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Arts Infrastructure

The ACT Arts Fund and ACT arts facilities are open to all members of the ACT community to access and participate in a wide range of arts activities.

artsACT has two Arts Facilities in West Belconnen, the Belconnen Arts Centre and Strathnairn, while CSD also supports community based arts programs and activities delivered from the Belconnen Community Service at the Belconnen Community Centre.

Strathnairn Arts at Stockdill Drive, Holt, is an arts and crafts hub, supported by the ACT Government. The hub supports a strong community of artists working in diverse

mediums, and hosts an artist in residence program. The Strathnairn Homestead Gallery features regular art and craft exhibitions and an adjacent café.

Outside West Belconnen, the Belconnen Arts Centre is located on the shores of
Lake Ginninderra, opposite Westfield Belconnen. The second stage of the Belconnen Arts Centre is commencing in late 2014.

Infrastructure – Territory and Municipal Services


There are currently 53 playgrounds in the West Belconnen region consisting of:


Local Neighbourhood
































Of the top 20 per cent (122) high priority playgrounds listed for renewal, two playgrounds are located in the West Belconnen area. The playground at Ginninderra Creek is also a popular attraction for West Belconnen children and families.

Sports Fields

The following suburbs have sportsgrounds: Charnwood, Flynn, Higgins, Holt, Latham, Macgregor and Spence, with Holt having multiple grounds.

Canberra Nature Park

West Belconnen borders Dunlop Grasslands Nature Reserve, Ginninderra Falls across the border, Woodstock Reserve along the Murrumbidgee River Corridor and to the south the Pinnacle and Mount Painter nature parks with an abundance of serviced walking, horse riding and formed roads for community use.

Public library access and services

The Kippax Library has physical and digital collections available for loan. It also provides free WIFI, free computer access and free Disability access. The library has community rooms which are used for community groups (programs such as meet and share – e.g. board games, bridge club), early years literacy programs (such as Giggle and Wiggle, and Story time) and learning programs for adults in partnership with others in the community and government sectors.

The 2014-15 ACT Budget included funding for upgrade of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and computer stations at all public libraries including Belconnen and Kippax.

Swimming Pools

There is one swimming pool in West Belconnen, KingsSwim at Macgregor, which focuses on learn to swim programs for children and is not a public swimming pool.

Roads and Public Transport

In 2013-14, some path maintenance was conducted and some community paths were designed and completed. Road infrastructure projects in the 2014 15 Budget include energy efficient lighting, residential street improvements, investigation of bus stop upgrades and a feasibility of an arterial road network. Future capital works include signalisation, feasibility studies of road duplication and upgrades, and consideration of community paths. Investigations are also underway for some on-road cycling.

The upgrade of various existing bus stops to Disability Discrimination Act standards compliance will continue in 2014-15.

ACTION services

  • ACTION provides a total of 586 weekday services. This includes 516 regular services, 26 Xpresso services and 44 School services (the suburban section of the Rapid Network is included in the count as services go into these suburbs)

  • ACTION provides 82 services on a Saturday and 52 services on a Sunday

  • there are 331 active bus stops in the West Belconnen area

  • there is one MyWay recharge agent located in West Belconnen – at the Charnwood Newsagency – for card sales and recharge of stored value. There are four agents in the wider Belconnen area at: Jamison Centre Newsagency, News Xpress Westfield Belconnen, Nextra Westfield Belconnen and Hawker Newsagency
  • Park and Ride Facilities for West Belconnen are provided at Kippax, Charnwood, Belconnen Town Centre and the University of Canberra. These are designed for commuters to shift part of their journey to an ACTION Bus.

Canberra Connect

Canberra Connect has a Belconnen Shopfront located at: Swanson Plaza, Swanson Court, Belconnen ACT 2616. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Other infrastructure and services

The 2014-15 Budget included funding for an upgrade of the West Belconnen Resource Management Centre at Parkwood Road in Macgregor, particularly in the rehabilitation of landfill cells.

Key capital works projects for the ACTEW Corporation announced in the 2014-15 Budget include rehabilitation of sewer mains and a significant investment at the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre, Holt.

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