85 Budwig diet sample healing testimonials for cancer and other diseases


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85 Budwig diet sample healing testimonials for cancer and other diseases

Compiled by www.healingcancernaturally.com

In-depth comprehensive & authoritative information on the Budwig protocol provided at www.healingcancernaturally.com/Budwig_protocol.html

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(Adenoma/ Glioblastoma multiforme/Anaplastic astrocytoma/Glioma)


Part I: Cancer healing testimonies thanks to the Budwig diet

Some testimonies are provided by Cliff Beckwith, some are excerpted from a Budwig support group’s archive section, some are translated and excerpted from Dr. Budwig‘s "Der Tod des Tumors - Band II" (The Death of the Tumor - Vol. II), courtesy of Wilhelm H, some are excerpted from www.whale.to/cancer/Budwig.html and the remainder is gleaned from various sources.

Part II: Pet healing stories thanks to the Budwig diet

collected by Cliff Beckwith

Part I:
(from Dr. Johanna Budwig‘s "Der Tod des Tumors - Band II [The Death of the Tumor, vol. 2])

Evidently bone cancer at various sites, including the collar bone (p. 14)

"The doctor brought the X ray pictures into the room and said beaming with happiness "Mrs. K., your are a wonder woman because almost half of the cancerous areas are healed. He showed the old and new X ray pictures. The healed holes were clearly visible. Think about it, on the old picture there was 3 cm of bone missing on the collarbone - on the new picture it was there again. I was amazed at how many cancerous sites there were before."

Sarcoma in the shinbone (p. 28)

The doctor recommended amputation of the leg as the only solution. "Because of the shock effect it had on the boy and after our meeting with Dr. Budwig we cancelled the operation which was scheduled for the following day. We began the Budwig Diet end of May 1956. Already after 14 days was he able to bend the knee again. Also, an X ray on August 20 showed an improvement! The original 3 cm swelling in the right leg has reduced to 1/2 cm as of today." (The letter was written in December 1956).

Facial bone cancer (p. 36)

"I have been in your care since October 1973 and have become strictly vegetarian as per your recommendation. I want to truly thank you for your care and advice. Today I fully believe that cancer can be healed by adhering to your Diet...

At the end of October, I had lost almost all hope of being healed. 35 cobalt radiations and 3 operations in 6 months, and the feeling of a swelling in the left palate took away my courage to live... I would surely not live anymore had I not at last come to be treated by you...

I have regained my will to live and my only regret is that I did not find out about your effective treatment earlier. That way my last (3rd) operation could have been avoided where I lost my right eye, part of my nose and mouth and the whole palate with teeth in the upper jaw, and I would not have had any reason today to complain about my health."

Dr. Budwig's comments regarding the above -

This patient was in the following situation when he came into my practice in October of 1973:

The diagnosis was clear. The patient had metastasis in several bones of his face and has had 3 operations. One eye had been removed, facial bones were removed from one side of his face, the upper jaw was removed.

Now he had to decide whether to go along with the urgent recommendation of the clinicians to have the second eye removed! Thus did this sick person come to me. He went on my Oil-Protein Diet and used Eldi Oils externally.

Today he is doing excellent. He feels well and looks healthy. The vision in his eye is restored.

This is one case of more than a hundred that I could write about. (Written in 1974)

Liver cancer and stomach cancer (p. 18)

"I went to the hospital because I could not properly eat anymore. I was cut open and closed up again. They could not help me anymore because I had stomach and liver cancer...

I immediately began with the Oil-Protein Diet. It was very agreeable and I felt better from day to day. Then I went for 5 weeks to the Black Forest to recuperate where I continued with the Oil-Protein Diet. It has worked well for me. Everything that I had before, restlessness, vomiting and loss of appetite has is gone. I am happy that I once again am healthy; because without this diet I would not live anymore today."
Colon cancer (p. 111)

This is a case of colon cancer, tumors on the liver and stomach as well as a myoma in the abdominal cavity. The colon cancer had already been present three years earlier.

Dr. Budwig writes:

"She came to the clinic in Göttingen. This Swiss patient was examined by several professors and was scheduled to be operated on Christmas Eve. It was feared that the tumor would cause a complete colon blockage. Upon my advice - I was active at the clinic at that time - did the patient only take my Oil-Protein Diet. The atony of the colon quickly subsided. Seven weeks later she was released without any detectable tumor.

Interesting is perhaps that the Swiss customs official did not want to believe this was her passport! So much had her looks changed to her advantage."

At home she was greeted thusly: "You look good, you look younger and more beautiful."

The patient writes further: "It is simply wonderful! And the instrument of saving my life is Dr. Johanna Budwig."

Malignant Melanoma (p. 85)

(A Mrs. Harriett had a malignant melanoma cut out of her thigh. About one and a half years later she had lymph node metastasis at her left temple, which was treated with radiation. Four months after that she had lymph node metastases at her left neck which were also brought under control with radiation. Two months after that she had several skin metastases over her body. That is when she came to Dr. Budwig, evidently on her own. What follows are excerpts of a letter from the woman's doctor to Dr. Budwig:)

"A patient of mine, Mrs. Harriett, has recently been treated by you..." A detailed history with dates follows as outlined above without dates. "...After your treatment, all lymph nodes and skin metastases were in remission. Also, all blood test indicators were normalized. I have never seen this happening with metastasised malignant melanoma. I would be extremely thankful if you could tell me which therapy you used. Since I have another patient with the same illness, I would be glad to send her to you so as to extend her life. On the other hand, I would naturally also gladly treat this patient here if you would instruct me of the method you used."

(from archive section of a Budwig support group)

I can tell you about one man who was under direct care of Dr. Budwig. He followed her regimen exactly.

His condition was far advanced with a tumor in his head called adenoma.

He could hardly see anymore. He went to see Dr. Budwig and began his treatment in Oct. 1997.

Two weeks later he began feeling better.

Three weeks later his vision began to improve.

Six months later he had the feeling that the tumor was gone.

Sometimes later that was confirmed.

He is well and active and runs his own business.

I last communicated with him about two months ago.

He was in good shape.

But he is still following the Budwig regimen except not as quite as strict as before.

The beauty of Dr. Budwig's flaxseed oil/cottage cheese protocol is that it seems to be effective against a wide variety of cancers, perhaps all of them - even leukemia. I have not heard of any exclusions.

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