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A film by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado

Official Selection:

2013 Tribeca Film Festival

2013 AFI Film Festival

2013 Fantastic Fest

2013 Chicago International Film Festival

2013 Philadelphia Film Festival


110 minutes; 1.85, 35mm

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A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings - a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.


BIG BAD WOLVES is a comic kidnapping thriller which draws inspiration from the society in which we live. Existential anxiety serves as Israel's foundation and attempts to define and reinforce the legitimacy of the state: a fear of terrorist activities, primarily kidnappings, unremitting feelings of being persecuted, inherent intolerance and macho behavior topped with a historical craving for vengeance create an ideal breeding ground for extreme actions and subsequent reactions.

A series of brutal and shocking murders are taking place. The unidentified murderer is accustomed to molesting little girls and chopping off their heads when finishes his monstrous acts. He discards the bodies where the police can find them but keeps the heads to himself, thus denying the grieving families the prerogative to bury their children whole.
The plot follows the violent and inevitable path to destruction of three characters, the prime suspect – a religious studies teacher, a grieving father seeking vengeance and the impetuous police detective assigned to the case. The film will raise questions dealing with the universal moral dilemma: does being the victim give you the legitimate right to turn into a bloody thirsty vigilante?

  • Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado


Lior Ashkenazi (“Micki”)

Lior Ashkenazi was born in Israeli studied acting at the Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts. He is one of Israel's most acclaimed actors both of stage and screen. In film, Lior won the Best Actor Award at the Israeli Academy Awards for his role in Dover Koshashvili's “Late Wedding” and was nominated for “Walk on Water” by Eytan Fox. He won Best Supporting Actor for his role in the highly acclaimed Footnote and was also nominated for “Rutenberg”. Other memorable big screen performances include “Eli & Ben” and “Salt of the Earth”. He has appeared in international films including “The Ultimatum and Hello, Goodbye” alongside Gérard Depardieu.

In television Ashkenazi was nominated for Academy Awards for his performances in “War Room” and “In Treatment” and is also known for his roles in “Weekends and Holidays”, “Lost and Found” and “The Naked Truth”.

On stage he has had successes with “The Blue Room”, “Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” and “Around the World in 80 Days”.

Rotem Keinan (“Dror”)

Rotem Keinan, born 1979, Tel Aviv, Israel. Graduated "Nissan Nativ Acting Academy" Tel Aviv 2005. Winner of America-Israel Acting Scholarship 2003, Winner for Best Acting Performance, "The Exchange" and Haifa International Film Festival, 2011. Nominated Best Director in a Fringe production, Israel 2006. Member and co-founder "Tziporela" ensemble, Tel Aviv. Winner of Best Ensemble of the Year 2007, 2009- "Tziporela" ensemble. Film credits include: "The Exchange" (Eran Kolirin, Israel- Germany, 2011, official selection- Venice. Film Festival 2011), "Hayuta & Berel" (Amir Manor, Israel, 2012), "Suicide" (Benny Fredman, Israel 2013), TV series: "The Prime Minister Kids" (season 1+2, Israel 2011-2012). Theatre: Habima National Theater "The Day Before The Last Day", co-production- Schaubhune Theater, Berlin, Hakameri Theater of Tel Aviv "King Lear", "Hebron", "Fence".

Tzahi Grad (“Gidi”)

Tzahi Grad was born in Jerusalem and is an actor and a filmmaker.

In film, Grad has starred in numerous features, including “Jellyfish”, by Shira Gefen & Edgar Keret, “Made In Israel”, by Ari Folman, “Someone to Run With”, by Oded Davidof, for which Grad won an Israeli Academy Award, “Eyes Wide Open”, Zion and His Brother, alongside Ronit Elkabetz, “Restless”, by Amos Kolek, and HaBodedim, by Renen Schor, and many more.

Tzahi has worked on several television series, such as “Walk the Dog”, directed by Nir Bergman, “Good Intentions” by Beni & Uri Barabash, “The Children from Napoleon's Hill”, directed by Gidi Dar, and “A Touching Distance”, directed by Roni Ninio.

Grad has performed at all of Israel's major theatres, with theatrical roles in productions of “A Few Good Men”, “Othello”, “The Last Wedding”,” Woman, Husband, Home” by Shmuel Hasfari, as well as many other plays.

Grad wrote & directed “Giraffes”, (2002) which won the script prize at the Jerusalem International Film Festival and was distributed in Spain. His second feature, “Foul Gesture”, (2007) had its international premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival. It won Best Picture at the Haifa International Film Festival, the FIPRESCI award and Special Mention at the Miami International Film Festival. “Foul Gesture” was distributed to countries including the U.S (IFC), Spain, and Brazil.
Dov Glickman (“Yoram”)

Dov has appeared in numerous films including “The Band”- Avi Nesher, “Irit Irit”- Naftali Alter, “Letters from America”- Chanan Peled, “Stretcher Journey”- Jad Neaman, “The End of Milton Levi”- Nissim Dayan, “Shlugger”- Assi Dayan, “Love and Soccer”- Serge Ankeri. He has also appeared in several television series like “Zehu Ze”, Sipurey Efraim – Eran Riklis and Yoav Tzafir, “Shaul” – Eitan Anner, “Mesudarim” – Shahar Berlovich and “Stisel” – Alon Zingman

Menashe Noy (“Rami”)

Menashe Noy studied Architecture at the Technion University and Film & Television Studies at Tel Aviv University. He is a scriptwriter, director and one of Israeli's best loved actors.

Menashe shot to fame with the hit comedy series “The Cameri Quintet” and since has starred in many highly acclaimed television series including “Land (Adama")” and “The Section of the Week” both directed by Rani Blair and “The Bourgeoisies”. He has starred in films such as “Year Zero”, “The Electricity Man”, Ari Fulman's “Made in Israel” and “Saint Clara” and “Lovesick on Nana Street”, both of which won the Best Film Awards at the Israeli Academy Awards. He is the writer and director of the feature film”Overture 1812.

Dvir Benedek (“Tsvika”)

Dvir Benedek is an Israeli actor, and chairman of the Israeli screen actors union Shaham. Dvir has appeared in film like "Short Time Lovers" , "Delta Force" , " Air Time" , "Turkish Mars" , "5 Minute Walk" , "Sima Vaknin the Witch" , "Eskimo Lemon" , "A Gift From Heaven" , " What A Wonderful Place", "Altelena" "Eskimos In The Galil" , "My Little Big Story", "I Am Still Going" and "Sweets."

He has also appeared in numerous television series like "The Reason of Death, Murder" , "Shooting Murder", "Aharon Cohen Depth" , "A Thousand Calories a Day" , "Court House", "My First Sony" , "The Institute", "Zbeng" , "Shaul Flowers" ,"Zimerim" , "Operation Grandmother", "Hanefilm", "The Strip", “Odeta", "Miry Lo Hasa", "Quicky", "Room Service", "Internal Investigation", "A Place to Worry In", "Papadizy" and "The Office."

He has also appeared in the following theatre productions Herzelia Theatre – “God2002, The Lights Theatre - “I’m Done With Your Wife2003, Tmuna Theatre - "Social Games" 2005, "Revisor" 2006, Habima National Theatre –"Habiduk" 1997, "The Brave Soldier Shv Aik" 1998, " Julius Caesar" 1998, " Lev Tov" 1999, "Karish Patish" 2000, "Caddish To Naomi" 2000, " Tango" 2001, "The King Clothes" 2003, " A Month in the Village" 2004, "The Gentle Lovers" 2004, "Revisor" 2005, "Perurim" 2006, "Driving Miss Daisy" 2007, Gesher Theatre - "Revisor" and "Don Juan."

Kais Nashef (“Man on Horse”)

Kais Nashef has appeared in films like “Paradise Now”, “Last Days in Jerusalem”, “Coffins”, “Body of Lies”, “Nativity Story”, “Habibi”, “American East”, “Though I know the River is Dry”, “Different Skies”, “Jihad” and more. He had a starring role in the Kuwaiti series “Tora Bora” and in a series of films for the German ZDF based on Batia Gur Novels and in the Israeli Prize winning series “Parasha Hashavoa” and “Ananda”.

Nati Kluger (“Eti”)

Nati Kluger Rosenberg, born 1976, Ramat Gan, Israel was raised in Raanana and studied in Alon's high school of art and specialized in drama. (Ramat asharon) She graduated "Nissan Nativ Acting Academy" Tel Aviv 2000.

Nati performed in a monodrama about a girl with eating disorder for several years. These days she is preforming and playing in Beit Lessin Theater.
Television credits include "Maybe this Time" – leading role, "The Place" leading role, "Here We Live in Peace" leading role. "The Strip"- a satire series. "The Hothouse", "Srugim".
Nati is currently filming a T.V series "70 Ways to Make Money". Nati is one of the best comedian and dramatic actress in Israel.

Ami Weinberg (“Principal Meir”)

Ami Weinberg is a film, theater and television actor and director in Israel. He has appeared in the series "New York" as Dima, a Russian criminal who lives in New-York. Weinberg served in the IDF Air Force entertainment group. Ami has also appeared in movies such as "Munich", "Beaufort", "Melting Away", "It's Never Too Late", "Operation Thunderbolt", "Eagle", "Foreign Woman", and "Mirel".

Ami has also acted over the years in many TV series, such as "Homeland" (The original Israeli version), "Rainbow and Cloud", "Connections Cartoons", "Hopa Hey", "Warehouse of Keilu", "Ramat Aviv Gimmel", "Three Four Five and a Half", "Garden Surprises", "In the Yard of Fox", "5 Minutes Walking", "Choco Telad", "Parpar Nechmad", "Life is Not Everything", "Love Around the Corner", "Yard", "Close to Home", "Hop Ktananim!", "Hashtozim Garden of Datia", "The Eight", "On Tiptoe", "Maybe this Time", "A Secure Space", "Haalufa”, "Sinful", "Switch", and "Dreamers".

Weinberg performed plays in the Israeli national theater such as "A Long Journey into the Night", "Miral'e Efrat", "The Glass Menagerie ", "The Father", "Dance of Death" and "The Inspector is Coming". At the Cameri Theatre: "Yentel", "The Merchant of Venice", "Torments of Job", "Family Story". Be'er Sheva Theater: "Spring Awakening", "The Subject was Roses". Haifa Theater: "Bent" in 1983 as the character Rudy, "Ghetto", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Married Life" and "Strider". At Beit Lessin Theater: "A Guest Has Arrived", "Everybody's Girl", "Conversations with My Father" and "Breaking News" and "Mike Brant".
Weinberg has also dubbed for programs and films including "Care Bears", "Toy Story 3", "Rabbits Picnic", "Wallace and Gromit", "Andrei the Seal", "Robots", and, "Charlotte's Web", and "Galactic Football".

Guy Adler (“Eli”)

Guy Adler was recently seen in “Infiltration”- an Israeli movie, the leading role, (Dover Kosashvili), “Fifth Heaven”-director : Dina Zvi Riklis. Theatre productions include “The Seagull”- Orna Porat Theatre, “If Heaven Exists”- Habima National Theater.

Arthur Perry (“Ofer”)

Arthur has appeared in select films like “Beaufort”- Directed by Jozef Cedar- in the role of “Shpitzer”, “Poisoned”- Directed by Didi Lubezky- in the role of “Shauli”, “Zipper”- Directed by Asaf Polonsky- in the role of “Tuly”. Main stream Theatre rolls like “The Concert” by Goren Agmon- Beit Lesin Theatre- in the role of “Yonatan,” “The Black Box”- Habima National Theatre- in the role of “Boaz”. Selected Main stream television appearances in “Rosh Gadol”- a daily musical drama series (50 Episodes) - in the role of “Guy”, “Danny Hollywood”- a daily musical drama Series (200 Episodes) - in the role of “ Ringo”.

Gur Bentwich (“Shauli”)

Gur Bentwich grew up in Israel. He fled after doing his time in the army and traveled all over the world. He returned after a few years of being homesick and lost. Gur studied Cinema at the Tel Aviv University. Made a few shorts, some animation and music videos (most can be seen on planetgur.com) and two feature films – “Planet Blue” (1995) & “Total Love” (2000) which turned out to be cult films.

Gur left again with the intention of conquering Hollywood and spent two years there drinking Mexican beer and playing with empty ideas on his laptop.
Returned to Israel again with the insight that the girl he left behind was the love of his life Lives happily ever after with her and their six year old daughter making movies together. Acts lead role in her (Maya Kenig) film “Off White Lies” (2011). Writes & directs “Up the Wrong Tree” (2012).



Aharon Keshales' and Navot Papushado's debut feature film “RABIES” (aka KALEVET), also Israel's first horror film, was released in 2011 to much critical acclaim and box office success. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, won the Critics' Award at Fantasporto, the Audience Choice Award at Edinburgh and received Special Mention at Puchon. It went on to participate in over 50 international film festivals and has appeared in several best horror picks lists of 2011 including the LA Times, Movies.com and The Wall Street Journal.

Aharon Keshales was born in 1976 in Israel.

He is a director, editor, scriptwriter, film critic and university lecturer. He is a graduate of the Film and Television Department, Tel Aviv University. He is also the producer of the Navot's short films.

Navot Papushado was born in 1980 in Israel.
He is a director, editor and scriptwriter, a graduate of the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University. Prior to “RABIES”, he directed two short films which have been screened at several major festivals worldwide including Cannes, Moscow and Rome.








Man on horse


Principal Meir




Written and Directed by


Director of Photography


Production Design

Original Music

Sound Design

Costume Design


Key make-up artist

Sound Recording

Line Producer

1st Assistant Director

Production Companies

Produced with the support of

Lior Ashkenazi

Rotem Keinan

Tzahi Grad

Dov Glickman

Menashe Noy

Dvir Benedek

Kais Nashef

Nati Kluger

Ami Weinberg

Guy Adler

Arthur Perry

Gur Bentwich

Navot Papushado

Aharon Keshales

Chilik Michaeli

Avraham Pirchi

Tami Leon

Moshe Edery

Leon Edery

Giora Bejach

Asaf Korman

Arad Shawat

Frank Hayim Ilfman

Ronen Nagel

Michal Dor

Limor Shmila

Elinor Gigi Adoni

Oni Elbar

Dani Shitrit

Roby Star

Doron Ofer

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