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Health Infrastructure

West Belconnen residents have access to a number of medical practices, pharmacies, dental services, and allied health services such as pathology and psychological counselling.

The National Health Co-op, formerly the West Belconnen Health Cooperative, has five locations in the ACT, two of which are in West Belconnen (Charnwood and Kippax) and two are in the greater Belconnen region (Belconnen and Evatt). Co-op services include bulk billed general practice and a range of other allied health services.

A range of other community based organisations are funded to provide services to the ACT wide population, including those in West Belconnen, but are neither located in West Belconnen nor designed specifically to meet the needs of this population.

The Belconnen Community Health Centre (BCHC) is a recently completed capital project on the north side of Canberra, which commenced operations on 11 November 2013. The centre functions as part of the community health services network across the Territory. It is a “hub” service delivering high level or specialised community health services (including dental, Aged Care Assessment Team, community nursing and allied health) to the whole of the north side population. It also has a role in providing generalist community health services to its local catchment for the Belconnen statistical district including the West Belconnen suburbs. The centre also hosts the new Walk-In Centre, which operates seven days a week, 7:30am-10:00pm.

Nursing and Allied Health Services are available in the home to eligible clients in

West Belconnen.

Through the Health Promotion Innovation Fund, the following have been funded relating specifically to the West Belconnen area:

  • Fraser Primary School – Paddock to Plate @ Fraser will enable students to learn about seasonal produce from the school garden and how it can be used to create healthy meals. Students and families will learn how to prepare, cook and enjoy value-for-money meals.

  • Koomarri – The Fit for Life program will provide employees of the Koomarri Belconnen based business enterprises with regular health and fitness activity, each working day including growing and preparing healthy food and participating in inclusive and fun exercise program.

  • West Belconnen Child and Family Centre – The Koori Kids: Health messages project will encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children between the ages of 4 and 15 to tend to a garden at the Centre and create healthy meals with Nutrition Australia. Children will also participate in several sessions promoting physical activity.

  • West Belconnen Child and Family Centre – This project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the local South Sudanese community through healthy cooking and education activities with Sudanese women and children.

  • North Belconnen Day Centre – The See and Do for a Healthier You project focuses on improving the eating habits and physical fitness of both members of the North Belconnen Day Centre and members of the wider community. It will incorporate tai-chi, Heartmoves and dancing into separate monthly programs before expanding on the fitness programs enjoyed most.

Aged Care Facilities

While the ACT Government does not provide aged care services it facilitates their development through land release and planning decisions.

There is one aged care facility in West Belconnen, the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution Masonic Village at Holt. It offers residential High Care and Low Care, independent living and community services.

Infrastructure to support people with disability

The bulk of Disability ACT funded services in West Belconnen are not location-specific, but provide support across the ACT.

Localised supports in West Belconnen include a school holiday program operating at Cranleigh and supported by Belconnen Community Services.

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled is located in Holt and while available to all Canberrans, is more convenient to West Belconnen residents.

Branch Out Cafe operated by Carers ACT, funded by Disability ACT and located in the Holt Hub, is a social enterprise providing catering which builds skills for young people with disability.

Shaw Possibilities is a disability support service governed by Anglicare and funded by Disability ACT to provide a range of disability support services. These include learning and life skills development, case management, local coordination and development,

in-home accommodation support, attendant personal care, respite and the management of individual support packages. It is located at the Frewin Centre in Scullin.

Anglicare Disability Services ACT also provides individual and group support for people aged between 19 to 65 years at flexible times. The exact nature of the support that an individual requires will be as agreed upon as part of the initial support and service arrangement that is suitable to the person. This service is delivered via outreach and can be accessed via self-referral.

The Access City Hotline is administered by Contact Canberra and provides assistance on infrastructure disability access issues in the ACT. This service is delivered via outreach and can be accessed via self-referral or referral from another service.

ACT Disability Aged and Carer Advocacy Service (ADACAS) is an independent, not-for-profit, advocacy organisation helping people with disabilities, older people and their carers. These programs are delivered via outreach and be accessed via self referral.

Disability ACT Group Homes

There are five Disability ACT Group homes in West Belconnen: Kerrigan (Dunlop),
Fraser (Fraser), Ninette (Charnwood), Crawford (Flynn) and Dalley (Latham).

National Disability Insurance Agency

The National Disability Insurance Agency is open at two locations - 212 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon, and the One Human Services Gateway, 153 Emu Bank, Belconnen. 

Co location with the ACT Government One Human Services Gateway enables the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to link with other social services and engage with people who may not currently be receiving a disability service.

Therapy ACT

Belconnen residents can access services by Therapy ACT from the Early Childhood North Team at Level 2 Swanson Court, Swanson Plaza, which caters for children to the age of 12.

Early Childhood North services include:

  • visits to the West Belconnen “Playing Together” play group once per term

  • Speech Pathology and Physical Therapy drop in clinics at West Belconnen Child and Family Centre

  • attendance at the “Hippy” playgroup Charnwood.

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