A garden Friend


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A Garden Friend


       Have you seen a toad? If you have, you know they are neat. Their skin is damp and they have brown spots. They look cold and wet. But toads help us in the garden.

       In the garden, bugs eat the flowers. Bugs also eat other plants. Toads hide during the day. They dislike the sun. They hide in holes. But at night, toads come out. They catch bugs and eat them. So toads help the plants and flowers. That is how toads help in the garden.  

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1.       During the day, toads

A. eat bugs.

B. hide.

C. come out.
2.       What is true about bugs?

A. They eat toads.

B. They have skin.

C. They eat plants.

3.       In the story, the word damp means

A. hot.

B. brown.

C. wet.

4.       Toads help gardens by

A. eating bugs.

B. hiding in holes.

C. planting flowers.

5.       Which of these is NOT true?

A. Toads look hot.

B. Toads catch bugs.

C. Toads help in the garden.

6.       Toads come out at night because

A. they are cold.

B. there is no sun.

C. there are no bugs.

7.       The story is about

A. growing a garden.

B. how bugs eat plants.

C. how toads help the garden.

A Walk in the Grass


    It was a pretty day. Turtle and Mouse were going for a walk in the grass.

    As they walked along, Turtle said to Mouse, "I am sorry. I am so slow."

    Mouse said, "That's all right. I don't mind slowing down to walk with you."

    They walked a little farther, and they stopped under a big oak tree. An acorn fell on Turtle's shell.

    Mouse said, "Oh, no! Did that acorn hurt you?"

    "No," said Turtle. "My hard shell kept me safe. It's better that it fell on me and not on you."

    They were both happy to have such a good friend. 8.       The acorn came from the

A. grass.

B. turtle.

C. oak tree.

9.       This story is about

A. Turtle and the oak tree.

B. Turtle and Mouse.

C. Mouse and the acorn.

10.       The word that means the opposite of slow is

A. fast.

B. tired.

C. walk.
11.       The word don't means

A. do.

B. did not.

C. do not.
12.       The acorn fell on

A. Mouse.

B. Turtle.

C. the ground.


       "Mom, may I have my allowance early?" Lee asked on Thursday. "I really need . . . Oh, well. I can wait until next week to buy a notebook."

13. Which word can be made into two words?

A. notebook

B. allowance

C. really

14. What is the opposite of early?

A. now

B. never

C. late
15. What happened in this story?

A. Lee forgot what she needed the money for.

B. Mom gave Lee her allowance early.

C. Lee changed her mind about asking for extra money.
16. When will Lee probably buy the notebook?

A. Thursday

B. next week

C. never

Amy and Maria


 Amy and Maria are in the first grade. They are best friends. They both love math. Amy's favorite color is blue. Maria likes green. Amy and Maria play soccer on the same team. Amy was born in the United States and learned to speak English as a child. Maria was born in Mexico and first learned Spanish. Amy and Maria both have baby brothers. Amy and Maria want to have a sleepover. They are going to ask their parents.

17.       This story is about two girls who

A. speak Spanish.

B. have baby sisters.

C. are friends.

18.       Amy and Maria are both in the

A. first grade.

B. third grade.

C. second grade.

19.       Which word is the opposite of best?

A. last

B. good

C. worst
20.       Maria's favorite color is

A. red.

B. blue.

C. green.
21.       Amy and Maria both love

A. spelling.

B. math.

C. reading.

Amy's Dream


    This morning, Amy's mother woke her up. "Time to prepare for school, Amy!" her mother said.

    "I had a dream!" Amy said. "It was about a red tree with blue leaves!"

    "A red tree with blue leaves," said her mother. "I've never seen one of those!"

    "It was not a real tree," said Amy. "It was a dream tree. In the dream, I sat in the tree. And the tree smelled like flowers."

    "That sounds like a good dream," said her mother. "I wonder what my dream tree would be like? My tree might be purple. It might smell like popcorn!"

    Amy laughed. "I'd like to sit in your dream tree, too!" said Amy.

 Copyright © 2001 Measured Progress

22.       Which word can be made into two words?

A. popcorn

B. prepare

C. morning

23.       What did Amy's tree look like?

A. red with green leaves

B. purple

C. red with blue leaves

24.       What is this story about?

A. Amy's dream

B. a red and green tree

C. a purple tree

25.       Amy's mother wakes her up to

A. hear about Amy's dream.

B. eat lunch.

C. go to school.

26.       Amy's mother thought Amy's dream sounded

A. pretty.

B. sad.

C. good.
27.       Which of these things happened last?

A. Amy had a dream.

B. Amy's mother woke her up.

C. Amy laughed.
28.       In this story, it is time to

A. get up.

B. go home.

C. go to sleep.

29.       How is Amy's tree like her mother's tree?

A. Both trees are purple.

B. Both trees smell good.

C. Both trees have leaves.

30.       At the end of the story, Amy feels

A. strong.

B. happy.

C. sad.
31.       In this story, which is NOT true?

A. Amy's tree smelled like popcorn.

B. It is time for school.

C. Amy had a dream.

32.       Which word can be found in the word laughed?

A. laughing

B. laugh

C. laughs
33.       What did Amy do in her dream?

A. She made popcorn.

B. She got up and went to school.

C. She sat in a tree.




      In this sentence, the word I'd means

A. I.

B. I had.

C. I would.

Andy Visits the Dentist

    Andy went to the dentist today. "Do you know how to brush?" the dentist asked. "Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Get every tooth. Brush the front of each tooth, and the back. And brush the tops of your teeth, too." Then the dentist showed Andy how to floss.

    "Would you like a new toothbrush, Andy?" the dentist asked.

    "Yes, thank you," said Andy. Andy chose the yellow one. Yellow is his favorite color!

35.       What should Andy do after he brushes his teeth?

A. eat

B. floss

C. go to the dentist

36.       Which word can be made into two words?

A. teeth

B. asked

C. toothbrush

37.       The word asked comes from the smaller word

A. ask.

B. asks.

C. ked.
38.       The dentist gave Andy

A. a toothbrush.

B. a lollipop.

C. floss.
39.       Andy's favorite color is

A. blue.

B. yellow.

C. red.

Anita's Checkup

   Anita visits the doctor for a checkup. She sits in the waiting room. Then the nurse calls Anita's name. Anita climbs up onto a big table in the examining room. The doctor checks Anita's heartbeat. Before Anita leaves, she gets to pick a prize out of a prize box.

40. Anita visits the

A. zoo.

B. doctor.

C. store.

41. What does Anita climb up onto after the nurse calls her name?

A. table

B. chair

C. ladder

42. What happens FIRST in the story?

A. Anita picks out a prize.

B. Anita climbs on the table.

C. Anita sits in the waiting room.

43. This story is MOSTLY about Anita

A. playing with toys.

B. going to the doctor.

C. getting on a table.

44. Anita gets to pick a prize because she was

A. good.

B. healthy.

C. bad.
45. Anita's mother was MOST LIKELY ______ with the way Anita acted for the doctor.

A. upset

B. happy

C. sad
46. The opposite of before is

A. up.

B. on.

C. after.

47. Anita gets to pick a prize out of

A. a box.

B. a bag.

C. the doctor's pocket.

Ann Strings Beads


 Ann loves beads. She wants to make a necklace of beads. Ann will put beads on a string to make her necklace. She will use blue and red beads. Blue and red are her favorite colors.

 When she has finished, she will tie a knot in the string so the beads won't come off. Then Ann will wear her necklace and show her friends. When she puts it on, it will look great! 
48.       The word finished comes from the word

A. finish.

B. finishes.

C. finishing.

49.       Why does Ann tie a knot in the string?

A. to make it pretty

B. to keep the beads on

C. it was a mistake

50.       What does Ann love?

A. string

B. beads

C. knots
51.       Ann wants to make a

A. bead.

B. knot.

C. necklace.
52.       What will Ann do last?

A. tie a knot

B. show her friends

C. put on her necklace


       Robert's parents were painting his room. Robert wanted to help. His father said, "Robert, you can help by watching the baby."

       "I want to do real work," Robert said.

       "It's real work to watch Lisa," said his mother.

       So Robert watched Lisa. She liked to paint. She put her foot in a can of paint. Robert reached her just in time. He carried her to the bathtub. She poured out all the bubble bath. She tried to eat the bar of soap. Robert took her out of there. She ran right back to the paint.

       "You were right, Mom," Robert said when his room was done. "Watching Lisa is real work!"

53.       Lisa poured out all the bubble bath while she was being watched by her

A. father.

B. mother.

C. brother.
54.       Which word can be made into two words?

A. bathtub

B. watched

C. paint
55.       This story probably was taken from a book

A. of fairy tales.

B. about how to be a good parent.

C. of stories that could happen.
56.       This story is mostly about

A. painting Robert's room.

B. bathing the baby.

C. watching Lisa.

57.       What did Lisa do with the bar of soap?

A. She tried to eat it.

B. She washed with it.

C. She put it in a can of paint.

Baking Cookies

    The children wanted to surprise Dad. They decided to bake cookies after lunch. They got the cookie mix off the shelf. Then they put the dough in a pan. They put the pan in the oven. Then they went outside to play. They forgot the cookies! 

58.       What will probably happen next?

A. The cookies will burn.

B. Dad will come home early.

C. The cookies will be cooked just right.

59.       The children went outside to play

A. after they put the dough in a pan.

B. while the cookies were baking.

C. after they forgot about the cookies.

60.       The passage mostly takes place in a

A. kitchen.

B. school lunchroom.

C. restaurant.

61.       The children decided to bake cookies

A. when they put the cookie dough in the oven.

B. to surprise Dad.

C. when they went outside to play.

Bill Makes Lunch

    "Mom," Bill said. "Can I make our lunch?"

    "That would be delightful," said Bill's mother. "I will sit at the table in case you need help."

    Bill got two plates. He put a slice of bread on each plate. Then he put the cheese on the bread.

    "What else can we eat?" Bill asked.

    "Some fruit would be delicious," his mother said. Bill thought apples tasted good, too. So he washed two apples. He put an apple on each plate.

    Then Bill poured milk in two glasses. And he got them each a napkin. He gave his mother a yellow napkin and he took a blue one.

    "Lunch is ready!" Bill said. He put the plates on the table.

    "This looks good, Bill!" said Bill's mother. "You are a very good cook!" 

62.       What is the story about?

A. Bill makes lunch.

B. Bill learns to like apples.

C. Bill's mother eats lunch.

63.       At the end of the story, how does Bill most likely feel?

A. proud

B. sad

C. full
64.       Which of these things happened last?

A. Bill poured the milk.

B. Bill's mother sat down at the table.

C. Bill got two napkins.
65.       Which small word can be found in the word washed?

A. washing

B. wash

C. washes

66.       Which of these things happened first?

A. Bill put cheese on the bread.

B. Bill poured the milk.

C. Bill got two plates.

67.       What will most likely happen next in this story?

A. Bill will wash dishes.

B. Bill and Mom will eat lunch.

C. Bill will go out to play.

68.       What color napkin did Bill use?

A. yellow

B. blue

C. white
69.       While Bill made lunch, his mother

A. ate an apple.

B. got the napkins.

C. sat at the table.
70.       The story makes us think Bill might like

A. to go out and play.

B. oranges and grapes.

C. to make lunch again.

71.       Which is NOT true?

A. Bill made lunch for his mother.

B. Bill's mother poured the milk.

C. Bill put cheese on the bread.

Bird's Nest

 A bird built a nest in the loft of a barn. Every day the bird gathered sticks and grass from the ground. Every day the nest got bigger. Sometimes the bird sang a song when he worked. One day the bird did not leave the nest. It sat on the nest for a very long time. The bird warmed two blue eggs. All of a sudden the eggs cracked and two baby robins appeared.

 Used by permission of Measurement Incorporated. 

72.       The bird sat on the nest to

A. sing songs.

B. build a nest.

C. warm eggs.

73.       The bird worked on the nest

A. every day.

B. once a week.

C. once a month.

74.       When the bird worked, she sometimes

A. got a drink.

B. ate a worm.

C. sang a song.

75.       The nest is in a

A. tree.

B. barn.

C. bush.
76.       The animal in the story is a

A. cat.

B. bird.

C. dog.

77.       Every day the bird gathered sticks and

A. flowers.

B. grass.

C. stones.
78.       Which color were the bird's eggs?

A. blue

B. white

C. brown
79.       How many babies were in the nest?

A. two

B. three

C. four
80.       Every day the nest got

A. bigger.

B. smaller.

C. newer.

81.       The bird made a nest to

A. play in.

B. hide in.

C. put eggs in.

82.       The word biggest has a smaller word in it. Which word below has the same small word in it?

A. eggs

B. bigger

C. cracked


     The carpenter makes beautiful birdhouses. First, he cuts the wood with a saw. He uses sandpaper to make the wood smooth. Next, he nails the wood boards together with his hammer. He picks out a pretty blue paint to color the house. He moves his paintbrush back and forth to cover the wood. He lets the birdhouse dry overnight. The last thing he does is glue on a hook to hang the birdhouse on a tree.

83.       How many word parts are in the word paintbrush?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

Bonnie and Rocky


    Bonnie got a little brown puppy for her birthday. She named it Rocky. She loved him very much. She taught him to do many tricks. She taught him to come when she whistled. She taught him to roll over. She also taught him to shake hands.

    Bonnie was worried about Rocky. She could not teach Rocky to come when his name was called.

    One day Bonnie and Rocky were playing on the lawn. Rocky was doing his tricks. He rolled over, then he shook hands. Suddenly, the dog saw a squirrel going up a tree. Rocky ran toward the squirrel. Bonnie jumped up and whistled.

84. Why did Bonnie whistle at the end of the story?

A. She wanted the squirrel to run away.

B. She was happy and felt good about whistling.

C. She had trained Rocky to come when she whistled.

Buying Drinks

 Gina and Marcus cleaned their playroom. It was hard work and they were thirsty when they finished. They walked to the store. They wanted to buy cold drinks. Gina bought an orange drink. Marcus looked for a grape drink. The grape drinks were gone. Marcus got an orange drink too. The drinks were cold and sweet and tasted good after their hard work.

85.       Gina and Marcus wanted drinks because they were thirsty from

A. doing homework.

B. playing outside.

C. cleaning their playroom.
86.       This story is about

A. buying drinks.

B. having a friend.

C. walking to a store.

87.       Marcus got an orange drink because

A. the orange was colder than the grape.

B. the store was out of grape.

C. he changed his mind.

88.       What kind of drink did Gina get?

A. grape

B. apple

C. orange

89.       What kind of drink did Marcus want?

A. grape

B. apple

C. orange

90.       Which word can be made into two different words?

A. finished

B. playroom

C. orange

Cindy Goes to the Beach

      "For our vacation, we are going to the beach," said Cindy's father. "Would you like to invite a friend to go, too?"

      "I want to ask my friend Sue," said Cindy. "What will we do at the beach?"
      "We can swim in the water," said her father. "We can play in the sand. We can gather sea shells and rocks. Then we can put them in baskets."
      "Will we drive the car to the beach?" Cindy asked her father.
      "Yes," he said. "We will get to the beach in time for lunch."
      "Then we can have a picnic on the beach," said Cindy. "Sue and I will pack a picnic lunch!"
      "That will be fun!" said Cindy's father.

91. What is this story mostly about?

A. swimming at the beach

B. what Cindy will do on vacation

C. friendship between Cindy and Sue


     For my seventh birthday, I got a puppy as a surprise. I was so excited! My Mom and Dad gave him to me. I loved him the moment I saw him. I decided to name him Cocoa because he was brown. One day, Cocoa and I were playing outside. I went inside to get Cocoa a treat, and when I came back Cocoa was gone! I couldn't find him. I was so scared. I ran inside and told my Mom. She smiled and told me to look in the kitchen. There was Cocoa. He had followed me inside! I was so happy to see Cocoa, and Cocoa was happy to get his treat.

92.       When the boy got the puppy he was

A. sad.

B. angry.

C. surprised.
93.       When the boy saw the puppy, he

A. loved him.

B. did not like him.

C. gave him away.

94.       Which color was Cocoa?

A. white

B. brown

C. black
95.       Which word can be made into two words?

A. outside

B. moment

C. surprise
96.       Who gave Cocoa to the boy in the story?

A. Grandma

B. Uncle Bill

C. Mom and Dad

97.       The boy thought Cocoa was lost. Where did the boy find him?

A. in the kitchen

B. in the backyard

C. in the living room

98.       How old was the boy when he got Cocoa?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7
99.       The word couldn't means

A. cannot.

B. did not.

C. could not.


by Denise Stallcup

 Red is

     big smiles,

     stop lights,


     my bike.

 Black is

     my skin,

     my cat,

     my father's


 Blue is


     spring skies,



 Green is


     that grow,

     the light

     for "Go!"

 Colors fit

 For a queen,

 Red and black,

 Blue and green.

100.       Which word can be made into two words?

A. follows

B. blueberry

C. oceans
101.       This piece of writing is about

A. the colors of things.

B. things a boy owns.

C. what colors a queen wears.

102.       In this piece of writing, the word fit means

A. good enough.

B. ordered.

C. the right size.

103.       The word banana is not used because a banana is

A. a fruit.

B. something that grows.

C. yellow.

104.       The colors in this piece of writing are

A. black, red, yellow, and green.

B. blueberry, red, black, and green.

C. red, green, blue, and black.

105.       In this piece of writing, how many things are black?

A. one

B. two

C. three
106.       What things in "Colors" are red?

A. cherries, smiles, stop lights, and a bike

B. a queen, smiles, a pie, and oceans

C. smiles, skies, cherries, and a cat


    Crayons are made of wax and color. The wax is heated in pots. Then it is mixed with colors. The melted wax is poured into molds. The molds are the shape of crayons. When the wax cools, it gets hard. The hard crayons are sorted by color. Next, each crayon is wrapped in paper. The paper has the name of the color on it. Finally, boxes are filled with crayons of different colors.

107.       The crayons are shaped in

A. pots.

B. molds.

C. boxes.


 Dear Ann,

 How are you? Has it been raining there? I hope you had good weather for your picnic.

 Your friend,

108.       Where did Ann go?

A. on a picnic

B. to a party

C. for a ride

109. Who is writing to Ann?

A. Jim

B. Sara

C. Alice

 Dear Becky,

    I would love to come and see your new baby sister!

 Please let me know when I can visit.

 Your friend,

110.       Why does Anna want to visit Becky?

A. to see Becky's sister

B. to talk to Becky's mom

C. to play with Becky's toys

111.       The word that means the opposite of new is

A. old.

B. big.

C. bad.
112.       Becky has a new

A. sister.

B. puppy.

C. brother.

113.       How does Anna feel about visiting Becky?

A. angry

B. happy

C. scared


 Dear Hannah,

     We loved having you stay with us. It was fun going to the zoo.
Please come back and visit again soon!


                                                                                           The Allens

114.       Who did Hannah visit?

A. the Allens

B. the Smiths

C. the Hansens
115.       A word that means the opposite of stay is

A. go.

B. play.

C. again.

116.       Who wrote this passage?

A. Hannah

B. the Allens

C. Hannah's mother

117.       When Hannah visited, they went to the

A. zoo.

B. park.

C. circus.

118.       How would the Allens feel if Hannah came to visit again?

A. sad

B. angry

C. happy


 Dear Jack,

      Thank you for the birthday present. I love the new soccer ball. My dad and I played with it all weekend.



119. Jill and her dad

A. wrote letters.

B. had birthdays.

C. played with a ball.
120. The word played comes from the word

A. play.

B. lay.

C. ed.

 Dear Laura,

       Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day. I'm sorry I could not come to your birthday party.

 Your friend,


 Used by permission of Measurement Incorporated.
121.       Who had a birthday?

A. Peter

B. Laura

C. Jason

122.       Which word is made up of two words?

A. party

B. happy

C. birthday
123.       Jason had to miss the

A. school play.

B. camping trip.

C. birthday party.


 Dear Stacey,

 Thank you for bringing us cookies last week. We ate them all right away!

                                                                                Your friend,


124.       Which word has the same ending sound as right?

A. rice

B. root

C. light
125.       Bringing comes from the word

A. ing.

B. bring.

C. brought.

126.       When did Stacey bring cookies?

A. last week

B. yesterday

C. last month

127.       Fill in the blank in this sentence. Katie ______ the cookies.

A. ate

B. saved

C. made


 My pet snake is named Felix. I found him in the grass in my backyard. He is green with small black dots on his back. Dad makes me keep the lid on the glass tank. Mom says Felix is a very neat pet. I think Felix is super!

128.       Where was Felix found?

A. in a glass tank

B. in the backyard

C. in the house

129.       Felix is a

A. snake.

B. little boy.

C. little boy's dad.

130.       The boy keeps the lid on Felix's tank to keep

A. bugs out.

B. Felix in.

C. it dark.

131.       This story is about

A. Mom.

B. Dad.

C. Felix.

132.       The word super means

A. good.

B. bad.

C. scary.

   When there is a fire, a fireman must act quickly. First, he must attach the hose to the fire hydrant. Next, he unhooks the ladder from the fire truck. He puts on his mask to protect himself from the smoke. The fireman climbs the ladder to a window. He turns on the hose and pumps the water on the fire. After the fire is out, the fireman goes back to the station. He hangs the hoses up to dry. His last job is to clean the fire truck.


133. The fireman needs a _______ to protect himself from the smoke.

A. hose

B. mask

C. ladder

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