A bug’s life (1999) Kids Cuisine. 6 card set; Tattoo cards came one per kids cuisine frozen dinner; 2 Tatto’s per card

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A BUG’S LIFE (1999) Kids Cuisine. 6 card set; Tattoo cards came one per kids cuisine frozen dinner; 2 Tatto’s per card;

3 / 4 “Unknown” • 11 / 12 “Unknown”
A BUG’S LIFE / EL CAPITAN THEATRE SWEEPSTAKES (1998) Disney / Pixar Films. 1-card set; given away by Disney at a Mall Tour; tri-fold card which mentions a grand re-opening of the El Capitan Theatre and explains a contest; part of the card is an entry form; 7.5 x 4; comes in a cello wrap and includes a small plastic magnifying glass
ACTION STAND (1998) US Forces. 1-card set; given out at shows; n.n. (photo of Stormtroopers action figures ); 4. 25 x 5.5; promotes a product to display action figures
ACTS OF VENGEANCE CHECKLIST (1989) Marvel Comics. Set number n.k.; given out at shops; promotes comic books; 3 7/8 x 2.25

• n.n. “Damage Control” (made to look like a business card); no art, text only
ADVENTURE GIRL (2000) Stephanie Michaels. 1-card set; show promo; given out at the 2000 San Diego Comics Con

Comic Trading Card #1

ADVENTURES OF KC (2000)Conagra Brands Inc. 4 card set; 6 sided pop-out style cards; came one per Kids Cuisine Kids Meal;

4 of 4 "Unknown"

ADVENTURES OF HERCULES / XENA (1998) New-U Studios, LLC. 1-card set; source n.k.; promotes both television shows; card is 3 x 3, round cornered, and has perforated sections intended for making the card a box; the front has Hercules saying “Help!!!” and Xena saying “Can’t those two...”

ADVENTURES IN ‘TOON WORLD (1993) Upper Deck. 1-card set; dealer promo; n.n.; blank back; 11 x 8.5

(four card images, each image 2 1/8 x 1 7/8)

AEGIS ENTERTAINMENT, INC. (1998) Self published. 4-card set; given out at the 1998 San Diego ComiCon; n.n.; black and white drawings; blank back; 5 x 7; promotes comic books

• “Astro City”; by Alex Ross • “Tom Strong”; by Chris Sprouse • “Top Ten”; by Gene Ha • “WildC.A.T.s”; by Travis Charest
AFRAID OF THE BEAR (1996) Gothic, Ltd. 1-card set; source n.k.; 5 3/8 x 7.25; signed by artist John Malloy and numbered out of 100 copies
ALADDIN WORLD ON ICE (Year n.k.) Kenneth Feld. 12 card set; Australian Food issue; 2 x 2.5; purple bordered with contest information on back

3 “Unkown” • 4 “Unknown” 8 “Unknown” • 9 “Unknown” • 10 “Unknown” • 12 “Unknown”
ALIENS / PREDATORS : DEADLIEST OF SPECIES (1993) Dark Horse Comics. 1-card set; show promo; art by John Bolton; same image as Aliens / Predator Checklist; postcard; 5 x 7.75
ALL-STAR TOON-UPS BASEBALL (1991) Toon-ups. Set number is n.k.; sent to dealers; artists are n.k.; marked “Promotional” on back

• n.n. “Tina Colada” • n.n. “Dusty Bottoms” • n.n. “Willy Makitt”
ALL-STAR TOON-UPS FOOTBALL (1991) Toon-ups. Set number is n.k.; sent to dealers; artists are n.k.; marked “Promotional” on back

• n.n. “Ty Mount” • n.n. “Thor Luzer’ • n.n. “Bud Oxx”“Andy Skorz”

ALPHA FLIGHT (1999) Toy Biz. 3 card set; Came one per action figure; lenticular; comic art;

3 of 3 “Snowbird and Puck”
AMERICAN BEAUTY (1999) Dream Works LLC. 1-card set; show promo; promotes the release of the movie; photo; 4.25 x 6

n.n.; back has a review from The New York Times; card has a tattoo stapled to the front

AMERICAN PIE (1999) Universal Pictures. 2-card set; source n.k.; promotes the movie

• n.n.; 4 x 6 • n.n.; card front is the Universal Pictures logo; card back is a black and white photo; serves as a two-person movie pass; 4 x 9
AMERICAN VINTAGE CYCLES SERIES 1 (Year n.k.) Champs. Set number n.k.; Given to dealers; each card is tamped with gold foil “Champs Dealer Promo Card”

87 “Unknown” • 97 “Unknown” • 99 “Unknown” • 18 “1933 Indian 4 Cylinder”

**The following are 2-card strips; 7 x 2.5

• (19, 99) • (71, 87) • (80, 39)

AMERICAN VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES SERIES II (1993) Skybox. Set number n.k.; sent to dealers; photos; each has a gold foil stamp on front saying “Skybox Prototype Card”

2-card strip; both cards the same ("FC-2 Kenny Lofton"); all foil; back hand-stamped "Unfinished Skybox Prototype"
AMERICANA (1992) Starline. 8-card set; sent to dealers; each marked “Prototype” on back; photos

• #3 “America on the Moon” • #5 “Robt E. Lee” • #30 “MacArthur”

AMISH LIFE AND HERITAGE (1992) GNM Sportscards. 1-card set; sent to dealers; n.n. “Paradise Found”; photo; marked “Prototype” on back; card also numbered out of 1,000 on back

ANGEL SEASON ONE (2000) Inkworks. Set number n.k.; photos

• AP-3 (face shot); back says “Cards Inc.” and provides an address; distributed in England

ANGEL SEASON TWO (2000) Inkworks. Set number n.k.; photos

• AL-1 (hands in pockets); inserted one per box of Angel Series One
ANGELA (1994) Image Comics. 1-card set; show promo; given out at the 1994 San Diego Comic Con; the top of the card reads “Coming in December...”; blank back; art by Greg Capullo; promotes a comic book; 10 3/8 x 8
ANGELA’S ASHES (1999) Paramount Pictures. 4-card set; source n.k.; n.n.; photos; 2 2/8 x 7 2/8

• (tounge sticking out) • (sitting in chair) • (mother and child) • (father and child)
ANIMAL MYSTIC (no year) Sirius. 2-card set; show promo; n.n.; art by Dark One; both cards have identical fronts with different backs; card is also a window decal; 3 7/8 x 5 7/8

• “Klor”; postcard back • “Klor”; blank back
ANIME VILLAGE COLLECTIBLE POSTCARD (2000) Anime Village. 6-card set; given out at the 2000 San Diego Comic Con; promotes Japanese Animation; 5 x 7; postcard

#2 “Brain Powered”

ANXST (2000) Anxst. 2-card set; show promo; promotes a web-comic; blank back;art by Beda; 4.25 x 6

• “Yuck!” • “Zeke & Goulash”
APE VI (1999) Alternative Press Expo. 1-card set; sent to mailing list members; promotes a trade show, Alternative Press Expo 6; 4 x 6

n.n.; black and white art

APOLLO 25TH ANNIVERSARY (1994) Liftoff. 1-card set; back marked “Promo Card”; card front uses same image as illustrated card in Space Shots (see seperate listing)

• n.n. “America’s Spirit of Adventure”
ARMAGEDDON 2001 CHECKLIST (1991) DC Comics. 1-card set; given out at shops; n.n.; 2 5/8 x 4
ART OF JOE DEVITO (no year) Dynamic Forces. 1-card set; source n.k.; art by Joe DeVito; back marked “Prototype” numerous times
ART OF MAGIC, THE (1997) Atlas Games. 1-card set; show promo; promotes a book; blank back; 3 5/8 x 5.75
ARTHUR (1998) WGBH. 8-card set; inserted one per 6-pack of Juicy Juice drink-boxes; n.n.; fronts marked “Juicy Juice”; 2 x 3.

• “Arthur” • “Baby Kate” • “Buster” • “D.W.” • “Francine” • “Muffy” • “The Brain”
ASH PHONECARDS (1995-96)Dynamic Entertainment. Set number n.k.; sources n.k.; 2.25 x 3 3/8; round corners; art by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti; says "Prototype" on back.

• #3 (Ash and soldier) "

AUGIE DELGADO (1994) no company. 2-card set; given out at San Diego ComiCon and probably other cons; promotes the artist

• n.n. ; all yellow card; 2 5/8 x 4 3/8

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