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Early Republic – Age of Washington (1781—1800)


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Early Republic –

Age of Washington (1781—1800),

Age of Jefferson (1800-1824)

Adler, Elizabeth. Crossing the Panther’s Path. 2002. Sixteen-year-old Billy Calder, son of a British soldier and a Mohawk woman, leaves school to join Tecumseh in his efforts to prevent the Americans from taking any more land from the Indians in the Northwest Territory. Early 1800s. Grades 6-8, F&P-V, RL 6.2, 8.1

 Anderson, Laurie Halse. Fever, 1793. 2000. Sixteen-year-old Matilda Cook, separated from her sick mother, learns about perseverance and self-reliance when she is forced to cope with the horrors of the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia in 1793. Philadelphia, 1793. Grades 7-10, F&P-Z (or X), RL 5, 7.6
Auch, Mary Jane. Frozen Summer. 1998. Sequel to: Journey to nowhere. Twelve-year-old Mem's new life in the wilderness of western New York becomes even more difficult in the cold summer of 1816 when her mother fails to recover from the birth of a new baby. New York, 1816. Grades 4-8, F&P-, RL 4.8
Auch, Mary Jane. Journey to Nowhere. 1997. In 1815, while traveling by covered wagon to settle in the wilderness of western New York, eleven-year-old Mem experiences a flood and separation from her family. New York, 1815. Grades 4-7, F&P-T, RL 4.8
Benton, Amanda. Silent stranger. 1997. Although they do not know anything about him, the mute young man who shows up on their New York farm at Christmastime in 1813 becomes increasingly important to fourteen-year-old Jessie and her family. New York, 1813. Grades 5-7, F&P-, RL 5.9

Bohner, Charles H. Bold journey: west with Lewis and Clark. 1985. Private Hugh McNeal relates his experiences accompanying Captains Lewis and Clark on their 1804-1806 expedition in search of a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean. Grades 5-8, F&P-, RL 5.5, 6.5

 Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. Jefferson’s sons: a founding father’s secret children. 2011. A fictionalized look at the last twenty years of Thomas Jefferson's life at Monticello through the eyes of three of his slaves, including two who were his sons by his slave, Sally Hemings. Philadelphia, 1793. Grades 6-9, F&P-, RL 4.4
Charbonneau, Eileen. In the time of the wolves. 1994. 14 year old Joshua wants to go to Harvard but his father, a man of mixed French and Indian ancestry, refuses to let him go. And the Chases', a family who once owned his father as an indentured servant, are trying to lure Joshua into their intrigue. New York, 1824. Grades 6-9, F&P-, RL 5
Collier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier. Jump Ship to Freedom. 1987. In 1787 a fourteen-year-old slave, anxious to buy freedom for himself and his mother, escapes from his dishonest master and tries to find help in cashing the soldier's notes received by his father for fighting in the Revolution. Connecticut, 1787. Grades 5-9, F&P-U, RL 5.4

 Durbin, William. Broken blade. 1998. When an injury prevents his father from going into northern Canada with fur traders, thirteen-year-old Pierre decides to take his father's place as a voyageur. Montreal, Canada 1800. Grades 5-8, F&P-T, RL 4.8

Gaeddert, Louann Bigge. Breaking Free. 1994. In 1800, shortly before his twelfth birthday, Richard is sent to live with his uncle on a farm in upper New York State, where he teaches a young slave to read and encourages her to dream of freedom. NY, 1800. Grades 5-8, F&P-Q, RL 5.5

& Hurst, Carol Otis. Through the lock. 2001. Etta, a twelve-year-old orphan in nineteenth-century Connecticut, meets a boy living in an abandoned cabin on the New Haven and Northampton Canal and has adventures with him while trying to be reunited with her siblings. Connecticut, 1800s. Grades 5-8, F&P-S, RL 4.1
Karwoski, Gail Langer. Seaman: the dog who explored the west with Lewis and Clark. 1999. Seaman, a Newfoundland, proves his value as a hunter, navigator, and protector while serving with the Corps of Discovery when it explores the West under the leadership of Lewis and Clark. Lewis & Clark, 1803. Grades 4-8, F&P-U, RL 5.5
 Lasky, Kathryn. The journal of Augustus Pelletier: the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 2000. A fictional journal kept by twelve-year-old Augustus Pelletier, the youngest member of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. 1804-1806. Grades 5-8, F&P-X, RL 5.1, 5.8
 Nelson, Marilyn. Fortune’s Bones: the Manumission Requiem. 2004. A series of poems on the life of Fortune, an eighteenth-century African-American slave in New England whose skeleton came to be an exhibit at Connecticut's Mattatuck Museum. Death – Connecticut, 1798. Nonfiction – 811 NEL Grades 6&up, F&P-Y, RL 5.6, 9.3

 Pearsall, Shelley. Crooked River. 2006. When twelve-year old Rebecca Carter's father brings a Native American accused of murder into their 1812 Ohio settlement town, Rebecca, witnessing the town's reaction to the Indian, struggles with the idea that an innocent man may be convicted and sentenced to death. Ohio. 1812. Grades 5-7, F&P-T, RL 5.9

Smith, Roland. The captain’s dog: my journey with the Lewis and Clark tribe. 1999. Captain Meriwether Lewis's dog Seaman describes his experiences as he accompanies his master on the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore the uncharted western wilderness. 1804-1806. Grades 5-8, F&P-, RL 5.8, 6.0
 St. George, Judith. The Duel: The Parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. 2009. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were intertwined for some twenty-five years, with their resentments and misunderstandings culminating in a tragic duel. New Jersey, 1804. Nonfiction - 973.4 STG Grades 7-9, F&P-, RL 8.6
Steele, William O. Buffalo Knife. 1952. In 1782, nine-year-old Andy, his family, and neighbors make a dangerous journey by flatboat down a thousand miles of the Tennessee River to make a new home. Tennessee River, 1782. Grades 4-7, F&P-T, RL 5.1
Van Leeuwen, Jean. Cabin on Trouble Creek. 2004. In 1803 in Ohio, two young brothers are left to finish the log cabin and guard the land while their father goes back to Pennsylvania to fetch their mother and younger siblings. Ohio, 1803. Grades 5-7, F&P-R, RL 4.5

Watts, Leander. Wild ride to heaven. 2003. A girl with one green eye and the other milky is sold by her drunken father into servitude to two brutish brothers from her poverty-stricken pioneer village, downriver from Lake Ontario. New York. Early 1800s. Grades 7-10, F&P-, RL 4.9, 6.8

 Wolf, Allan. New found land: Lewis and Clark’s voyage of discovery. 2004. The letters and thoughts of Thomas Jefferson, members of the Corps of Discovery, their guide Sacagawea, and Captain Lewis's Newfoundland dog, all tell of the historic exploratory expedition to seek a water route to the Pacific Ocean. 1804-1806. Grades 7-12, F&P-Z, RL 5.5, 7.4
Woods, Brenda. My name is Sally Little Song. When their owner plans to sell one of them in 1802, twelve-year-old Sally and her family run away from their Georgia plantation to look for both freedom from slavery and a home in Florida with the Seminole Indians. Southeastern US, 1802. Grades 4-6, F&P-S, RL 4.4

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