A scary story

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It was a Halloween night. The moon was shining in the dark sky. I could hear werewolfs howling in the night wind. I was so excited. I could not wait to go trick or treating that night.

Every Halloween my friends and I go on adventures and this year we were going to a haunted house surrounded by a grave yard.

When we got there it was very cold and dark. Feeling very brave I said lets go in! But when we got to the gate I felt very scared because I thought I just saw the spirits of the grave yard!! I said good job we are wearing our costumes so that we can sneak in. Luckily the spirits did not recognise us. But unfortunately the door was locked, so we looked around the house and found a back door. We peeked around the door and making sure that nobody was there we then went inside.
We were slowly walking down a very, very, very long corridor when all of a sudden we came face to face with a ghost!! I was so scared that I said run for your lives!!!
We ran down the very,very,very long hall but suddenly a loud noise came from my pocket. I was running so fast and hopping up and down that the button of my i-pod pressed against the side of my pocket and turned itself on. The next thing the song Mama Mia came on and the ghost stopped and started dico dancing!!!! He said ‘do you like music?’ I did not know what to say so I just said yes we do. Then the ghost said come on then, lets go.

So we followed the ghost down the very, very, very long corridor which had lots of bends and turns in it. When we got to the end the ghost said nearly there now and we could just about hear some faint music just coming not far ahead. When the ghost said here we are now, we noticed that we were in front of a big brown door. He pushed open the big door we found out we had come to a Hallowe’en disco with mummys, witches, vampiers, zombies, dead people and ghosts all dancing!!!! They looked like the were having lots of fun so we joined in.

We had a great time that night and we stayed up until 11 o’clock in the night and from then on we go there every Halloeen.

By; Maeve McCaul
Second Class

Scariff National School


Co Clare.

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