A sound of Thunder


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English 10

“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury
Discussion questions: For each of the following questions, write a minimum of two sentences in response. Feel free to look back in the story as needed. We will then discuss these questions as a class.

(15 points)

Would you have chosen to go on the hunt in the past? Why or why not?

What other possible negative side effects of time travel can you think of aside from those listed in the story?

How does Eckels become paralyzed by fear? Do you think that is possible in real life?

Explain how the death of the butterfly could have totally changed the future.

What does Travis do to Eckels at the end? Why does he do this?

Considering the problems illustrated by Bradbury in this story, do you think time travel is a good idea?
Do you believe that cause and effect relationships exist in the world? If so, to what extent do they exist? If not, why do you think that?
If reference to your literary terms sheet, are there examples of foreshadowing in this story? Explain.

What kind of mood does this story evoke in the reader? Explain.


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