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One evening a man was driving along a road; he was in his car, towing his caravan. In the caravan his wife was asleep. It was late and he had been driving all day, so he stopped at a café to rest and have a cup of coffee. His wife was also very tired and was still asleep when he stopped, so he didn’t wake her up.
When he finished his cup of coffee about 10 minutes later he got back into his car and continued driving. After about 20 minutes he came to a hotel; he wanted to spend the night there, so he stopped his car, got out and went into the caravan to wake his wife up. He was shocked when he looked inside the caravan his wife wasn’t there! He took a few deep breaths and tried to think what had happened to her. He decided to go back to the café and see if she was there.
He drove back to the café and asked if anyone has seen his wife, he described what she looked like and what she was wearing, which was a pair of pyjamas, since she had been sleeping in the caravan. The waitress told him that she saw a woman walking along the road in a pair of pyjamas and looking lost. When she saw the woman she telephoned the police because some mental patients had escaped that evening from the local mental hospital and were walking about on the road in their pyjamas! So, the police went looking for his wife thinking that she was a mental patient!

Later, the man went to the police station to get his wife. She told him that when he was in the café having his cup of coffee, she’d got out also to have a little walk. When she’d come back to the caravan he’d driven off, thinking she was still asleep inside the caravan!

I] Match the words in A with their meanings in B. Write the correct letters a] - h] in the middle column.




1] a caravan

  1. Place where sick people are treated.

b) To get out of somewhere.

c) People who are sick in the head.

d) How you feel when you see something horrible

e) Some people wear them in bed.

f) To take a lot of air down into your lungs

g) Pulling something behind your car.

h) A kind of house on wheels

  1. People wear them in bed.

2] towing

3] shocked

4] take a deep breath

5] pyjamas

6] mental patients

7] hospital

8] escape

II] Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE?

  1. We don’t know if the man’s wife fell asleep before or after he started driving.

  2. When the man got back into his car after finishing his cup of coffee his wife was asleep in the caravan.

  3. The police took the man’s wife to a mental hospital.

  4. When the man stopped to have a cup of coffee his wife told him she was going for a walk.

  5. The waitress thought the man’s wife was a mental patient.

III] Choose the correct answer a), b) or c).

1] When the waitress saw the man’s wife,

  1. she telephoned the police.

  2. she went to talk to her.

c) she called the mental hospital.
2] The man came to a hotel

a) about 30 minutes after finishing his coffee.

b) about 10 minutes after finishing his coffee.

c) about 20 minutes after finishing his coffee.

3] After the man drove away from the café, his wife

a) didn’t know where he had gone.

b) had a cup of coffee.

c) sat down at the side of the road.

4] The man finally met his wife again when

  1. he went into the café.

  2. he went to the hotel.

c) he went to the police station.


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