A policy is a collective agreed statement of beliefs. It exists to protect children, parents & staff. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by a service”

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Fee Policy

The Manager is responsible for establishing fees policies and structures which must be approved by the Childcare Board of Management annually. There will be no reduction in fees if a child is absent due to illness, or any such reason. Sixmilebridge & District Community Ltd. will open a separate bank a/c for this service. All money generated from fundraising for the service must be lodged into the account. Fees are to be paid in the reception office of the Main Crèche. Management will ensure regular lodgements or contact the Treasurer if time constraints prevent lodgements.

Fee payments

Fees should be paid weekly on Monday or the first date of attendance each week. Crèche fees are payable one week in advance. If two months fees are outstanding at mid point in the 3rd month the service is withdrawn. A written reminder will be issued at the start of the 2nd month and 3rd month.

In unusual circumstances, an arrangement can be agreed on with the Board of Management.

Fee payments should be made in the Reception office in the Crèche. Parents should ensure that they receive a receipt for payment before leaving the office.

Payment for the childcare service is over a 38 week or 49 week period whichever is applicable to your child. The below outlines the fee period for each room:

Farm / Rainbow Room

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

Jungle Room

Sessional Room

Fees applicable for 38 weeks with optional extra for camp

Under The Sea

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

Rainforest Room

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

The Den Montessori

Sessional Room

Fees applicable for 38 weeks with optional extra for camp

The Den After-School

School Year Opening

Fees are applicable from Sept – June. This includes fees during national school closures and any subsequent increase of hours during this time. Summer time attendance is optional, however places cannot be held if parents withdraw from the service for the summer months.


Bridge Kids are vigilant in adhering to all TUSLA ratio’s in line with childcare regulations. Late collections present various difficulties for staff. It affects ratio’s when new children arrive and other children have not yet been collected. It also results in overtime for staff. For this reason, a fine will be applied for children that are not collected at their designated time. This has been calculated at time and half to cover two members of staff wages equal to €47.00 an hour. This fine will be applied for parents who collect their child later than 5 minutes. The first instance will result in a parent being informed, however on the 2nd occasion the fine will be applied.


Subvention discounts are allocated subject to eligibility and enrolment during subvention snap shot week, as set by the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs (OMCYA). Confirmation will be received from the OMCYA of your eligibility at a later stage. Bridge Kids will provide subvention rates while waiting for confirmation from the OMCYA. Should any discrepancies arise in relation to eligibility of Subvention the weekly fee will be changed from the beginning of the year, resulting in either refunds by us or back payments by parents.


The Executive Committee recognise the efforts of all volunteers who dedicate their time for The Bridge Complex. For this reason should a parent need to avail of childcare whilst volunteering for the society at special events, a free childcare place may be granted by Management on the request of a member of the society. The childcare place must be on a day that a parent does not already have their child enrolled in the service and must be approved by Management. Places will be granted subject to availability in the room.


The Sixmilebridge AND District Community Complex society ltd (The Bridge Complex) overall administration committee is responsible for applying to the various bodies AND accessing funds for the service. The Childcare Board of Management committee is responsible for fundraising for the service.


It is our aim to encourage children to interact with their community as a whole, so visits to the library, shops and visitors to our service are encouraged. Children benefit greatly from community interactions and thought has been given to creating links with other services to share information, networking and overall community involvement.


It is the policy of the service to comply with the pre-school services regulations 2006, The service is inspected annually.


All efforts will be made to facilitate & integrate children with additional needs to this service. It is the belief of the service that such integration is desirable and beneficial to all children.


At Bridge Kids we aim to deliver the highest quality and standard of care. The care we provide, on all occasions is based on the following values: Caring, Respect, Fairness, Understanding and Equality. We believe that positive re-enforcement and encouragement support positive behaviour and can help avoid problems. Behaviour issues will always be managed in a positive way that supports children’s confidence and self-esteem.


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