A Tribute to my Mom who I lost in 2000


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a Tribute to my Mom who I lost in 2000

As the baseball bats (47571598) would fly at the game (G 47569798) my Mom (47565433) would yell with all her heart (47564816) for our team to win. After the game was over, Mom (47571289) would take us to the Roman Cross (47571259) Cafe for a burger (47593177). She always knew the mini check (47567467) was worth the fun we would have as a family together. Afterwards we would go home get our baths and get read for bed, where Mom (47572803) would always come in coverall (47574852) us up and tell us she loved us and how much fun she had with us today.

I really miss the days with my mom... I love you Mom

A Day – by: KathysSong

It had been a day. Not good, not bad, just a day. The type of day that won’t stand out and yet I felt as if an explosion (47558366-2) had gone off inside my head. Driving home was no better; did all of these people think the freeway was some kind of block party (47558460-1)? Did they have to coverall (47558056-1) the highway with their cars? I wanted to scream, to slash (47572483) their tires. I wanted to stop at the nearest bar (47558535-1) and play the latest Las Vegas Bingo (47558528-2) video game, but I didn’t. I knew where I needed to be, I knew exactly where to find the first aid (47571279) to calm my nerves before I flopped into my bed like a scarecrow (47570552) for some much needed slumber. Once home, I nestled in my comfortable chair, flipped on the switch and the computer came to life. I clicked the icon on the desktop and logged into Bingohall.com, where fame and fortune await those who carry the torch (47564595-0). My world was transformed as if I were standing under the Olympic Rings (47558071-1) wearing a gold medal around my neck. I wondered down the hallway to meet with the cashier, a woman who reminded me of mom (47558077-1), after a brief visit I was ready to rumble with the wretched Gilda. Gilda has the face of a fish (47559038-1) and her hair looked like someone had done a square dance (47558617-) in it. Settling in, I grabbed my dauber and started marking my cards. “Hag face” I hear someone yell out from across the room, “come on Hagatha,” yells another. Inwardly I smile, I feel at home here with my roomies, all the terrific CM’s and yes even the rag-bag-wart-faced-hag we call Gilda. I’m content, peaceful and calm! Suddenly, someone yells, “BINGOOOOOOOO!!!” “#^%&$!” I curse under my breath. So much for peace and serenity, I grab another bingo card and prepare to daub …………

The End

While walking down the garden path (47574030) in the land of the Funny Farm (47574291) I spotted a teeter totter (47570111) and feeling quite child like in this mysterious place I climbed aboard. It was then that I discovered that the teeter totter didn’t totter but orbited on its base (47545339). Feeling quite dizzy after just a few moments I jumped off. My head was spinning such that I thought I would have to use a thumb tack (47566821) to tack my feet to the ground. I continued down the path until I came to a lake where sharks (47567457) swam and bats (47570098) hung from the surrounding trees. This Funny Farm was truly an enchanted place where things were quite unusual. I reached a quite spot and spread a blanket on the ground unwrapped my burger (47567667) and wine from my backpack and poured wine in my wine glass. Then I sat back and watched the explosion (47575353) of fireworks overhead.

Alias: trapshooter




47562629 GARDEN PATH

47567442 WATER TOWER

47576474 BURGER



45776487 MERCURY

47574870 WINDMILL

47576424 RAILROAD

45569045 JOYSTICK

47562997 PER CENT


As I set here at the edge of the Garden Path (game #47559772),sipping on a

tall glass of Pink Lemonade (game# 47574820, I watched as Bigmans MOM
(game #47570515) tried her best to fly a Kite (game#47564803), only to have
Irish constantly in her way doing her Crazy Cartwheel (game#47579162)
in an attempt to steal Arts Olympic Rings (game#47559813).
Little did they know that Crazy was Anchored (game#47559427) at the end
of the Baseball Diamond (game#47577266) with Smarti, Lukee, Dodgie, Ka,
Cbear,and all the rest of the roomies who were needed to Cover All
(game#47562698) the bases just in case Ginna's, Gigi's, Amy's, Star's or
even Joe Hoe's Mom (game#47574349) tried to Question Mark
(game#47567648) anything.
Just another funfilled day at BHL.

Alias: Conrete Angel


candy had just finished her shift at bingohall she had to CHECK(47559216) if joe was picking her up in his CRAZY CHEVRON (47558325) she saw a car coming but it was too dark too see so she reached in her bag and got out her TORCH(47558024) sure enough it was joes car.hi joe can we go for a BURGER (47574966) and MALT (47561186) before we meet amy,star and sweety at the SQUARE DANCE (47575017) sure candy,hey candy whats with the RABBIT EARS (47562613) omg joe my grandkids put them on me i forgot to take them off lol.they pulled up at the square dance where they saw amy standing out the front crying.hey amy whats up. gildas been in an accident she was trying out for the HIGH JUMP (47576044) when the bar came down and hit her on the head,may she RIP (47558644).woo hoo roomies will be happy lets go inside.they went inside where sweety was partying her butt off,hey sweety where do we stand.hi guys ANY 2 LINES (47562643) will do so candy, joe, amy ,star and sweety partied the night away knowing full well that the roomies would all be there when they got back to bingohall.
Alias: bingoshelley
Nene’s Bingohall Water Park Adventure
Coming straight from Alpine (47587900) Mountain the boys and I traveled to Bingohall’s water park. It was a very long drive from Brooklyn. Every ten seconds the boys would ask, “Mom, (47585511) are we there yet?” After awhile I felt as though I was driving in a small box (47587376). Finally after three hours on the road we were finally there.

Heaven couldn’t have been grander. Bingo games, slots, video poker and keno for every bingo lover around. My favorite pattern, the Queen ant (47588075) was playing in the V.I.P. lounge. I couldn’t wait to get started. I waited months for this special day. The boys and I decided to split up to explore Bingohall’s Water Park. Any 2 lines (47579759) were available. Amy and Ginna were at the admissions counter. As the boys headed to the Wave (47578453) pool, I decided to head over to the Fish (47579775) Inn to play keno. My numbers were winners for sure!!!

While I played at the Fish Inn, the twins were taking turns jumping off the diving board (47579701) into Marco’s pool. They were in their glory as I enjoyed doing what I do best, playing at Bingohall. Much later, I was walking out of the Fish Inn a big winner. I was awarded Gilda’s Corporal Stripes (47588974) for the most wins of the day. How exciting. I was the big keno winner for the day. My name was at the top of the list, I felt very special and honored.

After meeting up with the boys, we headed over to Granny’s for lunch. Granny was famous for her burgers (47590219), I had to have one while I was there. All the regulars were there having lunch, IrishElf, Jb3ny, Doctorbev, Mr.Lukee and Concrete Angel. Angie came out to say hello before we headed out, she treated us to a slice of peach cobbler. We were stuffed! It was time to head home. As we walked to our car, Crazy was standing there waiting for us. She offered to send us home in style on her “Crazy Jet” (47588038). What a way to end a wonderful day. This was one family adventure we would never forget at Bingohall’s Water Park.

Alias: Nene1031


Johnny and Mikee were two small eight (47582668) year old boys. Johnny asked Mikee if he would like to join him on a scavenger hunt? Mikee said "I would love to but I would have to ask my mom" (47575037). Mikee asks his mom and his mom said, under one condition, you take Taurus (47584046) who was the family dog with you for protection. The two boys thought that it would be a great idea as Taurus could sniff for clues as well as provide protection. Johnny and Mikee each had a six pack (47585169) of water and sandwiches in their backpack. Mikkee told Johnny not to forget the map which had clues to where the X with the missing # (47583177) was hidden. So, the boys were off on their hunt. They came across the first clue immediately which was an arrow pointing them in the right direction. Johnny decided to cover all (47575665) clues with leaves as they found them. Mikee said, " thats a great idea Johnny". They would check (47585159) off clues on the map as they came across them. Mikee called Taurus back to them as Taurus saw a deer (47575597) in the distance and wanted to run after it. Taurus started sniffing again and lead the two boys to an airplane (47575177) that looked like it was deserted. Johnny looks at Mikee and smiles. Maybe this is where the "X" is hidden.. Taurus starts digging and uncovers a treasure box. They open it up and sure enough there was the X with the missing # inside. Johnny and Mikee were jumping up and down for joy as if they had just won the slots (47576055).
Alias: TommyKidd

Mom (47578712) and I went to the crazy block party (47578660) to watch the kids with the girafee (47560569) We stood on diagnoal corners (47580368) Mom had climbed the ladder (47582867) so all could see her bowtie (47592029) and rabbit ears (47592333), when it started to rain, so needless to say, I had to take her the umbrella (47592511) I was sent to get the burgers (47575631/47592315) and went through the mini check (47583611) out to pay.When I came out all four corners (47591846) were full of happy people applauding you see, cause there was my mom (47575525) attempting to do the biathlon (47583225) in the rain, instead of snow. I threw up my hands, let her have her fun, cause as we all know, we only have one mom!!!

Alias: tonkaalan

47593272-baseball diamond 47593223-palm tree 47585212 plus sign 47571893 doodad- 47570827 letter y 47570499 willow 47568733 cover all 47568460movie projector 47568104 gun 47567654 crazy pyramid There I was sitting under a palm tree looking at this baseball diamond when all of a sudden I see someone holding up this doodad with the letter y then I see another with a plus sign and one with a crazy pyramid oh no now I see a cover all and gun so I move to sit under the willow tree with my movie projector to find I am dreaming of bingo lol
Alias: kiwipie
heres my story: one day i needed a break bad!!! im a stay at home mom of 4 boys and a hard working husband. the kids wrecked my nerves this particular day. i saw a right arrow(47582907) pointing to the back door. so i grabbed my 4 pack(47584073) of malt(47582250) liquor and crazy do-si-doed(47585186) my way out the back door to my hammock. i lay there reading and enjoying my little time of peace. i walked to the window and stood on a bench(47594377) to do a small check(47583611) on the kids. i hear the 3 year old ask "where's mommy?" the 8 year old says shes out back looking like a crazy e.t.(47585224). they came out to do a small check(47583611) on me, looking like 2 little cute crazy lollies(47581136). they saw me laying in a crazy diagonal corner(47595843) relaxing!

Alias: johnette35


Getting ready one day to go to my favorite bingohall, I put on my (47585375) coveralls and pinned my favorite (47572014) medal to my blouse, I got on my (47568369) scooter and off I went. I came upon a (47585016) stop sign and was confused about which way to go. There were (47567450) double inside lines in the road with a (47567704) inverted X so I decided to go around them, I knew I had plenty of time and was very hungry so I stopped for a (47558866) hamburger and (47566804) fries and stopped by the park. I was enjoying my lunch when all of a sudden a (47571316) fox popped out of the bushes.. He was very hungry so I shared my food and we watched as the kids were (47573494) taking it to the hoop.. . I finally had to leave as to not be late and to see all my wonderful friends at my favorite bingohall . I had a great day as I won the progressive jp(0000000) to be determined and I was happy ever after.... Becca

Alias: RebeccaIGWT
Very recently my Mom (47578725) and I were sitting on a bench (47579711) waiting for the airplane (47592895) that would take us to venus (47581592). My mom (47578205) looked and saw a field of clover (47576723) covering all (47563901) of the runway. Knowing the pilot wouldn't land there, we decided to take a crazy rocket (47582655) instead. On the way to purchase tickets we saw an Irishelf playing with a Tonka truck, my Mom (47564625) laughed and gave a small hi (47563460). Our pilot was Mr. Lukee and he wore only a thong. Our stewardess was some bigmansmom who wore a disguise and claimed her real occupation was a ratkiller. Half way through our flight, our pilot put out the anchor (47562184) and my Mom (47560151) stood up and pulled off her mask to reveal herself as GILDA!!!!! At that time all the passengers bombarded her with bingo dabbers of every color. She quickly retreated to the exit and jumped, and sadly there was no life preserver as I did not win that game. I know the roomies would like to see this story turned into a film-feature, and you can have the rights for only 50bbs. I also have some suggestions for the cast.

Starring CM Ginna as baztec, CM Amy as Irishelf, CM Angie as Bigmansmom, Cm Granny as tonkaalan, CM Crazy as ratkiller, CM Chewy as MrLukee. And special guest star Gilda as herself.

Alias: baztec


Carefully I arranged the gifts for their Mom (47569813) on the swing in the garden. In front of us was the outside box (47586339) that I made to hold her tiki torch (47576992) that resembles a telephone pole (47592182). Her gifts included a box of Hershey's Pot of Gold (47578701) chocolates, a bottle of Grey Poupon, which she loves to put on her burger (47575477), a six pack (47599523) of Pepsi and one of those fancy hair clip doodad (47571893). She loves to fish (47584492) so I got her a new rod and reel also. I finished up with a beautiful diamond ring (47578188). I did a little mini check (47583611) to make sure nothing was missed. Then I thanked her for being such a wonderful Mom (47570794) and wished her a very "Happy Mother's Day".

Alias: Manna01

My Worst Mother’s Day-2008
My name is Liz, me and my mom 47571974, live in the great state of Utah 47564616. One morning she was drinking coffee (so she says) out of her small mug 47566844 as she often does. When all the sudden she slams into a telephone pole 47568319. When the police call me on my cell phone because I was at the zoo with my children. One of them is looking at the panda bear 47567403 and the other at a giraffe 47565962. I left them with their dad so I could go get my mom 47563490 out of jail. I get there and she says she has no money so I write a small check 47567445 and take her home and put her to bed. As I was on my way home I was wishing I was on a cruise ship 47564820 watching a wave 47569032 crash against the boat. Anyways that is how I spend my mother’s day.
Alias: monstergirl03
A Bingo Story

Gilda's Wedding

The bingo hall was closed for the day so that the cm's and roomies could celebrate the wedding of Gilda & Romeo. While driving down the highway lined with 47591567 willow trees, I came upon a 47588070 Chevron gas station. Knowing it was a long drive from 47575592 Crazy T, N.Y. to Costa Rica, I thought it would be wise to stop for gas. While filling up my tank, a 47556900 butterfly landed on my arm. It began to get cloudy so I grabbed my 47568317 umbrella from my trunk in case it started to rain. As I arrived at the wedding, I was greeted by the happy couple. Gilda looked beautiful as always in her 47601575 size x1 dress. I handed her a card with a 47599104 sm check inside, as I had spent most of my money playing bingo this week. Gilda loved to 47592121 square dance, so we all joined in, then after the dance we sat down to have a piece of 47558949 wedding cake. The night was almost over and Gilda had one last request, to dance the last dance with Esteban called the 47599462 chicken foot dance.

As hugsssss were given and goodbyes said, we couldn't wait to get home to play bingo, in hopes that a new caller would pull the right balls. Much to our surprise as we signed on to bh Gilda felt so bad leaving us, she thought she would be so dearly missed that she decided to stay and aggravate us till death do us part !!

Alias: cdk8897

A Night at Bingo Hall to Remember
It was night on October 31, and it was raining and the wind howling. The day had started off sunny and bright and full of promise. The first thing good to happen was I received a small check (47569581) in the

mail. So, I decided to call my mom (47569376) and ask her to lets go and play bingo (47571236).

She immediately said yes, and that she would meet me by the rope (47571271) that separated smoking

and non-smoking. This was a bingo hall that had been decorated to the hilt, for all of us players, to make

the night more exciting. We started playing when all of a sudden a shark (47571661) fell from the rafters

on my cards and dauber. I screamed bloody murder making a fool out of myself, and then the caller

jumps from the stage. He comes running towards me with a sword (47572532) and then he stabs the

shark . By then the whole bingo hall is laughing with me hysterically, and then bugs (47578692) start

coming from the stuffed fake shark, and my MOM (47581946) starts screaming and turns over the

smoking jar Candle (47582608)

The bingo game papers catches fire, people start yelling, the ceilings sprayer systems start spraying,

and it is a mad run for the door. Just as we reach the door, a gigantic dagger (47582835) falls from the rafters, with” Thank you have a goodnight” painted on it.

So into the night we go with all the rain , thunder and lightening, and the wind howling saying come back again.

Alias: tbird05

Last Saturday I was Curling(47584050) my hair when Bigmans' Mom(47585204) called and invited me to the Ice Cream Store for a Malt(47578470). As we were standing in the Outside Line(47586304) Mrlukee who had been playing Outside Bingo(47574857) at the senior rec hall, moseyed up. He whispered in my ear, I've had my Eye(47571928) on you as he slid a Love Letter(47570485) into my hand.

Being a sports fan, he invited me to the Hockey(47587033) match. So I left a Small Check(47583611) with Big for the ice cream. After the game we strolled past the old Alpine(47595229) lodge to a grassy knoll behind the Windmill(47574870). As luck would have it Irish had come to the mill for water for her tomorrow's tea. I was so mortified to be caught me with lukee i sprang into the darkness and ran right into a Poison(47587976) Cactus(47582637).

Fortunately for me ,Sunny was still at the First Aid(47585664) tent at the Bingo Hall. She doctored me up and sent me home with a tongue lashing. She reminded me that nothing good can ever come from hanging out with a guy who wears a thong and keeps a room at the Super 8 Motel.
Alias: kona


I woke up this morning feeling kinda itchy. Being an Aries (#47583190), I needed to do something very adventurous. \par I set out in my old car looking for some adventure when I realized my coffee mug (47569587) was empty. I stopped at a little quickie store to fill up on gas and coffee. I had to write a small check (#47572347) of $100.00, I had to make sure had enough money buy me a hot dog (#47582220) along the way. After all a girl gets hungry and has to eat. I don't think they will mind having to wait a couple of weeks for their money, after all it's only money.\par I did remember to bring my old movie projector (#47584062) so I could take pictures of anything exciting I might see along the way.\par I passed an old windmill (#47588106) that looked like it had been there since the turn of the century. I tooked some pictures of it to send my grandparents that probably would remenience about the old days as soon as they looked at. You know how old folks are. Ahh those were the days.\par Within 7 hours I had traveled to Utah (#47569787) and found it to be a beautiful country but very open ranges. I stopped in a little town south of Boise to get a bite to eat and fill up with gas and had to write another small check (#47586623) to make sure I had enough to get home own. I hope they don't mind if they have to wait on their money for a couple of weeks until I get my paycheck, after all when I get home I have to play bingo at Bingohall and I will need my money for playing. \par I started home, but I passed a park when some hunky guys caught my eye. They were playing volleyball (#47571283) and those abs were showing. I thought I was going to faint, but thanks to one of those guys I was ok; he knew mouth to mouth. Now tell me I am not one of the luckiest people on earth.\par Well when I got home I wrote another small check (#47597670) and next thing I knew the bank was calling me.

Alias: Rangerbabeok
One Day I was walking to the four corner (47560626) store to get a malt (47594150). On my way there I found a 4 leaf clover (47595202), it was almost dead though curling (47563921) up and fading away, picked it up and took it with me. I arrived at the store and thought I would ask the clerk a question (47576754)….Where should I try my luck? I just found a 4 leaf clover. He said bingohall.com. I wrote a small check (47600235) fro the malt and started on my walk home. When I arrived home I went to my computer and searched google for bingohall, all the sudden an arrow (47560514) pointing go here popped up, I clicked it and there it was bingohall.com. I’ve been lucky a few times or so, but usually Gilda puts a dagger (47555779) in my heart (47595661). If it wasn’t for all the great peoples plus (47612440) the great cms, I couldn’t handle Gilda. My 4 leaf clover was lucky, I found the best bingo sight ever bingohall.com.
Alias: punkin40

I will give you the game numbers and patterns at the end of the story.

In the dark of the night I put my (1)*ladder* against Gilda's bedroom window and silently climbed in. She is going to pay for not letting me win. Why just today the (2)*small check*, (3)*high jump* and (4)*9 pack* could have added a lot of money to my purse, but no, she just (5)*wave*s me off and forces me to play (6)*slots*. Well my (7)*sword* is ready to pierce her (8)*heart* and the (9)*crystal ball* says Gilda's time is up but I must be quick because I don't want to be late for the (10)*coverall*. Good bye Hag.

1- ladder # 47581122

2- sm check # 47599357

3- high jump # 47606280

4- 9 pack # 47598395

5- wave # 47612006

6- slots # 47612826

7- sword # 47612713

8- heart # 47595249

9- crystal ball # 47600690

10 - coverall # 47601016

Alias: Snoozen
My granddaughter was making some crazy diagonal corners (47569358), while the other one was making an outside line (47571239). They were timing each other with the hourglass (47583621) to see who was the quickest. Along came my grandson who is full of fireworks (47572490), got on the divingboard (47583986) jumped into the pool making a big wave (47573758). My mom (47588318) was watching them while drinking from her teacup n saucer (47601504). She then decided to go play bingo, and while waiting at the light, kept hoping for the up arrow (47595753) to show so she could go. When she got to the bingohall she wrote a small check (47588301) and got very mad when they charged her a percent (47595891) of it.

Alias: wecka


Issue no. 1

Once upon a time in the fabled golden land of Bingo Hall Land, south of Candy Cane Lane and north of the Twilight Zone, there lived the one and only bit of pure evil in the happiest site on the internet know as Bingo Hall Land…..Gilda de Hag also know as cranky pants wench. Now as for why Gilda de Hag was evil and cranky no one in Bingo Hall Land knew for sure but there was speculation. Was it because she lived in an ugly rundown home? No. Her home was beautiful, set next to a “waterfall” (47559391), which was really a chocolate fall that would flow with the most delicious chocolate. Whatever kind of chocolate she desired that was the chocolate that would flow. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. White chocolate. What ever her heart desired that was the chocolate that flowed. The chocolate waterfall flowed into a rambling stream that followed along a beautiful “garden path” (47556012 ) with brightly colored bingo balls in blue, red, white, green and yellow all fancifully numbered. But apparently Gilda de Hag dreamed only of “palm trees” (47559808), cabana boys, and the blue ocean. None of which is available in Bingo Hall Land.

Is this the story behind Gilda de Hag’s name? No it is not my friends.

You wouldn’t know by her name but it seems that many many years ago Gilda de Hag was not always Gilda de Hag. At one time she was known as Gilda de Sweetheart. And as unbelievable as it may seem she was at one time in love….with a man. The man who stole and then broke Gilda’s heart was the luckiest man in Bingo Hall Land. He was not only lucky in love but he was also the luckiest man at the bingohall in Bingo Hall Land. His picture can be seen on the hallowed walls of the hall of bingo fame in the town center where bingo is played 24/7/365, which is the “holy grail” (47575335 ) to all bingo players. His name is Mr. Lukee, but while he was very very lucky he didn’t have a dictionary and consequently didn’t know how to spell Mr. Lucky.

Everything was going fine with Gilda and Mr. Lukee. Many days were spent with them “square dancing” (47559413), doing the “crazy promenade” (47568084) and the ever popular chuga chuga winning choochoo down the “railroad” (47559032), created by Crazy just for the loving couple, along the whoopdeedoo “doodad” (47560786) lane that Mr. Lukee had built with his bingo winnings. And you may ask what happened to end this beautiful romance? Quite simply Mr. Lukee was no longer the luckiest player in Bingo Hall Land. One sunny day RickyTicky had eaten some of the lucky bread pudding that Gilda made especially for her love Mr. Lukee and RickyTicky won the special luckiest bingo roomie tournament.

Well you should have heard the names that Mr. Lukee called Ms. Gilda. The one he used most was, as you may have guessed, Hag. As you might guess Mr. Lukee was very upset. So upset in fact that he threw every bingo appropriate thong that Ms. Gilda de Sweetheart ever knitted for him with her loving hands all made of the finest, softest cashmere. And that is the story of how Gilda de Sweetheart became Gilda de Hag.

And now we can put all those other rumors to rest once and for all.

So, Bingo Hall Land was a magical place where the roomies never knew what to expect next. One such sunshiny day a “crazy rocket” (47564790) was seen shooting out of the sky leaving a trail of lucky pixie dust for the roomies to use while playing their daily bingo. The little rocket came to rest in the town square and a small stairway lowered down to the ground. Many of the roomies, who were on their way to play bingo, stopped and stared in amazement waiting to see what would come out of the little rocket. To their unbelieving eyes out came a tiny fortune teller. She was sent to them by the great and powerful “Esteban” for their enjoyment. The fortune teller gathered all the roomies around her to tell them their fortunes with her magical “crystal ball” (47568275 ).

One by one the roomies approached the fortune teller hoping that their dreams and desires would finally come true. RickyTicky wanted nothing more than to find someone trustworthy to work the shop so she could play bingo all day and all night – for she really didn’t need much sleep.

Lukee wished and wished to grow another foot tall so that Gilda de Hag would have to rename the pattern she named after him. The “little man” (47569596 ). This so annoyed Mr. Lukee. Every since he dumped Gilda the women folk in Bingo Hall Land have just teased him mercilessly.

Now you might think that to play bingo here one had to live here in Bingo Hall Land. But this is not the case. In fact many roomies outside of Bingo Hall Land, there’s paisleybuddy in Scotland, Abzdeb and cody in the land down under- under what we are not sure but we all do hope it is not under Gilda’s skirt – and merkybecamesred in the Netherlands. What color merky was previously to becoming a redhead we are not sure but rumor was it was all the colors of the rainbow until she could decide on just one color.

Like all good fairy land stories set in magical places where one must suspend belief, Gilda has a crew of little workers. Snow White has the seven dwarfs, Willy Wonka has the oopma loopmas, the Wicked Witch has her flying monkeys, and Gilda has 9 “CMs”. You know Crazy, and Sweety, and Ginna, and Sunny, Star, Candy, Chewy and Amy but do you recallllllllllllllllllllllllllll….sorry forgot what season it was. And no it’s not Rudolph. It’s Granny/Gigi/the one who sings to us in those early morning hours. Gilda’s lil workers are there at the bingo hall to provide entertainment, fun and games for the roomies. One of the many fun things they get to do is to direct the hungry roomies over to the whine and cheese table for snacks.

This leads us to the biggest rumor of all in Bingo Hall Land. That is the one about Bingo Hall Land not even being a real “land” but it is in fact a figment of someone’s imagination and is just a creation on something called the World Wide Web and floats out in “cyber space”. The supposed creator of Bingo Hall Land is believed to be one Esteban. For remember he is the great and powerful one. But this rumor can not be confirmed.

Sadly the clock has run out on our story time from Bingo Hall Land. But be sure to join next week for the further adventures of the roomies, the CMs, and Gilda de Hag.

This as been the latest addition of How the Bingo Ball Bounces brought to you weekly by

Alias: dodgergrl1.

(47561732)Mom as we know her as queen Gilda, Decided to take all the bingo players to the bar(47563444). She introduced all her roomies to her new love crazy mini T (47560583).

Crazy mni T was really crazy always hitting the other trolls up for a square dance(47561173) , But as he was doing that queen Gilda would be giving everyone a small check (47561818) as she watched them dancing with mini T.
As crazy mini T was swinging away, boy he did he have on a Happy Face(47569408), when gilda patted him on the butt, and said its time to go home. They both knew what that meant time to go home, lay on the bed, and turn on the laptop and play bingo at bingohall.com. Cause they knew they would have great bonuses and boy does Gilda love money., As mini T beginned to play, and keep playing, gilda was falling fast a sleep, All of a sudden wow what a screammmm, mini T let out. You could hear it miles away. Gilda jumped up fast and asked him what the heck is going on and he just smiled and said coverall(47572773).
Gilda hurried up and grabbed a blanket and covered up, She thought she was gonna have some fun. Mini T looked at her and said no dummy, I hit the cover all. And all I needed was that small check (47583611) and there it was BINGO.

Mini T said its your turn to play, and Gilda said ok I will play bingo(47587004) but I want all your money, Everything you have, The only way Gilda would agree is if Mini T would write out a small check(47588301) and go buy her a prepaid visa card, cause her account was low, and she knew she could get alot more money for her buck just by depositing at bingohall.. Mini T and Gilda married lived happliey ever after with here millions of small trolls that they called there roomies, Just remember roomies all the great bonuses at bingohall. And may God Bless you in all you do and keep you safe and happy!
Alias: leeannsmom



MAY 19, 2012




" Things are all abuz here this morning as the main contenders in the Presidential election, Marco and his running mate Esteban prepare to defend theirselves on DWI charges.

Their press secretary, Karen, is due to testify this afternoon and is expected tell the nearly all female jury that Marco and Esteban couldn't possibly have hit that telephone pole (47570049) because of intoxication but because of that crazy corner(47585711) they had to turn to get to their destination.

She will show that there is no way that they could have been "drunk" because they did not drink a six-pack (47576273) of beer as rumored but only a mini mug(47584015) each.

I am sure that Karen will be the star(47584243) witness to take the bench(47576059) and it is a mini plus(47581328) that she is so respected by the jury members Granny, Crazy, Angie, Candy, Star, Amy, Angie, Sweety, Ginna, Sunny and the only two male members, Chewy and Joe.

Now as a seasoned reporter, I can assure you that Marco and Estegan will be cleared of these charges because they are both boys any Mom(47592094) would be proud of and add to that the fact that Marco has promised everyone a pot of gold(47584482) along the highway(47584234) of life he is also sure to win the election.

I for one will be happy to see these two fine gents reside at BHL Ave.

Please stay tuned for further updates as I will bring them to you as I recieve them.



For my BIRTHDAY (47561209) my husband decided to give me SQARE DANCE (47566368) lessons. We arrived at the hall where there were many people, including a small MAN (47587976) shouting out instructions to the dance over loud music. He yelled to us to form ANY 2 LINES (47594370), then he yelled out go to the 4CORNERS (47564859). It was alamander this and salamander that, and if this wasn't confusing enough, he yelled out do-si-do-around-you-go, lose-your lover-and form a CLOVER (47574812). Man what an exaushting dance. Just when I think we COVER ALL (47568737) the dance steps, the music stops and I collapse on the BENCH (47565957), wishing my husband would have taken me out for a BURGER (47560185) and some PIE (47555822).
Alias: mcneills


On a hot summer day Mom (47575292) decided that she wanted to check out the alpine (47585090). Dad disagreed saying that there was a special ten(47590710) cent(47575044) bingo marathon that he wanted to play. Dad won any 2 lines (47595283) at bingohall.com and thought that he was on a streak.
So they decided they would settle it by outside box(ing) (47586339) so I ran into the house for the movie projector(47586114). I got outside just in time to see mom do a quick step by step-small check (47583611) and dad was out for the count. When dad finally came to he we were already on the airplane (47597104) and he was complaining about seeing crazy double lines (47595194). Dad will never box with mom again.
Alias: irocksask


Once upon a time in the land of the sun (game #47575106) Suzi, who was born under the sign of Taurus (game #47581634), had a very happy face (game #47591351)! She left home for the day just after her favorite hockey team, the Crown (game #47585527) Kings had just won the coveted Stanley Cup (#47576300) hockey's yearly Championship! To celebrate Suzi filled her wine glass (game #47581904) with champagne and toasted her team. Suzi then proceeded to the Alpine (game #47575458) Meadow golf course with her lucky golf club (game #47556088) to play a few rounds! After her golf ball made a tenth crazy orbit (game #47586646) Suzi decided it was time to head home to play bingo at Bingo Hall and top off the day by winning a big Coverall (game #47575197)!

Alias: stiksapp47


Well, I am on my way to Las Vegas(47587329) thanks to the people at Bingo Hall. I am aboard my cruise ship(47562989) waiting to drop anchor(47593605). First, I need to grab my spyglass(47587951)and look for that shark(47588058) that has been eating all my fish(47569351). Just a couple of bugs(47579721) on my fishing line and I will be sure to coverall(47586077) my bases. One more small check(47568464) on my list and i will be sitting pretty at the bar(47581145).

Thank you very much,

Alias: Twinsmama

What Happened?
What happened to our children? Where did we go wrong?

Children no longer have energy, where has it all


Back in the day our children had fun, they played hop

scotch and volleyball (#47572788), now they all want a


Kids looked forward to playing or flying a kite

(#47570800), now they play hooky from school to watch

the gang rivals fight!

Front row at the circus, the children all sat, to see

the silly ole’ clown wearing the crazy top hat


Children would clap, stomp, scream and laugh when the

ring leader presented the long neck giraffe


Whose fault can this be? Is it mom (#47584524)? Is it

dad? Who ever it is, the results are still bad.

A crazy pyramid (#47567654) of mischief developed over

time, lets change the gang symbols into a peaceful

plus sign(#47569873).

Spend more time with your kids and change their

demise, have a nice conversation while eating your

burger (#47571953) and fries.

Get your kids away from the computer and reading the

daily blog, take them out to a ball game and share a

foot long hot dog (#4572452).

This can all make a difference, it’s all up to us, we

have to start in the center on the red mini plus


Alias: bluegrandma



Hi "Mom" (47599791), we're all set to go to Bingo. Get your electric "scooter" (47601281) ready. The

"bus" (47600943) will be here soon.

"Cover all" (47601073) your supplies in case it rains. We can get a "burger" (47586679) when we get there. Bingo Hall is giving out some great prizes today. You can win a trip on a "cruise ship" (4757339), including your "airplane" (47575171) fare, or a "diamond" (47576020) necklace.

Oh, one other thing to remember

"mom" (47606274), Don't spend too much time playing the "slots" (47586551). We're going to play Bingo! And....we are going to WIN!!

Here comes our ride. I can't wait

to get to Bingo Hall!!

The End..........Or The Beginning!

Alias: kiddo1947


Lukee's Mysterious Adventure
It was a dark and dreary weekend looming for Bingo Hall Players. Esteban, the chief of fun ideas, picked up his Coffee mug (47606299) and burger (47556509), sharpened his pencil, and, while eating, created a weekend story promo for the players.
Esteban knew that he could count on the players to set off on a magical, virtual journey, looking for excitement and adventure. He decided he would follow them to see just how creative they were!
Bigmansmom, Concrete Angel, AppleAnnie, Kona, Pkay, Cbear and about 3 others loaded themselves into a van and headed down the highway.(47600795) They suddenly spotted a series of signs, reminiscent of the old Burma Shave Signs. The signs read---If it is fun---and adventure---you seek---just follow--- these signs----for the surprise ---of the week.---Lukee
The road took them through many states. Along the way they picked up assorted CMs. Angie, Sunny, Sweety, Candy, Joe, Stargazer, Amy Chewy, Ginna, Crissy and Gigi almost completed the group. Crazy was the Missing one.(47610879) They found her renting a bus, firmly declaring "I am not going to squeeze this body into that van!"
So, they all jumped out of the van and onto the bus. They continued following the signs, picking up Bingo Hall Friends at every stop, until the bus was full!!

Finally, as they traveled into Utah (47564616), the signs were becoming more specific. Each one, signed by Lukee, promised that the fun and excitement was growing closer. As they approached the Mormon Tabernacle Church, they spotted Lukee. He was swinging his arms, jumping and dancing around. (Perhaps he had been drinking kangaroo juice!) Anyway, they knew they had arrived.

As they stepped off the bus, each one was handed a wine glass (47581904) and a promise that it would be filled inside the building.
Walking into the church, they discovered it to be filled with flowers. They couldn't figure what this was all about!! Suddenly, Lukee appeared, standing in front of the U.S. Flag (47568026). He declared that he had found a lucky clover (47556516). This led him to buy a power ball ticket. He turned on Bingo Hall, and the first game that came up, he chose the first 6 eligible numbers and bought the ticket. He Won!!! The jackpot was only 14 million dollars!!
His first expense was with a lawyer who ironed out his difficulties, and again made him a person who was welcomed in the United States.
His second declaration was that he had arranged this Mormon Coverall (47561764) marriage ceremony between him and all the ladies that he had proposed to as they won large pots in the Bingo Hall. He didn't need their winnings anymore. He now had his own. He had arranged for them to be in the right place at the right time to be picked up by the bus he knew was coming! He had arranged that too.
Before the guests knew what had happened, the marriage ceremony ended. Lukee was now married to wives number 4 to 40. The wine glasses were filled, the wedding cake (47569010) was cut, and Lukee's Wedding Adventure came to an end!!

Esteban returned to Costa Rica, enthralled with the adventure. He was pleased that at least virtually, Lukee had come to luck with his clover, and had planned such an exciting adventure for so many of his BHL friends.

Alias: irishelf

A day at Bingo Hall with a woman name Gilda

I sit in front of my computer waiting and waiting for one number to win the game nine pack (47574985), yelling at a woman name Gilda. Who is she I don’t know, I just know she has a lot of control over my wallet.

I get so angry that I look for a beer in the refrigerator and see there is only 3 left, so I drink them. I still sit and yell at this woman named Gilda. I need more beer so I get into my car (47584280)go to the store for more beer. There I buy a six pack and I had to write a small check(47579145). Due to giving this chase this small check(47564785) for days and days.Then I drive back home for a meeting with this Gilda woman.

On the way home my son calls me and says “mom(47556505) will you stop and buy me some fish (47601556) please I am hungry”. So now I am running to fish place and needing a beer. Then my daughter calls and saids “mom(47566355) I need help with my homework, I have to do a report on a butterfly(47581166)”. All I can think about is getting home and meeting with this woman name Gilda and drinking my beer.

After I get home I sit down help my daughter with her report on a butterfly, while on prebuys and watching with one eye on computer, and yelling at this woman name Gilda, my daughter asked me “are you okay mom” I tell her yes hun. We finsh the report and I am able to go one on one again with this woman name Gilda. Oh my one number theres a blue too “come on Gilda be my friend” I tell her. Well shoot again this happens over and over for hours and hours. After a nine pack(47583138) of beer I am ready for bed. So I do my prebuys and tell this woman name Gilda “do me good woman”.

I fall asleep and deep in my sleep dreaming I see this woman name Gila laughing at me as I try to cash a small check(47564785). I ask her why are you laughing at me lady? She saids “nice to meet you chacha1965” I asked her how do you know me? She saids nice to meet you my name is Gilda”. I said oh so your Gilda? I thought to myself this is my chance to get even. I asked Gilda wanna have a beer with me? She agreed and we went to local bar had a few beers. I said to myself I will get this witch drunk and do a Scott Peterson on her. So we sat and I bought her beer after beer and Gilda was so drunk she could hardly walk. I told Gilda let me drive you home. This woman was so drunk she was doing a head stand (47584528) in the parking lot. I took her to the sea port and put her on the cruise ship(47595887) and put a anchor( 47568515) around her neck and pushed her over the deck of the ship. I went back home and sat in front of my computer and logged on to Bingo hall and played and won and won. Wow I said but now there is a Guido could it be her husband? Well I am winning at this time, he can live.

Then I woke up scared and ran to my computer and there was that voice again “B12””O72”oh no! she lives on Gilda the hag.

Alias: Chacha1965


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