A book from one of the authors on the attached list or

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Fourth Grade Reading Project: Book Banner

Dear Students and Parents,
The fourth grade reading project asks each student to read a chapter book. Choose either a book from one of the authors on the attached list or one book from the attached list to read. After you have finished the book then complete the following project on a banner. A sample banner is attached to use as a guide. Please refer to it for size but feel free to use other paper to complete your banner. (Such as, construction paper or card stock) The book banner should be one page only.

Please complete by using words and pictures to decorate your banner with the following information:

˜ The title and author of your book

˜ A short, neatly written or typed description of your favorite character. Include

details from the story to describe your character.

˜ Decorate your banner with pictures, drawings, and illustrations that show

details from the book
˜ Be sure to put your name on the back of the banner.

˜ Once completed, attach a small piece of yarn or ribbon at the top of the banner

that will provide a way to hang the banner.
˜ The above completed work, oral presentation, neatness, spelling, and

punctuation will be factored into your grade.

˜ The project will be submitted for an ILA/Language Arts grade.

˜ The completed project will be due by Friday, September 11, 2015.

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Callanan

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