A book of Secrets & the Key of this World” Introduction


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Liber Loagaeth

The First Leaf (1A)
An Enochian Prophecy on the cosmogony of the Universe

In the Merkabic Tradition

The First Septych

The Seven Aspects…

The First Leaf (1A)

Loagaeth: Enochian Prophecy

A Book of Secrets & the Key of this World”

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
This book, and holy key, which unlocketh the secrets of God His determination—as concerning the beginning, present being, and end of this world—is so reverent and holy, that I wonder (I speak in your sense) why it is delivered to those that shall decay. So excellent and great are the Mysteries therein contained, above the capacity of man. [Five Books of Mystery, p.393]
The Angel Galvah, communicating this book to John Dee, says of Liber Loagaeth (pronounced Logah) that it is “Speech from God”; clearly indicating the prophetic nature of the work and the singular importance of the First Leaf.
Behold! Behold, yea, let Heaven and earth behold: For with this, they were created. And it is the voice and speech of Him, which proceeded from the First, and is the First, whose glorious Name be exalted in his own horn of honor. Lo, this it is. And it is the truth; whose truth shall endure forever. [Five Books of Mystery, p.268]

This holy book is said to contain three types of revelation; the knowledge of God, the numeration and doings of its angels and the formation and demise of nature. So the book is also an outline of an eschatology; not all that different from the apocalypses of the pseudpegriphic literature of the late, pre-Christian era.

And of the First Leaf, Galvah said: “it is the last of the book,” having an uncanny parallel with the biblical notion that those who are seated last shall be seated first. This is an overall allusion to the Great Work that is the uniting of Heaven and Earth; the ‘above and below,’ per the Qabalistic axiom: Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether, but after a different fashion. Galvah’s proclamation may be taken to mean that the First Leaf is the summation of the prophecy and/or a key to that prophecy of Liber Loagaeth; being its conclusion. But most important, Galvah said of Loagaeth: “Out of this shall be restored the holy books, which have perished even from the beginning, and from the first that lived. And herein shall be deciphered perfect truth from imperfect falsehood.

The Angel Nalvage says of the First Leaf: “I find the soul of man hath no portion in this First Table. It is the Image of the Son of God, in the bosom of his father, before all the worlds. It comprehendeth his incarnation, passion, and return to judgment: which he himself, in flesh, knoweth not.” In this we can determine the Logos before the act of creation and before the Ain Soph Aur would cast a reflection of itself (as Kether) that it might then comprehend itself. This of course, is the first spiritual act for us all, per the Hermetic Axiom: Know Thyself.

The problem with the first leaf; being arranged into words as with the tablets that comprise all but the first two leaves of Loagaeth, is that there are a host of words that have no translation readily available. But using Qabalistic and etymological techniques, these words can be translated, using words that already exist in the language; adding new words into the lexicon. What follows here is an attempt at this with an explanation of the techniques used to do this; and a commentary on the verses themselves. Immediately, upon completing the interpretation of the first paragraph, it becomes clear that Loagaeth is detailing a cosmogony represented symbolically by the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. This seems a strong indicator that the correct approach to the interpretation of this coded revelation has been found. And just as strong a verification is the fact that the entire Enochian system is built on the Sigillum Dei Aemeth; being literally the support for the work as symbolically expressed through the placement of sigils under each leg of the Holy Table of Practice and under the magick mirror itself.

What is being detailed as we begin to translate and decode the work is a hekalothic mythos and cosmogony of the creation of Earth and Heaven; its angels being described as the Children of Light. There is a marvelous parallel with the esoteric Buddhist prophecy as expounded by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, but more from a uniquely Western perspective. It then also becomes natural to interpret this work in terms of Liber XXX Aerum vel Saecvli Svb Figvra CCCCXVIII; The Vision & the Voice, which goes to the heart of Thelemic Doctrine as revealed to the Master Therion in his skrying to the thirty Aethyrs.
The Sigillum Dei Aemeth: Seal of God’s Truth

The letters, numbers and symbols of the SDA were dictated separately from the presentation of the image of the overall design of the seal. The dictation begins with the outer ring. It is divided into quarters with each quarter is broken into 10 pieces,1 to form 8 sets2 of 5 pieces,3 404 in total; probably connecting with the four elements of the Elemental Tablets. Each of these sections is then filled with either a letter or letter(s); or a number and a letter; starting at the top, starting with the Greek [w] Omega (with some of the A’s also being regarded as the Greek Alpha) and in a clockwise direction. The numbers associated with the letters indicated how many spaces laid between the current letter and the next. If the number was on top, the next letter was that many spaces to the right; clockwise, and if it were on the bottom, to the left (counter-clockwise). By beginning at the capitals, and working to the letters without numbers, seven names of God are formed. The names are to be pronounced without the doubling of the A's.

All the letters in the outer circle represent the first letter of a forty-lettered name for an angel. The letter Tau is found just to the right of the 12 o’clock position (under the number 4 and poorly displayed in our graphic) and is a name of God. Just past the 9 o’clock position on the outer circle is a large letter A, which is the only letter not used for godnames. From this, we can derive three names; Abora, Aaoth and Algol (the demon star), which can be set into the following symbol:



6 6
The Holy Table says that Babalon is with IAO. We can easily attribute the Beast 666 to IAO. Babalon and the Beast are the “8” elemental sections of the 40 letters of the outer rim of the SDA that give the seven names of God. And from these names, we can see that Ga as God’s seed (Galethog—one of the names of God on the SDA) becomes Thoth (the Sun god becoming the Moon god Thaoth—one of the names of God on the SDA, as shown on the following page).
Inside the heptagon are the seven lines of Table I written one line per side. These lines when reformed into a table and read, form commonly known angel's names. Inside that heptagon are the seven lines of Table II written one line per space. These lines when reformed in a table and read, form the seven angel's names which appear again in the center of the seal, around the pentacle. In and around the septacle (7 pointed star) and inner heptagon are the names of the 7 women, men, wenches and boys, formed from Table II. The inner pentacle contains the angelic names derived from Table II, with the exception of Zabathiel, which should be spelled Sabathiel.

The Letters within the points of the pentacle- Z M S N C, are the angels of the Circles of Heaven (the Hekaloth): Zedekiel, Madimiel, Semeliel, Noganiel and Corabiel. Seven of the letters are capitalized, indicating the first letters of certain concealed angelic names. To find the names of these angels, Dee was instructed to use the numbers connected with each letter. Where the number was above the letter, he was to count that many letters clockwise to find the next letter of the name; where the number was below the letter, he was to count counterclockwise. Each name ended when he reached one of the six letters without a number and seven names were produced:

Thaaoth (the Beast)
Galethog (God’s seed)

Of these seven names the angel Uriel said: "every letter containing an Angel of Brightness: comprehending the 7 inward powers of God, known to none but himself: a sufficient BOND to urge all creatures to life or death, or anything else contained in this world."

Exploring Hebrew, Greek and Enochian root etymologies can help us to assign meanings to these names as follows:
Galas +L Saturn ( a Greek name of the highest Celestial Sphere); note that in

many Semitic cosmologies, El is the first god as El means first in

Enochian. From the root GAL; relates to the concept of liberation and


Gethog +OG Jupiter (verified in Liber Tertius), OG is a famous city in the Bible

where Baal was worshiped as Jupiter, recently excavated with

many archeological-astronomical alignments. From the Arabic GT,

meaning repel the hand that helps it.

Thaoth5 A_+ Moon (form of Thoth Egyptian Moon god) A is Alpha, Aleph and

the first names in the SDA; and possibly the Hebrew Thah (limits,

circumscribes, defines).
Horlwn +H Mercury (lunar Mercury in the Monad, note the LWN as a

homonym for our Lun, lunar, lunatic, etc; Hor as a title of Horus. The Hebrew

HO relates to a binding force of nothingness to something.
Innon XE Mars, found in the Greater Key of Solomon to compel appearance. From the

root IN; ‘united manifestation’.

Aaoth T Venus (Isis, the Rosy Cross; also suggesting the Azoth of

Alchemy). From the Hebrew AAa, meaning ‘in defense of something’ and

VTh, relating to difficulty in movement.

Galethog6 +G Sun (solar Mercury, the Hieroglyphic Monad) possibly related to

Galgalim or wheels of Merkabah Qabalaism as well as to Galvah,

the mother of the Family of lights found in the SDA; and possibly also

equivalent to the idea of ‘Mother Nature’.

No mention is made of the remaining letters in the outer ring, not used to form these names. Only the last of these names appears overtly in the sigil, in the arcs immediately inside the outer ring. To each letter of "Galethog", a cross was appended to produce a set of sigil-like images; giving them an hieroglyphic or archetypal quality:

These sigils were placed, one to each arc, counterclockwise around the Sigil of Ameth; seeming to be the name of God by which the angels of the SDA are invoked. The issue here would be to figure out what the proper pronunciation of this word would be. Of these sigils Uriel said: "Those seven letters are the 7 Seats of the One and everlasting GOD. His 7 secret Angels proceding from every letter and cross so formed: referring in substance [i.e., in essence] to the FATHER: in form, to the SON: and inwardly to the HOLY GHOST."

The letters in the outermost heptagon, just inside the arcs, are derived from the names of the "Seven Angels who stand before the presence of God" listed in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Each of these names was seen, inscribed on a talisman, on the breast of a bird, with obvious alchemical symbolism. The names of these angels are written vertically in a seven-by-seven grid; in the final square is placed a cross, representing the Earth, thus:

Thus we have the Planetary Archangels of Agrippa, which it seems may be appealed to when invoking the angels of the SDA, after first appealing to the mysterious name of God noted above:

Planetary Archangel





Beholder of God



Righteous of God



Burner of God



God has Healed



Glory or Grace of God



Who is as God



God is my Strength

The remaining divine and angelic names in the Sigil are all derived, by various means, from the names of the traditional planetary archangels, which are written within and around the pentagram at the center of the Sigil. As with the above table, the derivation was only demonstrated after the names were presented; this served to demonstrate that the angels were working from knowledge not available to Dee and Kelly, and were therefore more than figments of the magicians' imaginations. The names of the planetary archangels were formed into a 7-by-7 tablet, by writing them diagonally from the upper left corner in standard cabalistic order beginning with the archangel of Saturn. The final "L" of each name was replaced in the tablet by numbers, usually appended to the preceding letter:

Reading the table in seven rows across, we get:

SAAIEME – Vivit in Caelic/He lives in Heaven

BTZKASE – Deus Noster/Our God

HEIDENE – Dux Noster/Our Commander

DEIMO.A – Hilest/This is

IMEGCBE – Lux in Aeternum/Light Forever

ILAOIVN – Finis est/It is the end

IHRLAA. – Vera est haec Tabula/This table is true
The names derived from this table, as indicated by the colored lines are:
Sabathiel – Saturn – yatbs – He who is first in works

Zedekiel – Jupiter – qdj – He who is first in attainment

Madimiel – Mars – mydmam – He who is first in expressing God

Semeliel – Sol – sms – He who is first in speed

Nogahel – Venus – hgvn – He who is first in spirit

Corabiel – Mercury – kbvb – He who is first in ecstasy

Levanael – Luna – hnvl – He who is first in the Secret Wisdom

These are essentially English transliterations of the Hebrew names of the planets with the suffix –el appended to indicate the divine and turn them into angelic names; as shown above. The seven names between the outer heptagon and the heptagram are "Names of God, not known to the Angels; neither can [they] be spoken nor read of man." They are derived from this tablet by reading the rows from left to right, and are placed in clockwise sequence around the Sigil. In the Angels' view, the derivation shown here is the reverse of the truth. Rather than the planetary angels producing these god-names, "these Names, bring forth 7 angels: the 7 Angels and Governors in the heavens next to us". Thus the Sigil, from its outer ring to its center, represents a descent of power from God into the world. Between these God-names and the Planetary Archangels in the Sigil stand four additional ranks of beings. Even though they are outside the Archangels (and therefore presumably superior to them) it seems that they are in some way the "children" of the Archangels:

Every letter of the Angels' names, bringeth forth 7 daughters. Every daughter bringeth forth her daughter, which is 7. Every daughter-her-daughter bringeth forth a son. Every son in himself, is 7. Every son has his son, and his son is 7.
The names in these groups are derived from the tablet by taking the letters diagonally as shown in the diagrams below.

The Green lines give us the names of the Daughters of Light:

El, Me, Ese, Iana, Akele, Azdobn, Stimcul
Seven women in green with hair pinned back and each with a blue tablet on her forhead, appeared in Kelly’s shewstone. These are connected with the Hyades7 star cluster in Taurus;8 representing the Vernal Equinox (the point where the Astrological ages begin).

The Gold lines give us the names of the Sons of Light (who appear to Kelly, carrying a ball of a different planetary essence as follows:

I – Gold

Ih – Silver

Ilr – Copper

Dmal – Tin

Heeoa – Iron

Beigia – Juggling Quicksilver

Stimcul – Lead
Their names are found inside the apex of the Septagon. They rule over the seven ensigns of creation and are formative angels. Each is ascribed a metal by seven youn men in white; named on a round gold tablet on their chest (The Sons of Light). Their names are on the lines of the inner septagon.
The Red lines give us the names of the Daughters of the Daughters of Light:

S, Ab, Ath, Ized, Ekei, Madimi, Esemeli

These names are the “seven little wenches” found on outer hexagon that surrounds the pentagram. Each was seen by Kelly wearing white silk robes (as Sons of Light also wore) and they had ivory square tablets on their chest. In classical mythology, the Daughters of the Daughters of light are associated with the Pleiades,9 the Daughters of Atlas and Gaia. These are attributed to particular stars in the asterism, but one is thought to be lost.

The Blue lines give us the names of the Sons of the Sons (assigned to the days of the week) rule over the Heptarchical Kings.

EL - Friday

An - Wednesday

Ave10 - Sunday

Liba - Tuesday

Rocle - Thursday

Hagon(el) - Saturday

Ilemese – Monday
Seen by Kelly wearing purple from head to toe; with hanging sleeves. Green triangles are on their breasts, bearing their names and shown on the inner septagon that surrounds the pentagram. In classical mythology, the Sons of the Sons of Light are referred to the stars of the Little Dipper.
Finally, the names of the seven planetary archangels are placed inside the innermost heptagon. The angel of Saturn, Sabathiel, surrounds the pentagram; the angel of Luna, Levanael, is wholly inside the central pentagon, surrounding the cross of Earth. The remaining names are applied to the pentagram in cabalistic order, beginning with the angel of Jupiter, Zedekiel, at the top point and going clockwise.
Love is the law, love under will.

You are chosen by God His mercy to an end and purpose. Which end shall be made manifesgt by the first beginning in the knowledge in these Mysteries. God shall make clear when it pleaseth Him, and open all the secrets of wisdom when He unlocketh. Therefore seek not to know the mysteries of this book, till the very hour that He shall call theee. For then shall His power be so full amongst you, that the flesh shall not be perceived, in respect of His great glory. [Five Books of Mystery, p. 351]
The First Leaf (1A)



  1. Rushing from the 4th Heaven11 and from the Lord of Hosts, 8 fiery angels12 bring Ave, the Son of Son of Light and foremost of God’s angels13; woe, fire pouring down over humanity14; Ga,15 the angel of the Loins of the Daughter of Light16; from the holy house,17 speaks and Semeliel, the angel of the Lord is born; the Lord of Hosts visits Daughter of Light;18 Ga the Son of the Son of Light19 awakens the eld with beautiful praises of the Lord for the Daughter of light and the Lord of Darkness Vaa, the angel of the 4 moons.20 The Daughter of Light is powerful, making the Lord to Understanding21 within the 3rd Heaven;22 being with Vaa in darkness, the 12 lights23 speaking from there, proclaiming; she who is NOT, pouring down stars from the 3rd Heaven; 3 paths24 bringing fear with strong fire; the Philosopher’s Stone25: Spirit of the Daughter of Light.


Without a doubt, the apocalyptic tone of the verse sets the tone for its interpretation. It is this same fervor that we find in Liber CDXVIII and in the analysis of the lettering of the Holy Table of Practice. This is the Merkabic vision that brings its fever from the skies and new Gnosis to humanity; the very nature of Liber Loagaeth and its stated purpose by Dee and Galvah. Overall in the verse, there seems to be an allusion to the psycho-spiritual process described by the Court Cards of the Holy Tarot; as if this was a description of the mystery of creation. Crowley describes the Court Cards in this manner:

What, then, are the Court Cards? This question involves another aspect of the system of development. What was the first mental process? Obliged to describe Nothing, the only way to do so without destroying its integrity was to represent it as the union of a Plus Something with an equivalent Minus Something. One may call these two ideas, the Active and Passive, the Father and Mother. But although the Father and Mother can make a perfect union, thereby returning to Zero, which is a retrogression, they can also go forward into Matter, so that their union produces a Son and a Daughter. The idea works out in practice as a method of describing how the union of any two things produces a third thing which is neither of them.
Involving the angels of light in the verse then carries a specific undertone. These angels also appear inside the mysterious words of the document with some consistency. When all possible word fragments are isolated, often as is shown in the Translation below, the remaining single and double letters form a consistent reference to the Angels of Light. Perhaps even, we may obtain a further clue to their nature. Again referencing Crowley from the Book of Thoth:
[The Court Cards] are primarily sub-Elements, parts of the "Blind Forces" under the Demiourgos, Tetragrammaton. Their rulers are the Intelligences, in the Yetziratic world, who go to form the Schemhamphorasch. Nor is even this Name, "Lord of the Universe" though it be, truly Divine.
The loins of the Daughter of Light is the night sky itself; NUIT. Also, consistent with the reference to NUIT and validating this interpretation, the word NOT appears; being the Key to Liber AL vel Legis, along with several appearances of the number 31 in the translation of the words of this verse. Such recursive and subtle inner clues inside the words made this a numinous document.

The Monad -- only the emanation and reflection of the Point (Logos) in the phenomenal World -- becomes, as the apex of the manifested equilateral triangle, the "Father." The left side or line is the Duad, the "Mother," regarded as the evil, counteracting principle (Plutarch, De Placitis Placitorum); the right side represents the Son ("his Mother's husband" in every Cosmogony, as one with the apex); at the basic line is the Universal plane of productive Nature, unifying on the phenomenal plane Father-Mother-Son, as these were unified in the apex, in the supersensuous World.  By mystic transmutation they became the Quaternary -- the triangle became the TETRAKTIS.

The above quote from Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine also describes the theme of the Court Cards. Further, we begin to get an understanding of the ‘evil’ nature of Babalon; consistent with themes brought up in the Enochian material of Dee & Kelly as much as by Crowley’s skrying of the Aethyrs. This connects with the Nephilitic theme and the descent of the angels to Earth.
The Daughter of Light in Binah, lays with her lover, Vaa and creates the night sky (the N.O.X.). All the stars created. She manifests on the Earth plane as the Scarlet Whore; giving birth to humanity. Creation evolves from the top, moving down, though humanity rises to perfection. For each new advance, the holographic archetype26 is placed into the collective consciousness of the race.27

Fervently unto the 4th Heaven and unto the Lord of Hosts 8 Angels ( of ) /Vessels


not from God Ave, Son of Light woe [these angels] are with Joy mortal fire pouring down


the angel Ga Angels ( of ) /Vessels of the loins of the Daughter of Light therefore, the holy house


speaks and Semeliel, the angel of the Lord within her is born; the Sun of God


visits the Daughter of light the angel Ga28 the Son of Son of Light, unto the eld[ers] with beautiful praises


of the Holy Lord of Hosts for the Daughter of Light the Lord of Darkness Vaa, the angel


Being of the 4 Moons. The Daughter of Light is powerful making the Lord to Understanding


within the 3rd Heaven being with Vaa in darkness the 12 lights speaking from there, proclaiming


She who is NOT, pouring down with hosts of the Lord (stars) from the 3rd Heaven, with three paths


Bringing fear with strong fire, the Philosopher’s Stone Spirit of the Daughter of Light.


This word has the identical root with the word ZURAH, which means fervently, with humility. We could then suppose ESK to be a suffix. The ES means the 4th with K meaning: of, unto , with, o, oh. KA means therefore. We then get fervently of the 4th; suggesting the 4th Heaven or Atziluth; consistent with apocalyptic literature.



Choices for this are numerous; the A is a prefix, meaning with; DA means there & DE means of with D meaning 3rd; the P (Pe) is the Enochian B30 (also the number 8) and the H gives us NA, meaning the Lord of Hosts. We can get from this, of the Lord of Hosts; showing some consistency with the English word, Adept.

This seems to be a shortened spelling of the word MALS, which is the name of the Enochian letter P and means 8 and seems to be implicit in ADAPH and ADEPH.


The word has a phonetic similarity to the words ZIZA, the name of the Kerubic Angel ( of ) and ZIZOP, meaning vessels.


GE means not or is not; N again, is NA, meaning the Lord of Hosts and O means 5 or this. In the text, it is translated: from the Lord of Hosts.


This word clearly suggests Ave, the Son of the Son of Light;31 connected with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth.


This word seems to have the same root as MARB, meaning according; the ending has similarities to LANG, meaning ministering angels or it can be broken down to give us LA, meaning the first and N, the Lord of Hosts.


This seems to be the root of the word OHIO, which means woe.


MUZ seems phonetically equivalent to MOZ, meaning joy and MOZOD, meaning joy of God; M means except or of; Z means they; ZA means name of angel.


AG means no or none; IOD seems a shortened form of IOIAD, meaning Him that lives forever. We can then take the word to somehow mean someone not living forever or mortal.



These two words both appear in the verse. Similar words found in the dictionary are PANLI, being the name of the Servient Angel ( of ) and PANPIR, meaning pouring down; all sharing the same root: PAN. From this we can take it to mean fire pouring down.33 The GE in PANGEPI means not or is not and the PI means peace or she.

This word means 3134 and is also the name of an angel.


GA again, is 31 and MPH is a god name of the Water Tablet; E again, means Daughter of Light35 and DAX means loins; Putting all the elements together, we get a larger concept: [the] watery loins of the Daughter of Light.


CA means therefore, PE is the Enochian B spelled in full and NI means holy; together we get the phrase: therefore, the house36 is holy.


This word, especially with the letters in parentheses seems like a variant on GOHOL, which means say or says the first. It’s translated in the text as speaks.


SEMEL is the root of Semeliel, Angel of Sol; AB means Daughter of Light, and UGEN means becomes or waxes or grows strong. The aggregate of the letters presents the phrase: Semeliel, the angel of the Lord37 is made strong by the Daughter of Light.


DON is the Enochian letter R spelled in full. In Hebrew, this is R attributed to the Sun; our Lord; K translates as of, unto, with, o, oh; and NA is the Enochian letter H and also translates as the Lord of Hosts or Trinity. The DON could be transliterated as the English R and the NA into the English H with the K into the English K; giving us an anagram for RHK (Ra-Hoor-Khuit). We have here then a word translating as Sun of God (not Son of God), which might be said to be the solar rays (as is RHK) with the Unknown God as its hidden power.


F translates as visit or visit us; IAN is the root of IANA, meaning Daughter of Light. This is used in the text to mean she is visited upon. The use of the word us is also interesting; reminiscent of the Elohim in Genesis.


VRAN means the elders; K again, is of, unto, with, o, oh; and AN translates as Son of Son of Light (Mercury). This Son of Son of Light is one of the Nephilim; his parents being the Anunaki. Perhaps we could say that his force today, is the spirit of the planet Mercury or one of its subservient spirits.


VR seems to be the root of VRBS, meaning beautiful and PREZ has a strong similarity to PRIAZ, meaning those; as well as having a strong similarity to PRAF, meaning Dwell. Also, REZ seems to have something in common with REST, meaning praise. At least one E sits by itself, suggesting again, the Daughter of Light. This becomes: with beautiful praises.


AR means that; using the X as a + sign, the E represents again, the Daughter of Light. In the verse, it is used as a prepositional phrase: for the Daughter of Light.


This is the same as DRUN; the letter F spelled in Full.


TA means as, R again, is the Sun and DE means of; MAH is the root of MAHORELA, meaning the dark heavens. Together we get: As the Lord of Darkness.


This is a variant of VAA; the name of an angel.


T means it or also and Z means they; ES means 4th with T being it again, and finally, S means 4th or Daughter of Light. With the 4 being the predominant theme here, it is translated as: being of the 4.


GRA is the root of GRAA, meaning moon followed by P, which means 8;38 and GRAP seems a variant spelling of the letter E, which equals 7. The following A is a prefix meaning with; though it is not in proper position unless considered to be situated before D, which means third. Overall, GRAA was used with the idea of PAD making it a plural; translating the word as moons.


This word begins the second sentence of this two-sentence verse. The Z means they, the E is the Daughter of Light and D means third. Translated in the text as the Daughter of Light, a possible translation might also be the third Daughter of Light.


UN is the Enochian A spelled in full and BA is the root of the word BAB, meaning power. As A is the prefix that means with, the word is translated with power.


D means the third and OM means to know, understand or the understanding. IOL could be a root for IOIAD, meaning him that lives forever. Breaking that down, the I means is and OL means I, 24, make or I made. The word is translated as making the Lord to Understanding.39


A here, is in its prefix position, meaning with and the following DE means of. POA is the root of the word palace and the final D means third. The word is translated as a phrase: within the third heaven.40


CHI is the root of the word CHIS, meaning are; E by itself again, is Daughter of Light; the UA is VAA, the name of an angel; and the C means of, unto, on, with, o, oh. This gives us the reference to the Daughter of Light in the translated phrase; she being with VAA.


This is the root of the word MAHORELLA, meaning Dark Heavens. It is used as a preposition: in darkness.


OS is the number 12; HE can be seen as a root for HECOA, the Son of Light (or ); HE can also be the root for the word HAATH, meaning works. In the text, it was translated as: the 12 lights.


DA means there, though it could be the root of DAPI; servient angel ( of ). The PH could also be considered as PI, phonetically, giving us place or she. H by itself is NA; the Lord of Hosts. The P then by itself is the number 8 and also reflective of P, meaning mouth and 10x8.


ON means made or built and the I means is; the X connects this to DAR, giving us DA, which means there and R, being again R, meaning Our Lord. The regal nature of the final letter, added to the rough phrase that literally translates as made is there, and coming from the vocalization in the word that precedes it in the text, it becomes a proclamation that is built up; elevating the nature of the vocalization.


A, again, is in its prefix position, meaning with and DAM is the root of DAMPLOY, meaning variety; DA by itself also means there. The final is H, meaning Lord of Hosts; together the letters saying with various gods; interpreted as stars.41


GE means not or is not; MED, being the Enochian O spelled in full (the O itself meaning this) gives us: ME, Daughter of Light and D, meaning third. SOL is the root of SOLPETH, which means hearken unto. Altogether the word translates as the prepositional phrase: from the third heaven.


D means third and IN is the root of the word INSI, meaning walk or walks. OX is the number 26 with A being a vowel, becoming just an adder to the word that makes the number; or you might consider it a suffix. In the text the word is translated as three paths.


HOX is the root of the word HOXMARCH, meaning fear with P again being 8 and reminiscent of P; here, giving us an allusion to the Tower Atu, we add OR, which is the Enochian F spelled in full; pronounced ‘orh’, which as ORH is the name of a spirit. The idea presents itself as: inspiration of fear and falling; using it as bringing fear in the text.

A again works as the prefix meaning with and D again is third. PU works into PUGO, meaning as unto; PUIM, meaning sharp or sickles; PURGEL, meaning fire. The N then is again, the Lord of Hosts. Lord and Fire are obvious equivalents; so we can take PUN together as a variant on the root of PURGEL. The idea of sharp in PU gives us the idea of it being a strong fire. AD then works together to be a variant on the prefix.


The word is the root of DARR; the Philosopher’s Stone.


GA is again 31 and spirit or spirits. ME is Daughter of Light and S means 4th or Daughter of Daughter of Light. Together this is translated as Spirit of the Daughter of Light.


2. Ecstasy, God’s wrath—the divine light emanating unto the highest heaven; being the Scepter of the Daughter of Daughter of Light will indwell and gathering all unto the eternal cry42 they manifest 8 made by you43, govern the 22 paths of the spirit with the Daughter of Light, receives the 26;44 the Son of Light joins the Daughter of Light45 from the Lord of Hosts; unite to become a thousand angels46. The Daughter of Daughter of light descended of God across many.47 The ruler of the Earth, the 12 constellations. [I will] give in secret appearance one who is cornered48 wherefore, ye are cursed choose to keep this seed of generatio49n manifest possess, praises one who resides in the skie50s visits the Holy Spirit, also in them the 22 by 4 leaves the 4 faces of God; being the angelic Children of the Light.51
Having translated the lettering of the Holy Table of Practice after the completion of the first paragraph of this prophecy and after having found a marvelous synchronicity between the two, we might suppose that the present paragraph then begins a new line of thought. However, it seems that the catechism of all the letters of the Holy Table of Practice (including the Table of 12) and the letters of the Lamen52 informs the interpretation of this paragraph as well as the first; and perhaps for all of Liber Logaeth.

The 88 Letters of the Perimeter

This is Ga making the Son of Son of Light; destroying the Prince,53 the first changing one and making the Sons of Son of Light. The archetypal man, the Daughter of Light possess the partakers54. Substantial, this in mourning the 8; except BABALON with IAO.55

The Tablet of Union garland 12 constellations holy; made the Daughter of Light into the archetypal man56 Visit us spirit of the Sun, Ga57, Guardian of the subtle body to charge the first inner essence.58
As a commentary, Ga is the Enochian Entity claiming to be the conductor of that transformative force that is the Prince or Tiharaeth. At Tiphareth is the archetype of humanity individualized into the partakers that God transformed into originally as Kether. This is the ONE become the ALL as outlined in Liber LXV. The 8 angels of the Lord of Hosts from the 4th Heaven are the theme of the First Leaf translation (the only Liber Loagaeth translation done to date). Next to these we are introduced to the concept of BABALON with IAO or the beginning.
The Letters of the Lines of the Table of 12
This is the completed work that God changes into man.
The Letters of the Columns of the Table of 12
The Initiation unto the heart of the Sun59 is fulfilled by the Goddess.60
The Letters of the Lamen

The milk of the stars about the ecliptic was reflected into creation. By inertia I made holy your first thought. Immediately the eight Daughters of Light appear before us. Which world without end, the first of the Daughters of Light traverses the East with the holy Son of Son of Light.61

The “divine light” is an amalgam of ‘the Universal Mind’ with ‘the Trinity (or cross of Light)’ as found in the translation. We might glean from this that the light of mind or enlightenment is self-knowledge (Gnosis). The “treasure” that is the “22 paths of the spirit” seems to refer to the Hebrew Alphabet and the Tree-of-Life, which is itself a glyph of immortality. The “4 faces” are then the Four Worlds (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah & Assiah) of the Qabalah; representative of the journey from the Archetypal to material manifestation, as detailed in the letters of the perimeter of the Holy Table of Practice. That this all ties into the Starry Gnosis is displayed by calling God “the ruler of the Earth 12 galaxies” and continuing with the theme of the 12 lights and 4 moons of the first paragraph.
Overall, through a tangled series of symbols; almost dreamlike or surreal in tone and timber, a story of involution that details a concurrent evolutionary cosmogony is being told. Approaching this on the word of Galvah, this is the most ancient rendering of the myth of creation; being from “the beginning” or the ‘zep tepi’ (first time) of the ancient Egyptians. The “seed” is the antient light, the Word or Gnosis brought down from the archetypal involution of God into manifestation.

The evolutionary cosmogony of the Children of Light; the Daughter of Light, Son of Light, Daughter of Daughter of Light and Son of Son of Light is being presented in this restoration of the most ancient knowledge of our race. We can expect to see our inheritance is innately divine; something that would have scared the superstitious Christism of Dee and Kelly, as their discovery of Babalon later produced in them. An interesting key here is in the “thousand angels.” This shows a corollary with the Adam Kadmon that is the platonic ideal or archetypal form of humanity; the fragmented Universal Mind and collective souls of our race. This is equivalent to the Hindu ‘Purusha’ that is the individual mind that animates ‘prakriti’ that like the Adam Kadmon is the “man with a thousand heads and a thousand eyes” in the Rig Veda.


Ecstasy the wrath of God the Universal Mind this Lord of Hosts, Trinity


not remaining in the place Mighty or powerful soul; highest soul; highest heaven


the Sceptor of the Daughter of Daughter of Light will indwell coagula, gathering all unto


the eternal cry they manifest 8 made by you govern 22 paths of the spirit with, in


the Daughter of Light receives the 26 the Son of Light joins the Daughter of Light


From the Lord of Hosts unite become a thousand angels.


The Daughter of Daughter of light descends descended of God across


variation. The ruler of the Earth’s 12 constellations. [I will] give in secret


appearance one who is cornered wherefore ye are cursed choose, choice keep this,5


seed generation manifest possess praises one who resides in the skies visits


Holy Spirit also in them the 22 by 4 leaves the 4th the face angelic Children of the Light



IH is the Son g of Light (Luna or Mercury) followed by E, the Daughter of Light and then, HV, which is the root for words referring to Lamp; suggesting enlightenment of the biune soul. This is followed by S, the Daughter of Light and finally, CH, the root of the words for rejoices as well as ‘are/shall be.’ Connecting the first three sets of letters with the Daughter of Light and rejoicing being gives the idea of joyful dissolution or ecstasy.


GRO is the root of the word that means: sting or bitter sting and NA is the first part of the hyphenated name of the letter H (Na-Hath); meaning ‘Lord of Hosts, Trinity.’ With the final letter X, having no meaning, we are left with DO. The root of the letter Don (the Enochian letter R) spelled in full, which is the root for ‘Hell Fire’ and the word for ‘Sun of God.’ Together we can induce from these the idea of the wrath of God.


ARD is the root for the Sephirotic Cross of Air and EN is the root for ‘the Lord.’ The Universal (Lord) Mind (Air/Yetzirah) seems to be the theme of this conjunction of roots.


this, 5 (as found in the lexicon)


Lord of Hosts, Trinity (as found in the Lexicon)


GE is ‘not’ with RPA giving us a more complex approach to a solution. The R and A standing outside or around the P create the word ‘east.’ The PA gives us the root of the word ‘remain.’ Together these present the idea of remaining in the East, which is the place of light (light also referring to the Trinity, as found in the previous word); leading us to the final letters of this word, LO, which are the root of the word for place. Hence, not remaining in this place is an appropriate translation.


M is the Daughter of Light and ECA is the root of the words: mightier, power, in-power and mighty. S translates as 4th and also the Daughter of Daughter of Light, as SMA is the root of the phrase: its representative. And MAN is the root of the phrases ‘in the mind’ and ‘the subtle body.’ The 4th body being the archetypal or atzilutic body, when coagulating the various meanings of these terms, gives the idea of a mighty or powerful soul; highest soul; highest heaven


The first four letters VAND, are translated as ‘wand.’ The first of the letters has no meaning in itself, but the second two translate as ‘Son of Son of Light, Mercury’ and the last three, being a Part in ZOM suggest the Maguus of the Tarot. The last three letters, RES, are the root of the word ‘praise,’ with the fourth letter translating as ‘4th, Daughter of Daughter of Light.’ Together the word can be rendered as the Scepter of the Daughter of Daughter of Light.


OR give us the Enochian letter F; spelled in full and that means ‘visit, visit us.’ The DA translate as ‘there.’ Together, these can be drawn to mean ‘will indwell.’


BEVE is the root of the names for various angels in the lexicon, with the final E being the Daughter of Light; almost suggesting the Tetragrammaton, but perhaps one of the Goddess. The V has no meaning in itself (as does the B) and seems to connect the first two letters with the final E. The second set of letters, GJAH, starts with the GJ, a connector that translates as ‘with’ followed by AH, the root of the names of two Seniors. The Seniors have a male character and this four-lettered root being more feminine in nature, we get the idea of a biune angelic being or archetype. However, the G also has no meaning in itself and may be a connector for the J, which can be translated as the ‘Son of Light.’ JA is the root for various names and titles of God as well as being the root for: burn, burning flame, flaming, beginning; these all being easily referenced to notions of God. And it may also be the root for the Daughter of the Light. Overall, there is the involution of God creating the fire of the alembic that is the method of the alchemical operation, coagula and reminiscent of the Art Atu. Gathering all might even be a rendering of this, including gathering the ALL.


The N has no meaning in and of itself, but the O and Z are quite interesting; both separately and in combination. The O means ‘this’ (or ‘5’) and the Z means ‘they.’ Together they form the root of the terms: ‘make me’ and ‘make us.’ This gives the idea of conducting; to make me to sit down would be to bring or conduct me unto a seat.


PL is the root of the words: ‘partakers’ and ‘as many’ and PLI is the root of the word ‘always.’ The G, having no meaning in itself acts as a connector; perhaps even a silent G (as in English) for the NA that follows and that is translated as the Lord of Hosts. The SE at the end of the word translate as ‘mourning’ or ‘cry.’ Taking all this in we deduce the eternal cry; almost as a reference to Nuit’s cry from AL:I.53—“ever To me! To me.”


Z means ‘they’ and AM gives us the words: yourselves, fastened, I fastened, cursed and I begin anew; overall, giving the impression of incarnation and together with the Z means they manifest. The P gives us 8 (the 8 initial spirits; those of the 7 planets and the invisible one behind them). ON is ‘made, built’ and ONO is the root of the word ‘you;’ together giving the idea ‘you made.’ Note again, the N has no meaning in itself; so that we finalize this as: they manifest 8 made by you.


ANE means ‘government, in government’ and PH is the root of the word ‘give’; giving us to govern or govern.


OP means 22 and HA is the root of the word ‘works.’ Is the root of the title: Lord of Hosts (several words; coming from our own translations), and though also, we get the words: much glory, can, obedience, within the 3rd Heaven, face, Fire of Fire, cast down, unspeakable and mount, we choose to see the spiritual dimension connected with the 22 paths 22 paths of the spirit


with, in (as found in the lexicon)


MED is the Enochian Letter ‘O’ (Med) spelled in full, which can be translated as ‘this’ or ‘5’. The ME translates as Daughter of Light and the ED is the root of the name of the King of the Fire Tablet as well as the words ‘receive’ and ‘as receivers.’ The final OX translates as 26. This gives us: the Daughter of Light receives the 26.


MA means ‘God’ and MAR is the root of the title: Son of Light. UN is the Enochian letter ‘A’ (Un) spelled in full and can either be the preposition ‘in’ or ‘with.’ The final E is the Daughter of the Light; clearly showing the translation as: the Son of Light joins the Daughter of Light.


The first three letters are the root of the phrase: ‘from the Lord of Hosts’ and the remaining A translates as ‘in, with’; basically showing us another form of the same phrase: from the Lord of Hosts (with).


The first three letters are at the root of the word ‘balance,’ with the final S meaning: 4th or Daughter of Daughter of Light. As the Daughter of Daughter of Light is the fourth in the sequence of the Court Cards (psychic forces), it is she who awakens the eld of the King (Son of Light); a sequence that started with the Son of Light in his mating with the Daughter of Light to produce the Son of Son and the Daughter of Daughter of Light. And so this word is translated as unite; denoting their union and/or the psychic integration that is enlightenment.


Become (as found in the lexicon)

DAS is the root of the name of the Serviant Angel—Fire of Water and MAT is the root of the word ‘thousand.’ Hence is derived: a thousand angels.


VO is the root of the Sephirotic Cross—Earth of Fire; ORT is the root of the Enochian letter ‘F’ (Orth) spelled in full and meaning: ‘visit, visit us’; M has no meaning in and of itself; T means ‘it, also’; all finalized with S—4th, or Daughter of Light. The root of the Sephirotic Cross deals suggests the materialistic expression of spirit (Earth of Fire) or the idea of descent; translating the word as: the Daughter of Daughter of light descends.


The MA translates as ‘God’ and the GE as ‘not’ with GET being the root of the phrase: ‘get out of him.’ We can readily synthesize from this, the phrase: descended of God.


The A gives us ‘in, with’ followed by DEU, which form the root of the word ‘angle.’ The final NE translates as holy. The holy angle and ‘with’ or ‘in’ it is the Cross and so with the hyphen to say literally in-holy angle; as a movement, the movement can be described as: across.


The DAMP translate as ‘variety’ and with the H on the end having no meaning in itself, it simply gives us a variant on this word; being various.


NA is the first part of the Enochian letter ‘H’ spelled in full and means ‘trinity.’ The form the name of the Serviant Angel Earth of Earth that connected with the trinity (the holy angle) or the godhead, we derive the angel’s capacity as The ruler of the Earth.


12 (as found in the lexicon)


With the V having no meaning, the next three form a Part in ZOM, with the third letter D meaning ‘third.’ The next two letters EM, can be translated as 9 (the E being the Daughter of Light and the meaning 9 or except). Adding the 9 to the quality of 3 (translating the D) we get 12, of which this word follows. The next two letters IN, is the root of the words: walk, walks; become, they are become. And as walking is the pose the Egyptian gods take to symbolize becoming (and with the hand pointing forward), we can translate these two letters as ‘become.’ The next two letters form the root of the name of the Serviant Angel Earthof Earth and are also the name of a PART in PAZ. The final two letters are the root of the name of the Sephirotic Cross Fire of Water; also, Daughter of Daughter of Light, girdles, your girdles. We might see in this the Daughter of Light becomes the Daughter of Daughter of Light; the latter being the 12 sacred constellations.


ORO is a god-name of the Air Tablet and also the root of the word ‘underneath.

PHA is the root off the word ‘give, I will give’ and also the name of an angel. This is readily translated as: [I will] give in secret.

VO is the root of the name of the Sephirotic Corss Earth of Fire and the OR means ‘appear [before us], visit us. The word is then translated as: appearance.


MINO is the root of the work ‘corner, the corners,’ DA means ‘there’ and L means ‘first, all one, of the first.’ The word is then translated as: one who is cornered.


AMOX form the root off the word, ‘cursed’ (the V having no meaning) and DAS giving the root of the word ‘wherefore;’ giving us: wherefore ye are cursed.


This is the Enocian letter ‘Q’ (Ger) spelled in full, wich means ‘or.’ As this word is the expansion of the letter, we are then rendering the word to mean: choose, choice


This is the root of the word ‘remain’; translated as keep.


this, 5 (as found in the lexicon)

DAX is the root of the word ‘loins’ and ZUM is the root of the word ‘seas.’ Together, we get the idea of semen and hence, the word seed.


BAN is the root of the names: Kerubic Angel Water of Fire and 1st ministerof Saturn. ZE is the Daughter of Light and S means ‘4th, Daughter of Daughter of Light. Taking the two words of the suffix and crowning them angelically (the prefix), gives the of generation.


OR means ‘appear, appear before us’ and DA means there with the final N having no meaning. ‘Appearing there’ gives the impression of being made manifest.


M means ‘except, of, 9’ and A means ‘in, with.’ From this the idea of ownership (‘of’ for the first letter and ‘with’ for the second) we find the verb possess.


P is ‘8’ and RES is the root of the verb ‘praise, that you may praise him. From this we get the active tense: praises


UM means ‘called, named,’ followed by BL, being the root of various words for comfort. OS means ‘12’ and DA means ‘there.’ With the 12 indicating the sky, ‘comfort+there gives the idea of residence, hence one who resides in the skies.


VO is the root of the name Sephirotic Cross Earth of Fire and RX means ‘visit, visit us; giving us the active verb: visits.


NA means “lord of Hosts, Trinity’ and DON is the Enochian letter ‘R’ spelled in full, as well as being the root of the words for ‘Sun of God’ and ‘hell-fire.’ Of the Trinity, the part associated with fire is the Holy Spirit.


PAR means ‘in them’ and T means ‘it, also. Putting the two together, we get: also in them.


OP means 22, HE is the root of the words: ‘Son of Light’ and ‘in ours’ and S means ‘4th. Taking the numbers connected by ‘in [ours]’ the word is translated as: the 22 by 4.


UND is the root of the word: ‘the rest, the remainder’ and ES means ‘4th. This gives us: leaves the 4th.


This is the root of the word ‘face, the faces’; but interestingly enough, the ON as English letters (ON) is a name of God and the entire word in English letters (Adon) is the name of God before the Hebrews took on Jehovah; Adon being also the root of Adonai and readily translating this word as: the face of God.


GA means ’31, spirits, the 5th angel, make, with’ and NE means ‘holy.’ The BUS is the root of the word ‘glory.’ Adding holiness to glory and angel gives us the adjective: angelic.


IH is the Son of Light, E is the Daghter of Light and HU is the root of the word ‘lamp, lamps.’ D means ‘3rd’ and Z means they. The 3rd lamp would be their child and the ‘they’ gives a plural idea; hence, Children of the Light.

3. Palce duxma ge na dem oh elog da ved ge ma fedes o ned a tha lepah nes din. Ihehudétha dan vangem onphe dabin oh nax palse ge dah maz gem fatesged oh mal dan gemph naha Lax ru lutúdah ages nagel osch. macom adeph a dosch ma handa.


All is in the one body of God not the Lord of Hosts who is a separate woe62 foremost there threefold flame of spirit and does not possess the God that indwelleth the Universe; this Holy Trinity in their places keep the same Tetragrammaton angle of God.63 The fixed stars being the threefold will of heaven begotten of Logos woe spirit of God64 being a raging fire is not thrice the 6th Aethyr from the third heaven, unto involution woe65 8 the Son66 yields the glory of God ‘Lax’ angel of the East thrice great67 without the 4th the Lord of Hosts is self-begotten are 12.68 Encompass unto the Lord of Hosts of the night possess the seed of God.


By naming MAZ, this paragraph presents the 6th Aethyr as a key to its translation and understanding. It is said to be from the “third heaven,” which suggests a Merkabic arrangement amongst the Aethyrs. Since an Aethyr cannot be multiplied (an absurd consideration), “thrice the 6th Aethyr” or ‘thrice MAZ’ makes no sense. But we can connect “the spirit of God being a raging fire is not thrice” and show that God, which is NOT—thrice as in the three-fold veil of the negative; Ain Soph Aur.

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