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Overview of Services for Retirement

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Overview of Services for Retirement


Human Services Subsector

Program or Service

Target Group and Age

Alignment with Human Services Blueprint objectives

Building Community and Culture

Access Services

Prevention and Early Intervention

Intensive Service Offer

Statutory Services

ACT Disability Aged and Carer Advocacy Service


Frail older people, people with a disability, people with mental illness

ACT Government (Justice and Community Safety Directorate)

Emergency Services – West Belconnen Ambulance and Fire & Rescue station

All residents in the West Belconnen area

PROBUS Club meeting


Australian Red Cross

Community Visiting

Vulnerable older people and young people with a disability or severe /persistent mental health issue

Meals on Wheels

Personal Alarm Service



Belconnen Community Service (BCS)

Energy Efficiency Program

Low income households

Canberra City Care

Handup Food Care

Pensioners and low income earners

Re-Runs Op Shop

The Tech Shed

Christians Against Poverty

Capital Chemist Charnwood

Medical compression garment service


Dosage administration aids

Wound care assessment and triage

Medication management

Mental health crisis and triage

Pain management

Hospital discharge management

Home help equipment

Smoking cessation counselling

Care Financial Counselling Service

NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme)

Low income earners 16 years and over

Contact Canberra

CONTACT Canberra Community Information

General, new to Canberra, seniors, students, families, crisis/complex referral

Access City Hotline

Provides assistance on infrastructure disability access issues in the AC

Connections ACT

First Point

People aged 16 years and over


Seniors Information Service + Housing Options Advice

Canberra residents aged 50 years and over

Just Better Care Canberra

Community Support

Whole of Community

North Canberra Family Practice

General Practice


Tenants’ Union ACT

Tenants’ Advice Service

All people renting in the ACT

UnitingCare Kippax

Emergency and Financial Aid

Vulnerable people experiencing financial difficulty

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