A policy is a collective agreed statement of beliefs. It exists to protect children, parents & staff. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by a service”


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The convention stipulates the following general principles:

  • States shall ensure each child enjoys full rights without discrimination or distinctions of any kind

  • The child’s best interests shall be a primary consideration in all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social institutions, courts, administrative authorities or legislative bodies

  • Every child has the right to life and states shall ensure, to the maximum extent possible, child survival and development

  • Children have the right to be heard

The convention stipulates the following substantive provisions;

Civil rights and freedom

  • The right to a name and nationality

  • The right to a sense of identity

  • The right to freedom and expression

  • The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion

  • The right to freedom and association

  • The right to privacy

  • No child shall be subject to torture, or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Statement of Purpose and Function

Mission statement

“Bridge Kids,” a subsidiary of Sixmilebridge and District Community Complex Society Ltd. (t/a The Bridge Complex), is committed to providing a quality service at affordable prices, so that all children, irrespective of socio-economic circumstances or cultural diversity will have the opportunity to attend a quality childcare service, and that parents/guardians can avail of a homely, safe and friendly facility for their children

Ráiteas fīse

Tá Bridge Kids” focomhlacht de “Sixmilebridge and District Community Complex Society Ltd.”an tugtha chun seirbhīs den scoth a chur a fáil ar phraghasanna atá in acmhainn ag daoine a īoc; Is ēsin go mbeidh páistī na dūiche Droichead Abhainn O gCearnaigh, an ceanta mórthimpeall ar, Cuma cēn aicme, dath agus creideamh, ábalta an deis a fháil freastal ar seirbhīs rēamhscolaīochta

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure that each child is safe and happy

  • To encourage the child, and staff to be part of a sociable group, respecting themselves and others

  • To treat each child as an individual and to value and appreciate the uniqueness of each child

  • To guide the child in the development of his/her senses, which are an integral part of the learning/development process

  • To ensure all staff receive appropriate training and support, and maintain high practice standards

  • To encourage partnership with parents, in an effort to provide an integrated, balanced broad, stimulating programme

  • To encourage, by means of outings and visits, an interaction with the wider community of Sixmilebridge and surrounding District.


All of our rooms use a child-led emergent curriculum. The value of learning through play is paramount and we very strongly believe that it is our role to facilitate learning, rather than the implementation of a strict curriculum. Activities in rooms are age and developmentally appropriate and are tailored to meet the needs and interests of all children in our care.

Messy play is an important part of a child’s experience with Bridge Kids. Messy play allows children to build, imagine, experience, investigate, explore, create, observe, predict and use their senses. Best of all it’s heaps of fun!! Messy play includes sand, playdough, gloop, spaghetti, jelly, water play and much more. We provide protective aprons and outdoor gear but little ones often wriggle out of these and may come home happy, but a little messy. For this reason, we ask that you don’t send your child in their best clothes.

The outdoors forms a large part of our curriculum and we bring as many indoor activities outdoors as possible. Outdoor activities may include splashing in the puddles, planting in the gardens, digging for worms or feeling raindrops on our faces. The outdoors is one of the best learning environments for young children, providing an opportunity to explore, experience and make meaning of the natural world (Early Childhood Ireland). We have several large outdoor areas, are situated on 4 acres of park and are adjacent to the community playground. Even in young children, physical activity is shown to be important for their immediate health and in developing a long term pattern of physical activity. With this in mind we have recently invested in our outdoor area with the provision of a covered area to facilitate outdoor learning in all Irish weather conditions. We provide wet gear for children and ask that parents leave a pair of wellington boots with us.

Aistear is the early childhood curriculum framework for all children from birth to six years. The word Aistear is the Irish word for journey and marks the beginning of the child’s learning journey. Aistear outlines the content of children’s learning and development using the four themes of Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, and Exploring and Thinking. Within each of these themes, there are aims and learning goals. We use the framework as a guide in helping us to create our care programmes which helps the children to learn and develop in a way that is fun but also challenging. At Bridge Kids we combine the framework with our Montessori practices using it to complement and extend our care programmes.

"Early childhood is a significant and distinct time in life that must be nurtured, respected, valued and supported in its own right."

Síolta - The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education in Ireland

At Bridge Kids we are committed to ensuring the 16 standards outlined by Síolta are used as a benchmark by which we review the quality of all our practices. Bridge Kids has successfully received Síolta accreditation and will continually strive to make improvements to practice.

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