5th Grade Theme 3 Reader’s Library Bunker’s Cove Selection Summary

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5th Grade Theme 3 Reader’s Library

Bunker’s Cove
Selection Summary:

Bunker’s Cove is the story of Jack Bunker, a colorful sailor out of the Revolutionary War. He lived on coastal Maine, untouched by the war until British soldiers burned down his sister’s farm. Furious, Jack and a friend steal a British supply ship, the Falmouth Packet, giving away the supplies. Jack and his volunteer crew, chased by the British, cleverly manage to escape and sink the ship.
Key Vocabulary:

Import: bring in from another country to sell

Unruly: hard to control

Prospered: did well

Thriving: successful

Dead Ahead: right in front of (an observer)

The Drummer Boy
Selection Summary:

The Drummer Boy is about Eliza Potter, a Rhode Island farm girl, and Thomas Strand, a British drummer boy in his father’s regiment at Newport Harbor. As war breaks out between Britain and the colonies, Eliza’s brother, John, is taken prisoner by Thomas’s regiment. When the troops stop to rest near Eliza’s farm, Thomas faints. Eliza and her mother help revive him, an act of kindness that results in John’s release. Thomas tells the Potters that he hopes to return to Rhode Island and become a boatbuilder after the war-which he later does.

Key Vocabulary:

Harbor: part of a body of water that is sheltered from the weather and is deep enough for ships to anchor

Regiment: unit of soldier

Discouraged: lacking courage or confidence

Liberty: freedom

Deborah Sampson
Selection Summary:

Deborah Sampson was a girl who grew up a bound servant in Massachusetts around the time of the Revolutionary War. Inspired to fight for liberty, she disguises herself as a young man and enlists. She manages to avoid detection even when wounded, until she falls sick in Philadelphia. Honorably discharged, she goes on to marry, raise a family, and go on speaking tours.

Key Vocabulary:

Unfortunate: unlucky

Bound: having a duty to do something

Recruiter: one who signs up recruits, new soldiers

Comrades: friends who share an experience

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