A policy is a collective agreed statement of beliefs. It exists to protect children, parents & staff. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by a service”

Parent / Guardian Involvement Policy

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Parent / Guardian Involvement Policy


  • It is the policy of Bridge Kids to encourage parental involvement and to acknowledge the importance of a partnership between parents and carers.

  • Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in behaviour management procedures, as outlined in our code of behaviour policy.

  • Parents and families are encouraged to come together for concerts at Christmas and end of year. It is hoped that parents will participate in the shows by singing with the children etc. These social occasions should add to the homely atmosphere of the service.

  • Input from the parents is always encouraged and we welcome parents with special skills or with different ethnic or cultural backgrounds to visit the children or help out with certain activities, or just to come and talk about their job, or ethnic background etc.

  • When English is not the first spoken language of the family, we invite parents to translate our mission statement into their mother tongue, for inclusion in our policies and procedures.

  • We encourage parents to give us a list of some of the words that their child may use for day to day things such as going to the toilet or eating snack.

  • We ask for phonetic spellings also to aid with our pronunciation.

  • Staff members are happy to write some basic words for parents to help with understanding of the language that the children acquire at school.

  • Parents and grandparents are invited to join our volunteer program for bringing children on outings, trips to the library etc. Volunteers will have the opportunity to avail of some of the ongoing training provided.

  • Parents’ help will also be appreciated with fundraising activities.

  • Bridge Kids actively encourage parents to join the Board of Management or Childcare Committee.


At Bridge Kids we place high value and note the importance of an open door policy. For us this means that our doors are always open to parents / guardians so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can call in unannounced or phone us at any time. Your child’s well being is the most important thing to us and we hope you will have confidence in us and note that we are a very honest and open service and will update you on all aspects of your child’s day. We will always phone parents during the day if their child is unsettled or off form so you know how your child is during the day and not just at collection time.

Parents are welcome to visit the service at any time or phone the main office where they can be put through to their children’s room to speak with the Room Leader. We ask parents if visiting the creche outside of drop off and collection times to be aware that sometimes children can become confused thinking its collection time, our CCTV in main reception can be viewed by parents so they can look at their children with minimum disruption.

For safety reasons, entrance into the creche is restricted and access is only granted once verification of a parent is noted and a staff member will release the access lock. We ask parents who are exiting the building not to hold doors open for anyone entering the premises. Access should only be granted via a staff member. This ensures access control.


  • Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s development on a continuous basis throughout the year. Staff members complete records on each childs development noting milestones achieving and emerging skills.
  • Throughout the year, all parents are given observations sheets to sign. These are a detailed record of a staff/child observation that staff complete for all children in their care. The observations sheet will note an activity or an interaction that has taken place and make links to what has been achieved under Aistears Framework four themes. Further planning for your child’s development will be established through these observations.

  • At the end of the academic year, we provide an opportunity for optional individual parent-teacher meetings to allow parents to discuss the child’s progress.


  • Parents have the right to bring their child to the service without being subject to ridicule by staff or others for social, moral, behavioural, or cultural issues.

  • Parents should be treated with respect at all times.

  • Parents are also requested to show respect for staff, children and other parents while attending the service.


  • Bridge Kids is a subsidiary of The Bridge Complex, a community organisation that aims to provide family support services, services for the elderly, adult education, training and social occasions for all in the community. For further information please contact Bridge Kids on 061 713 028 or enquire in the main office in reception. The Managers office is always open to all.

Fee Policy

The Manager is responsible for establishing fees policies and structures which must be approved by the Childcare Board of Management annually. There will be no reduction in fees if a child is absent due to illness, or any such reason. Sixmilebridge & District Community Ltd. will open a separate bank a/c for this service. All money generated from fundraising for the service must be lodged into the account. Fees are to be paid in the reception office of the Main Crèche. Management will ensure regular lodgements or contact the Treasurer if time constraints prevent lodgements.

Fee payments

Fees should be paid weekly on Monday or the first date of attendance each week. Creche fees are payable one week in advance. If two months fees are outstanding at mid point in the 3rd month the service is withdrawn. A written reminder will be issued at the start of the 2nd month and 3rd month.

In unusual circumstances, an arrangement can be agreed on with the Board of Management.

Fee payments should be made in the Reception office in the Creche. Parents should ensure that they receive a receipt for payment before leaving the office.

Payment for the childcare service is over a 38 week or 49 week period whichever is applicable to your child. The below outlines the fee period for each room:

Farm / Rainbow Room

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

Jungle Room

Sessional Room

Fees applicable for 38 weeks with optional extra for camp

Under The Sea

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

Rainforest Room

Full Time Room

Fees applicable for 49 weeks

The Den Montessori

Sessional Room

Fees applicable for 38 weeks with optional extra for camp

The Den After-School

School Year Opening

Fees are applicable from Sept – June. This includes fees during national school closures and any subsequent increase of hours during this time. Summer time attendance is optional, however places cannot be held if parents withdraw from the service for the summer months.

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