A new App turns your everyday snaps into a beautiful Photo Story

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A new App turns your everyday snaps into a beautiful Photo Story

The photo sharing and social networking Apps have been increasing in popularity lately. There are hundreds of really good Apps that can help you to share the photos you recently took with your friends, family and the world. So you choose your favourite App, select a number of photos and upload it.
The recently launched Android App called Snapsaga adds another dimension on your sharing experience. This Photo Editor allows you to pick a number of photos, arrange them in an order and write the text directly on the photos. The result; a beautiful magazine-style photo story with a title, subtitle and texts that you can easily share on any social media as well as Snapsaga itself.
"When you write the context directly on a photo, it adds extra emotion on a story. To make it even better, you can select a text colour and apply artistic filters that matches with the story theme. As snaps are in an order, readers will enjoy to follow-the-flow of the story," says Prakash Timilsina; founder and the CEO of Snapsaga.
One feature you will notice is you can always go back and edit your story including changing the text, changing or removing the filter, re-order the position of a particular photo, select a different text colour etc. After saving, the software re-writes the image and when viewers see it, it again is a photo with permanent text and filter on it. This makes the App unique amongst all others.

"Our main priority is user's privacy. That's why Snapsaga allows you to easily set privacy on each story. You can keep a story private for yourself, share with selected friends only or share it publicly," Prakash added.
The App houses three main sections; Home, Explore and Profile. You will see the stories from the people you follow in Home tab. Explore is all about to find popular stories and follow new people. Profile contains all the stories you have created. Easy enough for anyone to understand.

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