A picture story about art and love

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A picture story about art and love

Stefanie Woschek is one of the few artists who consequently works with picture stories. Throughout the years, her collections of paintings are connected, visual stories with philosophical, vital, social and metaphysical messages. The personal mixes itself with the universal one, the microscopic with the macroscopic one and the tragic one with the humoristic in these fascinating picture books.

In her newest collection “The bird and the bee”, it is the role of the artist, which is brought up for discussion. What does it means to be an artist and which consequences has this often isolated existence, particularly in relation to love?
The topic is high romantic. Among other things, we know it from H.C. Andersen, who – assumed – completely failed in love affairs, in return to be able to write poetry much better.
Even Stefanie Woschek calls art for her true love – inspired by personal experiences – her picture story is much more than an autobiography.
The pictures are naturalistic, we recognize mountains, deep ravines and valleys, but everything is simplified with emphasis on geometrical basic principles, diagonals, conicals, circles and squares, and the colors are deeply, intensively and intimitate. The landscapes are more tendency landscapes than physically recognizable. This is strengthened by the circumstance that Stefanie Woschek often uses surrealistic effects and in the same picture, builds objects up from different reality spheres as if we suddently recognize a human face or parts of a body in the mountains or figures of stones act like human beings. If one can speak of a reality, then it is a poetic or artistic reality.

Therefore, Stefanie Woscheks stories and pictures are from a large, connected universe. The experiences, which the painter makes in the series, are her own. She has experienced everything as well as we have. We nod and recognize the pain, the uncertainty and the doubt. But as less as you can put the storyteller in a novel at the same level as the writer, as less you can compare the artist in the series with the humans Stefanie Woschek. In the last picture of the series the letter is going to blow away by the wind, outside in the emptyness. In reality, the rejection of his girlfriend helped the indecisive painter, who up to now took no responsibility for his life. The decision was made for him and now, he wisely can dedicate himself to his vocation: Art.
Stefanie Woschek stands completely for herself on the Danish art scene. Her picture stories are – except being beautiful and sensuously – also effecting in a very personal way. They pour out of vital problem definitions without dissociating intellectually. They touch and they make more wise. They deserve a large audience.
Tom Jørgensen

Editor of “Kunstavisen”, Bachelor of History of Art

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