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A member of the Federation of Children’s Book Groups

Registered Charity No. 268289

Book group April list
Celebrating the Year of Culture’s theme of new writing, this month we are recommending some books that we were excited by at the recent Federation of Children’s Book Groups conference.

1. “Werewolf Club Rules” by Joseph Coelho A prize-winning debut collection of poetry for young children (and those young at heart) about school, everyday life and writing. You can see 'Poetry Joe' in action on YouTube.

2. “To Wee or Not to Wee” by Pamela Butchart Four of Shakespeare's plays retold in Pamela Butchart's inimitable comic style, published just in time for this year's 400th anniversary.

3. “The 13-Storey Treehouse” by Andy Griffiths Packed with crazy cartoons by Terry Denton, this is one of a series which is ideal for reluctant readers or anyone else who loves funny books.

4. “Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot” by Horatio Clare A magical story about Aubrey's quest to break the spell of despair that has overwhelmed his father, with a little the help from some talking animals.

5. “Stonebird” by Mike Revell This moving and thought-provoking debut novel mixes fantasy (a gargoyle that comes alive) with reality (a family dealing with grandma's dementia).

6. “Demolition Dad” by Phil Earle From the Book Trust's current children's writer in residence, comic and film loving author Phil Earle presents a funny and touching story of family relationships.

7. “Phoenix” by SF Said By the author of the popular Varjak Paw books, this new story is about a boy who has the power to save the Galaxy - steeped in myth and illustrated by Dave McKean.

8. “The Last Wild” by Piers Torday Described as an 'eco-thriller', this animal story is the first of trilogy by an author with a passion for the natural world and its conservation.

9. “Wolf Wilder” by Katherine Rundell At atmospheric 'fairy tale' set in the snowbound forests of Russia, featuring Feodora, a feisty wolf wilder in training, who finds herself up against the Russian army.

10. “The Boy at the Top of the Mountain” by John Boyne For more experienced readers, the author of The Boy in Striped Pyjamas latest story is about a boy who is seduced by Hitler and Nazism, and pays the price.

The 2017 FCBG conference is in Reading – an ideal opportunity to come along and hear about new authors too. Advertising will start in September-October – keep an eye on our Twitter feed @grrchris for speaker and booking news.

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