8150 Sunset Boulevard Mixed Use Project Draft eir references

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8150 Sunset Boulevard Mixed Use Project Draft EIR References

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2.0 Project Description

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3.0 General Description of Environmental Setting

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4.A Aesthetics


City of West Hollywood. West Hollywood Historic and Cultural Resources Map. City of West Hollywood Website: http://www.weho.org/city-hall/city-departments/community-development/current-and-historic-preservation-planning/historic-preservation/west-hollywood-historic-and-cultural-resources-map. Accessed December 11, 2013.

A.01_West Hollywood Historic and Cultural Resources Map (12-11-13).pdf

4.B Air Quality


“Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans and Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes: California, Final Rule.” Federal Register 72 (11 May 2007):26718-26721.

AQ.01_Areas CA Federal Register.pdf


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AQ.02_CAPCOA GHG Mitigation Measures.pdf

AQ-03 (new 03)

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AQ.05_CARB Area Designations.pdf


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AQ.09_CEC CA End-Use Survey.pdf


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AQ.10_Clean Air Act Statutes 1988.pdf


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AQ.11_SCAQMD AQ Significance Thresholds.pdf


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AQ.13_QSR Drive Thru.pdf


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AQ.14_SJVAPCD Charbroiling EF by Meat.pdf


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AQ.17_SCAQMD AQ Significance Thresholds.pdf


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AQ.18_SCAQMD 2012 Lead SIP for LA County.pdf


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AQ.20_SCAQMD CEQA Handbook Ch 6 & 10.pdf


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AQ.21_SCAQMD Commercial Cooking EF.pdf


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AQ.23_SCAQMD PM Threshold Methodology.pdf


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AQ.25_SCAQMD Guidance Document.pdf


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AQ.29_SCAQMD MATES III Cancer Risk Map.pdf


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AQ.30_NPD Fast Food.pdf


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AQ.31_USEPA Air Data.pdf


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AQ.32_USEPA Green Book.pdf

4.C Cultural Resources

4.C.1 Archaeological and Paleontological Resources


*Agenbroad, L. D., et al., 2005, Mammoths and Humans as Late Pleistocene Contemporaries on Santa Rosa Island. In Proceedings of the Sixth California Islands Symposium edited by D. Garcelon and C. Schwemm, pp. 3-7. National Park Service Technical Publication CHIS-05-01, Institute for Wildlife Studies, Arcata, California.



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ARCH.02_Altschul and Grenda 2002.pdf


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ARCH.03_Bean and Smith 1978 Gabrielino.pdf


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ARCH.04_Beck and Haase 1974 Historical Atlas of California (pp 15 & 19).pdf


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ARCH.10_Erlandson 1994_La Brea Tar Pits.pdf


Golder Associates. Draft Geotechnical Exploration and Recommendations Report, Proposed Residential Development, 8150 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California. May 2013. Included in Appendix D of this Draft EIR.

ARCH.11_Golder Associations 2013.pdf


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ARCH.12_Johnson et al. 2002_arlington springs revisited.pdf


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ARCH.13_Johnston 1962 California’s Gabrielino Indians (pp 74-77).pdf


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ARCH.14_King 1978 Prohistoric and Historic Archaeology.pdf


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ARCH.16_McCawley 1996 The First Angelinos.pdf


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ARCH.17_Shipley 1978 Native Languages of California.pdf


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ARCH.20_Wallace 1955_southern ca coastal chronology.pdf

4.C.2 Historical Resources


Birshmeier, Hilda, PSY.D. “Los Angeles: Swiss Explorer and Architect Kurt Meyer.” Swiss Review. No. 5. October 2007.

HIST.01_Swiss Explorer and Architect Kurt Meyer_October 2007.pdf


City of LA Office of Historic Preservation, What Makes a Resource Historically Significant? http://preservation.lacity.org/​commission/​what-makes-resource-historically-significant. Accessed July 7, 2013.

HIST.02_What Makes a Resource Historically Significant_7.7.13.pdf


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HIST.03_ Inventory of Julius Shulman_1935-2009.pdf


Kainer, Amanda, PCR Services. Oral Interview with Pamela Deuel-Meyer, February 4, 2014.

“Kurt Werner Meyer Life Chronology.” Compiled by Kurt Meyer and Pamela Deuel-Meyer.

HIST.04_Kurt Werner Meyer Lift Chronology_2.4.14.doc


Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Permit Number LA46016-LA46027, November 2, 1959, Application to Demolish Garden of Allah Hotel Apartment Buildings.

HIST.05_Permit LA46016-LA46027_11.2.59.pdf


Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Permit Number LA46335, November 4, 1959, Application to Construct Commercial bank and Parking. 27,000 sf Including Basement and 2 Stories.

HIST.06_Permit LA46335.pdf


Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Permit Number LA80864, November 12, 1987, Grading of the area east of the bank and north of the rear building.

HIST.07_Permit LA80864.pdf


Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, Permit Number LA83695, March 17, 1961, Application to Construct Addition (172' x 100' - 1 story, height 15').

HIST.08_Permit LA83695.pdf


Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Permit Number LA87996, May 11, 1961 , Application to Add Retaining Wall, Stairs and Landings to Office Building Addition at the Rear (Southern) Lot Line.

HIST.09_Permit LA87996.pdf


Los Angeles Times “Exhibit Area Part of Building Addition.” (October 15, 1961): I15.

HIST.10_Exhibit Area Part of Building Additions_10.15.61.pdf


“Lytton Savings, Pomona,” Arts & Architecture v. 81 (January 1964): 14-15.

HIST.11_Arts & Architecture_January 1964.pdf


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HIST.12_National Register Bulletin 15_1997.pdf


U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service. “Guidelines for Completing National Register Forms,” in National Register Bulletin 16, September 30, 1986. This bulletin contains technical information on comprehensive planning, survey of cultural resources and registration in the NRHP.

HIST.13_National Register Bulletin 16_9.30.86.pdf

4.D Geology and Soils

Not applicable.

No references.

Not applicable.

4.E. Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Anderegg, William R. L., J.W. Prall, J. Harold, S.H., Schneider, Expert Credibility in Climate Change, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2010;107:12107-12109.

GHG.01_Anderegg Expert Credibility in Climate Change.pdf


California Air Pollution Control Officer’s Association, CEQA and Climate Change, (2008).

GHG.02_CAPCOA CEQA and Climate Change.pdf

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