A bad Case of Stripes David Shannon Book Description

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A Bad Case of Stripes

David Shannon
Book Description
A girl comes down with a bad case of stripes after worrying too much what other people think of her.
Academic Objectives:
ELA2R4 The student uses a variety of strategies to gain meaning from grade-level text.

c. The student generates questions before, during, and after reading.

Brilliant Star Objective
Personal Style: Students will be able to discuss their likes and dislikes and relate these to at least two other people they know.
Readability Level: 3.8
Vocabulary: fretting, impress, embarrassed
Before reading, explain to the children that in this story a little girl worries about what other people thinks about her and tries to be like everyone else. Have children describe a time when they worried what other people thought about them.
During Reading
Teacher reads the story to the students using a think-aloud format. Pause throughout the story to share thinking, focusing on questioning the text. Invite students to also question the text throughout the reading by writing their questions on post-it notes or some other recording sheet. Allow opportunities to share those questions throughout the reading.
Follow-Up Activities:

  • Have students list on the paper things they like and dislike. Allow students to share these with their classmates and compare and contrast them with one another. Is there something one person likes or dislikes that nobody else likes or dislikes? How does that make us unique? Is it okay to like something that nobody else likes?

  • Students will pick one thing they like that nobody else in the room does and write “I like _____ and that makes me unique!” on a paper cut-out of a boy or girl decorated to look like themselves.

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