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A film by Petter Næss

Specs: 101 minutes. 2.35


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At the beginning of World War II a hostile chance encounter in the skies above the harsh Norwegian wilderness leaves two aircraft – one British, one German – shot down in a remote and isolated region. By strange coincidence the crews seek shelter in the same cabin. They must battle to survive the brutal winter in order to get back to the war – and to fighting one another.

Although war has made them enemies, as the days go by animosity proves hard to maintain. Mutual need leads to unlikely friendships, and the rules of war must be put aside.


The whole idea of making the film is to explore what happens when two enemies meet and are forced to survive together. In the world today with so many conflicts I find it utterly important to tell stories that portray human beings as people who deeply need each other. An investigation in what happens when prejudices and enmity is put to a test.

INTO THE WHITE is an anti-war story, with incredible relevance in today’s world. The story cleverly unfolds not on the battlefield, but in an isolated cabin where the “real world” – the flawed world of failed ideologies and corrupt governments – are out of the picture.
What fascinates me with this story is its simplicity. We begin with a distinct image of the characters as enemies, but it dissolves into the simple realization: they need each other.

Petter Næss 2012


STIG HENRIK HOFF – Sgt. Wolfgang Strunk

Stig Henrik Hoff is best known for his strong acting style and has had roles in Burnt By Frost (1997), in which he won the award for Best Actor at the Rouen Nordic Film Festival, Cry in the Woods (2003), Hawaii Oslo (2004), Pedersen: The High School Teacher (2006), The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008), Night of the Wolf (2008), DeUsynlige (2008), and Max Manus (2008). He is often casted in very tough, strong roles. Hoff was also nominated for two Amanda award for Burnt by Frost and Hawaii Oslo.

RUPERT GRINT – Pt. Robert Smith

Rupert showed an interest in acting from an early age appearing in productions put on by his school and local theatre group. 2001 saw Rupert make his professional acting debut when he won the role of Ron Weasley in the adaptation of J.K.Rowlings popular book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This performance gained Rupert three nominations, two of which he won; one for Special Achievement and the other the Young Actor’s Award.

Following his success in the first Harry Potter film Rupert starred as a young madcap professor in Thunderpants (2002) alongside Simon Callow, Stephen Fry and Paul Giamatti. Rupert then returned to his acclaimed role of Ron Weasley in the adaptations of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007). Rupert’s return to the role of Ron landed him more award nominations and leading film magazine Empire presented Rupert and his co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition of their performances in all of the Harry Potter films.

In between Harry Potter films Rupert focused on expanding his acting to other roles, appearing as the voice of Peter Pan in BBC documentary Happy Birthday, Peter Pan (2005) with an all-star cast including Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman and Cat Deeley. Rupert also starred in films Driving Lessons (2006), which went on to win 3 of 5 award nominations, and the independent British film Cherrybomb (2009) which screened to critical acclaim at film festivals in the UK and Europe.
Rupert then went on to star in the UK comedy Wild Target which was also released in the USA in October 2010. Wild Target is a film about a hit man who tries to retire but encounters distraction along the way in the form of a beautiful thief. Rupert appears alongside established actors Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy.

Rupert was excitedly nominated for ‘Performance of the Year’ at the 2010 National Movie Awards and in the same year it was widely reported that Martin Scorsese, the legendary movie-maker said of Rupert "I thought he (Grint) was a great actor in the Harry Potter movies. In a lot of scenes, the boy stole the show. ”When Leo was in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, nobody saw him becoming a bad a** in movies like The Departed. But he has become one of the greatest actors of all time. The very same could be true of Rupert."

In 2010 Rupert finished filming the final two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1 was released in November 2010 with part 2 out in July 2011. 2011 also saw Rupert complete filming Cross of Honour, in Norway where he played the joint lead alongside David Kross and Lars Eidinger. This was then released in the UK in October 2012. Rupert then went on to land one of the main supporting roles in The Drummer alongside Aaron Eckhart and Chloe Moretz which is due to be released in spring 2013. Other upcoming films include CBGB and The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, both coming in 2013.

LACHLAN NIEBOER – Cpt. Charles P. Davenport

Lachlan Nieboer trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and the Film Institute. His film credits include Vivaldi (dir: Liana Marabini) Into the White (dir. Petter Næss), Suspension of Disbelief (dir. Mike Figgis), and the upcoming The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (dir. Fedrik Bond). His TV credits include “Downton Abbey,” “Torchwood” and “Le Grande.”

FLORIAN LUKAS – Lt. Horst Schopis

Florian Lukas was born and raised in Berlin. He started his career at the age of 17 with independent theater groups and then as a guest at the Berliner Ensemble at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin and at the Volksbühne Berlin.


Florian played his first major film part in 1990 in BANALE TAGE (directed by Peter Welz).

After serving his time at alternative civil service, numerous roles followed in TV and motion pictures – such as EX (1994, directed by Mark Schlichter) DUNKEL (1997, directed by Lars Karuame) and DAS VERGESSENE LEBEN (1997, directed by Claudia Prietzel).

Florian Lukas became renowned with the movie DER EISBÄR (1998, directed by Til Schweiger). For his performance in ST.PAULI NACHT (1998, directed by Sönke Wortmann) and ABSOLUTE GIGANGTEN (1998, directed by Sebastian Schipper) he was awarded with the Bavarian Movie Award as best newcomer and for ABSOLUTE GIGANTEN also with the New Faces Award.

For his performance in the blockbuster GOOD BYE, LENIN (2001, directed by Wolfgang Becker) he won the German Movie Award for best supporting actor and the Bambi Award.


Several movies followed including BEFREITE ZONE (2002, directed N. Baumgarten) Kammerflimmern, (2003, H. Hölzemann) and ONE DAY IN EUROPE (2004, Hannes Stöhr), as well TV movies like DIE WÖLFE (2008, directed by Friedemann Fromm) and NACHTSCHICHT (2002, 2005 directed by Lars Becker).

In addition to his film career Florian Lukas again performed in theatre in 2004 in Heiner Müller’s DER AUFTRAG, put on stage by Ulrich Mühe.


In 2005 he starred in the movie KEINE LIEDER ÜBER LIEBE (directed by Lars Kraume) successfully followed by STELLUNGSWECHSEL (2007, directed by Maggie Peren), THE NORTH FACE (2008, directed by Philippp Stölzl), WHEN WE LEAVE (2010, directed by Feo Aladay) and I PHONE YOU (2011, directed by Dan Tang). He also performed in international productions such as INTO THE WHITE (2012, directed by PETTER NAESS) and DON2 (2011, directed by Farhan Aktar).


By now Florian Lukas played in more than 80 movie- and TV productions and numerous radio plays.

DAVID KROSS – Cpl. Josef Schultze

David Kross is a leading young actor from Germany who became known to an international audience in 2009 for his much-acclaimed role in Stephen Daldry’s multi-award winning film THE READER.

David was born in 1990 near Hamburg in Germany. He filmed his first role aged 12 in Oliver Dommenget’s TV-movie HILFE ICH BIN EIN JUNGE. German film director Detlev Buck then chose him for the leading role of Michael Polischka in KNALLHART, and this film went on to win several prizes, including 3 Lolas, the German film prize, and the International Film Critics Prize in the Panorama section of the 2006 Berlin Film Festival.
In 2008, having established himself as a leading actor, David starred alongside Daniel Brühl and Robert Stadlober in Marco Kreuzpainter’s KRABAT, a film adapted from Otfried Preußler’s bestselling book.

THE READER then followed, providing David’s first English-language role, playing a schoolboy involved in a secret and passionate relationship with an older woman, played by Kate Winslet. The film, directed by Stephen Daldry, and adapted by David Hare from Bernard Schlink’s international bestselling novel, garnered a swathe of international prizes, including an Academy Award (Kate Winslet for Best Actress) and 5 Academy Award Nominations, as well as the following awards and nominations for David personally; in 2008 he was awarded the Las Vegas Film Critic’s Award for Youth In Film, nominated for The Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Young Performer, and The Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor . In 2009 David received a nomination from The European Film Academy for The Film Award for Best Actor.

Since THE READER, David has filmed SAME, SAME BUT DIFFERENT directed again by Detlev Buck, DAS BLAU VOM HIMMEL directed by Hans Steinbicher, and was most recently seen in WARHORSE for Dreamworks, directed by Steven Spielberg.
In recognition of his achievements David was given the honor of representing Germany at the European Shooting Stars event at 2009’s Berlin Film Festival.


Petter Næss – Director

Petter Næss (b.1960) is an actor, scriptwriter and director for both theater and film. He directed his first feature film, the comedy ABSOLUTE HANGOVER in 1999. His second film ELLING (2001) was a box office success in his home country Norway with 800.000 admissions in the cinema and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2003 the success led to Næss signing a deal with 20th Century Fox to direct MOZART & THE WHALE starring Josh Hartnett. In Norway he has also proved his talent for youth dramas with JUST BEA (2004) and LEAPS AND BOUNDS (2007) which both became critical and commercial successes.







Bjørn Gustavsen

Kim Haugen

Harald Gustavsen

Knut Joner


Morten Faldaas


Sondre Krogtoft Larsen

All the names have been changed except from Horst Schopis, after his own wish.


Petter Næss


Ole Meldgaard

Petter Næss

Dave Mango


Peter Aalbæk Jensen

Valerie Edwina Saunders

Executive producer

Peter Garde


Madeleine Ekman

Maria Köpf

Director of photography

Daniel Voldheim, FNF


Frida Eggum Michaelsen , NFK

Sound designers

Nicolai Linck

Andreas Kongsgaard Mogensen

First assistant director

Binne Thoresen

First assistant director, Sweden

Yvonne Lundin

Ida Gabrielsen

Production designer

Udo Kramer

Art director

Stefan Hauck

SFX supervisor

Hummer Højmark

Costume designer

Stefanie Bruhn

Make-up artist

Kitty Kratschke

Sound recordist

Tomas Naug


Olav Haddeland

Line producers

Charlotte Vinther

Jan-Erik Gammleng

Co-produced by


Madeleine Ekman


Maria Köpf



Other co-producers


Jessica Ask

Filmfondet FUZZ

Lars Leegaard Marøy

With support from





The Media Programme of the European Union


49 west 27th street 7th floor new york, ny 10001

tel 212 924 6701 fax 212 924 6742



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