. She rushes to tell Radha.)

Gopi 2: Radha, Kutila is coming. If she sees you with Krishna she will tell your mother-in-law. Oh, this is a catastrophe!

Krishna: Don't worry. I will take care of this Kutila. I will dress as Abhimanyu so she will not know that I was here. (Meanwhile, Kutila is walking to the Yamuna. Pretend to stumble on a rock. Act all shaken and look around suspiciously like she thinks someone tripped her. Take time with this. Krishna changes in to Abhimanyu. Walks to meet Kutila)

Kutila: My dear brother. I've come looking for your wife, Radha.

Krishna: She's around here? I haven't seen her. I came this way looking for one of my bulls that escaped when I was plowing this morning.

Kutila: I'll find her. You'll see.

Krishna: I must go now to look for my bull. I will be back soon. (Krishna leaves.)

Radha: Oh Kutila, what are you doing here? Have you come to bathe in the Yamuna?

Kutila: No. I came because I know what you are doing here. I smell the fragrance of Krishna here.

Gopi 1: Hari meaning a lion! Oh no! (jokingly act scared, giggling. They know she means Krishna as Hari.)

Kutila: You know what I mean. That rascal Krishna's fragrance is here. Radha, come home now. (She grabs Radha's hands and half drags her off.)

Krishna: Now, I will fool them again by disguising myself as Abhimanyu, the husband of Radharani. ( leaves)

As Abhimanyu: Mother! Kutila! Come quick, please! I have just returned from informing the King of the situation here and he is sending soldiers to help. But that debauchee Krishna has put on similar clothes to mine and is now coming here. Sister, lock the door and go up on the roof where you can throw dirt at that Krishna when he comes here. Mother, you must chastise Him and do not let him enter. I will stay with Radha so she can't leave to go with Krishna. (He leaves. Abhimanyu comes home. Kutila is up somewhere and throws stuff at him.)

Kutila: You fickle rascal! If you come any closer, I will break your head with these dirt balls. You destroy the righteousness of all the girls of Vraja. Soldiers are coming to take you away!

Jatila: Krishna, you must leave this place. Leave my daughter-in-law alone. Be gone! Be gone!

Abhimanyu: No, Mother! Sister!!! Please stop! It's me, Abhimanyu!

(He finally gets beaten away. Kutila and Jatila are all happy that they drove him away. Krishna and Radha are happy together talking and touching.)

Scene 3

Narrator Radha: Oh, that was a wonderful experience with My dear Lord. Just thinking about Him relieves My mind from all this anxiety in His absence. Oh, I remember on another occasion when I got a snake bite. (laughs) ...

Jatila: (to herself and to the audience): Oh, I can't protect my daughter-in-law from that Krishna anymore! Hmmm. I will simply not allow her to leave the house. Then she won't be able to meet Krishna.

Gopi 1: Jatila, Jatila, Radha has been bitten by a snake.

Jatila: Oh no! Kutila, go quickly and get the snake doctor Vidyavali. (to Radha): Radharani, are you all right?

Kutila: Right away, Mother. (Rushes off to get doctor)

Radha: (in pain, moaning, etc.) No. My whole body feels as if it's burning from the fire of the poison.

(Krishna comes in disguised as the doctor.)

Kutila: Vidyavali. Come quick. A snake bit Radharani! (They both run to where Radharani is. Vidyavali addresses Jatila.)

As Vidyavali: My dear old lady, snake poison is destroyed by mantra and medicine combined. This medicine is simply my chewed betel leaves that have been sanctified by mantra. (puts the betel leaf in Radha's mouth. Radha still moans, etc.) She is too sick. I will have to stay 3 hours alone here with Radharani to

try and relieve the poison. You may return to outside the door at this time.

Jatila: Of course. Anything you wish. Just please get her well.

(After a bit of time, Jatila comes back to listen at the door. Krishna is speaking in Vidyavali's voice and the voice of a snake.)

As Vidyavali: My dear king of the snakes! Where have you come from? And under whose orders?

As A Snake: I have come from Mount Kailasa on the order of Lord Siva.

As Vidyavali: What is his order?

As A Snake: To bite the son of Jatila, Abhimanyu, because his mother has committed offenses to Krishna. (Jatila strongly reacts to this.)

As Vidyavali: Then why have you bitten Radharani?

As A Snake: Because she is so chaste, if I bite Abhimanyu first, her chastity will keep him alive. I will bite him tomorrow, thus assuring that he dies.

As Vidyavali: Is there anything that can be done to change all of this.

As A Snake: Radharani must be allowed outside of the house to cook Sri Krishna's meals. Lord Siva would then be pacified.

Jatila: (rushing in) Oh my dear daughter-in-law, you must go and cook for Krishna to fulfill the wish of the snake king! Then the curse will be lifted!

As Vidyavali: First, Jatila, you have to swear on the head of your son and say, "Now I have complete absolute faith in Sri Radhika."

Jatila: Now I have complete absolute faith in Sri Radhika.

(Radha gets up and is completely better.)

Gopi 2: Jai! Radharani is completely healed!

Jatila: Thank you so much, Vidyavali. (She gives Him jewels as payment.)

As Vidyavali: Thank you. Just in case the curse is not lifted, I will stay the night and watch over Radharani.

Jatila: Yes, of course. Please. Thank you so much again.

Scene Four

Narrator Radha: Oh, Krishna is so beautiful! I can picture his face in my mind's eye and just seeing that vision makes me want to weep. I can't sleep because I miss him so much. I remember the day when evil king Kamsa sent Krishna's uncle Akrura to take Krishna away ...

(Kamsa is enjoying himself, drinking, girls dancing, etc.)

Narada Muni: Narayana. Narayana.

Kamsa: Narada Muni! Welcome great sage! It's been many years since I've seen you last.

Narada: I thought it was about time you learned the truth about the 8th son of Devaki.

Kamsa: No!! It can't be. There was no 8th son!

Narada: The 8th son is Krishna. You were misled by Vasudeva into believing that the eighth child was a daughter but actually the

girl was born to Yasoda. Both Krishna and Balarama are the sons of Vasudeva. The Boys were hidden from you because of your horrible behavior. They have been living incognito in Vrindavan under the care of Nanda Maharaja for the past 16 years. All your demon companions like Putana, Aristasura, Aghasura were killed

by Krishna and Balarama!

Kamsa: I'll kill Vasudeva for his duplicity!

Narada: Kamsa, you are not to be killed by Vasudeva so why kill him. Better you try to kill Krishna and Balarama.

Kamsa: The eighth child of Devaki is alive in Vrindavan. That rascal Vasudeva has tricked me. Everyone I have sent to kill Krishna and Balarama has been killed. But now, today, I have a plan. (evil laugh) Guards! Guards! Send for Akrura.

Two idiot guards: Huh, uh... Yes your majesty, of course your majesty.

(bring Akrura in)

Kamsa: My dear Akrura, I want you to go to Vrindavan. Find the two sons of Nanda, Krishna and Balarama and bring them here. Tell them that a wrestling match will be held in their honor. They will be no match for my strong wrestlers and will die. (evil laugh)

Akrura: I know that I must do this because I am your friend and relative. I will bring Krishna and Balarama to you as you desire.

Kamsa: (pacing back and forth) What? My shadow has holes in it. I'd better go home and take some rest. (look behind) This is impossible. I'm walking on muddy ground but I cannot see my own footprints. What's more, all the trees look as though they are made of gold. I'm seeing all the luminaries in the sky as double. What are these evil omens? What is this buzzing sound in my ears? What is happening to me? (lays down on stage for a bit)

Well, everything seems better now. (looks in the mirror) Aahhh! My reflection has no head! These are all signs of certain death!!! My only hope is that Krishna will be killed in the wrestling match!

(Akrura goes to Vrindavan as Narrator talks.)

Narrator Radha: Although Akrura was a good devotee, because of his relationship with Kamsa, he could not refuse the request. He tried to counsel Kamsa to not harm Krishna and Balarama, but it was to no avail. With a heavy heart, Akrura set out for Vrindavan.

Scene Five

Krishna: Akrura, Uncle, We are glad you have come to see us in Vrindavan. What is your business here? How are our relatives in Mathura?

Akrura: Dear Krishna and Balarama, Kamsa has sent me to bring you two boys to Mathura. Narada Muni told Kamsa the story of how You, Sri Krishna, were born to Devaki and Vasudeva. Narada explained how Vasudeva hid you in Vrindavan just after you were born. He also told them how you killed the demons Aristasaura and Putana and others like them. I am afraid that when you are in Mathura he will try to kill you.

Krishna: Don't worry about us, Kamsa can't harm us. We will go. Let us invite everyone in Vrindavan to go to Mathura with us for the festival. Now please come into my home.

(All leave)

Gopi 1: (to other gopis) Akrura has come to take Krishna away from Vrindavan. If Krishna likes Mathura, He may never come back!

Gopi 2: When will we see our wonderful Krishna again?

(Krishna comes on stage with Balarama and Akrura.)

Gopi 1: (to Krishna): Please don't leave Vrindavan, Krishna. You are our life and soul.

Krishna: Don't worry. I have to go to Mathura but I will return.

(to all the gopis around the chariot) Now please step aside so that I can leave.

Radha: Oh Providence, you are so cruel! It is very horrible that you arrange to show us Krishna and then take Him away! Everyone has gone against me to take Krishna away from My sight! Without Him I cannot live !

(faints, Krishna gets off the chariot and helps her up)

Radha: (to Krishna): How will I be able to forget You? How can I live without You, my dear Lord?

Krishna: My dear Radha, You should not be aggrieved. I will return to you very soon after finishing my business in Mathura. I will always be with you in your heart.

(gopis slowly move aside. Krishna leaves. Radha cries. Everyone's sad, even Krishna)

Narrator Radha: Yes, Krishna is always in my heart but I will always miss him, my dear bumblebee.

(Everyone come out and bows, introduce people, Kirtan)


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