A policy is a collective agreed statement of beliefs. It exists to protect children, parents & staff. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by a service”

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Internet Usage

The purpose of the internet usage policy is to ensure appropriate access for users. The use of computers in the childcare facility must be monitored at all times by staff members whilst they are being accessed by the children in attendance. The use of internet research must be age appropriate and networking sites must not be used – e.g.) Facebook, bebo, twitter, etc. Staff members should review a website prior to the children’s use. Additional restrictions can be added to the security settings as needed.

A detailed Email and Internet policy is outlined for all our staff members in our staff handbooks.

Parent Communications Policy

At Bridge Kids we recognise the importance of communication and the following policy outlines our methods and practice in ensuring open communication with all parents and relevant stakeholders of the Crèche.

At all times confidentiality is respected and when communicating with parents our staff members are aware of maintaining children’s rights of confidentiality. Staff members can only discuss a child with their own parent/ guardian/ person nominated by parent or guardian. Please refer to our confidentiality policy for further information.

Staff members are available to parents at any time of the day. We encourage parents to update us when dropping off their children on anything we need to be aware of that might affect their child during their stay at crèche. For example, a child who was very tired that morning or news of a new arrival. At the end of each day our staff members will update parents on what their child has done during the day and inform them of meals eaten, sleep taken, nappy logs, activities or an incident if it occurs. We use a tablet based application for recording all events during the day and parents can access their own child’s details through the app at any point of the day. Staff members will also provide a verbal handover upon collection. Should you wish to spend more time with our staff members please arrange a suitable time with your Room Leader. Should you wish to speak in confidence, the main office is available for a private meeting.

At Bridge Kids we strive to keep parents up-to-date on community events / news / crèche information etc. A newsletter is distributed at least bi-annually for general news, and parental letters / slips / posters are on display or distributed for every day updates, for anything from a school outing to health slips noting a common illness such as a chickenpox alert.

We have a webpage available for all parents, who can access our handbooks, policies and procedures and general information. General news and events are also posted on The Bridge Complex Facebook page on a regular basis. We are also contactable on the following:

  • Telephone Number: 061 713 028

  • Email: bridgekidsmanager@bridgecomplex.ie or bridgekidsreception@bridgcomplex.ie

  • Web Page: www.bridgecomplex.ie

  • Facebook: The Bridge Complex

Confidentiality Policy

The purpose of the confidentiality policy is to ensure that the rights of all children and parents are respected at all times. At Bridge Kids, our work with children and families will often mean we are privy to confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the crèche can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways:

  • Parents have the right to access the files and records of their children, but will not have access to information about any other child.

  • Staff will not discuss individual children, other than for the purposes of curriculum planning/group management, with people other than the parents/carers of that child.
  • Accidents resulting in injury will be shared with the authorised person who collects a child. Information of a sensitive nature will only be shared with parents of that child and any person that the parent has nominated to receive information, as noted on the child’s registration form.

  • Feedback given to parents on their children’s progress will be given directly to the parents, unless they state a third party can be involved for example a childminder or grandparent.

  • Concerns about child protection issues will be kept in a separate file and will only be available to authorised personnel. Please refer to our child protection policy for further information.

  • Information given by parents/carers to our staff members will not be passed on to other adults without permission. Information is shared on a need to know basis only.

  • All confidential information will be stored securely and will only be accessed by authorised personnel.

  • Students on work placements and any volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting work in Bridge Kids. All staff members sign a confidentiality clause in their contracts of employment as noted below.

All matters relating to the Employer, his business and clients are strictly confidential. Staff members must not disclose any trade secrets or other information of a confidential nature relating to the Employer or any of its associates or their business or in respect of which the Employer owes an obligation of confidence to any third party during or after your employment except in the proper course of your employment or as required by law.

Staff members may not disclose any information relating to the business of the Employer, clients, or those to whom an obligation of confidence exists, to any third party, either during or after your employment, except in the normal course of your employment, or as required by law.

Staff members must not at any time whatsoever remove any documents, computer disks or tapes containing any confidential information from the Employer's premises without proper advance authorisation. All such documents, disks or tapes including copies thereof remain the property of the Employer.

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