A policy is a collective agreed statement of beliefs. It exists to protect children, parents & staff. It is a course of action recommended or adopted by a service”

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To ensure the wellbeing of all within the crèche the following Media and Communications policy has been implemented.


At Bridge Kids we do not incorporate the use of television into our care programmes and believe that television should not form part of our crèche activities. The only exception to the rule is on a special occasion, where with the prior approval of the Manager may this activity be offered if it is linked to our care programme or is in celebration of a special day for example Christmas holidays. On these rare occasions, staff members must ensure the programme is age appropriate and educational. Consideration must be given to appropriate viewing, and it is noted that even age appropriate programmes can be scary.

Bridge Kids are aware of the enjoyment that children have when watching television programmes however use within the creche is restricted.


Telephones are essential for our business. Personal telephone calls are restricted, we asked that staff keep these to a minimum.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted during working hours. Staff members may take / make personal calls during their rest breaks; however the use of the phone is not allowed within crèche rooms and must be restricted to staff lunch rooms or external grounds. Bridge Kids takes the use of personal mobile phones very seriously within crèche rooms, play areas, the playground or on outings and it will result in disciplinary action being instigated.

We ask that all staff members turn off phones and use lockers provided to store their phones during working hours. The use of camera phones is strictly forbidden and pictures must not be taken with personal phones. Should staff members wish to take group photographs for display, the use of the crèche camera may be availed of when a request is directed to the Manager. Similarly video recording is strictly forbidden.

A staff mobile is available for school runs and outings which take place outside of Bridge Kids grounds. The use of this phone is strictly for Bridge Kids business only. Photographs are not permitted on this or any other phone.

The purpose of this policy is to support the Child Protection policy and to ensure the rights and privacy of all children is respected.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action.


The purpose of CCTV within Bridge Kids is to assist Bridge Kids achieve its security objectives of ensuring the personal safety and protection of children, staff parents and visitors to the centre and for the protection of its property and equipment. At all times Bridge Kids will adhere to the Data Protection Acts 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003 in relation to the use of CCTV.

Signage is clearly displayed on entrance areas to notify any person entering the premises that CCTV is in use. Considerations have been given to the privacy of all and for this reason the location of cameras are restricted to main rooms. CCTV is not permitted in toilets or nappy changing areas. The use of external cameras is restricted to the Crèche’s own areas and do not infringe / capture any other properties.

Access to CCTV footage is restricted to Management only, and recordings are automatically kept for a one week cycle. At the end of the one week cycle, the recordings by design are re-recorded over day by day. The only instance in which a recording may be kept for a longer period of time is in the instance of a security or safety issue. Requests to access CCTV footage or information obtained through video monitoring may only be viewed when authorised by the management team, in the presence of Bridge Kids management on the Bridge Complex premises, following consultation with the Chairperson of the Board of management. Only relevant images can be accessed and Bridge Kids will respect the privacy rights of any other person captured in an image.

There is no obligation on Bridge Kids Childcare Services to comply with a request that it considers unreasonable or vexatious or if it involves disclosing identifiable images of third parties. Third parties must give consent. Recordings will however be provided if required by law or authorised agencies such as the Gardai.

Notwithstanding this express purpose we reserve the right to use any evidence obtained through CCTV in any disciplinary issue.

Internet Usage

The purpose of the internet usage policy is to ensure appropriate access for users. The use of computers in the childcare facility must be monitored at all times by staff members whilst they are being accessed by the children in attendance. The use of internet research must be age appropriate and networking sites must not be used – eg) facebook, bebo, twitter, etc. Staff members should review a website prior to the children’s use. Additional restrictions can be added to the security settings as needed.

A detailed Email and Internet policy is outlined for all our staff members in our staff handbooks.

Parent Communications Policy

At Bridge Kids we recognise the importance of communication and the following policy outlines our methods and practise in ensuring open communication with all parents and relevant stakeholders of the Creche.

At all times confidentiality is respected and when communicating with parents our staff members are aware of maintaining children’s rights of confidentiality. Staff members can only discuss a child with their own parent. Please refer to our confidentiality policy for further information.

All our staff members are available to parents at any time of the day. We encourage parents to update us when dropping off their children on anything we need to be aware of that might affect their child during their stay at creche. For example, a child who was very tired that morning or news of a new arrival. At the end of each day our staff members will update parents on what their child has done during the day and inform them of meals eaten, sleep taken, nappy logs, activities or an incident if it occurs. Also as noted in our parent handbook, a daily diary can be provided on request so you have a written record of everything that happened during your child’s day. Should you wish to spend more time with our staff members please arrange a suitable time with your Room Leader. Should you wish to speak in confidence, the main office is available for a private meeting.

At Bridge Kids we strive to keep parents up-to-date on community events / news / creche information etc. A newsletter is distributed at least bi-annually for general news, and parental letters / slips / posters are on display or distributed for every day updates, for anything from a school outing to health slips noting a common illness such as a chickenpox alert.

We have a webpage available for all parents, who can access our handbooks, policies and procedures and general information. We are also contactable on the following:

  • Telephone Number: 061 713 028

  • Fax Number: 061 713 043

  • Email: bridgekidsmanager@bridgecomplex.ie or bridgekidsreception@bridgcomplex.ie

  • Web Page: www.bridgecomplex.ie

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