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A Sound of Thunder

Pgs. 38-47

Pg 38 - 39

  1. Why does Travis say, “We don’t belong here in the Past?

  2. Would Travis’s explanation of his theory worry you? Why or Why not?

  3. What might be the affects of introducing the visitors’ bacteria into the ancient atmosphere?

  4. How might the possible “change in social temperament” that Travis refers to in lines 139-140 be reflected in a country?

  5. Identify an idiom

Pg 40

  1. As Eckels moves through the prehistoric jungle, he is recalling events that occurred in the future (lines 188-191). How is this sequence different from the usual order in a story?

Pg 41

  1. Give an example from the story of a simile.

  2. Give an example from the story of a metaphor.

  3. Why do you think Travis is annoyed with Eckels?

  4. Eckels realizes he has made a mistake and wants out of what he knows is a dangerous situation. What advice would you give Eckels at this point in the story?

  5. Eckels says “It was never like this before” (242). What does he mean?

  6. What kind of person is Eckels? Explain your thinking.

Pg 42

  1. Reread lines 252-259. What important event occurs in these lines? What do you think might occur as a result of this event?

  2. Identify the metaphor.

Pg 43

15. Identify the simile.

Pg 44-47
Pg 44

  1. Which is Travis more justified in being concerned about –the government’s penalties or the possible effects on time and history? Give reasons.

  2. What do you predict might be the consequences of Eckel’s action?

Pg. 45

  1. (lines 330-332) Why does Travis want Eckels to return to the dinosaur? Is this task really necessary?

  2. (lines 339-352) With which character do you identify more—Eckels or Travis? Why?

  3. How does Eckels’s reaction to what he has done differ from Travis’s reaction?

  4. Do you think that Eckels understands the seriousness of the situation? Do you think Travis is overreacting? Explain your answers.

Pg. 47

  1. What important discovery does Eckels make? Why do you think it horrifies him so?

  2. How did the ad on pg 34 change? Why is the change significant?

  3. How did Eckels change the past and the future by stepping off the path?

  4. What finally happened to Eckels? Why?


  1. What theme, or message, is Bradbury conveying through this story? Cite evidence to support your answer
  2. “A Sound of Thunder” is a work of science fiction, yet there are realistic aspects to the story. In your opinion, has Bradbury created a believable story? Cite specific examples to support your opinion.

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