#9 review: Surface Area & Volume (Ch. 7) Name

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#9 REVIEW: Surface Area & Volume (Ch. 7) Name ___________________________

Find the surface area and volume of each solid.

  1. What is the radius of a cylinder with a height of 6 centimeters and a volume of 54π cm3?

  1. Find the volume and surface area. (Hint: You must first find the missing measurement.)

  1. Find the volume and surface area. (Hint: You must first find the missing measurement.)

  1. Sylvia has just discovered that the valve on her cement truck failed during the night and that all the contents ran out to form a giant cone of hardened cement. To make an insurance claim, she needs to figure out how much cement is in the cone. The circumference of its base is 44 feet, and it is 4 feet high. Calculate the volume to nearest cubic foot.

  1. You are producing 500 of these metal wedges, and you must electroplate them with a thin layer of high-conducting silver (surface area). The measurements shown are in centimeters. Find the total cost for silver, if silver plating costs $3 for every 200 square centimeters. Assume each quadrilateral is a rectangle.

  1. Eight wooden spheres with radii of 3 inches are packed snugly into a square box 12 inches on one side. The remaining space is filled with packing beads. What is the volume occupied by the packing beads? What percentage of the volume of the box is filled with beads?

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