A ghost Story


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A Ghost Story

One cold, spooky Halloween night the roads were filled with kids in scary costumes. One girl was dressed as Supergirl and her brother was Batman. They walked up the crooked stairs of an old wrecked mansion.

Ding! Dong! Supergirl rang the doorbell. "Ouch!" she cried, "the doorbell shocked me." Slowly the massive lopsided door opened. A tall mysterious man stood before them.
The mysterious man was dressed in all black, but his pale white face was easy to see in the dark doorway. Somehow Batman and Supergirl were able to whisper "Trick or Treat". The man said "Hold on a second" in a low voice and quietly walked away into the darkness. He quickly returned with a handful of bright colored candy shaped like skeletons. The mysterious man smiled a wicked smile and threw the candy up in the air and yelled "CATCH IT IF YOU CAN". As scared as they were Batman and Supergirl reached out to catch the candy, and as they did they heard a loud "POOF" and it disappeared!!

Suddenly they saw lots more candy just inside the door. They saw skeleton candy floating all over the place. All at once they heard a loud bang and realized they were trapped inside. With a wicked laugh the mysterious man told them the door would only open when they caught some candy. Batman and Supergirl were very suprised when they saw their friends, Tommy and Angelica, in the next room. The four friends decided that what they needed was a plan to escape. The boys went upstairs while the girls investigated down the hall. Supergirl spotted something shiny high up on the wall. Thinking it might be a key, they decided to climb up and investigate. With shivers running through their bodies, the girls climbed onto a nearby table to reach for the key. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, the table started to shake. Suddenly the floor dropped from under them and they felt themselves falling. At that moment, Batman and Tommy heard a terrifying AAAHHHHhhh... As Batman peered into the darkness he saw spooky eyes coming toward him.

Although he was trembling nervously, Batman walked slowly towards the spooky eyes. There was a ghostly whisper.

"Ifff youuu gettt thee keyyy , ittt cann helppp youuu catchhh thee candyyyy. Followw mee."

Tommy and Batman followed the ghost down the creaky stairs, hoping to find Angelica and Supergirl safe and sound. The shiny gold key , shaped like a skeleton, hung on a hook, high up on the hall wall. The ghostly figure warned the boys not to touch the table the girls had climbed on because it was a trap. Tommy saw a straw broom standing in the corner of the hall.

The boys decided to use the broom to try and flick the key off the hook. Tommy carefully reached over the table keeping the broom steady. Little beads of sweat trickled down his face. Batman stood close to the table his hands cupped, ready for the catch........................

Tommy knocked the key off the hook, but it fell through Batman's hands and into a crack in the floor. The crack was too narrow for Tommy to put his hand in to get the key. Batman had an idea. He took some bubble gum from his trick-or-treat candy and chewed it. Then he put it on the end of a piece of straw from the broom. It was just long enough to reach the key! Slowly Batman raised the key. Just as he reached out for it, the mysterious man grabbed the key and pushed Tommy and Batman onto the table. The table began to shake and they felt themselves falling. . . .

Batman and Tommy quickly fell and landed in a darkened basement room. They heard mumbling sounds from behind a trunk. When they investigated behind the trunk, they discovered Supergirl and Angelica. The girls' mouths were taped and their hands and feet were tied. Batman and Tommy untied the girls. Supergirl whispered, "We have to get out of here FAST!" Batman leaned against the wall and a gigantic secret door opened. They walked through the doorway and entered another room where they saw the bright colored candy shaped like skeletons floating in the air. Batman jumped up and snatched a skeleton. The skeleton transformed into a key. Batman used the key to open a door and surprisingly the door opened automatically to the outside. Batman, Supergirl, Angelica, and Tommy ran outside as fast as they could run. Down the street they met a couple of friends. Tommy said, "You wouldn't believe where we have been tonight! Let's go! We want to show you!!!!" When they arrived to the address of the mansion, it had disappeared. They were shocked to see the house and the mysterious man was gone, too.

The teacher stopped reading the story and said, "How do you predict the story will end?"

The boys landed in the dungeon next to Supergirl and Angelica.Fortunately, Tommy remembered that he had a small flash light in his pocket. He began to shine it all around dungeon.As the light bounced off the walls, Angelica excitedly shouted, "The key!"There, on the ceiling, they observed the key dangling from the edge of a hook stuck to the bubble gum. "How are we going to get the key?" said a very worried Batman. The four trick-or-treaters brainstormed a plan. They decided to form a human tower to get the key. Batman and Tommy became the foundation. Supergirl was the next piece of the tower.

Finally, Angelica slowly and steadily climbed to the top of the human tower. As Angelica reached out for the key and grabbed it in her hand, she tumbled into awall that appeared to be a secret passage! Everybody followed Angelica into the room where they encountered a small locked chest.

Tommy screamed, "Use the key, Angelica!" Angelica quickly unlocked the chest and the foursome discovered all the skeleton-shaped candy. As they each grabbed a fistful of candy, something amazing happened. The walls around them began to disintegrate and they found themselves outside!

As the four friends told the story to Batman's and Supergirl's parents that night, Mom and Dad smiled a most secretive smile.


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