7th Grade Restaurant Act Out Project Introduction

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7th Grade Restaurant Act Out Project

Introduction: This is a group project. In a group you are going to create a “story” about eating in a restaurant, and you need to act it out.

  1. (1 points) 2-3 people in one group, no exception.

  2. (4 points)You need to use at least 10 new words in unit 3 into your story.

  3. (Vocabulary and Structure, Fluency, Pronunciation)Everyone has to talk when acting out, you can play one of the roles, or you can be a narrator. Everyone should have about equal amount of talking. Everything should be memorized when acting out.

  4. (5 points)You need to create your own props (at least 5 props), drawings are recommend when you are making props for food/drink, if you are bringing real food or drinks, you get approval from your teacher at the due date for your draft.

  5. (10 points)Your entire story should be no less than 200 characters (repeated sentences will only count twice at most). You may use English but it will not count toward the 200 characters, and you are not allowed to use any English words that we have learned in Mandarin.

  6. Your entire story should be between 5 -10 minutes when acting out.

  7. (Vocabulary and Structure) Please check your grammar and words after you finish typing in case you choose the wrong characters.

Due dates: You will have a lot of exams going on in December, please PLAN.

Draft (10 points): Dec.5/6

0.5 point extra credit per school day that you turn in early.

You need to have the whole story typed up and also list what props you will use for your story. Everyone should have a hard copy of the draft – only one person has to turn in for each group. It is OK to email me the draft.

Final Presentation (60 points): Dec. 9/12 (Friday, Monday)

You need to memorize everything for your story acting, you are not allow to read paper.


  1. When you work with your group, DO NOT choose the people who don’t have a common time that you can work together. Choose people that you always see each others before or after school, or study lab, etc. Cannot meet with each other should not be an excuse for not finishing the project or turn in late work.

  2. Please DO NOT use internet as the major communication tools for your project, computers and internet problems always happen.

  3. If you have questions, email immediately or come to me in person, do not wait until you have Mandarin class to ask.

  4. READ your requirements and rubric!

  5. If you are leaving early for the holiday, it is YOUR responsibility to turn in ALL works early including the presentation.

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