A officer/Commissioner Responsibilities 2016-2017

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Officer/Commissioner Responsibilities 2016-2017

SB President

Needs one year of Student Council membership

Work with advisor to create ASB action plan

Help plan and organize summer ASB training sessions

Set the agenda and run student council meetings

Attend AHS Site Council meetings

Organize workers for registration

Plan ASB involvement in Back to School Night and “Showcase”

Create and distribute a Council binder to each member

Lead commissioner interviews

Organize Monday night meetings

Member of the Executive Board

Create and maintain Council email group

ASB Vice President

Assume ASB President’s responsibilities in absence of the ASB President

Organize House of Representatives meetings with no less than 4 each semester

Organize Freshmen and ASB elections

Train the Freshmen Class Officers

Organize and distribute ASB apparel

Organize Homeroom Visits (arrangements, agenda, and teacher notifications)

Member of the Executive Board

ASB Representative

Attend AHS Site Council meetings

Attend district school board meetings (coordinate with Calabasas representative) and present an update to the board regarding

important AHS events and concerns

Attend Curriculum Council meetings as necessary

Attend City Council meetings when necessary

Attend School District committee meetings as necessary (i.e. Calendar, Service Learning)

If applicable, Attend City Parks and Recreational meeting (i.e. organize AHS involvement in city events)

Take charge of political awareness and make information on political opportunities available to the entire student body

(i.e. Voter Registration Cards, Youth Council, etc.)

Member of the Executive Board

Class Officers Responsibilities

Member of the Executive Board

Set goals for class at the beginning of the year (i.e. Action Plan)

Plan and implement all class activities noted below

Preside and prepare an agenda for all Steering Committee meetings (≥ 3 per semester)

Make sure class activities are cleared and on the Master Calendar

Keep in regular communication with your Advisor(s)

Recruit and organize class members needed for other ASB events (pep rallies, other class events, etc.)

Delegate tasks (listed below) evenly among all class officers

Class Officers (3)

Accept responsibilities delegated by the President

Help run all Steering Committee meetings

Take minutes and attendance at all Steering Committee meetings and submit them to President and Advisors

Help President plan and implement all class activities noted below

Keep a master calendar of all class activities

Keep a record of class finances and present it regularly to steering committee

Organize receipts, Purchase Orders, check requests, deposits, cash boxes, activity & fundraising apps, etc.

Responsible for all class mail (i.e. thank you notes, Prom magazines, etc.)

Help organize posters for class projects

Create and maintain class electronic communication system

Help recruit and organize class members needed for other ASB events (pep rallies, other class events, etc.


Seniors: Battle of the Bands, Senior Servants, Senior meeting, Prom, Grad Night, Senior Awards, Senior Brunch, Senior Picnic,

Graduation, Monthly Hot Spots sales

Juniors: Prom Scouting, Lip Sync

Sophomores: Talent Show, Film Festival

Freshmen: Movie Night

Commissioner of Academics (1)

Attend Curriculum Council Meetings

Inform/Promote/Celebrate state & college testing (STAR, SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, IB)

Recognize academic achievement by departments monthly (i.e. organize and plan an academic pep rally, Scholar of the Month)

Liaison to Counseling office, including College & Career Center

Maintain and promote current list of tutors in all subjects to the student body

Plan Parent Education Nights in conjunction with PFC

Commissioner of Advertising (2)

Organize the creation and placement of posters, flyers, and banners on campus

Submit AHS stories to local newspapers and media outlets

Update the cafeteria marquee and electronic marquees every week

Keep an updated calendar on all ASB events

Update Charger Corner calendar

Manage ASB’s social networking presence

Research and Advertise a wide variety of student accomplishments

Manage and Assist w/all ASB websites

Manage online aspects of the year-long spirit competition

Research and promote web-based opportunities for students (i.e. Goodsearch, Shmoop)

Research and develop opportunities to create revenue from AHS websites

Commissioner of Athletics (2)

Work closely with Commissioners of Spirit

Maintain sports kiosk on L-Building and the gym foyer

Recognize athletes through various means (announcements/events)

Keep track of athletic team standings and achievements

Communicate with Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Work with Athletic Department to coordinate patriotic observances at sporting events

Organize and implement Dodgeball and Powder Puff tournaments

Commissioner of ASB Secretary/Historian (1)

Take minutes at every Student Council meeting

Responsible for distributing meeting minutes to absentees

Take attendance at Student Council events

Create Student Council scrapbook for the year

Coordinate faculty appreciation activities (Back to School breakfast, Appreciation week, and teacher luncheon)

Organize Charger of the Month awards

Take pictures and manage a computer file of ASB events

Coordinate w/yearbook staff on Student Council page

Keeps records of Agoura High School academics, athletics and extracurricular landmarks

Communicate AHS history of the student body

Continue researching and organizing AHS records for an eventual History of AHS and Hall of Fame

Celebrate Student Council birthdays

Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations (1)

Plan one Club Rush per semester

Pass all club constitutions through Student Council

Support attendance of club functions through advertising and communication

Schedule and run all club presidents’ meetings

Review advisor-signed minutes from each club’s meeting

Coordinate ASB activities with clubs

Maintain & publicize a list of clubs each semester with description of the club and their meeting dates

Coordinate recognition with The Charger (newspaper)

Coordinate all club announcements with AAC

Plan one showcase for all clubs

Assist w/ Club Advisor meeting

Commissioner of Community Service (2)

Coordinate Santa Comes to Agoura at AHS

Plan at least one community service drive (food, clothing, etc.) per year

Communicate community service opportunities to AHS students and faculty

Deliver lost and Found items to a local charity when necessary

Liaison with LVUSD and AHS staff on service learning requirement and recognition

Liaison with Commissioner of Advertising to keep service learning website up to date

Commissioner of Cultural and Social Awareness (1)

Devise and implement a program to celebrate cultural diversity on campus (communication/events)

Plan one cultural assembly or event

Coordinate with AHS clubs that are involved with cultural unity & awareness

Plan Dance Marathon

Responsible for recognizing Artist of the Month

Commissioner of Dances (2)

Plan Welcome Back Dance

Work with Commissioner of Events on Homecoming theme/sets

Plan the Homecoming dance

Plan the Vice-Versa dance
Commissioner of Entertainment (2)

Coordinate and run all OCEs/OCRs as requested (includes spirit weeks, advertising events, etc.)

Coordinate music for ASB and sporting events as needed

Link between cheer and ASB

Attend and work sound system at all home football games and other games as assigned
Commissioner of Events (1)

Plan ASB Summer Retreat

Plan ASB Winter Retreat

Plan local Leadership conference

Organize and implement Homecoming Half-time Show

Plan ASB Installation

Commissioner of Finance (1)

Responsible for keeping track of all ASB accounts

Coordinate and record passage of all purchase requisitions

Write PR declination/more info needed letters

Learn and teach proper methods of passage and filing of PRs, Activity Apps, and Fundraising Apps. To Student Council, clubs, and organizations (attend info meetings)

Conduct and maintain inventory of all Council equipment and supplies. Order new supplies as necessary.

Commissioner of Fundraising (2)

Organize and implement Silent Auction

Organize and implement Matchmaker fundraiser

Organize and implement See’s Candy fundraiser

Sell Community Discount Cards at registration

Organize and implement college banner fundraiser at graduation

Commissioner of Health & Beautification (1)

Hold at least one blood drive per semester

Plan Red Ribbon Week activities

Liaison with the Plant Manager on all facilities issues

Coordinate with AHS clubs that are involved with health and beautification

Organize at least one community beautification project per semester

Devise and implement a program for health awareness on campus (communication/events)

Commissioner of Publicity (1)

Deliver the morning announcements everyday via P.A. or Bolt TV

Coordinate guest hosts for morning announcements

Oversee writing of scripts in coordination with Bolt TV

Train during spring/summer after appointment on how to utilize Bolt TV

Liaison between Student Council and Bolt TV

Commissioner of Rallies (2)

Organize at least three rallies per year

Coordinate rally set-ups and rehearsals

Coordinate with Commissioner of Events on Homecoming theme/script

Plan V-day

Assist Commissioner of Academics in recognizing academics in rallies

Commissioner of Spirit (2)

Create and implement a spirit plan for all ASB programs for the school year (year-long spirit competition)

Organize spirit club on campus (Power Plant)

Organize spirit weeks, BBQ’s, and dress up days

Coordinate color wars

Maintain and sell Power Plant apparel

Promote through Power Plant at least one home game per sport

Commissioner of Technology (3)

Responsible for ALL ASB electronic equipment (lights, speakers, etc.)

Coordinate technological aspects of all ASB activities

Create plan to deliver, set up, and utilize tech equipment at ASB & Athletic events (OCR, games, rallies, etc.)

Manage technology inventory to keep organized, functional, and relevant
Commissioner of Video Production (4)

Create advertisements for Student Council events on Bolt TV

Train during spring/summer after appointment on how to utilize Bolt TV

Film & edit ASB events for distribution/posterity

Responsible for Student Council video equipment

Create videos as needed for pep rallies

Create Installation video

Collect and archive video of important events throughout the year

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