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Continued Engagement

The above community engagement reflects only the initial phase of community consultation for this project. Future consultation can rely on what has been learnt from this initial consultation and engagement process and can continue to develop the most efficient methods and formats to consultation and engage with the West Belconnen community.

Attachment A Consultation Outcomes Table

Human Services Sector Key

Education Justice Health Community




Access to Services

  • People want to be able to access information easily when they need it.

  • Services available on weekends/evenings for those who work.

  • No age restrictions for services

  • Services should be able to direct a person to other services if they can’t provide what they need

Services for Young People/Young Adults

  • Education assistance for young people

  • Leadership development group for young people.

  • Youth venue open in the evenings and on the weekend

  • Support services for young adults at risk (including support groups)

  • More entertainment for youth, festivals etc.

  • Having people for teenagers to talk to that aren’t family

  • A Youth Centre located in West Belconnen

Services for Men

  • Men’s shed

  • More groups/activities specific to men in the West Belconnen area

Services for Women

  • Women would like more services for their children during the week and outside work hours throughout all of West Belconnen

  • Women’s services in the region to replace the Women’s Information and Referral Centre

  • Housing options for women over 60+

Support for Elderly

  • Neighbours should be looking out for the older people living in their street

  • There should be park benches etc to provide a place to relax outside of the house

  • People should be able to have places to go/things to do so they can avoid feeling isolated

More Housing Options

  • More affordable housing

  • Well maintained public housing

  • Housing for women 60 years +

More Outreach Services

  • Services that go to West Belconnen’s most vulnerable members as they may not go to services

More affordable Healthcare

  • More GPs throughout West Belconnen

  • More access to bulk billing GPs, Specialists, and medical imaging

A Personal Approach

  • “I want to talk to real people, not voicemail”

  • If a service can’t help, point people in the right direction

  • Treat people with respect and dignity, many people may be ashamed to access services

  • People want to know their privacy is being respected and to maintain some independence

Service Collaboration

  • Service Directory

  • Information sharing across local services network and a shared or common assessment processes between services.

  • Better promotion of all services by other services

  • “There should be one place I can go to get all the information and services that I need”

  • Services should be provided all together in one hub so people don’t need to go to a lot of different places to get what they need

  • This would help to prevent doubling up and avoid confusion

Allowing for and Actively Encouraging Feedback

  • Feedback needs to be encouraged in a positive way

  • Feedback should be continuous, not a one off

  • People need to feel as though their thoughts and opinions are valued

More Community Facilities

  • Dog parks

  • More/Improved Playground

  • Re-open Ginninderra Falls to the public

  • Community gardens

More Public Facilities

  • Swimming pool

  • Sports Complex

  • Recreational areas that include barbecues, playgrounds, skate parks etc, that appeal to the whole family

Childcare Facilities

  • More Childcare Centres

  • More affordable childcare

Improved Shared Spaces

  • Maintain green spaces and parks (mow lawn regularly)

  • Ensure shared spaces remain somewhere everyone in the community would like to go (the young, elderly etc)

  • Spaces should be accessible for those who have disabilities


  • More banks

  • More cafes separate from the shops

  • More supermarkets/stores, like Big W and Coles at Kippax

Maintenance of Public Housing

  • Volunteers could help with the maintenance of public housing: garden and basic house maintenance.

  • People are happy to have public housing in their areas as long as it is not easily identifiable as such: better for the tenants, and for the community

Protection of Indigenous Land and Heritage Sites

  • Indigenous sites and land need to be protected in any development projects completed in West Belconnen.

Well lit Community Areas

  • Bike paths and foot paths outside of the central areas are not well lit, and do not feel safe

Ensuring Facilities are Financially Accessible

  • Ensure services and public facilities are financially accessible to the whole community, especially things like swimming pools

More Community Events

  • More community events for children and young adults

  • More community events for everyone, and more on the weekend

  • West Belconnen Markets, featuring local produce

  • Opportunities for workers to volunteer in community projects

  • Having a reliable team of volunteers to call when there is a crisis or urgent need

  • Someone to organise volunteering opportunities do people can just turn up and help.

Improved Shared Spaces

  • Maintain green spaces and parks (mow lawn regularly)

  • Respect the land and other species

  • Ensure shared spaces remain somewhere everyone in the community would like to go (the young, elderly etc)

  • Spaces should be accessible for those who have disabilities

Prevent Bullying

  • Prevent bullying in schools

  • Specifically targeting people with disabilities, people from diverse backgrounds etc

  • Prevent bullying in the community

  • Prevent cyber bullying

  • Bullying is not just a school issue, it must be solved with the whole community in mind

Support for /from Local Businesses

  • Local businesses could provide leftover food to service providers for service users

  • Local business could allow for public vegetable/fruit plants in public areas i.e. Kippax Fair

  • Rent could be discounted for local produce stores

  • A market with local produce to encourage support for local businesses

Create a Sense of Community /Ownership

  • Things like volunteering in the community encourage positive behaviour and respect and ownership for the community

  • Creating a sense of pride in the neighbourhood you live in would be good

  • Saying hello to people you see, when you walk past etc.

Reduce Red Tap for Community Activities

  • Mowing your neighbour’s lawn or the median strip and helping out – everyone is concerned about being liable and will no longer engage in these activities

  • People can’t hold street parties as they can’t get the street blocked off

  • Red tape needs to be removed, a balance needs to be found between bureaucratic process and encouraging community members to engage with one another

Appreciation of Diversity within the Community

  • People should appreciate people who have different life experiences to their own – this could happen through community activities

Community Involvement

  • The community wants to be involved in various ways

  • The community wants to be consulted with – and to have their feedback taken seriously

  • They do not necessarily want to be a part of the designing process, they just want to be consulted and kept up to date with what is happening in their community.


  • More employment opportunities within the area

Improved Options for Education

  • More high school and college options

  • More after school activities

  • Advertise services in schools

  • Year 6 inductions for high school should be scheduled before applications are due so people are informed to make decisions.

Public Transport

  • My Way card availability in West Belconnen

  • More/Improved bus services for all of West Belconnen

  • Buses should be provided from West Belconnen to Belconnen throughout the day not just at peak hour.

  • More accessible bus services

Active Transport

  • Improve footpaths to ensure it is safe to walk

  • Bike paths need to be extended so it is safe to ride through West Belconnen to the centre of Belconnen

Community Transport

  • Free/heavily discounted transportation between West Belconnen Hubs


  • Better parking at West Belconnen CFC

  • Free parking near vital services and amenities.

  • More parking in areas around Kippax Fair, there isn’t enough

School Surveys ages 5-8 Survey

What’s important for children in West Belconnen?

We know you have great ideas and it is important that your ideas get heard.
You might like to ask an adult to help you complete the questions.

Boy OR girl

How old are you?

What suburb do you live in?

Who would you go to get help from?

Who are you?

What makes you feel safe, happy and loved?

Do you think people listen to you and your ideas?

Draw your favourite thing about living in
West Belconnen

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